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  1. Isn't it crazy to think that Palin was ahead of her time. Usually we say that as a compliment.
  2. Well, to the bolded, you know what I mean be "fun" then. Ha. I'll be sure to post a positive review once I read it. Solidarity, friend.
  3. Oh thanks--that's really kind. Now I'm nervous. And you've increased my sales 100 percent. P.S. I bought your book too. I am really trying to get back to reading good, fun books. I'm graduating with my PhD in May, and the last seven years have been lots of reading, but no fiction.
  4. I hope I can travel between dimensions someday, as I am really curious what that U.S. looks like (where Hillary won) in 2023.
  5. Yeah, Garland was a fairly conservative choice by the Obama admin back when the Supreme Court became a shit show. I suppose he's moderate compared to some of the newer justices.
  6. Well, I haven't found the fulfilling part yet! But yes, if you get some time, just PM me or something. Thanks!
  7. Hey pals, if anyone is interested in reading my horror novel (The Watchman) and giving me reviews (Amazon!), I'd appreciate it. I'd be happy to send you an e-copy if you're interested. I spent a long time working on this book, living in query purgatory, before I decided to hire my own editor and then self-publish it. A brief rundown: A story about vampires, demons, and an average--maybe above average--monster hunter. Amazon link: Amazon.com: The Watchman eBook : Lee, Simon: Books
  8. I'm not sure what it gains. I think Bernie is top-notch, but I think it's a stretch that people will look at the vote against sick days alone and change their mind about Republicans. I might be wrong. Maybe Bernie is playing the long game (in terms of the presidential election), and he is trying to mobilize workers like these?
  9. I see--this makes sense in terms of their broader strat--thank you! But when you look at the majority of headlines from not only Fox News, but rather centrist news, they said things like, "After telling them to be strong, AOC betrays rail workers!" Or, if not that, they led with "AOC-led progressives vote against strike." It seems very disingenuous, and almost as if the media has learned nothing over the last 7 years.
  10. So, when the House voted against the railworker strike last month, AOC and the Squad got shit on for voting against the workers' ability to strike. Ryan Grim (a great reporter for the Intercept) was the only reporter who explained what happened--that the rail worker union wanted the Squad to vote as they did in the House because the union wanted to fight in the battle in the Senate. Literally every other outlet seems to have missed this: Does anyone else know anything on this? Were the media outlets so excited to shit on AOC (this would be "liberal" and "centrist" outlets as much as Fox) that they misunderstood what was happening?
  11. Yeah, I don't know how his "tough guy" (bullying) personality will play on a national stage--hard to say though. On a different note, I know a lot of media are saying Trump's done, but we've been hearing that since 2015. In some ways, he might be the best option as he's not disciplined enough to enact things like the horrible laws and undemocratic moves made by Desantis.
  12. Wonder if the progressive Caucus can help out their young members? You'd think they would understand this.
  13. Crazy that it was controversial back then (hell, even now). The military will inoculate the shit out of its troops.
  14. For real. My God--when I got my first dose back in 98, my memory is I walked down a line with healthcare workers on both sides of the line. As you walked, they jabbed you until the end of the line where you bent over and got a penicillin shot in the butt which left me (and all the other new soldiers) hobbled for a week.
  15. Also, a sign of the strength of the U.S. democracy, cream of the cop Samuel Alito weighs in on the Colorado graphic designer case (hey, if you're a Christian, you should have to make website templates for LGBTQ+ people, right?) by saying, "“So if there’s a Black Santa at the other end of the mall and he doesn’t want to have his picture taken with a child who’s dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan outfit, that Black Santa has to do that?” Alito asked Eric Olson, Colorado’s solicitor general, who was defending the state law at issue in the case." This was in response to Justice Jackson's point that supporting this bullshit case would be akin to a store in the mall who took holiday pictures of families, decided to offer a "classic Christmas" package for families to take pictures with Santa Claus, and posting a sign saying, "No black families allowed" (since classic Christmas images come from the 1940s and 50s). Alito is a POS, of course, but also a bumbling idiot.
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