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  1. This is what you said in response to me pointing out that people will surely take into account those surrounding Tommen and what influence they might have over the boy King. “Tommen won't have nearly enough time to grow to adolescence prior to the Golden Company's invasion reaching a conclusion” your response to my perfectly logical reasoning; that people would consider the future when choosing who to support, was to dismiss it as irrelevant - because Tommen will not live long enough for that possibility to occur. Ie: he’s not going to reach adolescence so her possible manipulation of him does not matter. You were making a point based upon what you as a reader think to be true regarding tommen. Where as the point I was making was about how in world characters ought to be thinking, which is what an author will think about when planning certain aspects of the narrative. If this doesn’t make sense to you I recommend Fire and Blood in which GRRM demonstrates exactly this. That Lords think through the possibilities of influence upon a monarch of those surrounding them. With regards Rhaenyra and daemon people talk of how if you support her claim it will be him who rules through her because she is his wife. And When there are regency’s with underage Kings there is much talk of whose influence he will be under and much back stabbing amongst the Lords to gain influence and positions of power in order to take advantage of the boy King. Men jostle to place their daughters in the post of queen in order to secure that influence long term etc. suggesting that no one when weighing up which candidate to support will consider the vulnerability of a boy King and the very real and present position of power his older wife and her family hold over him is absurd.
  2. At what point did I say he has? Or don’t you think people would take into account Tommen’s future and possible influences upon him when choosing wether to throw their support behind him? we might all know that Tommen is doomed to die before he grows a single pube, but in world the other characters have no idea, their choices should be written as if taking his survival as completely plausible. After all if they all assume he’s going to die no one would choose to support him, and the entire nation should have already abandoned him as a lost cause!
  3. I don't think that the majority of people think Jon is Ashara's son at all. Nor is it possible let alone likely.
  4. no. Her story is about gaining autonomy another kidnap is highly unlikely at this stage.
  5. Ah, I'd forgotten about and or didn't know all of those! My GCSE History teacher will be turning in her grave. tutt tutt Yes the Conciliator and the Good. Baelor would indeed be a good choice. Personally I am very fond of Baelor the Blessed ever since the world book revealed what he did for the Dragonknight. Brave or Barmy that took balls.
  6. Though I think that it will be Tyene Sand who kills Tommen, she after all is headed to KL, disguised as a Septa, and she wants vengeance for her father and knows the poisons to use to take the Lannisters claim on the IT away from them. It is easy to presume that with Myrcella wed to Trystane whom she is exceedingly fond of that she will fall under the influence of Dorne quite easily once the crown is on her head. Which is why I think Tyene will poison the sacred oils that are used in the ceremony Cersei has asked the High Septon to perform. This contact poison would bypass Cersei's precautions and take out Tommen and the High Sparrow in one sweep. Placing Myrcella in Varys way, he needs Dorne both for it's Spears and to add weight to the claim that fAegon is Rhaegar and Elia's son. So I think Varys will smother Myrcella with a silken pillow using the secret passage that Blood & Cheese used to enter the royal bedchambers during the dance. Which removes any hopes for Trystane Doran may harbour and places him firmly back in fAegon's camp.
  7. Varys doesn't just want to win the IT by force he wants the Lords, Ladies, & Smallfolk alike to want his Aegon as King. Reinstating the Targaryen Dynasty after Aerys II is no easy task, there will be many in the realm wary to ever trust the name Targaryen again. But compare upright, handsome, adult Aegon to the child Tommen, rumoured to be a bastard, and torn between his selfish and unstable mother who has no idea of diplomacy or how to rule except through fear and his wife, an older woman rumoured to be sexually experienced; who might use that to manipulate him as he enters adolescence, puppet of her family the up-jumped stewards the Tyrells. It suits Varys and Illyrio to have the less than ideal King Tommen on the throne. Likewise as long as he lives Myrcella can not claim the IT, Varys wants Dorne to back fAegon, and will not want Doran to have a more direct route to control of the IT. He is betting on Doran believing that this boy is his Nephew. But if Tommen dies his own Son can sit the IT as King consort to Myrcella. It's a dangerous ploy as sexist Westeros won't easily accept a Queen as ruler. But it is one Varys will be wary of regardless. The longer he keeps Myrcella and Trystane away from the IT the easier it is for him to ensure Doran throws his weight behind fAegon.
