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  1. I have wondered about Darksister breaking or if he didn't take the sword with him, just a normal sword as he knew he wasn't coming back, same as Jon did with Long Claw. And Bloodraven does more than mirror the Last Hero, he mirrors the Night's King with even sacrificing children through the Black Gate, along with being L.C. for 13 years. (And possibly 995th L.C. 9+9-5=13) And if anyone in Westeros has blue roses, it's House Tyrell. That's if, any one else has them. Loras didn't give Sansa one though. And na, your totally cool haha i dont mind pushy even a lil, long as it's not obviously being rude how some are on here. Theres alot though that i like talking to and we all disagree haha And yea, im keeping my eye on House Mormont and looking up some more stuff. Baelish, Hightowers, and Tyrells im watching too. Mance, Valyrian blood in the North, House Mormont ties and all that is what im watching most though. House Mormont pops up around the time of Bael and Hardhome possibly, putting Valyrian blood in House Stark, and North of the Wall. We later have Alysanne sleeping with some one in the North possibly at Queen's Crown. Was it a mormont? The Bear and the Maiden Fair? Was it a Stark? or a wildling beyond the wall? Then we have Maege popping up before Rhaegar was born, a kid named Lyanna, and the other, Alysanne, sleeping with a wildling. Tormund. The bear and the maiden fair again? Tormund would have gave Alysane her 2nd kid in 298Ac when Mance slipped into Wiinterfell as a Bard. Coming down to poor ser Jorah and Lynese and all that jazz. We have House Hightower with an Alysanne, and House Manderly with a Wylla. Bear Island, Hightower Island, Manderly's who are obviously seafarers and worship a sea god. Is this an alliance of those ancient Valyrian Houses?
  2. Forgot to mention with Good Queen Alysanne and her bear. They may have even met at a Tourney in the North. Look up the Mele at Last Hearth. It's a tourney in the North. If the King visited, i would think they would hold a tourney in his honor. Ill be looking for these things in the new book.
  3. As far as Dark Sister, idk. Maybe they stashed it with Jon and Eddard took it to Winterfell. Just speculating here If Bloodraven had Dark Sister, why would it break? The idea is that VS is a weapon that works against the others. We dont' know for sure that the sword the Last Hero took with him was dragon steel, just that it was a sword. We've seen normal swords break against the others. As far as Rhaegar knowing Mance is BR's, he may not have at first. Maybe Mance knew it was relevant, like hey bro, we're fam, dont kill me, hear me out a min. And no the text doest require it but aside from a passing remark by Cersei about the Blue Bard likely washing his hair with blue roses can be passed off as a glib considering he has blue everything. No other mentions of blue roses, outside of having to do with the North like Dany seeing a blue rose in the wall. Do a search in Asearchoficeandfire.com. It's a rare nothern rose that only appears to grow in the glass gardens of winterfell. So as for where Rhaegar got them, after your search, where would you say he got them from? And maybe a reach but hey, struck me ass odd when Mance and Jon have that exchange I dont have it all worked out yet, but i think im missing pieces still. Maybe Rhaegar is Jon's father, but where'd he get the roses? Why is there a Blackbrother conveniently at Harrenhal? Knight of the Laughing Tree? A screaming face and a laughing face could look the same in a freeze frame, like the Weirwood tree in the village Crastor was born in, and likely Mance, his brother. Winterfell's Weirwood tree certainly isnt' laughing. The Knight of the Laughing tree is repeatedly referred to a male also by Jojen who addresses him as "he", instead of just being vague and saying "the knight" Ill let you know when i figure out more. Tell me why Maege Mormont has a valyrian name and a daughter named Alysane? (The Bear, the Bear, the Maiden fair) and Alysanne possibly is having a child at Queen's crown in the North, with House Mormont naming a child after her is interesting. I wonder if this Bear and Maiden met at the Tourney of the Rose? Hmmm, and like Bael, the Bear gave a blue rose? Would the Hightowers be aware of anything somehow? Leyton's daughter Alysanne? Marrying Lenyse to a Bear, Jorah Mormont. Who becomes obsessed with our good dragon queen. House Mormont who mysteriously pop up around the time of Bael and Hardhome and Valyria taking dragonstone. With a VS sword Long Claw, belonging to Ser Jorah, but presently in the hands of Jon. Who Mormont thought worth this sword. I can't place it all yet though. Edit- Oh, and Mance's buddy Tormund is having kids with Alysane Mormont, one in 291ac and the other in 298ac. 298 huh? Did Tormund come to Winterfell with Mance when Robert came? Ned was Lord of Winterfell when Mance met him the first time when still under Qhorgyle, so why get the measure of him again? Did Mance want to get the measure of Robert instead?
  4. I keep R+L=J in the back of my head, but still doesn't make sense. I like metaphors but i like other clues as well that help build a narrative. That's why im obsessed with Bael and Alysanne and tracing Ae in names and 13. Along with the myths and metaphors in them. Rhaegar may have done the deed, but it makes no sense and i feel like something is missing. I have some more pieces ive been meaning to discuss but working up the thread for it, The Bear and the Maiden Fair. This will be including House Mormont, and House Tyrell into the mess. Along with Ae, Blue roses, and more.
  5. AlaskanSandman

