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  1. AlaskanSandman

    HighSepton Stark

    Nice catch! And yes and no on the first men, id still debate that. The blondes are only possibly linked to traveling pirates and a traveling Andal who was Lann's father. That's it. Which would be House Hightower, Iron Born and Tarth. Brown among first men? I can't find the proof but there may have been some. Lann is only historical figure mentioned other than Garth the Green. And the Iron Born talked smack about House Hoares Black Hair as an Andal taint, suggesting they were not dark haired people. Red? Kissed by Fire?....... Kissed by Fire wasn't a clue enough for most i guess. Who is fire? Who could have mixed with Brown Andals to produce red heads? Maybe blonde Targs? Kissed by Fire. Edit- So blonde is the only feature found for sure in First Men, but it seems tied to a specific group possibly. A group which may predate the "First Men" So either Andals were the first men or there is some waves that need understanding.
  2. AlaskanSandman

    Will Bran walk again???

    Who be they? They be the peeps who use magic young pup
  3. AlaskanSandman

    So how old is civilization in the known world?

    It's not that easy. Look at the genetics of England. If they only took wives then that will effect the genetic line differently than taking in sons too. Or vice versa. Think about it. We as men pass our Y. So it doesn't matter who we marry to pass on our Y. Long as its some one in said family with the Y passing it on. In the case of House Lannister, we see something else. House Lyddon taking over the male line and replacing Lann's Y chromosome. And the Casterly X is not likely in House Lannister again, unless reintroduced. Itd be floating around between houses as Women's lines do. It's not like mixing milk and water or something lol you dont just get mixing as easily as that with humans. If that was the case, the original Briton blood would be gone, and not the prominent blood still in England.
  4. AlaskanSandman

    So how old is civilization in the known world?

    Actually yes he really did. It's existed for a couple thousand years. His continuation about before that things get a little fuzzy any ways, is too vague to draw that conclusion imo. He could simply be refering to the other part of that question. How long the Daynes or Starfall have existed. Guy did ask 3 questions after all and GRRM only answered one really.
  5. AlaskanSandman

    HighSepton Stark

    You just kind of sound like a rude and ignorant, and far from logical lol. Your stuff is just beyond dumb and not worth retorting. And who care that your jewish, Clap clap. A jew by blood could become pope so that's just stupid. Or are you talking just the religious side of that coin? Or did you forget Mezionic Jews. Yea im done with your ignorant rants. Bye
  6. AlaskanSandman

    Sworn Brothers of the Many Faced God.

    Exactly. Though you could argue they have a role in protecting the realms of men by serving their king. Also, we dont know the exact role of the Original Kings Guard that appears to have been the Order of the Green Hand. Hence why i mark them guarding the walls of Old Town. Maesters guarding the Wall of Ravenry, and Blackbrothers guarding the Ice Wall. "The watchers on the walls" I put forth subtly that the idea of Visenya regarding the Kings Guard is not just modeled off the Night's Watch, but also the Oder of the Green Hand of which they had just put down. Thank you very much! I definitely think the Faceless God, The Seven, and the Old Gods are tied together. The exact details of which are still open for discussion though
  7. Hahaha nooooooooo lol jk fer sure, good to know
  8. Interesting. So Per GRRM its just a fanciful story by Viserys I about Jaehaerys I and Alysanne fighting at the wall with dragons? Nothing to do with Bael, or Queen's Crown, or Gael the Winter Child? Hmmm Edit- I have more thoughts but im not sure what you know and don't know and are allowed to discuss, though i am interested in your thoughts if able to. Ive always enjoyed your videos when you did them about the books
  9. Is this an error or anything by chance? Seems odd thing to be left untold and implications possibly i wont blab on about here. Though i did want to try and check that this wasn't just a typo Edit- Relevant to Op's question i guess 3. What happened to Ronnel Arryn's Stark wife and did they have any children?
  10. AlaskanSandman

    So how old is civilization in the known world?

