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  1. How long would you estimate comes the pickup? I am past the tutorial, I think, as I've been tasked to go out and do some quests. I'm probably level 13, did some hunting ground challenges, and went searching for a person from the village and finished that questline. The game, at this point, is fine, and while I love open world and exploring, this one isn't capturing me yet.
  2. Cavill's really great. I look at him, and I see this perfect sculpture of a man who should be anything but relatable, but...the dude is just so relatable! The more I listen to him in interviews, the cooler I think he is. I watch the show just for him.
  3. No matter how many times I tell Google News to stop showing news from Fox, the Hill, etc., they still pop up in my feed. I'll give it to the Hill--they're great at headlines! Senate Democrats Grow Less Confident in Manchin If it's true, wow--Dems are worse off than I thought. Otherwise, it seems like the Hill is stuck reporting in 2021.
  4. The way Todd Howard thinks, I have to believe that ES6 is going to be pretty rough. Leveling will be "streamlined" even more, fewer weapons and armor (because who wants that shit?), and more big name actors.
  5. We'll have to see how he responds to this. Some people say that it's still up is proof he believes this still, but maybe he's grown and forgot about the tweet? I'm curious to see.
  6. When Trump, Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, and Carlson's pasty bearded friend are the last bastion of "masculinity"--I'd have to say that masculinity--in any traditional, toxic sense--has long since died.
  7. So it's a been awhile, but I'll do the best I can. If anyone else has a fresher memory or wants to correct my answers, please do!
  8. You know, I didn't understand the Emhyr spoiler as I played the games.
  9. As to that spoiler, I always figured it'd be pretty hard to hide--unless they had different actors for Duny and Emhyr (maybe they did--I can't remember). Either way, I remember learning that detail in the book and not being sure if it was a spoiler/twist, or if I'd just missed it the whole time!
  10. Just curious, did your mother (or have you) heard about how we deal with homelessness? "Anti-homeless architecture." This country has lost any sense of morality in favor of capital. People defend this by saying, "It's necessary because homeless people hurt my property value."
  11. I should've put the /s after that comment. That's what gets me about this. The right-wing writers are having a blast with these comments, and it seems like she has no clue about why she lost. She blames it on Bernie still. Even if she were right that Bernie hurt the party (I think more realistically, Bernie tapped into something already brewing within the party), I feel like a good leader is reflective and looks at their own issues. Those are the only things you can fix. You can't change the progressive movement, but you can change mistakes you made. She seems unwilling to do this.
  12. Right wing outlets are loving Hillary's newest statements about progressives: Clinton: 'It is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections' | TheHill At some point, the progressives ought to get a shot at winning before we dub them a losing a coalition. Some win, some lose, but I don't see any evidence they're worse than the status quo of the dem party. It's good to have Hillary back.
  13. I saved up and got my son an Oculus 2 for Christmas (his number 1 gift choice). He let me try it out, and I was shocked out much it tricks your brain and makes you feel like you've entered a different world. I get motion sick when I move, so I played Five Nights at Freddy's--wow! Intense and scary. My brother and sister in law tried it out, and it was hilarious watching my sister in law rip the headset off when her power ran out because she kept the doors closed.
  14. True, but I also think Gideon ran a terrible campaign of "I'm not Collins/Collins has changed" as opposed to a campaign of what they could bring to Maine. Sometimes running entirely on your opposition's weaknesses can work (Trump, I suppose), but this usually seems like a bad tactic. It reminds me of when football defenses play prevent in the fourth quarter and let the other team carve them to pieces.
  15. It's weird to me--the showrunner has been so insistent this will have nothing to do with the games. I've gotten the sense that she doesn't care for the gaming audience--who no doubt have run her ragged through social media. Yet, so much of this show feels inspired (visually) by the game. Part of that is due to Cavill, no doubt, but still, we see lots of choices like the one mentioned here and above.
  16. It's cool, Scot. You and I just see things differently--I understand your point of view, and there's no doubt that Manchin switching parties is purely speculation at this point. I'm a pessimist, so I'm assuming he will.
  17. Why did you say I was angry for your responding to your question? Is it possible for Manchin to lose the seat to a centrist Democrat? I'd say that's more than a hypothetical possibility. You create a strawman of progressivism, but the reality is Manchin is a Republican masquerading as a Dem, he'll be changing parties soon enough, and a moderate Dem, a progressive, etc. will be the only option the Dem party has to support there. What limited resources are you worried about activists in WV wasting? Are you worried the Dem party will funnel money into a longshot challenger against Manchin? Don't worry, they won't. The people of WV who are mobilizing (much as Stacy Abrams did these last few years) are working hard to improve the truly squalid living conditions leadership such as Manchin's has brought. Mainstream Democrats have long campaigned on shutting coal mines down--and that's literally the only option people there have for work. Instead of offering support and help while we transition, Hillary and Obama treated this as a war to win. The right isn't helping them, and the Dems certainly didn't help them. Organizers in West Virginia are looking for elected leaders who want to help them not be in the top 3 poorest countries in the U.S. Ultimately, the Senate itself is the problem. North and South Dakota have 4 senators representing 1.4 million people. California has 2 senators representing 40 million people. 1.4 million people get twice as many votes in the Senate--which is the more powerful of the two branches of Congress. The Senate, in its current form, needs about 60 Dem senators to probably do anything meaningful--and by "meaningful" I mean incremental shifts back to the center. So, to bring this back round to your original question: there aren't resources being wasted on this question. Nationally, we have a right to criticize and hope for the removal of a single person obstructing the majority of the party he claims membership with. Many of us would love to see him get his due because he's corrupt, gets lots of money donated to him right before he makes these "tough stands against spending," his children are financially well off due to his position and they exploit workers in WV, etc. Sitting here saying, "but who else" is either a dense question that misses the entire point, or an antagonistic question posed against those you don't agree with ideologically. I know you're not dense. Who is there? Who cares--many of us hope WV finds someone to replace Manchin for the harm and pain he causes the people there and, now, in the rest of the country. ETA: And please, by all means, read this post in the tone in which I wrote it--my natural, monotone voice that's not conveying much of any emotion at all.
  18. If those losses start to look very real closer to midterm elections, we'll start hearing those reasons. I'm interested to see how progressives botched this one. Maybe if they hadn't tried to do anything, they wouldn't have forced Joe Manchin to obstruct everything? I think it could be that simple. It'll be a simultaneous reforming of Manchin's public persona while the pundits try to stomp the Squad and Bernie into the ground for being "so unrealistic." In a way they're right--asking for incremental change back to the center in this country is extreme behavior. We only shift right until people who have been lifelong Republicans are suddenly like, "Hey, I'm a Democrat now!"
  19. Why do you think I'm angry? I'm just bored with this question of yours (paraded as "pragmatism"--which it is not). I think you're projecting your own feelings about things onto my tone. Please don't!
  20. It doesn't matter. We will see who is or isn't a good choice in the next couple of years.
  21. The question, "Who else is there" doesn't make sense to me. How would we know who else there is until someone decides to challenge Manchin. Lots of good potential candidates could be out there--and potentially could primary Manchin and win his seat without being in the national spotlight. I have to believe people in Joe Crowley's district that were fed up with him were often met with a similar refrain: "who else is there?" Who knows--we can only know if someone (or many someones) decide to primary him. ETA: There is a huge activist movement in WV searching for potential challengers right now. I'd imagine they will provide you with an answer in the next year or two.
  22. I don't know Fez, this is just good evidence to me not to upgrade. Upgrading Windows has always been a multi-day, multi-hour per day affair. I say hold onto the shitty Windows 10 a bit longer.
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