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    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Another related one involving Jon III, AGOT: Finally he looked north. He saw the Wall shining like blue crystal, and his bastard brother Jon sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of all warmth fled from him. (Bran III, AGOT 17) Inside, Jon hung sword and scabbard from a hook in the stone wall, ignoring the others around him. Methodically, he began to strip off his mail, leather, and sweat-soaked woolens. Chunks of coal burned in iron braziers at either end of the long room, but Jon found himself shivering. The chill was always with him here. In a few years he would forget what it felt like to be warm. (Jon III, AGOT 19) Edit: And these quotes seem to tie in nicely as well: "The fort is in a sorry state, admittedly. You will restore it as best you can. Start by clearing back the forest. Steal stones from the structures that have collapsed to repair those still standing." The work will be hard and brutal, he might have added. You'll sleep on stone, too exhausted to complain or plot, and soon you'll forget what it was like to be warm, but you might remember what it was to be a man. (Jon II, ADWD 7) "You are half the age that Egg was, and your own burden is a crueler one, I fear. You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born." (Jon II, ADWD 7) The flames crackled softly, and in their crackling she heard the whispered name Jon Snow. His long face floated before her, limned in tongues of red and orange, appearing and disappearing again, a shadow half-seen behind a fluttering curtain. Now he was a man, now a wolf, now a man again. (Melisandre I, ADWD 31)
  2. Shmedricko

    R+L=J v.165

    That makes it two times now where Gilly has knelt before Jon: Her breath frosted the air in small nervous puffs. "They say the king gives justice and protects the weak." She started to climb off the rock, awkwardly, but the ice had made it slippery and her foot went out from under her. Jon caught her before she could fall, and helped her safely down. The woman knelt on the icy ground. "M'lord, I beg you—" (Jon III, ACOK) I wonder if there will be a third...
  3. Shmedricko

    Do you think Cersi can stop the propecy?

    Surely the plot is very unpredictable despite all the prophecies you give to help us... GRRM: [Laughs] Prophecies are, you know, a double edge sword. You have to handle them very carefully; I mean, they can add depth and interest to a book, but you don’t want to be too literal or too easy... In the Wars of the Roses, that you mentioned, there was one Lord who had been prophesied he would die beneath the walls of a certain castle and he was superstitious at that sort of walls, so he never came anyway near that castle. He stayed thousands of leagues away from that particular castle because of the prophecy. However, he was killed in the first battle of St. Paul de Vence and when they found him dead he was outside of an inn whose sign was the picture of that castle! [Laughs] So you know? That’s the way prophecies come true in unexpected ways. The more you try to avoid them, the more you are making them true, and I make a little fun with that. http://www.adriasnews.com/2012/10/george-r-r-martin-interview.html
  4. Shmedricko

    A+J=T v.9

    I just updated my list of Tyrion's hair descriptions with one that I missed, which I saw pointed out by @Lollygag in this thread: When his bowels were empty, Tyrion slipped on a bedrobe and roughed his thin flaxen hair with his fingers, all the more to look as if he had wakened from sleep. (Tyrion VII, ACOK)
  5. Shmedricko

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    That reminded me of this passage, which I find symbolically interesting for the same reason: The light of the rising sun glittered off the points of five hundred lances and ten times as many spears. The night's grey banners were reborn in half a hundred gaudy colors. And above them all flew two regal dragons on night-black fields: the great three-headed beast of King Aerys I Targaryen, red as fire, and a white-winged fury breathing scarlet flame. Not Maekar after all, Dunk knew, when he saw those banners. The banners of the Prince of Summerhall showed four three-headed dragons, two and two, the arms of the fourth-born son of the late King Daeron II Targaryen. A single white dragon announced the presence of the King's Hand, Lord Brynden Rivers. Bloodraven himself had come to Whitewalls. (The Mystery Knight)
  6. Some secrets are safer kept hidden. Some secrets are too dangerous to share, even with those you love and trust. -Eddard VIII, AGOT Ned thought, If it came to that, the life of some child I did not know, against Robb and Sansa and Arya and Bran and Rickon, what would I do? Even more so, what would Catelyn do, if it were Jon's life, against the children of her body? He did not know. He prayed he never would. -Eddard XII, AGOT
  7. Shmedricko

    R+L=J v.165

    From the ACOK appendix: Rhaegar (Frey) has two sons and a daughter, and his second son is named Jonos. A little wink from GRRM, perhaps?
  8. Shmedricko

