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  1. I just think, where the country stands currently, you still risk losing more by being a Trumpanista--while we do see their kind creating new universities and all, I'd imagine saying you're pro-BLM is a safer approach to a stable life. I'm surprised by this turn of events though as I think he could've made bank off his story--but his potential "fans" are done with him now.
  2. Or, perhaps, this is a calculated ploy so he doesn't get turned down for jobs, college, etc.
  3. Also, I find it funny that a topic like this, run into the ground by anyone else would be moved to another thread unless the mods and Ran like it, I guess.
  4. This is a fallacious conclusion you've come to here. Rittenhouse left his state and went to "protect property" during protests and "riots" while armed with a gun. If you were to give me a 100 variations of "well, what if it went down this way?" I'd probably hate all 100 because he traveled with a gun to the site of a protest to stop the protesters. There are lots of reasons I support self-defense. Going and looking for trouble, then being forced to kill someone because you needed to defend yourself, is not one of those. This has nothing to do with polarization (meaning two sides have retreated to their corners). This has to do with one side continually pushing and infringing on the rest of us and asking us to go sit on the opposite pole from them. Polarization doesn't happen when one pole resists the other, it's the settled outcome of opposing forces. If we were polarized, the crazies on the right would be on one end of the world, and, (I guess?), everyone else would inhabit the other side. I will be frank with you: polarization is a reductive and stupid argument.
  5. Ha, well it's hearsay from a guy named Shawn Speakman who knows Terry Brooks and runs his social media. Here is a link to a reddit post I found where he details it: I'll post his response though in case it's hard to find: "If Terry saw what you guys have been saying, he'd rage against you like you can't believe. As a matter of fact, here's an opening two paragraphs of a blog post that I STOPPED him from posting a week ago when I showed him multiple instances of how mean some of the fans have been on his FB page: "I have to say I am getting a little irritated at the lack of patience and understanding so many of you are showing. So many negative comments. So many complaints about how Chronicles has changed the book when I have repeatedly explained why those changes were necessary and welcome, at least by me. Here is what I am going to do. I am going to write it all down one more time and then I am done with it until after March. I keep saying how happy I am with the end result of Chronicles, but that doesn't seem to be making a difference. It should. This is my book, and no one stands to lose more face than me if the TV show flops. So I do not offer my support and express my satisfaction with the end result lightly. I do so because - hey, listen up now - it is the truth." The rest of the blog is ANGRIER. I stopped him from posting it because he almost seemed to be condemning everyone rather than the vocal minority. We are working on a blog post now that addresses people's direct issues, rather than painting a broad brush. When I showed him people were calling him a "sell out," he turned red in the face. That doesn't happen very often, believe you me. He asked me to ban those people. And I've done it because no one -- especially an author who worked his ass off on the show -- deserves to have his integrity questioned. And by the way, this isn't about criticisms. If you notice, there are numerous people here posting and on his website that have criticisms. Do I confront them? Nope because they are doing it in a way that still adds a level of respect to Terry. The people who get banned -- like Aijahlon -- are the ones who step over the line and get personal toward Terry."
  6. I haven't read the books since I was in high school, but as I watched, I definitely remembered why I stopped and never went back and finished them. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the Shannara treatment...Shannara had a special kind of shit mixture. The production values and actors reminiscent of Legend of Seeker, but the blandness of the Witcher adaptation that makes you wish you'd done something else with your night. Just thinking of Legend of the Seeker for the first time since it aired, and thinking of the Shannara show...I'm kind of interested in going back and watching Seeker in all its terribleness while I would rather forget Shannara existed. (And Terry Brooks' angry, angry reaction when he heard fans hated it, well, that's a story for another day)
  7. Yeha, sorry, this is what I meant IheartlheartTesla--that Kamala couldn't be fired (so to speak).
  8. I don't know if the VP can be replaced until the next election. Biden could choose a different running mate at that time. This is definitely a weird story though.
  9. You mean "deem" as Nazis for doing things like yelling Jews will not replace us, or being Nazis?
  10. I got this in March and played it a bit, but I was so knee deep in my last two courses in my PhD program (both stats), plus my comprehensive exam, I just didn't get the time to spend with Cyberpunk that I wanted. I'm playing it again now, and I love it just as much as I did then. I don't notice any of the patches implemented since I first played as I never experienced issues. I guess I have to say that people who claim this is the worst game ever (no one here that I've seen) are fucking stupid. I can see people not loving this game, but in what world is this game considered below average? I will say that after the end of the first act, a certain set of friends that you no longer work with make the game SO much better. I think the weakness of the game, for me, was that crew. Anyway, I'm enjoying the Panam missions--she's just super cool. I like Judy's and Goro's stories so far as well. They're really great. Any time I go work with any of them, I'm like, "man, they should've just started with these guys." More than anything, I love just running around and shooting shit in this game. I never like doing that the most in RPGs. Hacking into those little boxes is cool. I love crafting. This game hits my OCD just right.
  11. Good point. This is why you shouldn't be carrying guns around with you.
  12. This is a point too many rightwing pro-gunners refuse to acknowledge. If you have a gun on you, any place you are going you are bringing with you a mindset of killing someone/something else. If not, then you're not a responsible gun owner. They're not toys. It's why I don't (and won't ever) own a gun for self-defense.
  13. Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but the white-tailed deer in the North America are just rolling in SARS-Cov-2 creating a refuge for COVID-19 to hide within. Unless we come up with a deer vax, this is looking like a forever disease. Which isn't the news I want to hear at this phase of the unending pandemic.
  14. CRT isn't a niche legal theory. Since the 80s, it has been part of all sorts of disciplines--especially education.
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