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  1. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    This is what you said in response to me pointing out that people will surely take into account those surrounding Tommen and what influence they might have over the boy King. “Tommen won't have nearly enough time to grow to adolescence prior to the Golden Company's invasion reaching a conclusion” your response to my perfectly logical reasoning; that people would consider the future when choosing who to support, was to dismiss it as irrelevant - because Tommen will not live long enough for that possibility to occur. Ie: he’s not going to reach adolescence so her possible manipulation of him does not matter. You were making a point based upon what you as a reader think to be true regarding tommen. Where as the point I was making was about how in world characters ought to be thinking, which is what an author will think about when planning certain aspects of the narrative. If this doesn’t make sense to you I recommend Fire and Blood in which GRRM demonstrates exactly this. That Lords think through the possibilities of influence upon a monarch of those surrounding them. With regards Rhaenyra and daemon people talk of how if you support her claim it will be him who rules through her because she is his wife. And When there are regency’s with underage Kings there is much talk of whose influence he will be under and much back stabbing amongst the Lords to gain influence and positions of power in order to take advantage of the boy King. Men jostle to place their daughters in the post of queen in order to secure that influence long term etc. suggesting that no one when weighing up which candidate to support will consider the vulnerability of a boy King and the very real and present position of power his older wife and her family hold over him is absurd.
  2. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    At what point did I say he has? Or don’t you think people would take into account Tommen’s future and possible influences upon him when choosing wether to throw their support behind him? we might all know that Tommen is doomed to die before he grows a single pube, but in world the other characters have no idea, their choices should be written as if taking his survival as completely plausible. After all if they all assume he’s going to die no one would choose to support him, and the entire nation should have already abandoned him as a lost cause!
  3. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Dawn and Jon

    I don't think that the majority of people think Jon is Ashara's son at all. Nor is it possible let alone likely.
  4. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Black Sword, White Sword, Red Sword

  5. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Timett will steal Alayne

    no. Her story is about gaining autonomy another kidnap is highly unlikely at this stage.
  6. The Weirwoods Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    Ah, I'd forgotten about and or didn't know all of those! My GCSE History teacher will be turning in her grave. tutt tutt Yes the Conciliator and the Good. Baelor would indeed be a good choice. Personally I am very fond of Baelor the Blessed ever since the world book revealed what he did for the Dragonknight. Brave or Barmy that took balls.
  7. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    Though I think that it will be Tyene Sand who kills Tommen, she after all is headed to KL, disguised as a Septa, and she wants vengeance for her father and knows the poisons to use to take the Lannisters claim on the IT away from them. It is easy to presume that with Myrcella wed to Trystane whom she is exceedingly fond of that she will fall under the influence of Dorne quite easily once the crown is on her head. Which is why I think Tyene will poison the sacred oils that are used in the ceremony Cersei has asked the High Septon to perform. This contact poison would bypass Cersei's precautions and take out Tommen and the High Sparrow in one sweep. Placing Myrcella in Varys way, he needs Dorne both for it's Spears and to add weight to the claim that fAegon is Rhaegar and Elia's son. So I think Varys will smother Myrcella with a silken pillow using the secret passage that Blood & Cheese used to enter the royal bedchambers during the dance. Which removes any hopes for Trystane Doran may harbour and places him firmly back in fAegon's camp.
  8. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    Varys doesn't just want to win the IT by force he wants the Lords, Ladies, & Smallfolk alike to want his Aegon as King. Reinstating the Targaryen Dynasty after Aerys II is no easy task, there will be many in the realm wary to ever trust the name Targaryen again. But compare upright, handsome, adult Aegon to the child Tommen, rumoured to be a bastard, and torn between his selfish and unstable mother who has no idea of diplomacy or how to rule except through fear and his wife, an older woman rumoured to be sexually experienced; who might use that to manipulate him as he enters adolescence, puppet of her family the up-jumped stewards the Tyrells. It suits Varys and Illyrio to have the less than ideal King Tommen on the throne. Likewise as long as he lives Myrcella can not claim the IT, Varys wants Dorne to back fAegon, and will not want Doran to have a more direct route to control of the IT. He is betting on Doran believing that this boy is his Nephew. But if Tommen dies his own Son can sit the IT as King consort to Myrcella. It's a dangerous ploy as sexist Westeros won't easily accept a Queen as ruler. But it is one Varys will be wary of regardless. The longer he keeps Myrcella and Trystane away from the IT the easier it is for him to ensure Doran throws his weight behind fAegon.
