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  1. LindsayLohan

    Best and Worst Marriages in Westeros

    Best: Kevan Lannister and Dorna Swyft.
  2. LindsayLohan

    On the free cities seeing the westerosi as savages

    It's how different cultures tend to view each other. Look how the Westerosi look down upon the Essosoi. Tyrion is full of judgement, calling Ilyrio a cheesemonger, with Jorah and Selmy harshly judging the Dothraki and sellsword companies. The finest mercenary company is the Golden Company, not coincidentally founded by Westerosi exiles. In Essos they look west and see an impoverished feudal society, in Westeros they look east and see disorganized merchant cities. Both are right, both are wrong.
  3. Also worth pointing out that, even with all his wealth, Tywin hired the shitty Brave Companions, which were only good for pillaging peasants, and not a substantial fighting force. Naturally, as is the sellsword's nature, Hoat abandoned the Lannisters as soon as Jaime Lannister's army was captured. Tywin was a shitty judge and got an incredibly poor return on his investment.
  4. This would imply that Aerys would somehow disinherit Aegon and Rhaenys? The Crown Prince's first two children would be "bastardized" by the King? Aerys would go from Civil War with the Baratheon/Tully/Stark/Arryn faction to Civil War with the Baratheon/Tully/Stark/Arryn/Martell faction, with the bonus of whomever held Rhaegar in high esteem (hello, JonCon) immediately rebelling, too. I have no idea how that would work out, but Tywin would never accept.
  5. This thread brings an important discussion: Upon his arrival in King's Landing, and being notified (even incorrectly) about Bran/Catelyn being attacked, Ned immediately sends secret instructions to his bannermen, preparing defenses for war. He has Galbart Glover and Helman Tallhart fortify Moat Cailin, Wyman Manderly fortify White Harbor, and has Theon Greyjoy put under guard. He uses Cat as the messenger. This bish didn't tell her brother in Riverrun? Within a few weeks Gregor is slaughtering people all over the place, and Ned's deputies from King's Landing get crushed. She didn't even have to spill details, simply saying "Ned has decided to upgrade Northern defensive positions." Edmure and Robin Ryger would have instantly known something was up and done the same.
  6. Gregor and his men (shoutout to Shitmouf!) seem uniquely suited for this sort of combat. They took Beric's party by surprise and slaughtered them, and that was a formidable fighting force.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, the OotGH and PJ "theories" are all fanfic.
  8. Ridiculous. Two marriages, invalidated by religious bickering? Give it up already.
  9. LindsayLohan

    What made Stannis suspicious?

    Robert was not shy about discussing bastards. Cersei threatened Mya's safety when Robert mentioned bringing the girl to court, and although he had less interest than the boy thought, Edric Storm was the subject of some open discussion at court. It could have been as simple as a talk about bastards where Jon Arryn or Stannis said, "Y'know... All Robert's bastards look just like him." These are not stupid men, age was always working against Cersei and Jaime's children. Cersei was fool to not give Robert at least one child, which would have ended any discussion of the other three.
  10. LindsayLohan

    The betrothal of nephews, cousins and nieces ...

    I interpreted this differently. I don't think it was Kevan's decision, it was Kevin's desire to have the safer seat for Lancel, and given the personal losses Kevan suffered up to that point, Tywin took his brother's desires into consideration. Riverrun was obviously the greater prize, and Tywin trusted Kevan to effectively administer that castle, but Kevan feared for his remaining children. Gemma and Emmon were clearly a back-up plan. Tywin made a political compromise out of sentiment, which is surprising, given his character.
  11. LindsayLohan

    The betrothal of nephews, cousins and nieces ...

    I always took this excerpt, plus Eddard's talk with Bran early in AGOT, as evidence for the idea that Eddard was going to install his children as petty lords in the New Gift, should his negotiations with LC Mormont (or Benjen in a few years) be successful. A couple of minor houses, pledged to Robb. It wouldn't even carve any land from the current Stark holdings, as it would all come from the New Gift. I imagine there would be a mini-rush of Northern nobility looking to get in on the 2nd-son action.
  12. LindsayLohan

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    fAegon had better stop being such a vanilla little pussy if he wants to keep Elia. He's scarcely more entertaining than Quentyn. If you want to tame a Sand Snake, you better be paddling that ass.
  13. LindsayLohan

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    Little Elia is obviously going to be serving up some Dornish booty to fAegon. I'm interested in the Sarella and Nymeria plots, though.
  14. LindsayLohan

    Tywin and Rhaella?

    Wasn't it Rhaella who chastened Aerys about the treatment of her serving girls?
  15. LindsayLohan

    Renly was a dummy

    Renly might have been a poor decision-maker, but his plan was solid. You can't expect your brother to show up with a fucking witch who kills you using magic. Renly was doing the right thing: Chilling out, unifying the Reach and Stormlands, letting the Stark/Tully alliance battle the Lannisters. Renly's pitch to Catelyn was solid, too. I think Renly's only tactical mistake was getting big-brother'd by Stannis during their parlay before Renly's death. Stannis set the terms of battle (first light) and Renly never bothered to question, as Renly was used to doing as Stannis instructed. Renly then blew off Randyll Tarly's advice about charging into a blinding sun, as Renly's forces were almost entirely mounted, with no foot. I have always had the feeling that, outside of Melissandre's efforts, Renly would have been dealt one of the most disastrous, humiliating defeats in the history of Westeros. Stannis needed Renly's forces intact, though, and destroying them would have done no good (hence the blood magic). Other than that, Renly's plan was solid. He wasn't about to attack King's Landing, but was in position to move on King's Landing quickly, if needed. Tywin may have smashed himself against the River lords in an attempt to protect Casterly Rock.