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  1. My biggest issue is that I don't see more direct payments coming. They've had a demonstrably positive effect, and despite opposition, Democrats should be pounding the table for more and, this is a fault of Biden, actually promote the good they're doing. I think Joe wants to be a bit humble or something, but that doesn't work. People have to be explicitly shown what good is happening.
  2. I brought this up earlier this year--that people like Gates, hoarding the majority of wealth--allows them to make decisions that impact the rest of us. Just because they call themselves philanthropists (and donate) doesn't mean they're doing what's best for the rest of us. Gates isn't an expert. He's a billionaire, and he, and a handful of others, are making decisions that impacts billions of people. It's ridiculous.
  3. I think white people are starting to realize they're in danger too. Sometimes cops shoot you if you call them for help as happened to Justine Damond. I'd say police brutality is out of control across the board--the cops in my town attacked and beat my father when he had early onset alzheimer's because he "seemed threatening and was wearing a hoodie" which they put in their report. And is illegal, so helped with the settlement. The next town over, an elderly woman with dementia who may have been lost was beaten and arrested (on video). Even when they're not killing us, all kinds of unnoticed abuses are happening.
  4. I feel so bad for how badly he conned a lot of these people. They saw him as a populist, and he's a corporatist. I mean, this strategy is how companies have been getting extra membership fees out of people for decades--forget to cancel your membership on time. I just don't understand how so many people looked at a "billionaire" and thought he wasn't part of the issue.
  5. Right? Without claims, they'd have nothing to do!
  6. It's like when a 9th grader asks a 12 grader out and the response is laughter (I guess in this case, it's like when a Governor asks 12th grader out), and the 9th grader was like, "I was joking. I wouldn't date you--you're gross." From what I understand, plenty in New York were looking around last year saying, "Wait, wait. This guy sucks--stop Gulliani-ing him."
  7. I remember Darkseid being revealed as having a cameo before Snyder was removed. It was always framed as he would be in the movie--briefly--to setup the bigger conflict over the course of a trilogy or something. Still, not interested in this version of JL at all. I hope this finally puts Snyderverse to rest.
  8. Supes' skin color doesn't matter--except that it does for a lot of people (I'm not saying you) when you create a non-white iteration. For that purpose, I think this is really important as Superman has long been at the top tier of superheroes in pop culture. And aside from this, I'm excited for the new mythos, the new take, and the rumors of Michael B. Jordan (being one my favorite actors)--this is just a winner. Coates being writer makes this even better. In a perfect world, if this movie is good, this Superman and Gadot's Wonder Woman and Drogo's Aquaman are forming the basis for a Justice League reboot that works. (If they bring in Martian Manhunter)
  9. I think some of the "red" states are actually blue states waiting to happen while WV is a mess. If Manchin has to pretend to be Republican, then he's useless to us (I also think this is a false narrative and a Democrat could be elected there and not have to pretend to be Republican). But you look at Mark Kelly in Arizona (Sinema is...a riddle, and that's about all I'm going to say about her) who acts freely and votes like a Democrat. Texas seems on the verge of actually making a turn to purple and, I bet, full blue much like Colorado. But, you're right, voter registration is the sticking point. And the Manchins of the world have shown me zero evidence they're willing to do much to fix that. And then there's the Supreme Court which will just undo any progressive voter legislation--so that needs to be dealt with too by, reaching back into the summer, stacking the court. Which, again, Manchins oppose. Of course, Manchin has maybe revealed he's inconsistent and has no values, so who knows.
  10. I think the Dems aren't doing a great job of showing their spine. They are doing some really good things that can almost be defined by purely polemic descriptors in opposition to how Obama tried to rebuilt after the GR. I think their messaging sucks though. A lot of this, I think, has to do with Biden partially defining himself by not being Trump--for example, not putting his name on the next round of checks. I'm fine with that, but so many of the good things such as his boosting of the earned income tax credit...that's huge. But people have no idea about it. It's a type of branding that evokes nothing (despite doing TONS). I'm fine with him defining himself (to some degree) in opposition to Trump, but to borrow a phrase from him: "Come on, man!" Hasn't he been paying attention? Americans are fickle as fuck. He needs to be selling this shit.
  11. 10 more Manchins would be a nightmare! I just find him...repugnant. He's no centrist.
  12. With Murkowski, it's like if President Shinra was really pro transgender rights too.
  13. I just don't think most people will understand that. It's already being spun as they don't care about workers.
  14. Here's the list of the Dems: "Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Jon Tester of Montana, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire voted against proceeding, though the tally remains open. So did two close Biden allies, Chris Coons and Tom Carper of Delaware. Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who caucuses with the Senate Democrats, also opposed it." Fucking Dems--this wasn't getting by the Republicans anyway, and these assholes can't even pretend to support people living in poverty.
  15. This is great, and it shouldn't be "news." It took me far too long in life to realize that the myth of bullying people out of poverty was complete horseshit. Agreed--500 a month for me right now would change my life. But I have a full time job. People struggling worse would need more, and should get more. That this is still in the "thought experiment" territory in the US is ridiculous. We should have seen this happening every month throughout COVID.
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