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    Another "kissed by fire" reference in Jon's story: Spinning, Jon saw the drapes he'd ripped from the window. He flung the lamp into the puddled cloth with both hands. Metal crunched, glass shattered, oil spewed, and the hangings went up in a great whoosh of flame. The heat of it on his face was sweeter than any kiss Jon had ever known. "Ghost!" he shouted. (Jon VII, AGOT)
  9. Shmedricko

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Arya said that to Lady Crane in S6E8:
  10. Here it is: INTERVIEWER: How would you describe Littlefinger and Varys' relationship? GRRM: Adversarial. Both of them know a lot about the other one, including some very damaging things. So they're in, essentially, a stalemate, because each one knows that if he revealed what he knew about the other one, then the other one would reciprocate and they could both be destroyed. So they're kind of locked in a certain stalemate. I think Littlefinger has a better idea of what Varys wants than Varys has an idea of what Littlefinger wants. Littlefinger is an agent of chaos who likes to be unpredictable and succeeds in that. -JUEGOS DE TRONOS de George R.R Martin en la FIL de Guadalajara 2016 (11:12)
  11. Shmedricko

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I would also add these two quotes into the mix:
  12. Shmedricko

    R+L=J v.165

    This is taking things in a different direction, away from the ToJ and colour analysis you've done here, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway: I was recently reminded of the theory that the Azor Ahai prophecy (which Melisandre says is recorded "In ancient books of Asshai") originated from a vision an ancient Asshai'i had: This person saw some sort of scene involving smoke and snow, but never having seen or heard of snow before, they described it as something else they were familiar with instead: salt. For example, Sam, who was raised at Horn Hill in the Reach, had never seen snow until he was in the North on his way to the Wall: Not only is Asshai much further south than that, and half a world away, but communication across such vast distances would have been even more limited thousands of years ago. If "smoke and salt" is actually "smoke and snow," then symbolically this could represent both Targaryen and Stark, rather than just Stark: Smoke = Fire = Targaryen Snow = Ice = Stark Or in other words, Smoke + Snow = Jon.
  13. Shmedricko

    Jon Snow

    Eddard IV, Game 20 Since we know that Sansa pleaded for Eddard not to kill her wolf, perhaps we should assume thatLyanna pleaded for Eddard not to kill something, presumably her son. I think this connection is even better if one goes back and looks at the Sansa passage in detail: Things of note: Sansa's "eyes were frightened." Ned remembers that when he gave Lyanna his word, "the fear had gone out of his sister's eyes." Arya, who is similar to Lyanna in many ways, is also strongly against the harming of Lady. Lyanna's exact words could have been very similar to Sansa's: "Stop them, don't let them do it, please, please, don't let them hurt my baby." The repetition of "I promise," evoking "Promise me, Ned." The fact that all this pleading towards Robert was unsuccessful, even when Ned brought up Lyanna, could be taken as a hint that Robert would have also let Lyanna's child be killed if he knew about it (or at least that this is what Ned believed/suspected/feared). Going back to the original quote you posted, here is a comment by @J. Stargaryen which ties it nicely to another quote that mentions Rhaegar's son and pleading (which you referenced in the OP): Edit: I would also add that in the "pleading for mercy as Rhaegar’s heir" quote, there is even a potential allusion to Lyanna in the same paragraph, as "the woman he [Rhaegar] loved."
  14. Shmedricko

    R+L=J v.165

    Well, there is this, from the app: At Harrenhal he first beheld Lyanna Stark. He brought tears to her eyes with his singing, before crowning her his queen of love and beauty before his wife and half the realm. Sometime later, Rhaegar abducted Lyanna with the aid of Ser Arthur Dayne and Ser Oswell Whent. When word of Lyanna's abduction reached Brandon Stark, the heir to Winterfell stormed into the Red Keep, challenging Rhaegar to face him; Aerys's murderous response led directly to Robert's Rebellion. Lord Robert, Lyanna's betrothed, was consumed by the need to avenge himself on Rhaegar, but the prince could not be found for the first months of the war. Rumor had it that he was in the south with Lyanna, at a place he called the Tower of Joy, near the red mountains of Dorne. But eventually his father sent Ser Gerold Hightower to recall Rhaegar to his duties, though Rhaegar ordered Ser Gerold, Ser Arthur, and Ser Oswell to keep guard over Lyanna in the south. (A World of Ice and Fire, Rhaegar Targaryen)
  15. Shmedricko

    A+J=T v.9

    Nice. Tyrion asking for burnt bacon has been pointed out many times before as a possible allusion to him being a dragon (I believe it used to be in the OP, but it was removed because that particular clue attracted lots of ridicule for being silly/a stretch), but I've never seen it connected to the line about Dany feeding her dragons. That gives it a bit more credence, I think.