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  1. Some of us are fairly good at drinking, too... you have been warned ;-)
  2. I am very happy to help with all aspects of the party.
  3. I am interested in helping organise one. Thinking about it, though, many local BwBers will be very busy organising TitanCon itself. Still, let's see who is interested and perhaps we can make something happen.
  4. I've never been to Dublin so, assuming I'm alive post-dead-dog, I would be aiming to explore a bit more on the Tuesday. I think Wednesday is the most sensible day to leave Dublin, basically, and I think you're right, that is the day for which Dave Lally is trying to organise the train. There is enough to do in Belfast on arrival on the Wednesday - nice pubs, museums and stuff. We could find out which locations are being covered by the Titancon coach tour and then think about running another coach going to some of the others on the Thursday. It'll be fun to co-ordinate whatever we do, anyway. Any word yet of a BwB party?
  5. There is a sort of official train journey planned, as I understand it - on which day, I don't know - so that might be the thing to aim for. I've never been to Dublin but from all I can see, Belfast is very significantly cheaper to stay in. Yet Belfast is not 'all that touristy', and so one thing to consider is whether there might be anything to do in between the two cities - but... I've not looked into that. So, er, this is not a very useful reply, but, yes, let's have this conversation and make the stars align. Those who know more, please join in the discussion!
  6. This is just a message to say it's very much my intention to go to both cons, but I've not planned/booked anything yet, so if anyone is interested in room-sharing or has memberships available to sell then do PM me or post here!
  7. Just a little note to say how wonderful it was to see you all! Even if I couldn't participate as much as I'd have liked, it was really nice to be in that environment around everyone rather than sitting miserably at home doing the same thing. I'm very much looking forward to Dublin and Belfast next year, but I suspect EasterCon will be my next UK convention.
  8. Toft

    [Spoilers] EP601

    I wasn't aware of the theories concerning Melisandre's ancestry, but to me, she looked suspiciously like something else. We shall see. But this represents the beginning of a new era.