  8. I've taken it to be a reflection of how there are certain names within the British royalty which are not used anymore. To be quite honest I am continually surprised that Lizzy called her son Charles, cos yeah naming your son after the only King to ever get his head chopped off is kinda odd. There have been no Richards since Richard III either, nor John's since he of Magna Carta fame was so reviled. The last Arthur was Henry VIII's brother iirc. Who tragically died young. I doubt for instance that anyone would choose Aerys ever again, and Maegor only pops up again with Aerion; himself a controversial figure, and he did that as a provocation. I always found the lack of Visenya's surprising. But less so after F&B. Rhaenyra was I think making a statement with her choice of name. Coming as it did on hot on the tail of news that her brother had usurped her. Dany will have to be careful if she ever has a child as the name she chooses will hold a great deal of meaning, I'd suggest Jaehaerys as a good bet. And I would advise her to steer clear of Aegon too conqueror like for a monarch who is hoping to slot right back in after a decade and a half in exile. Go with the conciliators name, the one who brought peace after conflict I say.
  9. My first bolded sentence from the quote highlights that Barristan knows the man who dishonoured her; a much used turn of phrase I historical & romance novels particularly to mean had sex with outside of marriage, and that he died before Ashara's own death. Because he thinks she may have done it in part in grief for him. So it can not be Ned or any other man who survived the war. The second part poses the question, what good would have come of telling her he loved her? Non he concludes as he would not have acted upon them due to his vows. But he then reflects that no good came of his silence either, ie: She ended up pregnant disgraced and grieving before eventually her death. He then poses the idea that had he won the tourney and crowned her QoL&B she might have looked to him instead of Stark. He is very clearly thinking about the what ifs of if he had declared his feelings and acted upon them by crowning her QoL&B, would she have fucked me? instead of Stark. He's thought of the fact he was celibate, dismissed that as irrelevant compared to the events that transpired as a result of him not telling her he loved her, and thought about what might have happened differently had he not made that choice to remain silent. She might have "looked to" him instead and what was she looking for? clearly romance/love/sex as she ended up pregnant. She didn't look to Stark for a spare pint of milk and perhaps a loan of his lawnmower did she! So we know now that the man she fucked was a Stark an that he died before she did. ergo it was Brandon. There really is no getting around that and when you try to make out that it is ambiguous you just look foolish. There is nothing ambiguous about it, Barristan thinks that she died because of her grief, over the dead baby and dead lover, Barristan recalls why he never declared his own feelings for her; because he could not act upon them, but then concludes that seeing as bad things happened despite him not acting on his feelings that perhaps he should have. He then fantasises that had he won the tourney she might have fucked him instead of Stark. Now you can say ah! but does look to mean have sex with, and I can point out that given the result of her looking to Stark was a pregnancy then yes. We almost certainly can. People seriously need to give it up already trying to argue Ashara's lover as anyone but Brandon Stark
  10. Lady dies in Sansa's first POV chapter, so we never get to experience if she wolf dreams. However given that GRRM has stated she is a warg too; they all are, we can guess that she may have also already begun the bond. Here I've gathered together some post Lady's death moments when Sansa might have been re-living old wolf dreams in her sleep. AGOT Sansa III Here she has awoken from a dream and Lady was in it, she even sense her spirit as such in the room when she awakes. Lady was with her in her dream, and they were running together. Almost all the early wolf dreams involve the child in side the wolf whilst the wolf is running. This could simply be Sansa's immature logic-ing away of that factor, the she is Lady in the dreams, instead she says to herself she is with Lady. And then there is this in clash ACOSK Sansa II Now obviously Sansa can know full well Lady would love the godswood for it's rich smells because she knows a wolf enjoys such things. But I think GRRM has gifted us another clue here. That Sansa knows Lady would have loved it here; in the Godswood, because she has smelled those smells of earth woodsy-ness through Lady's nose and felt deep inside how the wolf loved the smells. Because when you think superficially that your dog would live the woods the smells are not the reason that springs to mind. To me I think Oh he would love the space to run, the birds to flush from shrubs and undergrowth. The weaving through trees and jumping over fallen logs. Because we think from our own senses and our experience of watching our pets comes from observing them. We might think as a secondary idea oh and the smells must be nice for them too. But here Sansa thinks first of the woods from lady's own sensory POV. Then in Storm, ASOS Sansa IV So another dream where she is running "with" Lady through the Godswood. Then there is this it is not exactly a wolf dream, but it is the linking of dreams to her inner wolf. ASOS Sansa VII So its been set up by her waking from a dream of home, Winterfell. And then we are given this scene in which she goes out into the snow and she drifts past; a word that evokes a soundless movement like a wolf in the snow, trees and shrubs; which again brings to mind the wolves passing through woods which is a key feature of the direwolf dreams. She turns her face up to the sky; like a wolf howling at the moon, and she then has a sensory experience feeling and tasting the snow. Like a wolf using heightened senses, and what do our Starks taste a lot when they are wolf dreaming? Blood of course. Here Sansa is evoking her blood - the blood of Winterfell, which she uses to remind herself who she is throughout the latter books whilst she is masquerading as Alayne. And then GRRM tells us this is the taste of dreams. So he's had her being a wolf and then he tells us this is the taste of her dreams. Right after he had her dream a dream of home. Two other things I'll mention, when she went to meet Dontos she thinks of Lady again as she clutches her knife in the Godswood. And thinks how Lady could sniff out a lie. So in a way she is drawing on Lady to help her discern if Dontos is telling it true. Then later Joffrey says that she has the wolf of a Blood. So yes it is a bit scanty but there is evidence that she had wolf dreams, and yes she is definitely still a warg capable of taking a familiar.
