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  1. Billy and I have decided that we are not going to fly to New Zealand this summer. I'm finding longer flights (8+ hours) have lasting effects on me, and so I'm trying to do as few of those as possible. For those of you going, I hope to see lots of pictures!
  2. Oh I recognize that I'm ridiculously spoiled when it comes to plane times. I've been in Denver for a while, and it's generally 2-3 hours to most places; a four hour flight seems long! And we've been looking at flights to places around Europe from where we are in the Netherlands and again, it seems like a lot of places are in that same 2-3 hour timeframe, so spoiled again. The flight over from the US is generally 9-ish hours, and I'm getting used to that. I trick my mind into thinking it's night, so that's my sleep time, and when we arrive, that's my day. (At least, I don't mind the flight so much when I can sleep, but that always depends on my neighbors). I haven't done a flights of longer than 10 hours I don't think, so an 18+ hour flight seems a little intimidating. Any tips for the longer flights?
  3. So tempting! I'm not sure how I feel about 24 hours of travel though. :/ And would we travel from the US or from Europe? Any thoughts on which is better?
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