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  1. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Yes the Maester say the Andals came 4000 years ago or 6000 if you believe Cat. That they brought round architecture, that they were tall and blonde. That first men didn't build round structures, which they may not have. Also that the Andals came after the Long Night, yet, the Andals are the one's who broke the pact. Yet, the Andals made none either is Essos. Pentos and Braavos have square buildings and we have yet heard of a single ancient Andal city of than Lorath which was a wooden keep that was burned. No great castles, nothing. We are told they were blonde but no one around them were blonde unless they came specifically from Valyria. Though we are not out right told they are religious descendants of Valyria. Its not unreasonable though. Though if Valyria came from the first men, then the first men were blondes too. And as far as them and the pact but not being around for the Long Night. Hmmmm. We have already mostly proved the Maesters are probably wrong and that the Andals only came 2000 years ago. So they are likely wrong or lying about much else. Imo
  2. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    The usage of ae in their spelling is similar. Which may or may not tie to Ghis, im unsure as not enough is known off of them. Their bond with their horses seems somewhat similar too. Specially with the idea that a Dothraki marrying a Valyrian to produce the Khal that would Mount the World. Its more than likely the Dothraki will see Dany mounting Dragons as a whoa thing and likely follow her. Imo/best guess, this is due to some ancestor who is possibly tied to the first Dragon rider. Though yes, the Dothraki language is described as Harsh, so is the Ghiscari Valyrian. With the Harpy seeming to represent some skinchanger/Warg. It's likely they are worshiping the same ancient figure. There was likely a language split that caused one to be harsh or stay harsh, while the other went almost latin like. Or like how English is softer than its ancestor German (complicated by foreign influence-French bringing latin and greek and french) This may have been due though to the ancient ones different parents. One being of one peoples, the other, of a different peoples. So back to Azor Ahai, and Huzhor and the Bloodstone Emperor in my OP. We'll call him Hero. Hero is likely fathered from the East by the Empire of the Dawn, and mothered from the Grass lands, last son of the Fisher Queen's.
  3. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Ok yea, definitely not right and just part of Nazi Propaganda lol Blonde hair and blue eyes is not exclusive, and the same group it originates from, has dark hair too, and red. Hitler just wishes there was such a pure race lmao The Aryan's your thinking of are part of the Iranian branch that based on old theories, covered all of Indo-Europeans. Not true. Indo-Europeans is the larger group and Indo-Iranians a sub group of Indo-Europeans located near Iran that traveled North. Hence the legend that some tribes of the North were not indeed, of the North. Tribes of Dan from Israel and groups descending from Brutus of Troy. Again though, all speculative. Genetics though would disagree, and so would linguistics and etymology. These same Aryan lovers also think some other horrid stuff lol That being said, yes there could be the ancestor is Essos, especially considering the Ghis now are red heads. Though we dont know who the original Ghiscari were. Interesting idea on the Dothraki, and language wise they show similarities to Valyria. I have speculated on a tie between them two but not by way of first men. Possible though. One would assume Azor was maybe brunette and his wife was blonde. That would make kids/tribes of each, dark, red hair, and blonde. Valyrian's practicing incest would help keep the blonde. Possible. With the Andals coming after Valyria had secured the blonde. Though i am curious who Orys's mother is. You'd think soon as they stopped incest, the dominant brunette would show it self again irregardless. Gene expression is messy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryan_race
  4. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Sorry, popping in while working so typing quick and generalizing a lil bit. As the blonde hair thing is a lil more complicated than either of us are explaining. But i do get your general point without derailing. I just think the Andals are not Blonde, and that there is no reason to believe they are. Unless they are Valyrian who likely came from the first men, every one else around them is brunette or Black hair. Rhoyne, Sarnor, Ib, the Dothraki, all have dark hair.
  5. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Sorry, im not counting the dark hair to lighter brown haired to sandy blonde Anglo-saxon with the blonde blue eyed Norwegian Vikings. Anglo Saxons did not look like the Vikings. Sorry. Celtic people had reddish hair. Germans have dark hair to lighter brown or sandy blonde. The Norwegians have blonde hair. The Danes are caught in between main land Germany and Norway on a little strip of land. No one in my German family has blonde hair except the Swiss sides. Most all my German friends would agree. According to you all of England should be blond and maybe red heads but no brunettes then? Most German's i know of Blonde hair come from the East near Berlin.
