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  1. I wonder what impact Covid and the China policy has had on this. If I am in Asia at the time then I still intend to go to Chengdu, but I will see much closer to the time what sort of conditions they are applying regarding Covid and decide whether it is sensible or not. Anyway, I hope to see some of you at Eastercon! It has been too long.
  2. I think the only "solution" (if one perceives there to be a "problem") is more WorldCons! Two a year, minimum!
  3. If I am in Asia (as I am now) then I will happily attend this. They have worked hard to win this bid and I congratulate them. The Chinese people and fans are not representative of their government any more than we would have said that all US fans were theirs, and one of the best ways to exchange values is to witness cultures and countries first-hand.
  4. I wasn't aware of the theories concerning Melisandre's ancestry, but to me, she looked suspiciously like something else. We shall see. But this represents the beginning of a new era.
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