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  1. AlaskanSandman

    Martins history or Tolkiens?

    I like prefer over which is better, as they are vastly different in approach, style, theology, philosophy, and tone. To the scale of who's work is harder to replicate, Tolkien all the way. Its one thing give a small story like Azor or the Last Hero, as a semi history or legend, but another to create the actual mythic world of Tolkien with languages and poetry and more that help to build something very unique. It would be interesting to get a world as rich as Tolkien's with legends saying one thing from the ancient races, and legends of humans saying something else. Not that Martin can't do this, but seems rather against what he wants. Would be cool to hear from the CotF though the history as they know it. Feanor (Spirit of Fire- love that) though will forever be my favorite character. Sorry George. The Great Epic from the Two Trees' to the Silmarilli, to the kin strife and re-entry into Arda to wage war on Melkor was just epic. And Feanor going down fighting an army of Balrog's which are of the same order as Gandalf, being of the Maiar. Just bad ass.
  2. That's an interesting question. Probably just some whore though. No good guess honestly. Maybe some dragon seed left over by some previous Targaryen. Or just some pretty girl. Glad Tyrion didn't sleep with her though hahaha
  3. I definitely think there is a good chance that she is Tywin's daughter and that he is the hand that had the passage built to the Brothel. Or at least took advantage of it.
  4. If Alysanne didn't cheat, then her mother or someone before her had to have. Yes Alyssa, i was typing quick and had Saera stuck on my head but knew it wasn't her haha Aerys and Joanna theories usually include either Tyrion most oftly, or Jamie and Cersei. Though i thought TWOIAF made only Tyrion possible. Ill have to read more to build any theory though. I am watching the Lannisters though as it's hinted the Gold of the West would be the Doom of Valyria, and it takes alot of gold to hire the faceless men, who brought the gift to the Masters and are alluded to have brought the doom. Then the Lannisters also had a hard time receiving a Valryian sword, having to pay a lot for one. Then there was the Lannister who lost the sword sailing to Valyria. Throw in the Lannisters wanting dragons during Rhaena's stay, and im definitely intrigued.
  5. AlaskanSandman

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Jaehaerys and his mother Alyssa remind me of Edward the 3rd of House Plantagenet and his mother Isabella who married a marcher lord and had her husband murdered. She was the She Wolf of France
  6. That makes more sense of Bran's fire vision while waiting for Meera in the Cave after Br shows him a bunch of tree visions. Wouldn't that be considered odd though that the Starks and Targaryen's have the same powers? Since im assuming Br's Blackwood side gives him the tree powers, not the fire powers. Or is that not right?
  7. You changed this up so ill have to reread again haha but im curious your thoughts on how maybe House Mormont picked up a Valyrian name like Maege? Martin has suggested Ae means a Valyrian in the family tree, though Elio is possibly countering this (though not giving much info on how or why he is countering what Martin has said in interview). My theory was Alysanne. So im curious with your ideas of Jacaerys if you see how the Mormonts may fit in. Or if they are part of some other picture.
  8. Yea im going to need to go through with a pen and make a lot of notes hahaha Jaesin is some one of interest to me. Especially given that one of Alysanne's kids have a green eye and black eye, possibly coming down from Rhaenys. Though the Lord that protected Rhaena was greatly interested in a union and dragons. As Martin says in the interview in the Op. AE suggest a Valryian in the family tree. Here is another interview about GRRM talking about his naming of Characters and again mentions the ae inflection as being Valyrian. Though i am curious about his suffix ending Eon, yen, yon.
  9. Hahaha i know how you feel. I was suspecting Alysanne of something similar but to do with the Starks, dating back to older unions such as Bael and the Stark maid. There was a repetition it seemed in the bride stealing. Plus Grrm had laid other clues back as far as Rogue Prince about Jaehaerys fighting at the Wall with dragons. Would've like to hear that story haha but oh well's. Nice to see some one else was seeing something similar, even if different in who did the deed. Not quite to the Dance yet in the books so ill have to get back with you on your new theory
  10. AlaskanSandman

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    Agreed, i just think coming to this conclusion isn't attainable by looking at one person's view and excepting that. Cat and maybe Yandel date Andals at 6k. True Histories at 4k (What i assume Yandel actually follows) or Denestan at 2k and other clues we have been given like the Vale wars etc. Yandel seems to side with Maester Gyldane though, who puts Brandon the Burner at thousands of years ago. So clearly we disagree with Yandel, Glydane, and True Histories. Imo
  11. AlaskanSandman

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    Again i think your confusing this. Manderly's clearly state that Brandon the Burner was hundreds of years ago, while they came North 1300 years ago. And i know those dates you cited are contradicted by other people else where. Are they contradicted by the same people citing them though? You seem to be lumping every ones perceived views on time in the novel into one. Edit- Just because the citadel has been around for a while doesn't mean Qyburn is wrong. Science has been around for a while, didn't mean the romans and greeks dissected and documented as Michaengelo did. Hence why his work is so important. Other wise they might still fixing you guided by the four humors. Why would Targaryen's need to perform incest before the Doom? Specially with other dragon riding families in existence? They wed Velaryon's who weren't dragon riders before they lost their dragons. So why not just fore go banging your sister and choose from one of the many dragon families? Edit again. - I just want to re-stress that yes i know one person says something while another says something else. Now if Qyburn turned around and countered him self, that would be different. But using other peoples work to counter some one who obviously doesn't agree with that person's work doesn't in and of it self make that person wrong, as in Qyburn's case.
  12. AlaskanSandman

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    Sorry was typing quick while working. Double checked my self and Yandel never fully states. Closest is stating Ghis having fell 5k years ago. Implying that the Andals had came already before Ghis fell, and that next to fall were the Rhoynar. He does bring up the Bracken Blackwood feud but doesn't cite its start or any other Maester speculation. So i could be wrong and @@Ran is more than welcome to clarify where Yandel see's the Andal Invasion. Edit- Pulling added info. Not sure what the Blackwoods actually believe but they cite the Andals at 4k according to True Histories, and only 2k from Denestan. Again, just speculating, but Yandel seems to favor Gyldane and true history.
  13. AlaskanSandman

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    That's not Yandel's history though. Yandel never states when the Maesters put the Manderly's. Also i dont see why Yandel would put Theon at 2k years ago when Yandel seems to be on the side of the Andals invading 4k years ago. I dont see Theon waiting that long to make his attack in this time line. Theon's attack would be closer to when the Andals were actually launching their ships and his attack would have proved effective. If they've already stopped sailing, then your just an a-hole attacking people for no reason. Edit- Correction. TWOIAF simply states some 1000 years before the conquest for Manderly's. While characters from asoiaf give us more specific dates or alter dates.
  14. AlaskanSandman

    Brandon the Shipwright and Brandon the Burner

    To me it's clear that Yandel sides with the dates in Blue and Black as he seems to side with True History. As such, he likely believes the Andals came 4k years ago with Theon being closer to 4k years ago rather than 2k years ago when they seem to be dating Brandon the Burner. As such, they would date the War across the Waters as beginning around 4k years ago and ending roughly 3k years ago, with Manderly's likely receiving it (Unsure where the Maesters date this as all mentioned dates come from non Maesters). It May be that the maesters still date the Manderly's under 2k years ago. Either way. The North still had ships in this time line to fight that war. I bet they also place Bear Island going to the Mormonts before Brandon the Burner too. This again though, is just one proposed time line by our author and his in world characters. Denestan halves it all but seems to not be favored by Yandel.