  6. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Anglo-saxon is german, who have dark hair. I think your thinking of the Nordic Vikings from Scandinavia that had the light colored hair and eyes. Only East Germany is known for blue eyes and light hair. I agree with Jova Snow on this. I think this is something we are led to believe, but based on clues, suggest otherwise. Just like the bit about First Men not building Round towers and it coming from Andals. Even though Andals show no signs of building round towers till coming to Westeros. Edit- Look up a picture of Alfred the Great of England. Edit Edit- Not everyyyy one is brunette of the West but predominately, especially back in the day. Polish on the other hand is very much blonde and blue eyes. My mom's side is Swiss (Oops correction, speaking only of her male side) German- Neuenschwander.
  7. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Oh no problems at all! There is still so much of other cultures im learning, i find asian history the hardest to learn just cause the names are hard for me to memorize haha grr Mostly all christian speculation though i believe. I dont believe the Jewish groups would agree with all of these legends or not. Not sure there. I think they would split with these myths at the point of the Spear of Destiny and that time period. Some of the European groups also dont share these same ideas and see their culture as being lost in the wake of these legends. That's where history gets interesting imo though. I wish so much more had been preserved of every bodies past so we knew more. And yes George has done an amazing job bridging legends and myths into a great story of his own!
  8. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    I began a long time ago trying to trace my own origins and have since had my Y chromosome tested, and want to test my X. My Y comes from Celtic while much of what i know of my X comes from Norse and Germanic tribes. I have studied migration routes of humans based off genes, along with language branches, mythology, Ice ages, primitive tools and the such. I find it all a very interesting subject. Especially the America's where all split off's seem to be meeting up.
  9. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Ill definitely have to check that out. I love history and myth and cultural views on their legends. A lot of what i talk of above obviously comes down through European legends and their attempts to link their rule back to the ancients. (Not quite sure how Rome ties back to Egyptian kings though yet, though they made this claim.) And i greatly find interesting the idea of Matriarchal vs Patriarchal lineages as x and y go unchanged down different paths. If one imagines a magical figure born of a special line xy and it being split to be re-united one day for great good or the such. Makes for great legends, historicity, and just good story telling. I speak on all of this openly with no particular religious view guiding my thoughts and with the utter most respect for every ones views. This is more of a theoretical idea that all legends are connected in some way as we all tie back to one man or woman. Adam and Eve. Which even science says is so, though through a slightly different picture. So in speaking about this mythological approach to literary free licence in a fantastical retelling of sorts. And that influence on Martin's novel. As he obviously doesn't let any one religion guide his world, and lets it be as richly layered as ours in as much as he can. Though the question of origins seems lingering still. Though i think Martin will leave his as vague as our own haha we arent meant to fully understand his as we dont understand our own in that context. Sorry if that seemed a lil rambling hahah There was an aspect of the mono-theism vs poly theism i left more vague in respects for all cultures but an interesting one none the less, especially when actually studying doctrine. Like sin and where your soul goes. A wonderful but touchy subject, understandably. And i greatly apologize if any of this seems offensive by comparing in this context, not my intent at all. These legends are very much alive in our world and though can be influence in much literature, should still be discussed respectfully
  10. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    Didn't mean to put this here, meant to edit above post but since it's here, ill continue the legend to England. So Rome who comes from Aenaeas, would eventually come North to England, possibly for gold, possibly for Tin (rare deposits in Europe) or just on Greek legends which named the Island Albion. Rome established rule against the Celtic kingdoms/tribes there till they pull out around 5-600Ad. Leading to the legend of Arthur and his magical sword Excalibur. (Not the sword in the stone according to all legends.) Excalibur comes from the Lady in the Lake. Depending upon legend, Arthur may have been a roman. Either way, he would be from the tribes of Dan according to legends. So what became of the sword made from the spear of destiny? Where did Excalibur come from. There are tales for each. Created from an Elf. Lost to some museum and wrapped in a gold band. Maybe one was the other. Where was the other sword possibly made from the same material as Roland's sword? Could the elf not have split the sword? Could not Excalibur be one of the swords? I often wonder how much history Martin has read and how much it has inspired him.
  11. AlaskanSandman

    Garth's Empire of the Dawn Family.

