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  1. Other than the obvious names, there is a younger generation of fighters that is obviously hugely skilled, just minus the longstanding reputations of their elders. We know them: Hotah, Middle Liddle, Garland Tyrell, etc. These men could absolutely pose a danger (not favored) to the Mountain.
  2. Considering Stannis was still alive, Balon Greyjoy still claimed the North, and Dorne was plotting to marry Doran's son to Danaerys in support of a Targaryan restoration... it wasn't like he was done fucking things up just yet.
  3. Ummm... I hope so? That would be cool shit.
  4. Bob asked, Ricky said yes. There ain't a need for so many what-ifs. Bobby B wanting Lyanna was central to the plot of the series.
  5. I'll tell you what's ridiculous. Tyrion had multiple chances to take a drunk Sansa to pound town, had the only morally ethical sexual decision of his life, and didn't do it? When they were legally married? C'mon, son!
  6. I've always had the opinion that it would have only taken one voice to keep Theon true. As simple as Jon Snow, had he not gone to the wall.
  7. I would assume that Tywin was as alert as anyone else, prior to the actual start of war. Robert knew something was afoot ("There's a war coming"), and when Ned learned of the attempt on Bran's life, he immediately gave Cat orders to deliver, manning and fortifying Moat Cailyn. Stannis had already gone back to Dragonstone and was making his own preparation. There is no way Tywin wasn't similarly informed, or cautious. He came through the Riverlands like a hot knife through butter.
  8. I think of Connington looking at Rhaegar the way the rest of the real world looks at Robert Smith. Dude's brilliant, charismatic, good with words, every emo gay guy's wet dream. When Smith got married, all of his friends said, "Yay! Good for Robert!" When we found out he married a woman, we were like, "Ummm.... what?" JonCon had to spend his entire life thinking "There's no way that hipster-with-a-harp ain't gay. No way." Rhaegar could have had a threesome with Elia and Lyanna on the steps of the Holy Sept, and half the men in King's Landing would have still thought he was gay. JonCon is never gonna stop loving Rhaegar.
  9. Viserys was crowned. Child or not, there is no place for him in Robert's kingdom, including the Wall. It's death or exile.
  10. Sooo... in a story about a Game of Thrones, people are playing... games? I am blown away.
  11. Theon Greyjoin, heir to the Iron Isles, married to freaking Jeyne Poole or Beth Cassell? Neither are even nobility! Look to Balon, who married a member of House Harlaw, their most powerful bannerman, and who's mother was from House Sunderly, another powerful vassal. Theon would be paired with the daughter of a great house, such as Sansa or Arianne, and if not, the daughter from a prominent family in the Isles.
  12. Ser Addam is heir to his father's lands. Good man, but scratch him. Jorah is a slave pedophile who fled his land to avoid a death sentence. Never. Garlan Tyrell is Lord of Brightwater Keep. Scratch him. Brienne is heir to Tarth. Scratch her. Rolland Storm is awesome, but the last descendant of House Caron. He would, under the best circumstances, be legitimized and have his home restored from Ser Philip Foote. Ser Barristan is awesome. Ser Balon is awesome. I'd keep those two.
  13. Brings to mind Stannis and Davos discussing just how worthless the Stormlords oaths really are, and how he never assumes their loyalty.
  14. Okay, that's the post that is going to make me abandon this forum. GRRM killed us all.
  15. Ned did get the plan for repopulating the New Gift with petty lords from Rickard, right? Establishing new holdfasts for the protection of smallfolk, which would have been a lightening rod for plural sons and noble bastards. Ned hinted at it twice. Once when he told Brandon he would hold a castle or keep in Robb's name, and again when Jon reveals he was aware of Ned's plan. Rickard might have had Southron Ambitions, but he was also looking north.
  16. It's been 19 years since the last book was published. Since all the legitimate theories have been farmed out, some posters have gone off the deep end with batshit crazy nonsense.
  17. I think the answer is also hidden in plain sight: Waymar was aggressive in pursuit of his individual goals, ambitious. He was only 18, a knight, and fucking demanded command of the ranging. Kid had his eyes on the Old Bear's seat before he even arrived at Castle Black, and other than the nerve to make demands of Mormont, he had gigantic balls. Dude absolutely threw down with a White Walker, never gave an inch. It kinda sucks that he died, imagine Waymar and Jon interacting at the Wall, knowing they must have certainly met and spent some small amount of time together at Winterfell, and their fathers are close friends.
  18. Anything we think he should have done is completely mitigated by the fact that Rhaegar was a punk pussy-ass bitch. Reading some nonsense prophecy, cheating in his wife, using his hipster "sullen prince" routine to bang a hot country girl... come on. The guy didnt have the ability to make an adult, manly decision, ever, in his life. Moron even thought he could defeat Robert in single combat. Dude woke up every single day of his life being completely wrong.
  19. There's a ton of magic/weirwood speculation going on here, but I'd like to add, on a practical level, that Tytos Blackwood is a dick. Jonos Bracken was legitimately aggrieved for the loss of his natural son, and when Jaime brought it up, Blackwood talked shit and said the kid wasn't even Bracken's son. Not cool, homie. Dude's only son dies in war, and some other dickbag comes along and says "You are not the father!"
  20. Robb is taller and more broad in the shoulders than Jon, and Jon might be Eddard 2.0. I think we get thrown for a loop because Joffrey is tall, like his father. Also, a lot from the early chapters gets retconned as GRRM fleshes out his characters.
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