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  1. Wait who was Maron Martell's wife then?
  2. I wish Aeron and Theon could meet again. Fellow abuse survivors...
  3. Concept: Maybe people care about their families????
  4. Visenya Targaryen, even though she was evil.
  5. He says its semi-canon because the maesters can outright lie or misinterpret or exaggerate things. It's not hard to understand. It's the app that isn't canon. It's information should not be used in the wiki imo.
  6. Obviously she's not going to rule. Bran will be king.
  7. Parental authority is a thing. Psychological dependence can be as strong as legal power....
  8. How is it a crack ship? Jon calls Satin pretty almost every time he sees him. I could see a situation like Dany and Irri, where Jon fools around with Satin because of frustration/boredom. Hell, Jon seems to like Satin a lot more than Ygritte, where his internal narration was basically like "shes ugly she hasn't washed in 5 weeks and you could break a comb in that hair but she looks kinda ok in this light I guess."
  9. I know he hasn't died yet, but I can't wait for Stannis to bite it. The moment he realizes he's not really Azor Ahai, that he betrayed/killed his entire family for anything (if you think he's not going to burn Shireen in the books you're delusional) and that ultimately he's not really relevant in the grand scheme of things is gonna be glorious. Since he's such a misogynist I wish Dany would kill him but sadly I don't think they will meet. I hate Stannis.
  10. Are you kidding me? Cersei is literally Hera, right down to killing Robert's (Zeus) bastards.
  11. Is this really true? When Sigorn married Alys Karstark, Rhaegar Frey made a comment that "Marriage will soften her. A firm hand and a quiet word". Sigorn is a free folk and Alys heir to House Karstark, but Rhaegar thinks he can still control her. Humfrey Wagstaff was also a knight and castellan, lower in rank than Brienne, heir to House Tarth, but he expected her to obey him. The Faith also is pretty misogynistic, and affords certain liberties to husbands, and I think commoners would follow the teachings of the Faith as well. GRRM said in an interview that Cersei does love Jaime, I can't find it right now though. Yeah, perhaps they're engaging in some form of rape play, like Qarl and Asha. Asha was fighting Qarl off while they were having sex and to an outsider it would really look like she's getting raped, but we're in her POV so we know that this is a game of theirs and she's into it, it's foreplay for them, and their sex is consensual.
  12. That's true. I am generalizing - I don't think we really know the norm here. Yeah, maybe But I actually think that a lot of marriages could have an "understanding" where the husband was allowed to have mistresses and the wife would get his true born kids, if they didn't become loving partners like Ned and Cat. So the woman doesn't get a fulfilling sex love, but at least she gets all the power and privileges that come with being a noble. This is all wishful thinking though of course. As for domestic abuse, Cersei is a very fiery and headstrong woman - most women would accept their place in the system and not challenge their husband's authority. The times when we see Robert hit her is when she reproaches him or insults him. Most women would lay their heads low and if their husband wasn't a drunk or a sadistic brute it would probably prevent them from getting abused. (Again, all wishful thinking). And I hope it doesn't seem like I'm victim blaming Cersei here, that's not what I'm going for here at all. Robert had no right to hit her no matter what she said to him. Yeah we have to keep in mind this is a very violent society. I mean they watch people fight to the death for entertainment. And a few more quotes which really hammer in that a husband has to be obeyed and has a right to chastise his wife. A Game of Thrones, Sansa VI: A Storm Of Swords, Sansa III: (It's weird that pledging to obey your husband isn't in the marriage vows since you're required to obey him by law). A Storm Of Swords, Jaime III: A Feast For Crows, Brienne II: So even if the wife complained - they would probably get a lecture from their father or brothers on how they have to be a better wife and listen to their husband. I could certainly see Hoster doing that, or Tywin.
  13. I feel they're a very flawed couple. Jaime has no understanding of consent: A Feast for Crows (Cersei IV): (There's also the Sept scene and when Bran meets them in the tower, where Cersei is resisting and saying no but Jaime pushes her into sex anyway). And Cersei manipulates him, and she does love him, but she puts her ambitions before him. I didn't mean a new High Septon, but they could have gone to another Septon. Plus the Tyrells had dumped Sansa the moment they couldn't marry her to Willas. I just feel like calling it "Stockholm Syndrome" is a bit much. Stockholm syndrome is a very specific situation where you are a captive with no recourse who comes to love your captor because you have no other choice. A noblewoman would still have her friends and family, and most husbands probably wouldn't be the type to force themselves on their unwilling wife and batter them like Robert. Most of these women aren't marrying for love, they're doing it for power. They don't desire companionship, they want heirs and lands. Though if they can become good friends or come to fall in love with their husbands, that's also a good thing. Yeah, Jeyne Arryn must have been a woman of very strong character (or her Regent was an accommodating or easy going man).
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