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  1. Good point, i've always like the idea better of Dany being the child of Ashara and that the lemon tree's were at Starfall or near abouts in Dorne.
  2. The Tourney of Harrenhal mirrors the Tourney of the Hand in more ways than one. Rhaegar wears black armor with Red Rubies while giving a Blue Rose to a Stark that he may not have even liked. Loras wears Silver Armor with Blue Saphires while giving a Red Rose to a Stark that he definitely did not like. Both Starks maids are taken, and in the case of Sansa, she was taken by neither participants of the Tourney. Rather, by a spectator in the crowd, Peter Baelish.
  3. Aemon the Dragon Knight, i imagine avoided offending the woman he originally wanted to crown by crowning his sister to save her honor from Aegon IV. Though, as rumor spread that Aemon and his sister had a thing, i imagine his "Crush" was likely as offended by the giving of the rose to Naerys as Ashara was to Lyanna getting her's. Edit- If Loras could've given the rose to his "Crush" instead of Sansa Stark, i imagine he would have too. I wonder if Renly got catty over Loras and his rose to Sansa.
  4. Agree, this is only if Rhaegar actually did like her like that (After what, an hour together? Can't imagine they hung out long before Rhaegar had to get back to the Tourney events), and kidnapped her. I dont think Ashara's dishonoring had to do with her being raped though and had more to do with the giving of the Flower that caused her to "look to Stark", the woman being given the rose, she was supposed to get. Hence the "grief over the loss of the man who dishonored her at Harrenhal". Brandon and Ashara can't have had Dany, there's no time unless Ashara want's to shag in filth, stench, and with rats. There is only three possible father's to Ashara's child but only 2 of those was killed for Ashara to grieve over their loss. Two princes's. Prince Rhaegar, and Prince Lewyn Martell who was known to have had a mistress. Ashara Dayne also danced with a K.G. member, though i like to think that she danced with her brother. Though her dancing with Oberyn may suggest otherwise. Though, Ashara Dayne's freak out over Barristan losing, Rhaegar winning or Rhaegar crowning Lyanna suggest it's likely Rhaegar. There is also a song about some "Stupid lady throwing herself from a tower over the loss of a prince" Arthur was Rhaegar's best friend, and likely knew of Rhaegar believing his son to be TPTWP and needed a third child and that Elia was unable. Ashara was lady in waiting to Elia also, and may have been designated to be the surrogate mother. Which would explain Elia's calm response at Harrenhal. (I dont think Aegon was born after Harrenhal or else it makes Rheagar and even bigger douche, at least if Aegon was born before hand, then Rhaegar went to Harrenhal knowing he needed a third child. Something so on his mind, that it has consumed his thought's since he was a child and reading something that led him to become a warrior. Something possibly worth more to Rhaegar than usurping his father.) Which would explain Ashara being the one originally intended to be given the rose, hence her dishonor. There would be no Rhaegar cheating on his wife, no annulment's you have no reasonable grounds for. None of that which goes against Rhaegar being the decent person we've been told about. Plus, we have no idea what or how House Dayne feel's about TPTWP legend. They are likely familiar at least with the Legend of the Last Hero i would think. They also happen to have the rarest sword in all of Planetos that we've seen (There are more swords of the Others that we see in the prologue to AGOT), that only goes to the worthiest member of their house.
  5. Well, if Roberts hammer has a spike on the opposite side (as usually they would for a war weapon), would stand better odds of getting through Rhaegars armor than Rhaegars sword getting through Roberts. Any advantage Rhaegar may have had in fast foot work and speed at dodging are negated a bit by slogging around in the river. His best bet at that point really is getting close past Roberts range with the hammer and pull a dirk, but have fun with that. Roberts a big boy with likely further arm reach than Rhaegar had. Last thing Rhaegar wants to do his physically wrestle or slug it out with Robert. Robert would crush him. Definitely a bawdy choice of weapon on Roberts part though for sure. Though i've wondered why the Targaryen's didn't bring any armor with them from Valyria. Just two swords. Seems odd. The steel must have been rare even to them.