  9. The Weirwoods Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    I've taken it to be a reflection of how there are certain names within the British royalty which are not used anymore. To be quite honest I am continually surprised that Lizzy called her son Charles, cos yeah naming your son after the only King to ever get his head chopped off is kinda odd. There have been no Richards since Richard III either, nor John's since he of Magna Carta fame was so reviled. The last Arthur was Henry VIII's brother iirc. Who tragically died young. I doubt for instance that anyone would choose Aerys ever again, and Maegor only pops up again with Aerion; himself a controversial figure, and he did that as a provocation. I always found the lack of Visenya's surprising. But less so after F&B. Rhaenyra was I think making a statement with her choice of name. Coming as it did on hot on the tail of news that her brother had usurped her. Dany will have to be careful if she ever has a child as the name she chooses will hold a great deal of meaning, I'd suggest Jaehaerys as a good bet. And I would advise her to steer clear of Aegon too conqueror like for a monarch who is hoping to slot right back in after a decade and a half in exile. Go with the conciliators name, the one who brought peace after conflict I say.
  10. My first bolded sentence from the quote highlights that Barristan knows the man who dishonoured her; a much used turn of phrase I historical & romance novels particularly to mean had sex with outside of marriage, and that he died before Ashara's own death. Because he thinks she may have done it in part in grief for him. So it can not be Ned or any other man who survived the war. The second part poses the question, what good would have come of telling her he loved her? Non he concludes as he would not have acted upon them due to his vows. But he then reflects that no good came of his silence either, ie: She ended up pregnant disgraced and grieving before eventually her death. He then poses the idea that had he won the tourney and crowned her QoL&B she might have looked to him instead of Stark. He is very clearly thinking about the what ifs of if he had declared his feelings and acted upon them by crowning her QoL&B, would she have fucked me? instead of Stark. He's thought of the fact he was celibate, dismissed that as irrelevant compared to the events that transpired as a result of him not telling her he loved her, and thought about what might have happened differently had he not made that choice to remain silent. She might have "looked to" him instead and what was she looking for? clearly romance/love/sex as she ended up pregnant. She didn't look to Stark for a spare pint of milk and perhaps a loan of his lawnmower did she! So we know now that the man she fucked was a Stark an that he died before she did. ergo it was Brandon. There really is no getting around that and when you try to make out that it is ambiguous you just look foolish. There is nothing ambiguous about it, Barristan thinks that she died because of her grief, over the dead baby and dead lover, Barristan recalls why he never declared his own feelings for her; because he could not act upon them, but then concludes that seeing as bad things happened despite him not acting on his feelings that perhaps he should have. He then fantasises that had he won the tourney she might have fucked him instead of Stark. Now you can say ah! but does look to mean have sex with, and I can point out that given the result of her looking to Stark was a pregnancy then yes. We almost certainly can. People seriously need to give it up already trying to argue Ashara's lover as anyone but Brandon Stark
  11. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Lady dies in Sansa's first POV chapter, so we never get to experience if she wolf dreams. However given that GRRM has stated she is a warg too; they all are, we can guess that she may have also already begun the bond. Here I've gathered together some post Lady's death moments when Sansa might have been re-living old wolf dreams in her sleep. AGOT Sansa III Here she has awoken from a dream and Lady was in it, she even sense her spirit as such in the room when she awakes. Lady was with her in her dream, and they were running together. Almost all the early wolf dreams involve the child in side the wolf whilst the wolf is running. This could simply be Sansa's immature logic-ing away of that factor, the she is Lady in the dreams, instead she says to herself she is with Lady. And then there is this in clash ACOSK Sansa II Now obviously Sansa can know full well Lady would love the