  11. Actually......there is some scanty evidence that she was having wolf dreams in AGOT which comes after Lady's death. I'm about to do the school run but will drag you the quotes out once I return. Also I'll pull out the stuff for skinchanging a Merlin.
  12. The reason they will end up married is because he is not a suitable spouse for her status. Sansa's story is in large about her gaining autonomy over who she marries. And not being used as a commodity for high born lords to utilise for their own gain. As to warging him, No. But he is symbolically her dog now. And their stories are intertwined. She may well warg a Merlin though.
  13. That theory doesn't have Ned as the deflowering cad though. And taht is what people try to claim, that Ned deflowered Ashara leaving her with child. When Barristan having high regard for Ned contradicts that. Ned may well have had noble ideas of offering for Ashara after his brother despoiled her. We have no evidence for that from the text but sure it's a nice idea that he might do so. There is no getting round it though it was Brandon Stark who Ashara "turned to" at Harrenhall, and his death along side their daughters which Barristan believes caused her suicide. Because there is just no way he would behave the way he does around and towards Ned otherwise. Nor would he think she killed herself in part over the dead lover as Ned was very much alive.
  14. Whilst the song is placed in the story to remind us of Ashara appearing as it does in AFFC as a prep for Barristan's reveal about Ashara having been Brandon's lover in ADWD. It is a means to remind the reader of her. Her role in the story is being drawn to an end and if you look at it from start to finish its a completed story. She was set up as possibly Jon's mum and in the end she was just a red herring, if you follow all the mentions of her this becomes clear. But the song is not about Ashara I'd bet the song is about Helaena who threw herself from the red keep after Lady Misery supposedly chose that night to tell her of the horrific death of her son Prince Maelor at the hands of a mob in KL. Not all songs are about romantic love and this story is a tragedy of epic proportions. She was given Spohie's choice when Blood & Cheese used the tunnels to infiltrate her apartments and then he killed Jaehaerys after she chose Maelor. And after she never recovered from that choice. Thinking her remaining two children had been secreted away by the master of whispers Larys Clubfoot she was then told her prince had been torn apart by a mob at Bitterbridge. Whilst the song is there to spark the reader to think of Ashara because GRRM is about to wrap up her part in the books and wants us to think about her; there are no other references to Ashara in AFFC and no POV chapters by anyone who has any reason to think of her so he needed to prick our memories somehow, but he is also published AFFC in 2005 and signed the contract for TWOIAF in 2006, meaning he was already thinking about his history of the Targaryens and had likely worked out some of the elements of things like the Dance so dropping in a song which is actually a teaser for the fate of Aegon II's queen is quite plausible, especially when her story has echo's of the main one. Larys is a stand in for Varys here and his attempt to sneak the young prince away fails miserably. And we are also introduced to a passage which goes directly into the royal chambers in the RK which is used for an assassination and I think this is foreshadowing for Myrcella's fate. Ashara never loved a prince, we learn that when Brandon tells us it was Stark; it can not be Ned as the two men enjoyed such camaraderie and mutual respect in AGOT, Lady Dustin has told us Brandon liked deflowering high born maidens, and Barristan frames the grief over her lovers death as having happened prior to her own and well, Ned survived the war. There is precisely zero in the text to suggest she had any feeling for a prince. And had GRRM wanted to tease at that in AFFC with this song he would have laid some more teasers in TWOIAF. Singers embellish and embroidery for sure. But we have a story which perfectly fits this song and which at the time of publishing AFFC would have allowed GRRM to have his little secret, it's almost like he is foreshadowing for the world book and ultimately F&B here. In addition Dareon is from the reach home of house high tower Helaena's mothers house and a song about her tragedy might well be popular here.
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