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  1. Martin's Bar lacked sufficient seating but was otherwise nice. We did congregate somewhat in the "extended Martin's Bar" area during the Dead Dog. Some people were using the adjacentish hotel bar as a con bar as well. It feels weird to be back home. Two weeks of conventioning was great fun! It was an unforgettable experience. So great to see you all! As for what the future holds, in particular for Titancon, who knows? We should strive to keep the BwB active in the UK and Ireland, anyway.
  2. I could write forever about how much delight the last two weeks have brought me, but right now, I simply want to thank everyone involved in both Worldcon and Titancon for everything they have done. The island of Ireland will surely not see anything like this again in a long time. Well done.
  3. I was planning to do tourist stuff today but am tired and also the weather is miserable so I am in the Lally deader dog party in Ryan's Bar. If anyone is bored this evening, PM or email.The train tomorrow is 15:20.
  4. I am here as many of you know. Will say hello to:the rest of you after the panel tomorrow!
  5. Which Wednesday? (That is in Northern Ireland...)
  6. I will run the karaoke. Ran, if you could assist, I'd really appreciate that.
  7. I'm arriving on the Wednesday and leaving the following Wednesday, so Tuesday would be a good day for Dublin sightseeing. I'll be at Belfast as well, leaving, I think, on the Tuesday.
  8. I cannot find the full Titancon programme on the web site! Am I being daft? If anyone could send a link then I'd be grateful.
  9. Given where I'm flying from, I can't predict when I'll be sleeping/awake! So let's see how things pan out. I'm not going to pre-book a ticket just to miss it and the discount is marginal. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, anyway!
  10. Goodness, I'd almost forgotten! Thanks for the reminder. I wonder when the full schedule will be published.... Once we see that, things will fall into place in a much clearer fashion.
  11. I'd expect you'd find at least some BwB members hanging out together every night to go to restaurants, etc., often with people posting here or just organising informally. However, it would be great if we could organise an official meet-'n'-greet, say, on the Thursday. (I've heard no word about an actual BwB party but I stand ready to help in any way I can, including organising a venue if no plans yet exist, but I need to know very soon as I would want to get to Dublin in advance.) Anyway, I'm always up for food/beer/whatever. This goes to anyone: PM me if you're new to the Ireland/UK side of the BwB and want to swap contact details so I can keep you informed of anything spontaneous.
  12. Ahhh, earliest slot available.... well.... it's not likely I will manage that. Are they limited? If they're not then I'll just see what time I wake up on the day. If the tickets are limited then I would have to pass on an early morning Monday slot. You know... experience ;-)
  13. I'd like to go to the exhibition on the Monday. I should probably think of booking my transport at some point! Rest assured, I am going to both cons and at least have the accommodation sorted.