godswood for it's rich smells because she knows a wolf enjoys such things. But I think GRRM has gifted us another clue here. That Sansa knows Lady would have loved it here; in the Godswood, because she has smelled those smells of earth woodsy-ness through Lady's nose and felt deep inside how the wolf loved the smells. Because when you think superficially that your dog would live the woods the smells are not the reason that springs to mind. To me I think Oh he would love the space to run, the birds to flush from shrubs and undergrowth. The weaving through trees and jumping over fallen logs. Because we think from our own senses and our experience of watching our pets comes from observing them. We might think as a secondary idea oh and the smells must be nice for them too. But here Sansa thinks first of the woods from lady's own sensory POV. Then in Storm, ASOS Sansa IV So another dream where she is running "with" Lady through the Godswood. Then there is this it is not exactly a wolf dream, but it is the linking of dreams to her inner wolf. ASOS Sansa VII So its been set up by her waking from a dream of home, Winterfell. And then we are given this scene in which she goes out into the snow and she drifts past; a word that evokes a soundless movement like a wolf in the snow, trees and shrubs; which again brings to mind the wolves passing through woods which is a key feature of the direwolf dreams. She turns her face up to the sky; like a wolf howling at the moon, and she then has a sensory experience feeling and tasting the snow. Like a wolf using heightened senses, and what do our Starks taste a lot when they are wolf dreaming? Blood of course. Here Sansa is evoking her blood - the blood of Winterfell, which she uses to remind herself who she is throughout the latter books whilst she is masquerading as Alayne. And then GRRM tells us this is the taste of dreams. So he's had her being a wolf and then he tells us this is the taste of her dreams. Right after he had her dream a dream of home. Two other things I'll mention, when she went to meet Dontos she thinks of Lady again as she clutches her knife in the Godswood. And thinks how Lady could sniff out a lie. So in a way she is drawing on Lady to help her discern if Dontos is telling it true. Then later Joffrey says that she has the wolf of a Blood. So yes it is a bit scanty but there is evidence that she had wolf dreams, and yes she is definitely still a warg capable of taking a familiar.
  12. The Weirwoods Eyes

    A Pantheon of Bastards

    OK, you are saying here my example of Rohanne is a bad example because YOU think she is the ghost of high heart? Do you see how yet again you are taking your own opinions as facts and thinking those opinions trump the text? Rohanne has no magical abilities when we meet her. Years later she disappears. So what? All this means is that GRRM does not wish to provide us with her fate yet. Which implies she will appear again in another D&E story. Mirri performs the Blood magic spell to bring Drogo back to life. Not to keep him youthfull. I apologise as I had forgotten he was in a bath. However the thing with MMD is that we can not and should not take at face value what she does and says. Especially in this scene. She has magic and she does some form of magic in the tent and Drogo is brought back to life; though lacking his mind. That does not mean that the bath of blood did jack shit. But we do know that she has an intent when she performs this ritual, and that that intent is to scare the shit out of Dany & the Dothraki; because she uses the fear powder Mel later tells us about in ADWD. ADWD Danaerys VIII She stresses that no one should peek behind the curtain...sorry enter the tent. And then sheuses the fear powder and from outside of the tent Dany; who has inhaled that powder see's dancing shadows on the tents canvas. Then Drogo is alive again sand mind. Do not assume the blood did a jot. After all we know from Sam AGOT Jon IV That bathing in blood did fuck all. Warlocks from Qarth being another group of people throughout the books who are full of shit and like to give out the impression that they are far more powerful than they really are. So no the bathing in blood is no closer to being a true magic than previously. Maybe MMD really needed that blood? Maybe she did something else entirely? Maybe the shadows where a result of inhaling the fear powder? Maybe they were shadow magic and separate to the blood ritual, again used to impress and terrify the Dothraki? Non of it shows Blood bathing to hold specific magical powers. Egg was not telling us what Shiera does he was relaying a