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  1. On Twitter, I've been seeing right wingers attacking 15 dollar minimum wage. The arguments I've see are that this would bring minimum wage workers to about 29,000 earned a year, and in Texas, starting teachers make 31,000 a year. How is this fair, they ask, that people with "no skills" make almost as much as college educated people? Thus, the 15 dollar minimum wage is bad. I don't know how to even respond to this "line of thought." I mean, that's the thing that might make sense in your head, but the moment you start writing it out for others, you realize, "Oh shit, right, teachers should probably make more than 30,000 a year when they start..." And they should. And when I started teaching back when the Great Recession hit, I started at about 30,000 and it was not enough to live on 13 years ago. 15 dollar minimum wage is a good start (and I agree with Biden's sentiment--no one working full time should live in poverty--I would expand that to no one should live in poverty, but when we talk about incrementalism--this is actually incrementalism away from the right). In fact, Biden's statement is pretty close to something Bernie said back in 2015(?) in his first debate with Hillary and those other two people who were running. He said no matter what, a single mother of 5 who can't work full time should still make enough to not only survive, but to have some discretionary income left over each month. I know a lot of crazy "Dore" followers are feeling betrayed by AOC and Bernie, but Bernie's work behind the scenes has certainly paid off in Biden's proposed policies. I'm curious to see how it will play out.
  2. All it means to those people who say it is that they're cool with Republicans being best friends with their corporate overlords. They believe because they're white they're in the "in group" and will be taken care of. If you were to press them on the definitions of republics and democracies about 1 in a 1000 could accurately provide that, and even less would attempt to rationalize it. But your last sentence is the true answer. It's a common technique used to shut down a person's valid point by attacking them as unintelligent. If you watch closely...this happens a lot in political discussions!
  3. Yeah, I tried replaying ac 3 and it feels really self-indulgent. We know in the writing world that prologues are often considered a bad idea. AC3s 5 to 8 hour prologue playing not the main character reeks of someone thinking they tell such amazing stories that traditional rules don't apply. AC, as a series, is the worst for this kind of stuff. Odyssey, in fact, was the first AC game I've played since three because that game constantly interrupted what I wanted to do: explore the world. Valhalla is the same way. And it's world feels large and empty like AC 3. It's a fine balance no doubt.
  4. This is a fair point. I think when I responded initially, I kind of took the poster to be saying big games need to go in general (which is something I see posited by game reviewers). But your point about Alien: Isolation is well taken. I really loved that game...for the first five hours. By the time the alien actually showed up, I felt like it should be coming to an end. I never played more than 6 or so hours. So this is a good example of a game really taking the source material and doing it justice in game format--but extending it to be much longer than it needs to be. I suppose you can't justify a 60 (or now 70?) dollar price tag for shorter games. The Witcher 3 is kind of that perfect blend of long story and huge world, I agree. Probably my favorite game. I'm replaying Final Fantasy XIII right now and it took me 20 or so hours to get to Chapter 11 (where the game opens up and has side quests). The 20 hours spent on a singular path with SO MANY cutscenes was too much. By the time I got to Chapter 11, I was skipping cutscenes and just rushing to get to something a little different.
  5. Fair enough, I missed that. But does that discount the rest of what I said? Also, to be fair, that post you quoted was put up at the same time I was writing mine.
  6. Who called them liars? Literally no one here did that. When I brought it up, I said it was more evidence of botched communication from Dems--and my take was the most extreme. I have no clue what rose Twitter is, so I won't engage in that. Will people feel lied to? For a lot of people, they've been hearing 2000. Not 1400. I can't imagine most of them will balk at 1400, but it'll feel, for many, as though they were misled. The real question here: did Georgia swing purely on the 2000? Or was it the years of hard work by people like Stacey Abrams? I'm inclined to be the latter--but if it's the former, then Dems have a problem brewing. Even if it was the latter, if enough people feel like they were tricked (again, we'll see), then all that hard work in Georgia gets rolled up into this bumble. I said it two days ago on here: I appreciate and respect Biden taking a stand against austerity. It was so refreshing and encouraging to hear him say that. I just see this as causing damage to Democrats. The level of damage it will cause is certainly debatable. I fear it could be a lot of blowback--which will be exacerbated by how establishment Dems react to the blowback. We'll see. The easiest thing, in my opinion, is just make it 2000 and push it through. It seems cheap otherwise, and in a country that's been ravaged by Covid, even the appearance of being cheap or stingy toward real people just is a gamble not worth taking. But, as always, this is just my opinion. I'm not dogging the Biden admin, because again, everything I've seen in the last two weeks is promising and hopeful in terms of relief. If everything goes well, I'll admit it. Just like I did in October when I said in one of these threads, "My belief that running a Presidential election by being invisible is a losing strategy was clearly wrong" as we neared election day and the polls showed such significant leads. If Biden does good by us, why wouldn't most of us support it? (Of course you're going to have a small, vocal minority of fringe assholes that love Jimmy Dore) We aren't rooting for Biden to fail. We want him to help us. ETA/Side note: Your post where you shared the Elizabeth Warren Tweet--she's spot on as usual.
  7. If you think the difference between 2000 and 1400 isn't at least going to be shocking to millions of Americans then you don't know how people work. Who said blow anything up? Everyone here has said 1400 is huge but we also see the classic Democrat blunder here. You and one or two others equate that with "blow everything up." But that's because you don't listen to others. You just dismiss them.
  8. Trump was an idiot incapable of not shooting himself in the foot whole simultaneously having enough political instinct to grow his base and make Biden's victory way closer than it had any right to be. Not everything he did was stoking racist fires in fragile white male hearts (tho it was plenty of that). When I hear some of the things Trump actually planned and strategized to do over the years, I have little doubt he'd be President now if he had just a sliver of impulse control. That's way too fucking close considering what Trump is. If the opposition party to America's racist, classist, and mysogonistic keeps finding ways to keep that racist, classist, and mysogonistic party in power? We need better leaders in that opposition party. And this is coming from a registered and confirmed centrist.
  9. Odyssey was SO good (Valhalla not so much). I loved every minute of it. I played over 100 hours and never beat it and that doesn't bug me at all.
  10. I'll take hundreds of hours please. You don't have to play them.
  11. Maybe I ought to be a commie. Better to live well now and burn in hell later.
  12. How dare you presume my political leanings? I campaigned and voted for Biden. I'm as centrist as they come. I believe in middling and slow change. But I also believe in clear and accurate promises from leaders. You lefties can't get your heads out of your rears long enough to understand that vast range of opinions and ideas that exist outside of your own.
  13. Says the Canadian who lives in a place that provided a generous monthly stimulus. How about this math: when the 600 dollars passed back in December, Biden and those campaigning in Georgia then said they would get 2000 dollar stimulus if they gained control of Congress. What they didn't say was "1400." I can find those numbers nowhere prior to the last couple of days. 2000 dollars is 2000. It's not 2600 hundred, I like your logic here, because that also means it's not 1400.
  14. Members of congress who have been part of this whole process were taken by surprise when this news dropped. It was bad messaging. I'll get 1400 for me and my son, plus 600 for each of us. At this point, that is huge. But why mar such a gesture with terrible communication that will end up making Dems seem like they're lying to many people?
  15. That's cool, you can be a socialist in America, right? Me? I'm a centrist and I think this is another example the the centrist right Democratic party winning a game and then starting the next game without wearing any pants.
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