  6. Mance Rayder, a Night's watch member with closer proximity to Lyanna, who mayyyyyy have been the Black Brother at Harrenhal, who's tradition involves giving a blue rose and stealing a bride, and is unmarried, anddddddddd currently involved in Jon Snow's life, a much likelier figure for Lyanna Stark to fall in love with. Certainly has more honor thus far than Rhaegar, who's traditions dont involve bride stealing and giving blue roses. Unless Bael is a Valyrian and known to Rhaegar for some odd reason.... (shrugs)
  7. Agreed. Then plotting to over throw your father. We still havn't been told what Rhaegar did when Duskendale happened. We know Tywin responded and sent in Barristan. That's it. Yet Aerys walks away from it distrusting Rheagar. Who indeed was using Harrenhal as a pretense to meet with lords to over throw his father, till Varys saved Aerys (Not the only time he looks out for Aerys) and informed him. Destroying Rhaegar's plan. What would have happened had Aerys and Lyanna never showed up? What was his plan?
  8. Personally, if Rhaegar had an older brother, i think Rhaegar would have been plenty happy to become a Maester or something and swear vows of chastity if you know what i mean. Maybe join the K.G. with his buddy Arthur, maybe elope with Jon Connington, or, i mean, become his maester. You know, like how Loras became a Rainbow Guard (KG) to Renly. The only thing that makes me question this otherwise (and Lyanna certainly doesn't), is the question of; who was Rhaegar going to crown Queen of Love and Beauty at Harrenhal before meeting Lyanna? Was it Elia? Or could it have been some one else at Harrenhal, who was dishonored at Harrenhal and supposedly killed her self at the end of the war for the loss of the man who dishonored her at Harrenhal. We know Brandon died at the Start of the War, and Ashara would have known this. And there is Baristans comment on Dany and Ashara
  9. Sorry, im still laughing. We can trust Rhaegar to not visit brothels, but keep him away from your underage sister hahahahaha even if the guy was not married, definitely not a friend i want around lol
  10. Well it's certainly not an idiotic mistake, its an honest mistake and doesn't deserve to be bashed like that. Rhaegar being talked about as such a good guy all because Eddard doubts Rhaegar visited brothels is comical, considering this 22 year old insults his wife for a 14 year old girl he literally just met and couldn't have spent too much time with, that he supposedly kidnaps and gets with child. Hmmmm. I guess being a "good guy" is low bar to set. Shrugs I guess when a girl steals another woman's man, she really believes this man believes in the concept of love and marriage. What's that saying? Once a cheater, always a cheater? What possible grounds could Rhaegar get an annulment for any ways? Elia was faithful, honorable, and provided him an heir. Rhaegar is a douche in this scenario imo, with very little honor. Edit- At least your husband isn't likely to run away with a prostitute.
  11. Have you seen my theory regarding Alysanne and Queen's Crown. It links Bael the Bard in the Crypts. Both of which have mirrors in the current story with theories surrounding a birth in the Black Cells of K.L. -Crypts and The Tower of Joy- Queen's Crown Tower. Crowning is a birthing term. And i suspect the reason for the 1st quarrel of Alysanne and Jaehaerys. Im waiting for the new book Fire and Blood to conclude further as GRRM has recently changed the family tree. Though Gael (Bael) the Winter Child was still left the 13th child. (13 makes me think of the Night's King, Jon dies on his 13th pov chapter in Dance, etc) Gael also had an unknown child whos identity and anything else is unknown. Whether they lived to adult hood, or anything. *Warning, theory suggest Mance is Jon's father, not Rhaegar. Hence where the blue rose came from at the Tourney. Mance was a ranger in the Nights' watch at the time and 2 members were at the Tourney of Harrenhal recruiting memebers. P.s. The Dayne-Heiress is Daenerys
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