rumour, just as he was doing about Rohanne too. Or do you think Shiera invited the small child to her chamber to watch her bathe in blood. Egg shows throughout that he has a childs curiosity and fascination with the macabre. He is not however a primary resource. What Mellisandre is doing is shadow binding. She is drawling his life force via his sperm and creating shadows of him; identical to him remember Brienne says she saw Stannis, to perform specific time limited tasks. After which the shadows dissipate. There is no evidence that Serenei was doing a similar thing. You need text to back it up not just an idea. The flesh worms are the indication Aegon's death was unnatural. But we've not seen anything relating flesh worms to Mellisandre's magical man essence drawing. Nor any evidence that she could transform the shadows of adult carbon copies of the man she fucks into a real life flesh and blood baby. Nor has the author provided a clue by say a rumour that as Serneei's pregnancy progressed Aegon's health failed. nope. We have no evidence to suggest that Serenei was 69, that she was Larra or that magic can prolong a womans fertility. You can't simply have whatever you want either. The magic in world has some loose rules. It isn't just a matter of how high a price do you want to pay. Again don't take MMD at face value. There is a reason she tries to convince Dany that she has caused her own sons death. She's just fucked up a spell to bring Drogo back to life, she knows that without him Dany has no power over the Dothraki and she will be raped and killed. She has also just fucked up the delivery of Dany's baby; who was deformed and destined to die as all other dragon babies have, she knows there is nothing left to cling onto and her death is coming so she tries to persuade Dany who still has a modicum of control over the dothraki who have remained. That she was not responsible for the babies death. D any notes the moment when her face changes from contempt to feat. when she realises she is fucked no matter what she says to Dany now. And this is when MMD gets really nasty in what she says. Craser is not sacrificing his sons in a salacious vanity driven hammer horror blood bath. Craster isn't sacrificing his sons at all. He's leaving them for the Others. GRRM isn't being sexist he is using in world sexism to add flowers to his garden. It is another way of layering up truth and lies for the reader to work their way through. Really! To who? or do you think the gods exist? Why when all other methods we see in world of increasing ones magical abillity come through hard work, dedication, study, and time spent practicing? Likewise just because you think it is does not make it true. Name me one incident in the text where we see a character maintaining their youth and beauty by doing this. Not a rumour but see it on page? Again discerning the truth in the story comes not from what we personally think is cool or might happen, but from studying the text and piecing it together through clues. We have met no one who really does this. And the stories are passed around through third and more hand gossip involving young beautiful women who hold power or position in a world that denies women power and status except through men. Via a super tropey method. And when we meet one of these women she is shown to be nothing of the sort. This is unsupported. The only magics we learn of as real in the world which can alter your appearance are glamour & skinwearing. The only magic we learn of which can stall aging is fire wighting. Which is actually a form of necromancy. Glamour is known to be known to a character associated with Shiera via BR. Skinwearing is yet to be seen outside of the FM; though I suspect House Bolton may have historically practiced a form of it. And if she were a fire wight she would not be able to bear a real living child. As her body would not be living. IF Quaithe turns out to be Shiera I'd expect GRRM to give us an explanation at that point as to how she has lived this long. I'd suggest going on what we currently know in world about magic that she'd be a fire wight. As opposed to genuinely alive and youthful due to blood bathing. BR is only alive due to the tree, it acts as a life support system for his ancient body. Mellisandre is much older than she appears; practically confirmed by the actress who played her in GOT through what she said she was told in early seasons about her, Mellisandre however has all the hallmarks of a fire wight. No one else has popped up who has a confirmed unnatural life span. And we have never seen anyone bathing in actual blood to keep young.
