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  1. Another one I found of interest is Tyrian purple (Tyrion Lannister). Tyrian Purple was made best when the Dog Star had risen. The Dog Star being the Morning Star Sirius. That begins the Dog Days of Summer when the Sun is at its Zenith. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyrian_purple Pliny the Elder described the production of Tyrian purple in his Natural History:[25][c] This really makes me think of the Hunter Orion and his two Hounds. Specifically, the Clegane brothers. Pliny's Natural Histories reminds me of Maester Benifer's Dragons, Wyrms, and Wyverns: Their Unnatural History
  2. Florian is short for Florianus. Valerian comes from Latin valere meaning "to be strong" From Valerian comes words such as Valor, Validiction, Valiant, Value and Vale for either goodbye and or Vale as in Valley. Something that makes me think of House Arryn, its legends, and the Vale of Arryn. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/val#Swedish From Old Norse valr (“the slain, the fallen”), from Proto-Germanic *walaz (“corpse, body; carnage”). From Old Norse val, related to the verb velja (“to choose”). Related to välja, vilja (English will). Noun val n an election[1] a choice It seems to relate to some other words and likely Valkyrie too. One Valkyrie was Olrun, daughter of Kjarr who was ruler of the Valir people in Valland. Also seems to relate to the dead slain in Valor? Which the Valkyrie then guide to the after life. Some clever word play on George's part. His world building never ceases to amaze me
  3. Varys may come from Lucius Verus. His bald head and look does seem very much like Aegon V "Egg".
  4. This part sounds familiar too. Specifically Bael the Bard and his son being flayed by a Bolton
  5. Aeneas was welcomed by Latinus, king of the Latins, and later Aeneas became King of the Latins. His son Ascanius built Alba Longa. The Gen Julii trace their descent back to Alba Longa, predating Rome's founding by Romulus and Remus. Brutus of Troy was either son of Ascanius or his grandson. And that is a great one with Emperor Velerian! I've never actually heard of him and wonder now if that's were the Norsemen got the name Valir from. And yea that molten gold part definitely sounds familiar haha Im wondering how much more Roman stuff is littered into the Novels.
  6. Thats a great addition. If anyone has more please mention them. There may be some other clever tie-ins Im not aware of. Specially name influences, mythic, constellation or otherwise. I know purple was sign of Royalty in Rome also. You also had Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra who hooked up with two Romans as a tie in George has mentioned before when talking about Valyrian eye color. There is also the quote from George RR Martin saying that he left clues in the names, being that AE is used in Valyrian names. So Bael the Bard, and Margaery are Valyrian some how.
  7. So this is a look at the Roman/Latin influences found with in the story and what clues they may give. This is just a general look and not a deep analytical dive. Mainly just wanted to compile clues or inspirations relating to Rome. Valyrian comes from the Valir people of Valland in Norse myth, led by Kjarr. This is Caesar and Roman-Gaul. Add in the -ia found in many Latin place names like Albania, and you end up with Valiria. Which works for the Greenman myth of Garth the Green, as Valerian is also an herb. The Valirians/ Romans used to go to England to get tin and other stuff. One such place is Belerion, the Island now known as Ictus. This is like Valyrians coming for Dragonglass perhaps. The Valirians built many roads through England, one of the main roads is known as the Fosse-way that runs south to North. Which brings to mind House Fossoway One famous possible roman was Arturius. Who came down in history as King Arthur, possibly from Celtic Artos meaning Bear. Making him the Bear king of sorts. The Last Hero who stayed in England to lead a resistance against the invading Sea Peoples known as Saxons. The Saxons who are related to the other later sea peoples, the Norse Vikings. The Norse is where the Vandals comes from. Like the Romans pulling out of England, the Valyrians appear to have pulled out of Westeros. Leaving behind advanced buildings the locals couldn't rebuild. They left possible families behind like that of Arthurs. A possible one in the books is Lanista for the Lannisters. Lanista is a Gladiatorial pimp, something we see Tyrion caught up in some when he goes to Essos and joins the fighting pits. The Lannisters trace back to the Age of Heroes near when the Wall was built. The Germanic age of Heroes that the Valir people pop up in, is around the time that Hadrians Wall was erected. Germans even serving as Guards on the Wall. The Valirians/Romans and English/Westeros were both founded by descendants of Aeneas, a Trojan Prince who survived the Trojan War with Greece. Roman going to far as to submit Greece/Ghis in later ages as payback for Troy. This suggest that Valyria and Westeros were settled by family members who were related, and that the Valyrians have a blood claim to the Island in a similar way that the Normans had a claim. Perhaps there was a recent wedding in Westeros with someone from Valyria or one of the Free-Cities founded by Valyria. Giving the Essosi a recent claim to the Island as well as an Ancient claim. Brutus and Aeneas are the British and Roman founders. Now, The Worst Year on Earth. 536Ad possibly during the time of King Arthur, or, general time he is listed to really. 