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  1. I think if GRRM doesn’t get this book published, we are 90 days away from a “Quaithe is the hooded man” thread.
  2. I suppose it ain’t ever gonna be published, homie.
  3. It could be as simple as Riverrun was easier for everyone to travel, with better weather. It’s a freaking wedding, perhaps the mothers involved simply wanted a beautiful wedding?
  4. You guys forget that, shadow babies or no, Renly's host was going to be destroyed by Stannis in battle. Renly had no foot, his vassals quarreled over the battle plans, and he let Stannis big-brother him by setting the battle terms without even considering other options. They were going to fight at first light, because Stannis said so. Even Randyll Tarly pointed out that the horses would be charging into a blinding sun, which Renly dismissed without care, and gave command to his homies. His larger, superior army was about to get in a confused, fucked up quagmire against Stannis, and likely destroyed. Renly never stood a chance, because he was never a real leader.
  5. Other than the obvious names, there is a younger generation of fighters that is obviously hugely skilled, just minus the longstanding reputations of their elders. We know them: Hotah, Middle Liddle, Garland Tyrell, etc. These men could absolutely pose a danger (not favored) to the Mountain.
  6. Considering Stannis was still alive, Balon Greyjoy still claimed the North, and Dorne was plotting to marry Doran's son to Danaerys in support of a Targaryan restoration... it wasn't like he was done fucking things up just yet.
  7. Ummm... I hope so? That would be cool shit.
  8. Bob asked, Ricky said yes. There ain't a need for so many what-ifs. Bobby B wanting Lyanna was central to the plot of the series.
  9. I'll tell you what's ridiculous. Tyrion had multiple chances to take a drunk Sansa to pound town, had the only morally ethical sexual decision of his life, and didn't do it? When they were legally married? C'mon, son!
  10. I've always had the opinion that it would have only taken one voice to keep Theon true. As simple as Jon Snow, had he not gone to the wall.
  11. I would assume that Tywin was as alert as anyone else, prior to the actual start of war. Robert knew something was afoot ("There's a war coming"), and when Ned learned of the attempt on Bran's life, he immediately gave Cat orders to deliver, manning and fortifying Moat Cailyn. Stannis had already gone back to Dragonstone and was making his own preparation. There is no way Tywin wasn't similarly informed, or cautious. He came through the Riverlands like a hot knife through butter.
  12. I think of Connington looking at Rhaegar the way the rest of the real world looks at Robert Smith. Dude's brilliant, charismatic, good with words, every emo gay guy's wet dream. When Smith got married, all of his friends said, "Yay! Good for Robert!" When we found out he married a woman, we were like, "Ummm.... what?" JonCon had to spend his entire life thinking "There's no way that hipster-with-a-harp ain't gay. No way." Rhaegar could have had a threesome with Elia and Lyanna on the steps of the Holy Sept, and half the men in King's Landing would have still thought he was gay. JonCon is never gonna stop loving Rhaegar.
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