  13. The Weirwoods Eyes

    A Pantheon of Bastards

    All of this maths is unimportant. The sole purpose of this reference to Ser Arlan is to link the house Stokeworth with the bastard of harrenhall. We could spend all day working out how old certain people might be at what ever point. But ultimately bring it back to the text. The author has provided a link between Stokeworth and Bastardy and Harrenhall. That is it.
  14. The Weirwoods Eyes

    A Pantheon of Bastards

    How does GRRM linking Stokeworth and a bastard in Harrenhall prove that LF is a descendant? or why he was besotted with Cat; never Lysa. Or that house Whent was descended from the bastard of Harrenhall or why this Whent took part in the bringing down of house Lothston? All this piece of Info GRRM has given us does is establish a link between house Stokeworth and the Bastard of Harrenhall. That link is Falena or Jeyne. And we should first work out which of those women it is. Firstly though Falena has the more direct link to house Stokeworth as Jeyne is officially and may well in fact be a Lothston. GRRM has however given us a further clue in who the bastard of Harrenhall's mother was because he told us what dates Aegon travelled frequently to Harrenhall after Falena was made Lady Lothston in 151. He went there often for two years. Bringing us up to 153AC. After that he shows no interest in Falena until Aegon names her husband Lucus HotK in 178AC. At which point she is 53 years old. He also places Aegon out of the country in the period in which Jeyne Lothston was conceived. In 161AC Naerys nearly dies in childbirth, Aegon is sent to Braavos where he conducts a decade long affair with Bellegere, in 171 Naerys gives birth again. There are no known bastards born to Aegon in Westeros between Rosey in 158 & Daemon in 170. This means Aegon was likely in Braavos whilst Jeyne was conceived. Now there are rumours but as we know rumours can spring up despite being impossible.( Jon is rumoured to be Ashara Dayne's son but is far too young to have been conceived at Harrenhall. And Ned would find it impossible to hook up with her whilst campaigning in the Riverlands which was the time period Jon would be conceived in; given his proximity in age to Robb. But never the less people believe this rumour. ) We also know as I have given several references now, that people love a good salacious rumour and what is more salacious than a king bedding his own daughter in a threesome with her mum? Why would Aegon want to sleep with 53 year old Falena? let alone why would 53 year old Falena want to sleep with the now fat and poxy Aegon? Jeyne is a child of 14 and can perhaps be manipulated, persuaded, and coerced into his bed by him or her Mum, if she is still seeking courtly favour. But the threesome idea sounds like something straight from the gossip mongers guide book. Again I'm going to reference Mushroom, tall tales full of vice and sleaze. But take it all with a pinch of salt. So we have a rumour that Falena gave Aegon a child coupled with impossible or at least unlikely dates, the author has provided text links between Falena's house and bastardy in Harrenhall, and created a character who is supposedly her husbands son - who was an adult of fighting age when a child of Falena's and Aegons (born around 153/4AC) would have been. Then he gives that Character a link to another of Aegon's bastards via the black hood. Well I'd say that breadcrumb trail brings us to Falena having passed a son of Aegons off as Lucus Lothstons making Manfryd Lothston o'the black hood in fact Aegon's son. And as I explained before the name Manfred even has it's own links to incest via Byron's poem of the same name being supposedly about his incestuous affair with his own sister. Do you see how I've explored the evidence and cross referenced it to come to that conclusion. Rather than just seeing a vague link and making my own assumptions. This idea was arrived at through exploring the text and cross referencing ideas, searching key words and examining what came up in the text. etc. The bastard of Harrenhall may well be Manfryd, people may well have suspected him as being Aegon's son. GRRM has not given us any direct references to this rumour if that is the case. In 193 to be jousting he'd have to be at least 20 or so but could be up to his 60's even as Barristan still jousts. He could simply be Manfyrds bastard though, or Lucus's. I'd say more