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  1. Is anyone going to this? I'm thinking of doing so and would be interested in sharing a room if one is available.
  2. That sounds perfect. If the Pyke is too busy then the other place will work. I'll PM you my number! The concert I'm at finished around 5pm so I think I will be there in advance of others and so I'm not so worried about the timing.
  3. I can be around! We could meet up either at the Phoenix pub (unrelated to the theatre venue connected to this event) which we used for a previous BwB gathering, or the Montagu Pyke, both of which are close to Foyles.
  4. Indeed, you mentioned this, and I'm happy to say I can attend!
  5. I am going to a concert that afternoon so I'll be in London at least. Therefore I'll keep an eye on this thread in case anyone wants to meet up afterwards.
  6. Toft

    TitanCon 2017: 8-10 Sept - Belfast

  7. Toft

    TitanCon 2017: 8-10 Sept - Belfast

    I'm arriving on Thursday evening and leaving on Tuesday morning.
  8. Toft

    TitanCon 2017: 8-10 Sept - Belfast

    Phil, thanks for all you've done for this and all the other events over the years! And good luck with the house move. Looking forward to meeting up when things are a bit less hectic. I've just booked my attendance at Titancon. Should we make an attendance list in this thread? Also... well... I'll be keen to talk to people about the show come next week, so if anyone's in London then do let me know.
  9. Welcome to the clan. Wear your BwB ribbon with pride!
  10. I expect we ought to have a London meetup just after the last episode for those who are watching...
  11. Well, I am back! I spent the entirety of Monday recovering before travelling on Tuesday, which took a significant portion of the day. I was lucky to not have any work over the con period but suddenly had something large that needed doing just at the right time. (Well, I could do with more rest but it's welcome.) As always, I enjoyed seeing you all, old faces and new, though who has a new face these days? Only a certain Stark seems to pull that off. Anyway. The Finns did it, and I'm glad so many BwBs made it. I attended enough con and not really enough Helsinki (no sauna!) but I did take time off to re-visit some of my favourite places in the city on the Sunday night. I wish I had made some of the dinner plans but I am glad we made up for that with drinks. Now I suppose I will have to look at attending Titancon again!
  12. If it is not too late then I will join the dinner!
  13. The storm was sudden and impressive: an intense looming darkness preceded an abrupt downpour with outbreaks of thunder. Luckily, I was able to rush indoors. There is a public safety warning in place so perhaps it is not over yet. I'm at the Irish party but it's a bit dull so I might head to the city centre. Is everyone still there?
  14. Please forgive my absence from the dinner - I've just arrived at the con and am not feeling especially energetic so rather than rush downtown (having thought it was 7.30pm not 7pm...) in the rain and thunder, I'll relax here for a bit and maybe join later. Please post here if you move on. Otherwise, I'll be at the Irish party.