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  1. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    Yes, I sometimes get a grey box as well. But a simple reload of the page has always solved the issue for me.
  2. Swordofmorning

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Har, he wouldn't make Stannis his Hand and you think he would give him the throne he won. As to the OP, No, I wouldn't prefer if Rhaegar won becoz then we wouldn't have this great story that we love so much.
  3. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

  4. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    Is there any chance we xan get the "My Content" opton back Nvm
  5. Swordofmorning

    Official Testing Thread

  6. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    Yes, Ran it is working again. I am posting this from my mobile( through chrome ) Its great, I won't have to sign in from the god awful tapatalk now.
  7. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    The mobile site still isn't working for me. Till yesterday, UC Browser was working but that also isn't working now. I have tried signing in from Chrome, UC and Firefox and all show me the same message > . So, I am signing in from Tapatalk which looks weird now that I am used to the site and it is slower than the site . Also, the posts have numbers on them on tapatalk. Edit - Fixed the img link
  8. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    That might be becoz when the poster posted that he may have signed in anonymously
  9. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    Whenever I post in a topic, a gap of a line is created between words or even letters. It is fine when i am typing but after I submit the post the gap is created. Like in this post - There appears to be a gap of a line between "bu and t". Is it just becoz i am operating the forum on a mobile?
  10. Swordofmorning

    Board Issues 4

    The post count, status update and notification issue all have been solved. Tacking each issue one by one is working great