than anything he is a device to get the reader to link bastards in Harrenhall with house Stokeworth. But non of that explains how house When are descended from the Lothstons. I agree there is a chance they are the Bats are a link. But it is in no way proven by Arlan unhorsing a Stokeworth and the bastard. Nor does that prove LF is related to them. Nor why LF is obsessed with Cat; that has it's own in story explanation already. He fancied her and was denied her due to his low birth. No this does not explain why or how the bastard of Harrenhall travelled to Braavos; because that has only happened in your own imagination. There is no in text suggestion at all that this ever happened. Nor is there any that Bellegere would know if Aegon fathered Jeyne Lothston. You have decided Aegon liked threesomes based on a salacious rumour which I've just shown should not be taken as fact. But Bellegere is not said to have come to Westeros not Falena to Braavos. Interestingly the name Lucus Lothston has been given as a nick name The Pander has an archaic meaning of pimp. The Pimp. Could be taken if you had some other evidence to back it as a link to Peytr Baelish. Who is of course a pimp. But it could also be taken to imply he was the one who pimped out Jeyne to Aegon and given that this is something other hands have done; tried to make their own daughter the Kings mistress, then I'd suggest this is the better explanation. Which then removes the now 53 year old Falena from the union between Aegon and Jeyne even more as it implies her father not her mother placed her in Aegon's bed. This next bit is again you taking your own theory as fact and using it to bolster your theory. Bellegere's grandfather was sealord in probably the 140-170's. assuming she is in her mid twenties when she meets Aegon and her own father is about 25 years older than her. A Sealord serves for life meaning her grandad may still be sealord when Aegon serves as an envoy in fact this makes sense as where else would he meet a privateer in Braavos? If she is visiting the sealords palace to see her grandfather then she has opportunity to meet Aegon. So 100 -130 or so years after Elissa Farman sells the eggs you think the same family are living in the sealords palace? And that the curent Sealord is also of that same family? Do I need to point out again here that the Sealord is not a hereditary title. We have already established that we don't know what the sealord gave Penny & her brother. But I'll point out again gift singular and the utter madness of giving a dwarf mummers act three of the most expensive luxury items in the known world. You say the bastard or his son might have travelled to Braavos to retrieve the three eggs sold to a sealord in 54AC. Why would he even know of the eggs? what evidence was there that he knew? what evidence is there that he ever left Westeros? What evidence is there that Bellegere's grandfather ever had them? What evidence is there that he; the bastard, had a child with an Otherys? What evidence is there that LF descends from that coupling? All of this is nothing more than your own imagination. Could have doesn't cut it in here. Cersei could have crossed the narrow sea and come to Dany in the guise of Quathe but nothing in the text suggests it. Ned could have skinchanged a pigeon, Arya might secretly be a boy...you see these bizare theories have all been put to us over the years. Without evidence grounded in the text anyone can claim anything. Non of this ties LF to house Whent or to the Black Pearls. Essentially you have decided that Jeyne's son who we have no evidence existed, was the man known in 193 as the bastard of Harrenhall; but he was hiding as someone else's bastard, travelled to Braavos , fathered a son on one of Bellegere's grand daughters, who then came back to serve House Corbray as a sellsword from Braavos and House Corbray took him in because in 198 Daemon Blackfyre spared Gwayne Corbrays life. Despite a complete lack of text to suggest it. LF is not gathering Targaryen Tapestries. We learn about the tapestries in TWOW Alayne I Here in AFFC we first learn he has requested them. AFFC Alayne I. Nothing to do with Targaryens What has led you to believe that LF has the same plan as Varys or that he ever worked with him? You say all of this proves your theory but all of it is just your own ideas. The links are scanty and unconvincing and you have nothing to back them up with.