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Ill have to check it out, thank you
  6. AlaskanSandman

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Yea just an interesting connection, in no way means they are for sure FM And i do kind of like that, reminds me of the Hound and the Mountain
  7. Well what ever is going on with Mance and Rhaegar i think is tied to all the other event's in the North i keep going on about. Bael and the Stark Maid, Alysanne and a Stark. I suspect Mance and Craster of possibly being Bloodraven's bastards on some wildling (Maybe not knowing Bael had spread his gene up there, maybe he did know). Meaning, maybe Mance has the sword, maybe not. Maybe Rhaegar wanted it back from him, and Aemon didn't know where it ended up. Or he did, and had no way of getting it back. And If Rhaegar unmasked the Knight to discover Lyanna under one theory, he can unmask (him as jojen calls him) and discover Mance. The Black brother who had came to Harrenhal. So far as i can tell, the winter rose is a rare rose that only grows in the garden's of winterfell. Where did Rhaegar get them? Or are they not special to winterfell, and part of some older pact? Is there a legend with a rose? i havn't looked yet, Florian maybe? And dont knock Robert's Dornish ties. Where did the hammers fall? was not the waters near there once a freshwater bay or something rather. Could've swore that's where the world book implies the comet fell and broke the arm of Dorne from where it connected in the Storm Lands. Deep ties. Let us not forget Durran stealing the daughter of the god and dooming her to a mortals death (Galladon of Morne, Azor Ahai). And yes, Ygrittes hinting at something deeper than a FM connection, as she is kissed by fire Jon doesn't need Rhaegar for that connection. He's got it through Bael, and Mance imo. This also all traces back to understanding Alysanne in my opinion as Maege Mormont has two daughters of interest, Lyanna, and Alysane. We know Maege is older than Rhaegar, so she's not Valyrian through him.
  8. AlaskanSandman

    Valyrian activity in the North

    Agreed! That's why i think we should all stay a lil open minded, my self included. GRRM went out of his way to lay clues, but counter clues as well. Then there are mistakes he didn't mean hahaha deciding which is which is enough to go bonkers, and all is in good fun any ways. I wanna believe it's one of Martin's little games though, as he loves riddles and would post riddles for people to solve. So part of me still hopes its a riddle we are meant to solve. I my self think it's something to do with Bael, and quite possible Rhaegar and Jon. (Which i like to think Mance is his father). What ever happened though, i think is tied to Bael, and Valyria's activity in the North. So far as i can tell, Bloodraven went North and possibly fathered two bastards, Craster and Mance. Mance went on to father Jon on Lyanna. The blue rose coming down some how through all of this imo. As the Winter Rose is a rare rose that only grows in the garden's of winterfell so far as we know. So how did Rhaegar get the roses? Could Mance have given him back Dark Sister? In exchange Mance would step down from the Tournament? Im not sure there. Bloodraven strikes me as the Last Hero and the Night's King. He went north of the wall in seek of the children's magic with a sword (Dark sister), 12 companions (raven's group) and a dog (where did the Mother of the direwolves come from?). He was L.C. of the watch for 13 years, and possibly the 995th L.C. (9+9-5=13), the 13th L.C. who had a corpse bride (Shiera SeaStar), and sacrificed children through the Black Gate (Bran, Jojen, and Meera). Bran tells us of the Night's King before passing beneath the Black Gate, to meet Bloodraven on ch13 of ADWD Bran Pov 2. Melisandre is Azor Ahai (And the last person she would suspect). Born under a Bleeding Star (Blood, Star. Bloodraven=SeaStar.), reborn from Melony to Melisandre in Asshai under the salt and smoke of Asshai. Before Bloodraven though, we possibly have Queen Alysanne hooking up with (a Stark?) at Queen's Crown. Gael the Winterchild? Her 13th child? And long before Alysanne, possibly during the time of Hardhome and when Valyria take Dragonstone. We have Bael the Bard hooking up with a Stark to put his blood in their family. Bael is spelled Valyrian. We have Maege Mormont in our current story with a daughter Alysane and Lyanna. And we have Jon Snow dying on his 13th pov chapter. What does it all mean. I have no idea lol There are still legends to consider. Like Galladon stealing the daughter of the gods (Mother and father of the faith), the Maiden. Galladon also had a magic sword. We have Durran stealing the daughter of the gods and she was doomed to die a mortals death. Then we have Azor Ahai, who stabbed his wife in the heart (metaphorically? or literally?) to create light bringer (dragons, or a sword?). Was the crown of rare roses only from the north, a pact? an insult? a mark of death? Or nothing really, no more than Loras giving Sansa a rose, to be taken later by Baelish instead of Loras. Is this a clue. Is Rhaegar innocent? Maybe Rhaegar wanted Ashara, not Lyanna. If we could understand Queen's crown better, maybe we could understand the Tower of Joy better. Or maybe Sansa's tale hold's the clue. Anyways, that's my valyrian activity of note so far that spirals out of all of this, but Valyria coming for slaves may be part of the story. As you say though, things are hard to pin down.
  9. AlaskanSandman

