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  1. (1) So there isn't anything stopping HBO with continuing the stories for surviving characters from the original show. (2) Why can't ASoIaF characters be permitted reinvention from time to time? (3) And where exactly does their lifespan end? Because when characters become part of a franchise, that lifespan happens to not just be where the story ends, but also the characters death (and even then, retconning and remakes happen). So taking the Stark children again, a bunch of writers can tell a million different stories of Arya's travels west of Westeros; Sana's suitors, conflict resolutions with the Northern Lords, whatever she wants to do with the Wall; Bran's reign, succession crises etc. These stories can theoretically go on until they're 100 years old. (4) Characters like Corly Velaryon are first developed based on the cast we know and follow and become part of the psychological drama starting with season 1 of HotD and going off from there. The characters have a web of rivalries that build up and do themselves have a certain style that is reminiscent of GoT and its morally complex characters with recognizable outfits and character motivations. (5) Didn't Wonder Woman start off like this? Guardians of the Galaxy? The Mandalorian? (6) So, basically like every other franchise in existence? (7) The culture and politics of the setting of ASoIaF constrain the motivations and actions of the characters, this what give them their nuance. So long as the writing is guided by that, then the franchise can keep creating iconic characters. (8) Other franchises don't even dip their feet in the pool compared to the lake ASoIaF is swimming in but apparently this isn't enough for audiences? How are the names and sigils vague and superficial? And how common is this so call "gritty cynicism" exactly? (9) And what of the direwolves? Weirwood trees? White Walkers? Iconic castles such as the Eyrie, Red Keep, Winterfell? People's unease when a wedding occurs? The iconic catchphrases? Come on, there's really no argument that can be made that would preclude ASoIaF being as successful as any other franchise.
  2. (1) The original stories for Sherlock Holmes and James Bond had their stories written and adapted. That didn't stop new writers from crafting their own original stories for those characters. HBO already has a Jon Snow sequel in production. What's to stop them from doing the same for the Stark children? Daario Naharis? Even Drogon can get an animated sequel. (2) That's literally how every franchise works. Harley Quinn was a character introduced in Batman: TAS and now she's a character in her own right that can headline a franchise. How different is this to the Sea Snake prequel that's currently in development? Wonder Woman is a character that was created separately from Batman & Superman, how different is that from the Nymeria prequel that is also in development? (3) Within Essos & Westeros you have a multitude of cultural beliefs and moral compasses that can be built upon into an interconnective web of media. If HBO does a Valyria prequel, it potential sequels will have Valyria's culture play a key role, e.g. Braavos' hatred of Slavery, Volantis' romanticism for Old Valyria, Ghiscari reclaimation. Even in Westeros, prequels can track the cultural and institutional shifts from the conquest (how did the Reach Lords react to some servent house becoming liege Lords?) right up to Tywin undoing the reforms implemented by Aegon V. (4) And what is wrong with reversing the roles? Instead of having the same character in a gundred different settings, why not have the same setting with a hundred different characters? (5) So, basically like every other franchise in existence? (6) Is the same not true for every other cinematic universe? Star Wars without Lucas? James Bond without Broccoli? Toy Story without Lasseter/Doctor? MCU without Feige? The compartmentalising required to believe that ASoIaF cannot be a successful franchise despite having the attributes of all other successful franchises is mind-boggling.
  3. Is this any different from any other mega franchise like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Toy Story, The Disney Princesses, Barbie, James Bond etc? The only thing I got out of this article was " Why become a pop culture writer if you can't accept the underlying mechanics of pop culture?"
  4. A mixture of untight writing and mystery box storytelling will leave you with that sort of feeling.
  5. I don't think that, that is where the problem is for most people. It's moreso that while the story itself is quite interesting, the storytelling is poor and sometimes even contradicts itself.
  6. That's a sign that most people are enjoying it. It's only when people get disappointed and start disliking a few too many aspects do they start putting on their critic goggles.
  7. It's a 6/10, which is a shame because it could've easily been a 9/10 if it wasn't for those 2 ridiculous moments that bookend the episode. I really liked seeing Drfitmark, using St Michael's Mount was a smart choice. I particularly love the guided layout as well as how Corlys' trophies decorate the interior, it's rather inviting whilst also letting you know that he is an ambitious man. Nice contrast to the deliberately intimidating Red Keep. I'm not too miffed on the green dress making its appearance a little earlier than expected. After all, it's not like the show has setup the party of the Princess and the Queen's party. Instead they've solely focused on the deteriorating relationship between the two people involved. Also, it's not like most people pay attention to costume design anyway. Which brings up another disappointing aspect. It's mentioned that the Velaryon kids and Rhaenyra grew up together, which comes as a surprise to show-onlies as this is the first time they've ever interacted on screen together (not to mention the two sets of actors/actresses they've gotten to play their younger and teenage selves whilst Rhaenyra has looked the same throughout all this time). I hate having to explain unnecessary story beats to show-onlies.
  8. My interpretation is that Cole is currently at his most insecure state. He's humiliated that his lover will only treat as a mistress. The queen dismisses him after making his confession and he now he has a million ideas of what she might do. Will she have him also confess to the king? Will it be public, in front all the noblemen of the realm? Will she keep his secret and use blackmail him for whatever schemes she planning? Will she use him for sexual favours? And then some Velaryon knight tells him he knows his secret as well. Unfortunately, Joffrey does not know that Criston and Rhaenyra have ended things, so instead of taking what he says for it is (an offering of an alliance given that they're supposedly on the same boat), Criston interprets it as a an outright threat. Which puts him even more on edge. So now Criston has no agency on how things are going to pan out, he gets desperate and, given he doesn't know any other way to handle the situation, he just wants to lash out at anyone. Joffrey, being the least valued member of the celebrations (at least in Criston's eyes), is the best person he can take out all his emotions on in that moment.
  9. Hey @Zorral, why do you consider Daemon to be one of the smarter characters?
  10. Daemon personally killing the Lady Rhea? And I thought Euron personally killing Baelon could not be topped. I really wish Bobby B was running things,"Stop this madness in the name of your king" and a murder would not have taken place during a guest reception ceremony.
  11. I'm using the term loosely to include creators of a work, in this case, showrunners, director, actor etc. Ambiguous stories will always be open for interpretation, even to the creators involved. Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford have differing opinions on the character of Deckard, that didn't stop Blade Runner from being a great film.
  12. I'm surprised anyone could manage a rewatch of this season.
  13. Gil-galad, Elrond and Celebrimbor also see it, and their storyline is the episode is tied to Galadriel's. So all storylines are occurring concurrently.
  14. Some people were expecting Daniel Day-Lewis and Laurence Olivier to play every role. The river lords' scheme is to send over some their weaker candidates to other parts of the realm so that once Rhaenyra gets to the Riverlands, their real candidates look better by comparison.
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