536Ad saw a volcanic eruption in the far East that covered the world in darkness for a year. The Long Night that the Bear King Last Hero led his Island people out of and into a new Dawn. The Northern Dawn? Aurora Borealis- Northern Dawn. Where the Big Bear and Lil Bear constellations are, With the Lil Bear connecting to the Dragon constellation of the North. With King Arthur's father being Uther Pendragons, the Head Dragon. Making Arthur, the Dragon/Bear of the North. Tying in House Dayne, and House Mormont. House Mormont who gives Jon Snow Long Claw, their ancestral sword. The Bear-Dragon though, descends from the Great Wolf/Wolves, Romulus and Remus. Who were suckled by wolves and grew to found Rome, the heart of the Valirian people. This suggest that the Last Hero was of the Wolf family that became dragons, and Bears as they went north. Maybe they were always dragons of fire, but became Ice Dragons of the North when they went North. The White Phantom bride of Arthur. Guinevere, from Welsh Gwenhwyfar. This brings to mind the 13th Lord Commander and his corpse bride at the Wall. The Old North of the Hen Ogledd was the region now associated with Northumbria, south of Hadrians wall. House Umber is likely inspired by this. The blood of the native people ran strongest here, as the Valirians didn't bother much with the Highlands other than building a wall to protect their southern territories. The Greenman is a myth mentioned in the South, and beyond the Wall in Scotland. Scotland being the other Alban kingdom along with the Kingdom of Alba Longa in Italy that Rome came from. That is most all the ones I can think of that relate largely to Rome. There are other inspiration like the War of the Roses and the Lannister name similarity to the Lancasters. House Tudor who actually got the crown, was neither German or Latin/French. They were Welsh, the native blood of the Island. Henry the VIII and Queen Elizabeth mark the union of England south of the Wall. What particularly this means to the story I leave to you, but the Welsh flag is the Red dragon of the Welsh, vs the White Dragon of the Saxons. Arthur is usually depicted as blood of both Rome and England through the female line. Henry the VIII's older brother who was supposed to be king till his death, was named Arthur, after their legendary ancestor. House Tudor won the War of the Roses though between the Starks/Yorks and the Lannisters/Lancasters. So keep an eye out for which House this could be that beats House Stark and Lannister.
  8. The only other thing to glow similarly is the Weirwood door in the Wall
  9. When Daenerys was five years old, Willem fell sick and slowly wasted away.[41] After his death, the servants he had hired stole all they could.[5] Dany is allegedly born in 284 on Dragonstone He rapidly rose through the ranks and was elected Lord Commander in 288 AC. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Jeor_Mormont https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Willam_Dustin Willem Darry's name is very close to Willam Dustin, who "Died" at the Tower of Joy and whose bones were never returned home with his horse that was. A possible candidate if Darry isn't real. Or Dany's birth date is a lie, she is a twin with Jon Snow (Gemini twins) and the Bear of a Man, was Jeor Mormont who ended up on the Wall. Again, if Darry isn't real, and Dustin really did die. Then Jeor could be another candidate. Maybe they were discovered and that's why he ended up at the wall, that or face death? Or maybe the father of Jeor? I know it says he fell ill and died.
  10. The Lupus constellation in the mid southern sky is part of the Centaurus constellation. I thought this was an interesting association between the Wolf and the Horse-men. The Dothraki have a control over their horses that seems similar to the Starks with their wolves and Targaryen's with Dragons. Daenerys is with the Dothraki, and has a vision of howling alone in the darkness. She is also protected by the Bear. There is also the Bracken sigil, who fight the Blackwoods, who the Starks booted from the North. The Bear Constellation of the North, and Artic gets its name from Arth-/Artos. The Dragon of the North and the Northern Dawn (Aurora Borealis). 3 morning stars, with 2 being associated with the Hunter and his Hound (Warg?). The last being the lady, Venus. Summer solstice happens near Gemini constellation, leading to the dog days of summer (Associated with Sirius and Canis Major). Gemini is a pair of twins, but looks like a couple holding hands. Idk what it means but its the constellation during summer. The Scorpion constellation of October is separated in the sky from the Hunter Orion by Zeus, as the Scorpion was his enemy who killed him. (Dorne killing the Last Hero and or Dragons? House Qorgyle? https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Qorgyle ) Venus - Morning Star and female. Sirius - Canis Major Morning Star and Warg? Rigel - Orion the Hunter Morning Star North Star Polaris - Lil Bear (lil dipper) constellation tied to Dragon Constellation Dragon Constellation of the North Big Bear (Big Dipper) Constellation of the North The Scorpion Constellation of October The Gemini Twins of July Dog days of Summer tied to Sirius and Canis Major The Cancer/Crabs of Aug Dog days of Summer tied to Sirius and Canis Major The Northern Dawn - Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights - Rainbow Bridge?) Arth-/Artos, Bear, Arctic. Lupus Constellation tied to Centaurus Constellation. Wolf and Horse Those are the main ones gathered here so far I think unless I missed something.