  15. The Weirwoods Eyes

    A Pantheon of Bastards

    If something is that hard to explain it is probably wrong. And having read this I can say that I don't see it. Not at all. This just reads like a series of sentences which are unrelated. And again a lot of it relies upon your own initial assumption. You right away assume you are correct about Larra being an ancestor of Arya. And use that assumption to link her to LF who you are assuming is related too. There is an established link between Arya and Cats. She has skinchanged a cat and that could be used to link her to Larra if there is enough evidence in the text to make that link ie: not simply just the rumour of Cat skinchanging. This is when you should be using quotes to back up your claims. A quote from F&B; which I appreciate is hard as it is yet to go up on the search site, should appear here to give context and credence. Also useful would be some quotes about Arya which tie her to Taragryens or Larra specifically. You can't just rely upon your own theories or on a stand alone lone coincidence. Otherwise we should all be assuming Varymyr six skins was a Stark & also related to Larra. After all he has warged a wolf and a cat too. Then on to LF. You can not begin a theory by relying on it being true. So stating LF is related to the Whents and siting it as evidence in itself is useless. "Syrio Forel, the sealord of Braavos and the mystery Cat." ? What does this sentance even mean? Who is the mystery cat? I recall no such character. Then you just say that LF's ancester was from Braavos. And as I have said before that alone is no proof he is related to Arya. Otherwise we are back to assuming everyone from one place is related.Which is absurd you must see. You say Little finger has cat like eyes but offer no quotes to back that up nor context as to how or when it was said. A lot of information is in when and how and by whom something was said. Next you state that LF own brothels which is a similar trade to the Black pearl. Selling sex. There is a gaping chasm between LF's pimping of women and girls some of whom we know from Jeyne's experience may not be at those brothels voluntarily and whom he uses violence to "train". And a high class autonomous courtesan who may pick and choose her own clients in a society where her profession is revered not reviled. But yes I suppose on a superficial level the two trades are related. The sealord was Bellegere's a sealords granddaughter yes. But this is stated as a stand alone fact and you don't explain how that is linked if at all to anything else let alone LF himself. You state LF's obsession with Cat and by extension Sansa; I don't think we can in any way claim that he was obsessed with Lysa she was just a pawn, as proof of a link but yet again the reason behind that is your own assumption that they are related. I happen to agree the Lothstons had Aegon IV's blood I have come to a different conclusion as to how but I think we agree on that. I also agree that there is a strong good chance that house Whent are in some way descended from the Lothstons. BUT and this is important, it is not yet proven and relies on the repeat of Bats in their sigil, you are on shaky ground taking it as fact. Likewise stating that LF is also related as a link is a self reliant link. you can't present your own theory as evidence for that theory. Cat's name is perhaps a link to Arya as a cat skinchanger, but GRRM subverts spellings of names frequently and Catlyn is a subversion of Catilin which is itself a subversion of Catherine which is also spelled Katherine. Of course this does not discard that link to Cat's but that link relates to her own daughter you have so far failed to link Cat's to LF in any meaningful way. This is another place where you should be providing a quote. Penny tells Tyrion that she and Oppo performed once for the Sealord and he gave them a grand gift. And you have decided this was three Dragon eggs which Elissa stole? And what are you basing that upon? the word grand? or the fact it is the sealord? you do know I am sure that Sealords are not hereditary. But are elected by magisters and a group of Braavosi known as keyholders, their family would retain their fathers/uncles/brothers property when they leave the Sealords Palace. Just imagine a prime minister vacating number 10 or whichever house any given county allocates their PM. And being made to leave behind all their possessions. No I don't think that is likely. LF sends for Penny & Oppo specifically because of the nature of their act. The jousting and the fact they are dwarfs. He does so deliberately to provoke bad feelings and words between Tyrion; who has history of putting Joffrey in his place, and Joffrey who now as King is in a position to get back at his Uncle for the times he asserted authority over him. Not because they