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  1. LindsayLohan

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    Jon told Sam he could send Gilly on to Horn Hill once he reached Oldtown. I'm not sure what Sam will do, though.
  2. LindsayLohan

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    When Sam was young he didn't want to be a maester, he dreamed of being a wizard. He will be driven from the Citadel for studying subjects now considered taboo.
  3. LindsayLohan

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Jon balls-out tells Sam the reason for sending Aemon: Jon then tells Sam that the idea was also Aemon's idea: You guys are looking for a mystery when there isn't one.
  4. LindsayLohan

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Jon could have sent Aemon to Qarth with a mission to open a Taco Bell. It doesn't matter. Jon wanted to protect Aemon from Melisandre, and he thought the Citadel was the safest place. Jon requested multiple maesters from the Citadel, for more forts than just Castle Black. Sam is going to train, but Jon doesn't intend to leave the Watch without maesters. It adds up. The LC can send his men wherever he wants, for whatever reason he wants. Alliser Thorne's assignment wasn't because Thorne was a skilled diplomat, it was simply a way to get the cranky old bastid away from Jon Snow for a little while. Jon wants to protect Aemon, he thinks the Citadel is the safest place. No more, no less.
  5. LindsayLohan

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Members of the Night's Watch aren't tied to the Wall, like dogs in a backyard. They travel all over Westeros, all the time. They go wherever the Lord Commander sends them. Eddard Stark hosts the Lord Commander and several sworn brothers (including a young Mance) at Winterfell, during Jon and Robb's youth. Benjen travels to Winterfell with Jeor's consent during Robert's visit at the start of AGOT. Yoren and other recruiters from the Night's Watch travel the 7K looking to replenish the ranks. One of these recruiters was present at the Tournament at Harrenhall in the year of the false spring. Ser Alliser Thorne travels to King's Landing and LC Mormont's order, to seek the crown's aid after the first wight attack. A brother of the Night's Watch belongs wherever the Lord Commander tells him to be, not just at the Wall.
  6. LindsayLohan

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    To answer the OP, I think the simplicity of Robert's character is the answer. Maester Aemon is a member of the Night's Watch, the Night's Watch serves for life. For Robert, it's that simple. Robert likely doesn't know about Aemon, and even if he did, he wouldn't care.
  7. LindsayLohan

    Robert and Maester Aemon

    Actually, Aemon Targaryan did not join the Night's Watch until after the Great Council of 223. When he refused the throne, he made it permanent by joining the Watch. He isn't posted there, like it's a long-term assignment from the Citadel. He's a sworn brother of the Night's Watch.
  8. LindsayLohan

    Life at Casterly Rock?!

    I'm concerned about seafood in the Rock, if all the drains and cisterns simply run into the sea. Would you really want to eat anything caught in that nasty water? How often do people die from food-related illness? Imagine getting caught stealing a loaf of bread, and your options are lose a hand, go to the Wall, or do a cannonball in the water around Casterly Rock? Gross.
  9. LindsayLohan

    Stannis Baratheon becomes King, and needs an heir

    Stannis was livid about the Tommen proposal. Tommen is a "bastard born of incest," and Shireen is the Crown Princess. It's an unforgivable insult.
  10. LindsayLohan

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    Lynesse Hightower is a concubine, which is a really nice way of saying "whooah". Ellaria Sand is a paramour, which is a classy way of saying long-term girlfriend.
  11. LindsayLohan

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    Sam has the Horn of Joramun.
  12. Was Robert's crowning in KL?
  13. LindsayLohan

    Ned shouldn't have allowed Robb and Theon to become so close

    I doubt Ned or Robb would have had any problem doing just that, especially if such an event had taken place under Robert's rule, or if Joffrey hadn't been... Joffrey. The Ironborn weren't really going to have a choice. There hadn't been a Kingsmoot since pre-conquest, anyways, and the Ironborn followed the same rules of succession as the rest of the 7K. Balon came into the Seastone Chair the same way any other Lord would have.
  14. LindsayLohan

    Favorite Bastards

    Rolland Storm appears to be a BAMF. Whether or not he's still alive is a mystery, but for a bastard, he's held in high esteem. Stannis leaves him as castellan of Dragonstone, and Cersei knows him (that she even knows of him is significant) to be a seasoned killer. Whether you believe the Siege of Dragonstone went as Aurane Waters described, either outcome is favorable to Storm's reputation. Either he massacred the Lannister/Tyrell forces in a losing effort, inflicting enormous casualties on a superior force, or he lead a discreet abandonment of the isle, shipping valuable weapons and his garrison north.
  15. LindsayLohan

    Poll: Secret Stark Knights