  11. bloodraven - Seastar. Azor Ahai, born under a bleeding star. Which would be ironic since Mel is so set on finding Azor Ahai. A journey of self discovery.
  12. There def seems to be an association between the Weirwood and Wormwood.
  13. Wormwood plant got its name from the Wormwood star. Hence the poisoning association between them both. I already link the Iron born to the Morning Star figure. One such example is found in flower names though not used that I know of, is Sea Asters "Sea Stars" (Like Valerian, Florian, Jonquil, and Maris,, which is also a sea creature known as "Star Fish" which are a class of Asteroidea. Star Fish are used in the story. This brings to mind that when the Falling Star hit, it hit in the Sea or is tied to the Sea. Like possibly striking the Arm of Dorne and causing the sea to flood the lands. They also link to Sea Dragon Point and a few other ties. The Sea Dragon is linked to the Weirwood trees, likely having been a Weirwood Grove that's now petrified. Though the Grey King is said to slay the Sea Dragon, so his association to it is debatable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bearskin_(German_fairy_tale) This is another Bear legend tying House Mormont and the actions of Jorah for his Hightower bride. Plus the Bear and the Maiden Fair tale in general. It involves a pact with the Devil and "Bearskin" which brings to mind skin-changing as he's called a Bear pretending to be a man. The Dragon/ Serpent is often linked with the Devil. Lucifer is also linked to the Morning Star as Phosphorus, as Christ is linked through Eosphorus and Earendel.
  14. I get where you're coming from an Sandor Clegane def popped up in my head, but he has no hound and no famous sword, neither does Ramsey. This lead me to not think of either of them as the morning star figure, but I could be wrong. There is a lot of great symbolism and connections you guys have added to this all. A lot of stuff to consider. A lot of strong connections for House Mormont and House Dayne to both Dany and Jon.
  15. The Dragon Constellation Ursa Minor, with the North Star Polaris The Bear Constellation Ursa Major in the North pointing to Ursa Minor. https://imengine.public.prod.sci.navigacloud.com/?uuid=df578897-84ca-5a7a-8cda-8c22aa545502&type=preview&width=3000&height=3000&q=60 This is how you find the North Star in Alaska if you don't know where to look. The Hunter Constellation Orion, bearing the Morning Star Rigel that is associated with Aurvandil/ Earendel- Christ/Lucifer. The Fallen Morninstar. (Why Dany is Venus/Aphrodite, and Jon is the Hunter with his Hound.) The Canis Minor constellation with the Morning Star Sirius that accompanies the Hunter. (The Last Hero, Jon Snow) There is more than GRRM is mixing in though. As the Bloodstone Emperor is the Hunter with the Hound who betrays his sister the Amethyst Empress. Both are part of the 13th members of the Golden Empire. This is actually what Eosphorus, son of Eos and Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus are. They are the 13th members. As Iapetus the Titan is linked with Japheth, son of Noah. Noah being the 10th generation of Adam and Eve's family. Thus making Iapetus and Cronos the 11th. Eos and Zeus are the 12th, with Eosphorus and Aphrodite being the 13th. Iapetus was linked to Japheth (יֶפֶת) one of the sons of Noah and a progenitor of mankind in biblical accounts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iapetus This is a thought process associated with the Greeks with the most famous pagan religion, and the First European Christians who produced the first Bible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpretatio_graeca Really they were just catching on to the Proto Indo European Culture that predated them and bound them all. Something we know more about today than they did then. So, as Zeus and Lucifer and all them are part of Adam and Eves family, this puts the Greenman as the Older God, and associated with the Two Trees in the Garden of Eden. (The Red and Blue Trees in Asoiaf.). This ties in flower and herb names like Joquil, Florian, Maris, The Winter Rose, and Valerian Herbs (Which ties nicely into the Valir people of Norse mythology ruled by Kjarr (Caesar) who lived in Valland (Rome or Roman Gaul). Making the Valyrians the Romans of Asoiaf. The Last hero likely being a Valyrian, like how King Arthur is said to have been a Roman soldier who stayed behind after Rome left England. The Wall being Hadrians wall in the Old North (Yr Hen Ogledd). Arthur meaning Bear, and his father being the Head Dragon. Being a Roman, he's traveled North, making him the "Last Hero" of sorts. Aurora Borealis meaning Northern Dawn and tying Hyperborea and Apollo's Garden into things (maiden theft story with girl turning into an evergreen laurel tree) Its through these myths that I draw a lot of my thoughts on the plot, and who is who within Asoiaf.
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