are Braavosi. They are not Braavosi! They are not even Essosian. Their father was a slave yes, but he married a free woman after buying his freedom and Penny speaks the common tongue so where do you think this woman resided? I'd suggest given Tyrion never mentions her speaking any other language and never mentions an accent that she was Westerosi ad Penny & Oppo were raised there, travelling to perform on Essos. Why on earth would Penny & Oppo give their dragon eggs to Illyrio? Perhaps they'd sell them? But if so why are they still performing as Mummers? they'd be rich eyond all imagining. And besides which what evidence do you have to link Penny & Oppo with Illyrio? Other than Varys once having been a Mummer. Do you think there is one mummers troop in the entire of Essos? why would Hop-Bean belong to the same group as Varys? Varys is clearly given that back ground to explain his abillity to alter his appearance. Whilst we can make a logical link that Hop-Bean may have belonged to a mummers group we don't know that for fact - he may have been privately owned by a wealthy individual. This entire section of the post is you assuming that your ideas are correct when they are based on nothing more than Penny telling Tyrion the sealord gave them a grand gift. Singular. To a woman who would probably deem anything beyond a few coins grand. Why do you presume Varys bought the troop he used to belong to? what have you based that on? what is there in the text to support it? because without any text to back it up it is nothing more than an idea you have had. How is it remotely likely that the sealord who had the eggs in 54AC is the same Sealord who witnessed the marriage contract of Viserys & Arianne in the mid 280's AC? And who is the sealord who had a Cat? see without a quote this makes no sense? There are so many details in the series that if you are going to include a small obscure one you need to provide an explanation and or quote. Otherwise your audience might have no idea what you are on about? Next you tell us that Daemon fought a duel with Gwayne Corbray and that LF's Grandfather being in service to a Corbray means he is related to the bastards of Aegon IV. At least that is what I think you are trying to say? But come on this is weak. How many duels are fought in this series or mentioned as historically having happened Does Oberyn fighting Gregor mean Tyene Sand is related to house Clegane? Perhaps GRRM just want to have some epic VS duels in the books. This last bit is again just your own ideas. That Bellegere's children would contact the Blackfyres. or the other way round. They might have yes but what evidence is there that they did? If you are going to make theories out of might haves then Robert Baratheon might have married Mya Stones mother making her a legitimate heir to the IT. I mean there is no evidence but hey he might have. You could use the fact Illyrio is from Braavos; as shown by the statue and his light water dancers steps, and is also likely descended from the female Blackfyre line as evidence that they intermarried with their cousins in Braavos. That would be something to use. But you would have to take into account that there are no hints at all that Illyrio is remotely mixed race. And GRRM has made no hints in any chapters which Illrio apears in that he has any mixed heritage or is related to the Black Pearl. in fact he has specifically not linked them. If he wanted to have Illyrio have some Otherys blood in him he'd have given him a black pearl ring. But specifically he gives him a Black Diamond and a Green Pearl. as well as Emerald, Jet & Jade. (Green - Black - Green - Black - Green.) Which alludes to the war between Rhaenyra & Aegon II, which will be repeated by Illyrio through his son fAegon trying to usurp Danaerys. ADWD Tyrion I. You have come up with an idea as to how LF's grandfather might have come into Corbrays service which relies upon him having Targaryen bastard blood but you have failed to link LF to the Targaryens. To surmise. Arya is in Braavos and has a Cat connection. LF is descended from a Braavosi sell sword. Larra has a Cat connection You think LF is related to the Whents, who we know Arya is related to. A sealord once had a Cat? - no quote so this is what I assume you mean. LF owns brothels & Bellegere is a courtesan LF is described as having Cat like eyes - unsupported as no quote given. LF had a crush on Cat & now desires Sansa Cat's name is spelled like the animal. Penny & Oppo once performed for the Sealord who gave them a grand gift About 240 years before the current events a different and unrelated Sealord bought three dragon eggs LF hired Penny & Oppo Varys used to be a Mummer Illyrio acquired three dragon eggs Daemon Blackfyre fought a duel with Gwayne Corbray LF's grandfather served a Corbray. Do you see how tenuous this all is?