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  1. Ah, /s, right? At first I read that as a straight criticism of progressive, lol.
  2. I suppose that if the midterms bucked the foregone conclusion of Dems losing Congress, perhaps they could, if they had enough strong voices, stack the court and get some of this fixed.
  3. But doesn't it feel empty to say that when there will be an exception for the filibuster made? Manchin and/or Sinema won't do it. Even if they did, what stops Republicans from overturning the law or taking it to the Supreme Court and having them overturn it? I'm not sure what the answer is--a new amendment to the Constitution maybe? But either way, Dems need to do something instead of sending us messages saying they need our money and votes. They already have that. They need to show they're willing to act.
  4. I think all the points you bring up are legit reasons why the game is bad. Ryder(s) are awful, the writing/humor is super cringe inducing, and the squad is annoying. I love Krogans (another reason I find ME3 a letdown=no Krogan squadmate), but Drack is reduced to "I'm old" and/or "I'm tough." All the characters are built like this. Whereas in the original trilogy, half the fun for me was going and checking in on Garrus, Grunt, Wrex, Tali, Thane, Moridin--SO MANY amazing characters--I couldn't stand a single character on the ship in Andromeda. In terms of bad humor, this is long in the future yet Asari and other races are saying "cool" phrases that are specific to 2016 U.S. culture. I swear PeeBee says things like "that's so lit" or whatever. The gameplay, though, is very fun--especially the combat.
  5. I rewatched the Last Jedi last night, and I still think it's among the top 3 to 4 of all Star Wars movies. Disney buckling to a vocal raging minority of fans really tanked some good stuff, I think. Obi Wan's story really doesn't work with the OT. I feel bad for Ewan, he deserved better (twice now).
  6. I mean, that's what everyone in this thread has been saying while some vocal media figures wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. As I (and many others here) said back when it happened: the Uvalde police response is antithetical (I believe we even used that word) to how school shooting strategies have been dealt with since Columbine. Whatever happened in Uvalde is certainly being covered up, and I wonder where our truth warriors like Alex Jones are. Shouldn't they be on this? Uncovering the truth, as they say?
  7. Lol, that we made voting easy? I can tell you, there are people in rural Colorado who are fucking pissed about it. We have one of the highest voting rates in the country, and my college students--freshmen through senior--are heavily invested in getting their ballots mailed out or making announcements in class where (and how) ballots can be dropped off if you missed the mail in date.
  8. I don't see how they can pass this in Colorado though. Ever since we made voting easy, the state has been overwhelmingly blue.
  9. Behind the Bastards just did a two part podcast episode on the man who changed the NRA from what you remember to what it is now. I believe Robert Evans (the host) said it started changing in the 60s, but I think it probably took some time for it to be recognizable.
  10. If I'm inferring correctly, this would be through reconciliation, right? If not, I see this as no different than any time Manchin stands up and says he'll vote with Dems when he knows it won't pass the filibuster. Either way, I think he'll tank it. He wants the attention again, that's all this is in my opinion.
  11. Yeah as I read over it, I wonder if I subconsciously stopped myself from saying they have a tough job.
  12. I mean, if they shot kids and/or a teacher, it might explain why they were ordered to stand outside until someone else could come, I guess. I don't pretend doing the job of a cop is difficult, but it still has to be done right no matter how hard it is.
  13. I know he doesn't oppose it outright, and he seems fairly conservative to be honest (not in the neo-conservative Trumpy way), but to get an A rating from the NRA would suggest to me that Cuellar would be against Red Flag laws and increasing the age threshold (and training requirements, though I initially read that as "training for police" but I'm guessing this is actually stricter training before you can purchase a gun).
  14. Sadly, he then posed for photos with Cuellar (D) who has an A rating from the NRA (and is really just right wing, and anti-abortion too). It's a small thing, but it really feels like it undercuts the powerful speech he gave. Cuellar is already using very generalized messaging about this meeting with McConaughey and how they can keep people "safe." Which, for Cuellar, is not about gun control.
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