    A lot of information to read hahah we seem to differ a lil though in that my op was about the Gem Stone Emperors not being of Westeros. Except for the last son, the BloodStone Emperor, and his father Garth the Opal Emperor. Bloodstone Emperor going to war with Garth's new family in Westeros. Though this is just one interpretation. I could definitely be wrong and this is an are that Martin is more vague about. Some of the idea comes from biblical accounts and later cultural claims to certain ancient peoples. Now none can claim a line through jesus, but we do get the Danes, who are both listed as possibly one of the Lost tribes of Israel through Dan, or also linked to Troy through Brutus. One Frankish king was said to have a sword made from the spear of destiny that pierced Jesus, Charlemagne, who wielded Joyeuse. One of Charlemagne's descendants Gisela married Rollo. A Norse Viking, who's line would go on to conquer England and be the titular family in the War of the Roses. Charlemagne's paladin, Roland wielded Durendal, the sword of Hector from troy. (Joyeuse is also said to be made from this sword.- So one can imagine both swords were forged from the Spear of Destiny. The splitting of swords mirroring Ice in Asoiaf.) Troy is also responsible for the founding of the Celts as this line may be where the Danes come from also and the Danish cross looks very much celtic. Troy is also responsible for the founding of Rome through Aeneas and his descendants, Romulus and Remus. Rome who would eventually go to conquer England and build Hadrin's Wall that our story is wrapped around by way of the Ice Wall of Westeros (England in our story). Now this is a long way of telling you how the tribes of Dan are possibly connected to Troy and the Celts. Based on geography of Troy and possibility of the Tribes of Israels dispersion through out the western half of the Middle-East. (One would have to assume though that the tribes of Dan gave up their semetic language from the Afro-asiatic branch and spoke the language of the people of the North who speak the Proto-Indo-European languages. Perhaps the tribes of Dan merged with the tribes of Brutus? Fantastical history through myth merged with real history? This is important to what im saying about Garth though. The Twelve tribes is where Jesus comes from. From the Clan of Judah. (interestingly the 12 tribes of Irael and the 12 tribes of Arabs come from the same line. The 12 tribes of Arabs is where Babylon and Zoroastrianism comes from. Both tribes coming from Abraham's sons Isaac and Ishmael. This is interestingly as Abraham is where Mono-Theism comes from. The tribes of Judah being one which would represent the Gem Stone family of old, where as the tribe of Dan would represent Garth who left and ended up in Westeros. Now all branches tie back to Adam and the Tree of Knowledge from which the Forbidden fruit comes from. (A hardwood tree as it bears fruit rather than acorns). Which leads me into Manna, which leads to the path of the Philosophers stone and it's ability to transmute metals and more. Sounds almost like the Black stone/Obsidian from Asoiaf and the guilds of Alchemist like the Maesters and such. Edit-Forgot to mention that these groups mentioned all come from the son's of Noah. Shem is the Jews and Arabs through Abrahams's sons. Ham is where the Egyptians come from. And through Joseph is where the Trojans-Romans-Danes-Franks and Greeks come from by way of the Greek Titan Lepetos. (Apparently the ancient line used to be giants or titans). So this is the Empire of the Dawn family at its root more or less.
  12. AlaskanSandman

    Martins history or Tolkiens?

    I like prefer over which is better, as they are vastly different in approach, style, theology, philosophy, and tone. To the scale of who's work is harder to replicate, Tolkien all the way. Its one thing give a small story like Azor or the Last Hero, as a semi history or legend, but another to create the actual mythic world of Tolkien with languages and poetry and more that help to build something very unique. It would be interesting to get a world as rich as Tolkien's with legends saying one thing from the ancient races, and legends of humans saying something else. Not that Martin can't do this, but seems rather against what he wants. Would be cool to hear from the CotF though the history as they know it. Feanor (Spirit of Fire- love that) though will forever be my favorite character. Sorry George. The Great Epic from the Two Trees' to the Silmarilli, to the kin strife and re-entry into Arda to wage war on Melkor was just epic. And Feanor going down fighting an army of Balrog's which are of the same order as Gandalf, being of the Maiar. Just bad ass.
  13. That's an interesting question. Probably just some whore though. No good guess honestly. Maybe some dragon seed left over by some previous Targaryen. Or just some pretty girl. Glad Tyrion didn't sleep with her though hahaha
  14. I definitely think there is a good chance that she is Tywin's daughter and that he is the hand that had the passage built to the Brothel. Or at least took advantage of it.