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  1. I saw on Google News last week that the Pandemic is OVER! You must've missed the news.
  2. I was watching him talk about his "experiences" with deployment the other day on the Majority Report. It's hilarious. What a piece of shit. I know this will effect him zero with the base.
  3. I was talking to a new student to our ed program last week. She's in the military/national guard, and she's an MP (military police). She says that local police come in to train them sometimes, and it goes against everything the soldiers learned in their MP training--they learned restraint, friendliness when on gate duty and interacting with people, de-escalation tactics, etc. The police try to tell them that everything is dangerous, guns should always be at the ready, etc. These cops think they're green berets, but they lack the discipline to be effective soldiers. Couple that with our police shouldn't even be comparable to any military, it's all just fucked up.
  4. I wonder how the latest Starbucks strat of paying non-union workers more than unionized employees is going to pan out. At what point does our government hold Starbucks accountable for union busting? Either way, a new gallup poll shows 70% of Americans approve of unions. The Boomer self destructive mindset may be dying.
  5. I'm assuming that conservatives are starting to come around--lots of rural farmers are conservative, and they're facing historic issues. I could see some republicans starting to vote in favor of stopping climate change as more and more people are affected. Of course, it's too late to cling to the hope "we can still save things."
  6. Thank you--while I agree with @Mudguardthat these models are extremely complex--if we've seen anything come true, it's that the scientific community's predictions on climate change impacts have been extremely conservative. I assume this study is similarly so--and that the worst case scenario could be far worse. Either way, I guess we'll see if Ben Shapiro's retort to rising sea levels and property that will be impacted is true--he said, "you can sell your home in the worst case scenario." I guess to Aquaman's Atlanteans is what he meant.
  7. Greenland ice sheet that is melting will cause sea level rise of about 1 foot even if we completely stopped using oil today--its inevitable. Nearly another foot and a half of sea level rise will occur in the next 100 years if we don't reduce carbon emissions. So inevitable as well. We've really passed the point of no return, and the Republican party is mad about 10,000 dollars in debt relief. The party--who measurably has fewer voters than the Democratic party, still holds enough party to drive the planet off a cliff, so to speak.
  8. Tuition on public and state schools is a scam. Reagan is the one who fought to institute it because he feared an educated proletariat.
  9. Man, it sounds like Drew Lock is looking really good this training camp! ...wait, I forgot! The Broncos have Russell Wilson now--problems solved.
  10. I just don't see Trump ever getting any meaningful consequences. We've been waiting since...2016-17 when the first waves of criminal behavior started happening?
  11. The scariest thing is Republicans are seeming to like him more than Trump. He's a true fascist--well, "true" in the sense that Trump was too impulsive to get his fascist worldview to stick. Desantis is much more disciplined.
  12. The cynical side of me wonders too. What if the confusion campaign launched by alt righters actually confused the wrong side?
  13. I think this was an easy vote for Kansans. Had the vote been about also not voting for Republicans, we'd see different results.
  14. I appreciate it Scot, it just seems so interconnected with our politics, I think there will be overlap. But if we must, we must.
  15. Man, SO much scary shit is happening right now with abortion laws--are we still not allowed to talk about it because @mormont is tired of hearing about people's struggles?
  16. Sinema starting to indicate she won't vote for the Machine bill of republicans aren't allowed to make changes to it. Like I said, Machin doing a 180 was.completely safe for him, he knew she'd step up to the plate.
  17. I would like to add (if someone else hasn't already) this seems to be how the Dem party responded to Trump's nomination in 2015. It was bad then, and funding these people is obviously even worse. BEST case scenario, some of these assholes are going to win.
  18. I saw a headline at the Guardian this morning that said, "Machin reverses on climate/tax bill." Since the news of him changing his mind to support it broke last night, I assumed he had changed his mind again. Extra note if people don't know how I feel about him: Manchin is a piece of shit. I also saw a commentator mention, "This is safe for Manchin because now Sinema will likely tank it due to the tax increase."
  19. And here he is making more rounds with the press. At this point, he'll change his mind by the end of the week.
  20. This seems easily justifiable though as they see their 'judgement' as above the common U.S. pleb.
  21. Even if it could work (you're right, it won't), I'd say the smart move would be to leave it until after the midterms. I hear Trump may announce his run ahead of the midterms, and that could help turnout for Dems.
  22. You're 100% right--Manchin and Sinema are covering for, what I'm assuming, a mind melting number of similar Dems. I'm rolling the dice that, let's say we picked up two more seats moving the majority to 52, and those new 2 were progressives, that those hiding behind Manchin and Sinema would be too spineless to step up.
  23. Yeah, it seems his trolling of the Dems has helped him significantly back home. That's why he keeps doing it. While it's unlikely, Dems need to win other seats in the Senate and miraculously hold onto the house. I hear it's not impossible any longer for them to possibly win at least one side of Congress. We'll see.
  24. This may be true (I have no earthly idea about their interpersonal relationships), but I do think if--magically--we were working with Murkowski instead of Manchin on BBB right now (again, magically, I just don't see it happening any time soon), she'd at least be honest and not keep yanking things off the table she said she was open to. Manchin is a bad faith negotiator, and every time we go to the table with him, he makes the Dems look like fools and he gets a few points bump in his polls back home. I guess the real point here is that negotiating with Manchin in any kind of public way is harmful to Democrats. He is trolling them, and he has no intention of letting anything meaningful pass. Look at the "BBB" Biden just ordered congress Dems to support Manchin on--compared to what it was when it started, compared to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, nth negotiations with him. It's a joke.
  25. I agree, I think it's totally worth working with her over Manchin because, at the very least, if she seems open to it, she's not going back and forth and playing these games that Manchin plays.
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