    You could stretch that that far i guess, though i would challenge you to explain what was happening then with the rest of Westeros given The Andals arriving 2000 years ago. Also, notice that your assumed time line draws an interesting note in it self. Old Ghis falling when the Long Night ended. Though i would argue your chosing to ignore my quote from Martin about Dawn being forged 2000 years ago and the general idea people have that it's Light Bringer that Azor Ahai forged. Which was forged at the end of the Long Night to win the Battle for the Dawn.
  11. Sworn Brothers Black brothers ------------------------------------->Maesters------------à King’s Guard No kids check Check No lands check Check No wives check Check Live and die at post check Check Protect realms of Men check Check Light (Knowledge) in the dark (Ignorance) check Check Weirwood on or near grounds check Check Serve wall/castle/king and no other check Check These are the known vows of the Night’s Watch. This is spoken by Jon Snow and Sam to the Weirwood Grove of nine near Castle Black as believers in the Old Gods. Since the Wall predates the Andals we are told, then all original Watch members must have sworn before a hearts tree. The Black Brothers - Weirwood Grove with Heart tree that followers of the Old Gods swear too. Or the Black Gate at the Night Fort. The Grey Rats – Weirwood in oldest part of Citadel. Isle of Ravens The Isle of Ravens is linked to the eastern bank of the Honeywine by a weathered wooden drawbridge. On the island is located the Ravenry, the oldest building of the Citadel. The walls of the Ravenry are covered in moss and vines and within its yard sits a weirwood tree on which the ravens like to perch. The white raven rookery is located in the west tower.[1] The White Cloaks – A giant Weirwood Table carved into a shield. “The shield that guards the realms of men” The meeting table of the Kingsguard in the Red Keep is made of white weirwood fashioned into the shape of a shield and supported by three white stallions. I am the watcher on the walls. The Black Brothers The Grey Rats The White Cloaks/Kings Guard The Wall The Wall of the Ravenry The Wall of Old Town Now the Kings Guard was formed by Visenya Targaryen after Aegon and her destroyed the Order of the Green Hand which sounds like the original King’s Guard of Old that Serwyn of the Mirror Shield served in to a Gardener King. “self-consciously” huh? Surrrrreee. This same hunting scene may be on the tapestries of Robert Baratheon and on the Walls of Qaarth. Tobho Mott’s Shop may predate the Targaryens as King’s Landing has been a settlement for many long years before Aegon. So we have three sworn brothers, one of which can be found with the other two. As a Maester serves both at the wall and at castles in the south including the King(s). All three possibly swearing their vows before the weirwoods. One Guarding the Realm, one guarding the king, one guarding knowledge? But what of the Green King of the God’s Eye and the Green Men? The Green Men which sound like Garth the Green, of which the founders of the Citadel descend from through Maris the Maid. Garth the Green who may have been the first human greenseerer. One descendant builds the wall (Brandon) while another (Urrigon and Peremore) form the Citadel and instate a Maester at the Wall even though the wall keeps out of affairs of the south. And the Maesters claim the Others don’t exist. All at a time when the Black Brothers L.C. served from the Night Fort with the Black Gate. Is this who they serve? Garth? Ygg? The BlackGate? Or do they serve whoever the current greenseerer is? The Night’s King himself being a Lord Commander of the Watch who betrayed his brothers and may have had a Maester of his own. He may even have once been a member of the Order of the Green hand. House Of Black And White and Bloodraven’s Cave. So there seems to be a connection between the Black Brothers, Grey Brothers, and White Brothers which brings me to the next odd connection. Black, and White make Grey. Grey is the Balance between the two. The Balance between light and dark, life and death, good and bad. The Grey Brothers sound almost similar to the House of Black and White…… The House of B&W that has a man with a white worm coming out of his face like Bloordraven with his white weirwood worm root coming out of his eye. Arya seems to learn another aspect of skin changing that applies to humans. Which is technically against the rule of skin changing possibly per Varamyr. They have a hall of faces like the Cave of Bloodravens with its skulls in notches. They have a candle that Arya smells that smells like the Weirwood Paste taste. The House of the Undying. Is this the poisoned Weirwood Grove of legend? Or is there many? Or is this just a brother to the red trees and its opposite? And just like Arya with the candles in the House of Black and White, and Bran with the Weirwood Paste in Bloodraven’s cave, Daenerys has a similar experience with Shade of the Evening. The Many Faces of the One God. Old Gods The Many-Faced God The Seven Daenerys the mother of Dragons. Arya, the mother of? Direwolves? And Bran the bringer of Death? Though the Undying seem to have wanted Daenerys to feed off of to give them life while drawing away hers. Is this what Bloodraven plans to do with Bran? To feed off of him? Is Bloodraven like the Undying? Or different? And there is this about those Candles in the House of Black and White. The Candles, Weirwood Paste, and Shade of the Evening as a way to relax said person to be sacrificed for death? Green King of the God’s Eye and its many eyes/faces on the world. So what is going on? Who do the Sworn Brothers Serve? The Green King of the God’s Eye? Who is this? Or do they serve Bloodraven? Or the Black Gate? And How does the Undying of Qaarth play into this all?
  12. AlaskanSandman

    HighSepton Stark

    Thank you
  13. AlaskanSandman

    So how old is civilization in the known world?

    As far as this. The war with Gaven Grey Wolf on a white battle field, is i imagine how the Starks came by their sigil. IMO. The warr with the Barrow kings is listed at 1000 years at the longest, not thousands. Based on Kings living 1000 years and Brandon maybe having lived that long, he could have started and finished that war. Or his kids finished it. Or his father started it and Brandon Builder finished it. Either way could hypothetically work. And no, no exact indication i guess. But they ruled the wolf wood, nothing stated they lived in it. The Starks now rule the Wolf wood. I imagine to build his catle with out getting attacked by the Blackwoods, that he had to subdue them first.
  14. AlaskanSandman

    So how old is civilization in the known world?

    Well this just sounds an unfounded repute and reaching. We know the Blackwoods were exiled no sooner than 3000 years ago. We know that Brandon the Builder Built Winterfell and is the First Known Stark as the House originator. As the person who arrived and built a castle on the lands once owned by House Blackwood. Either Brandon the Builder ousted them, or his father. There is no possible Stark prior that could have done it. And House Blackwood had to have been exiled by then and not after as Brandon lived up till the Walls creation. Edit- Sure House Blackwood could have been in the Riverlands for a little while before their fued, but thats the best chance to stretch this time line. Not the ousting.
  15. AlaskanSandman

    So how old is civilization in the known world?

    Ahhh, now we're getting closer. Agreed with some ascertions and views here. Though following this through with what we have so far and what we know about them ruling Wolfswood prior to arriving in the South. We can at least assert that 3000 years ago is the latest that House Blackwood was banished South. As Brandon the Builder Built Winterfell and is the possible son of Brandon of the Bloody Blade. This leaves these two Brandon's as the two likely canidates that kicked out House Blackwood, or worked out some pact. This though helps pin point more events and the time line. Brandon of the Bloody Blade was a son of Garth the Green, First King of the First Men that led them across the Arm of Dorne (And i think became the first Greenseerer). Now unless Brandon lived for a 1000 years (And i think he may have) this greatly reduces the time line. If he lived for 1000 years though, then the Age of Heroes was indeed longer than 1000 years and at least 2000-3000 years based on evidence.