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  1. I agree with this, 100 percent. The mass slaughter during the tournament in King’s Landing was too much to begin with. The idea of two lords baring steel in presence of the crown princess, inside Storm’s End, is ridiculous. Where is the law? Where is the King’s justice?
  2. Ser Roger Hogg’s holdfast is well built for a landed knight. Amory Lorch attempted to burn him out, and couldn’t set the building to fire. Thick walls and sturdy roof. I also thought Baelish’s three-story tower on the fingers was cool. Overlooking the ocean, with sheep and a 3rd-floor master bedroom.
  3. Regarding the Emperor talk, Aegon didn’t crown himself. When he descended upon Oldtown they opened the city gates, and the High Septon crowned him King. He was too busy whooping ass to have gotten around to that, and the smarty-pants Hightowers checkmated him. What was he going to do, refuse the Kingship?
  4. I’d like to add that Jon joining the watch bailed out Eddard. He couldn’t take Jon to King’s Landing, and fucking Catelyn refused to let Jon remain in Winterfell in Ned’s absence. Joining the Watch let Catelyn off the hook for being an evil bitch, and Ned off the hook for having to explain Jon’s real parentage to Catelyn. As long as she was in Winterfell, Jon was never going to be welcome, as an adult. The idea that he would be the next Jory or someone similar couldn’t happen.
  5. Some of the replies have got me wondering what books you guys are reading. Ned Stark is the Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, and the personal best friend of Robert Baratheon. No one in the seven kingdoms, including Robert, would refuse if he asked. No one. Now, Ned clearly never had an inclination to foster any of his children, anyways. Even Bran is of age, or nearly so, to consider. It would take a bannerman making an offer for Ned to go that route, and frankly, I think he’d say yes.
  6. I honestly don’t wish for more titles. King, lord paramount, lord, landed knight. There are also a couple of masterly houses. There’s no need to make this more complicated than it has to be, just to play ancient Europe.
  7. It’s over, delete the forum, we’re done.
  8. I’ve made this point in the past, but Jaime's interactions with both Lords Blackwood and Bracken left me thinking little of Tytos Blackwood. The war took a heavy toll on the Riverlands, and at one point Jonos Bracken laments the loss of his natural son. Cateyln Stark had mused about how differently many lords treated their bastards, but here was one who claimed and raised his, and mourned the young man’s death. When Jaime discussed this with Tytos Blackwood, Tytos mocked Bracken and made the “it probably wasn’t even his kid” insult. Who the fuck does that? It was a low, cheap shot.
  9. I think if GRRM doesn’t get this book published, we are 90 days away from a “Quaithe is the hooded man” thread.
  10. I suppose it ain’t ever gonna be published, homie.
  11. It could be as simple as Riverrun was easier for everyone to travel, with better weather. It’s a freaking wedding, perhaps the mothers involved simply wanted a beautiful wedding?
  12. You guys forget that, shadow babies or no, Renly's host was going to be destroyed by Stannis in battle. Renly had no foot, his vassals quarreled over the battle plans, and he let Stannis big-brother him by setting the battle terms without even considering other options. They were going to fight at first light, because Stannis said so. Even Randyll Tarly pointed out that the horses would be charging into a blinding sun, which Renly dismissed without care, and gave command to his homies. His larger, superior army was about to get in a confused, fucked up quagmire against Stannis, and likely destroyed. Renly never stood a chance, because he was never a real leader.
  13. Other than the obvious names, there is a younger generation of fighters that is obviously hugely skilled, just minus the longstanding reputations of their elders. We know them: Hotah, Middle Liddle, Garland Tyrell, etc. These men could absolutely pose a danger (not favored) to the Mountain.
  14. Considering Stannis was still alive, Balon Greyjoy still claimed the North, and Dorne was plotting to marry Doran's son to Danaerys in support of a Targaryan restoration... it wasn't like he was done fucking things up just yet.
  15. Ummm... I hope so? That would be cool shit.
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