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  1. theShe_wolf

    Unrequited Love

    Cersei- Rhaegar Jon con- Rhaegar Robert- Lyanna Dany - Jorah
  2. House Targeryan. Baratheons Tully starks arryn lannisters had their chance thinking arrogantly they could do better and now the westeros is in chaos with the war for the dawn 2.0 approaching. The gods gave them a great guy to prepare them but sadly they smashed his chest. They need need the targs now.
  3. theShe_wolf

    lust or love regarding R+L

    They were in love. They were selfish, that doesnt change it but they were totally totally in love. It obvious with him dying with "Lyanna" on his lips and her clutching those dead black roses that he gave her. And it was not prophecy and him being older and hotter and manipulating, imo. There was something else going on, we dont know. But if your asking the simple question about love or lust, its love. P.s why do so many ppl think he's "prophecy obsessed" and wants a "visenya"? Theres no evidence for it.
  4. theShe_wolf

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    House Targeryan ftw! They are cool, they are great, they have dragons and even when they dont have dragons they are still cool. Westeros should be thankful for HT. Once Targeryan went out to get themselves some dragons again, westeros fell into chaos. Ppl of westeros should be begging on their knees for them to be back cause only they (jon and dany) can save them now.
  5. theShe_wolf

    The lie of a love story

    Ah agree so much with this. As much as i love R and L there is no denying that they were selfish. In love but selfish. I can also see Elia deep inside knowing that Rhaegar didnot love her and after the tourney of Harenhall realising that her husband is in love with another girl. Because though Rhaegar didnot ran off after at least a year, he probly already was smitten/intrigued/ maybe in love. Poor Elia.