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  1. Vales of Anduin. It's always Vales of Anduin. An we know what kind of people comes from there. They are just here for the free jewellery.
  2. I don't think it would cost us anything to try to be respectful and accepting where we can. Doesn't mean we need to agree with everything he says or does.
  3. That's something I was wondering too but didn't dare to ask. What's the best practice here?
  4. As far as I understand it's mostly local lads with a Russian passport anyway. So on the one hand, they are anchored in the local community, but on the other, maybe they remember their Moldovan passport? (And for some weird reason, auto correct proposed Lada, when I tried to write lad. Hope that's not an omen...)
  5. That would be cultural appropriation anyway. Levi Strauss is from Buttenheim, a neighbour town of mine. Dont try to steal my heritage!
  6. The problem I see here is that we sometimes only see that the other side is lacking that ability. But we should also hold those to account who are perceived to be on our side. Otherwise every discussion, even internal will be suppressed.
  7. He forgot for a second who owns that shop?
  8. I don't understand your line of argument here. With the same reasoning you might as well call them Cucumber.
  9. Seriously, you should pick your Twitter sources more carefully. This kind of wording is almost 1:1 of what several known PiS trolls are creating out of thin air. Not saying that west and south Europe did exceptionally great, but that's bickering over speed and quantity, not lack of resolve.
  10. I can agree with most what you say, but where are those things beautiful? It's difficult to spend so much money on a more ugly car. It's just such a weird and at the same time boring shape Ymmv of course
  11. If you mean the original from the city of Ceske Budejovice, it is really good, if you like Czech beer. Never really see that other kind around here and who would buy it anyway?
  12. It's completely wild. Also, if he wants free speech after the US model, the first thing he should do is geofencing his app. We don't want your stinking free speech, at least not in the way you have it. As a result, a free speech app either breaks the laws of multiple jurisdictions or it will be a smallest common denominator. Or a bit of both. This is especially juicy if you look at his backers - not exactly paragons of free speech at home. Since Musk dismantled his team in charge of respecting the laws of others, he should be fined, prosecuted or whatever is possible.
  13. It's definitely made the rounds in the news. That dude is on my block list for quite some time so I'm not surprised that he is a bit on the slow side. I actually consider him a troll. Probably well meaning but still...
  14. Not sure which kind of psychopath I want to welcome as our new overlord.
  15. I fessed up to my wife on what it is about, since she had to host some of you. Any information about NHAW will be forever withheld, obviously.
  16. You should write to Roland Emmerich. He is preparing his next and last disaster movie. Time for him to get it right.
  17. I have been with people while they were trying to eat KFC stuff. Fast food veterans. From their reaction, I can only assume that the conspiracy to kill that franchise in Germany is deeply rooted.
  18. I tried that too but gave up when I considered that I need to store the recommended amount times 5. I'm storing carbon dioxide now for whatever it's worth. We live right next to a water reservour and our hill is veined with wells. So I assume water is the least of our options. Food is also taken care of, our neighbours keep chicken and look kinda weak ( the neighbours, not the chicken) I'm sure their many, many daughters would defect to us.
  19. Why don't you return the empty plastic bottles to the shop? They should have a machine that squeezes them properly and returns them for recycling.
  20. My sparkly brand newish BMW also refuses to acknowledge the existence of daylight savings. Even the weird hyunday, I'm forced to drive right now, at least has a button for switching it on or off. Wtf?
  21. We did the same. We currently offer our platform on 3 big infrastructure providers plus redshift plus bring your own tenant. It's completely insane. Unfortunately Azure is not making the cut, except if customers bring their own tenant and are ready to pay more for the extra ops. I guess this kind of redundancy exists everywhere. The savings are probably not so much in the infrastructure costs, but there are usually highly paid teams for each of the infrastructure components.
  22. Sorry my bad. I forgot that the other fixture of this board is to bring US politics into every discussion. I meant liberal in the sense of being of a liberal mind, not rooting for a specific party. I wouldn't insult boarders by claiming they root for the liberals in the sense of favouring the F.D.P. Nobody deserves that.
  23. I learned a long time ago that the topic of cheating is handled very different on this board than anywhere else in my personal environment. Not necessarily restricted to posting about it. We are in general very liberal people on this board, so we also see a very liberal attitude to this topic. I could imagine that many are not that relaxed about cheating if it happens in their personal environment. But maybe that's just me and my social circle.
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