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Well physically, one is Black and one is White. Kinda on the nose. Soon as Arya told Rorge that Jaqen sent her, he shows fear and lets her pass. He knows something at least about Jaqen. Perhaps Jaqen was the first FM? Idk. After Harrenhal though, they're both looking for Arya and follow her trail to near Salt Pans before Brienne kills them. Preston Jacobs does an interesting series on this where he speculates the FM are working for the Blackfyres and trying to kill Bloodraven. In it though, he brings up many points about Rorge and Biter.
  10. Yea, didn't seem like anything that would crush your theory haha and wasn't trying to. Just thought that would help tighten it Im lone touting Mance as Jon's father tho haha
  11. My biggest problem is the timing. The False Spring lasted less than two months, and ended on the last day of the year. Sometime within that next month, before the green fires burned, Rhaegar had already taken off and couldn't be found on Dragonstone. I dont see how Brandon got Ashara pregnant and birthed a child before late 282Ac. Which neither Jon or Dany was born then. Either way, Rhaegar has no time to know she's pregnant. Maybe amend that part, and just stick to the dishonor of sleeping with her out of wedlock as the cause of Rhaegar and Arthur's actions? Not that i'm on board but that would fix that problem.
  12. AlaskanSandman

    Valyrian activity in the North

    So was Lann an Andal? Valyrian? Or of the Empire of the Dawn? He's obviously not of the FM. He's associated with Garth and House Gardener is linked to Valyrians by way of legend. So either the Valyrian's were in Westeros, or the Andals came in waves. And or, the Andals are just Valyrian families that were not dragon riders. Take your pic, but one of these has to be the case, or else the Maesters are crazy.
  13. AlaskanSandman

    Valyrian activity in the North

    Well it just deleted my whole response. But long and short, you assume alot!!!!! Winterfells walls would be raised once, that's just ridiculous. It clearly says the inner walls raised 2000 years ago and outter walls under Edrik. Even if the wall was damaged in a siege, you dont tear the whole thing down, you just fix it. So no, it was raised once lol but i guess the builders get to say that they're the ones who raised the Ice wall since they repair it. And no we dont know Theon lived during the main Andal invasion in which Ser Artys Arryn was a part of. Or that the Arryns came in the (One wave as you make it sound). The book clearly states that they came 8000, 6000, and or 2000 years ago. So they either came in waves, or some of these were't Andals. As the Vikings invaded England in waves and for years before actually invading and making it home, it's not unreasonable to assume the same hear. Again though, these may not all be Andals. Might be Valyrians coming for slaves and explain why they never invaded, they didn't care to till Aegon I. Or if they did, it was a slow burn plan that required priming Westeros first. As that is actually the point of this thread, to try to examine Valyrian activity in the North, not an actual handle on the exact order of the kings or prove how right any one is. And which Andal wave did Jon build the Wolfs Den against? Again, you assume alot and act like it's fact. You ignore the dating of the Falcon crown cause it doesnt' work in your "argument" and also ignore the Inner Walls of Winterfell among other things. You also seem to act like the Andals only invaded the Vale and worked outwards from there. Never having invaded the Crown Lands or Storm Lands. You have no idea which group took the Reach. Was it the wave coming from the vale? or from Storm Lands? It is more than possible that the Andals landed in the Vale way before the Arryns. Then, the Reach could've been taken by the Andals before Aryts was even born.
  14. AlaskanSandman

    Valyrian activity in the North

    He say's no more than 900, meaning 800 is fair guess. And i think your reaching with the Wolf's Den at almost 2000 years old before Manderly's receive it. Maybe 1000 years old. but your pushing it with 2000. Its safe to assume many of the houses didn't hold it for long. One was 500, one was 200 and one at least 100. The rest didn't likely hold it that long, and judging by Harrenhal, we can see how quickly a place can pass hands. And i would definitely bet the Inner Walls of Winterfell were raised before subduing the North, else wise, your vulnerable af. Which was 2000 years ago. Very doubtful that the Wolf's Den was raised before the Inner Walls of Winterfell.
  15. AlaskanSandman

    Valyrian Freehold - Westeros

    Didn't they? Hightower, Pyke, Winterfell, Storm's End? Interestingly most structures of interest that predate the Andals are all coastal except Winterfell. Hightower, and Pyke for sure practiced slavery for a time, with the Iron born practicing longer than Hightowers who gave it up at some point after assimilation into the Reach. The Maesters (spelled valyrian way) is also located by Hightower. Daeryssa is of legend too and saved by Serwyn of the Reach, but where was Daeryssa from? Maybe Old Town? It would appear that they had bases located around Westeros, but never invaded fully except for possibly the Starks in the North. Who interestingly are overrun genetically by Bael, again, a Valyrian name. So if they weren't Valyrian before, they are now. These houses seem to have been assimilated into Westeros and it's culture though. The bigger question is why didnt' they fully invade, and if they did, what happened to them? What held them back? Nothing stopped them as the eventually came any ways. Were they just assimilated? Edit- The Gardeners are hinted at being a Valyrian house in TWOIAF.