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  1. Didn't the Lannisters already prove their loyalty towards the Baratheons by sacking King's Landing and killing Aerys and his grandchildren. Also wouldn't this send the wrong message to the Dornish that the Lannisters are being rewarded for their crimes against Elia and her children.
  2. We know that Cregan Stark wanted to destroy all the Houses that supported the Green faction but would he have succeeded in destroying Great Houses like Baratheon, Lannister and Hightower
  3. Why didn't Robert denounce House Lannister for their crimes in King's Landing? Atleast why didn't he order an investigation into the deaths of Elia Martell and her children to appease the Dornish?
  4. What happened to the remains of Elia Martell and her children? Did the rebels atleast have the decency to return return her remains to Dorne?
  5. To forgive the Lannisters it sets a very dangerous precedent that anyone who back stabs the Targaryens can get away with it. The Starks have done this multiple times with House frost, house Greystark and the warg and Marsh kings. The Boltons are a prime example of why you do not leave loose ends.
  6. I think most of the people are getting the wrong impression of Rickard Stark's Southron ambition. I don't think Rickard was planning on disposing or even opposing the Targaryens, I think he was trying to get close to the Targaryens by forming bonds and alliances with traditional Targaryen Loyalists. Let's look at Rickard allies ; 1.House Baratheon - His daughter Lyanna Stark was betrothed to Robert Baratheon the heir to Stormlands and whose dad Steffon Baratheon was BFF's and chummy with the King Aerys who was also his cousin. 2.House Tully - Now house Tully (before that wretched disgusting weasel slime Hoster Tully decided to betray the Targaryens ) was one of the most fierce and loyal supporters of House Targaryen, they were even considered worthy enough to marry into the Targaryens. Rickard son and heir Brandon was supposed to marry the eldest daughter of that weasel Hoster Tully. 3 House Arryn - House Arryn was one of the more traditional Targaryen allies and all Targaryens have a bit of Vale blood from Aemma Arryn mother of Rhaenyra Targaryen. He decides to send his second son Eddard Stark to the Vale to foster with Jon Arryn a respected high lord and Statesman (I think Jon Arryn had a bit of Targaryen blood because I think he's a descendant of one of Aegon V sisters we don't who they married but I have a strong hunch she was married of to an Arryn ). Now who is also fostered with Ned it's Robert and they were encouraged to become as close as brothers. 4.House Lannister - Lysa Tully was supposed to marry Jaime Lannister who was the son of Tywin Lannister the hand of the king and one of Aerys childhood friends. So this has to mean something since the Tullys and Starks would have already bound together by Brandon and Catelyn's engagement. I think Rickard was born during the harsh winter in which Aegon V sent food and supplies to the North despite much opposition in the south. I think Rickard saw that the North could not be in insolation much longer and he decided to go all out in his alliances with the south. In hopes to curry favor with the Targaryens by forming alliances with Targaryen Loyalists houses. If Aerys didn't go full ape shit on Brandon and Rickard, I think there was a good chance that Robert's and Lyanna daughter would have been married to Aegon Vi and would have become his queen. So if this scenario happened then there would have been a future king with Baratheon /Stark and Targaryen blood (Blood of ice and fire with a mix of the blood of storm kings potent stuff. )
  7. After the Sack of King's Landing why didn't Robert call a great Council and legitimate his rule? He had 5 of the 7 Kingdoms with him ? Didn't anyone else like Tywin, Jon Arryn and Hoster Tully think of this since they had a political mindset?
  8. Ghidorah ( Legendary's Monsterverse Ghidorah) was slumbering beneath the fourteen flames, the volcano's in Old Valyria. Probably woke him up, and just his moving caused the Destruction of Valyria . He is the Dragon God. The proprietor of all dragons Sensing the awakening of dragons by Daenerys he wakes from his slumber and goes to Daenerys. Sensing that Daenerys is special they form a special bond (King Ghidorah has unquestionable loyalty towards Dany). Daenerys forms a special bond with Ghidorah and she uses him as her mount/dragon. Now with the might King Ghidorah and three dragons she has to conquer the Seven Kingdoms united under the Usurper Robert Baratheon (In this scenario Jon Arryn still hasn't found about Jamie and Cersei and he's alive) Could Dany conquer a united Westeros under Robert Baratheon? How would the Seven Kingdoms react to a Titan like King Ghidorah? Which of the houses will support a Targaryen restoration since half of westeros hated the Targaryens during Robert's Rebellion? Daenerys lands in Dorne and with the help lf the Martells she has to Conquer the entire continent? Could she be able to do it and rule over Westeros? How would she punish the Houses that lead to the destruction of her House and her Childhood? Especially how would she punish the Lannister since they utterly betrayed House Targaryen for no reason and it led to the death of her Father and killed her brother's wife and niece and nephew?
  9. Which is the older house among House Stark and House Gardener ?
  10. After Robert had killed Rhaegar and after the Sack of King's Landing, Why didn't the Stags offer mercy to the Dragons and offer them Dragonstone? Since the Targaryens offer the Baratheons mercy multiple times in the past (Ex. Rogar Baratheon, Borros Baratheon and Lyonel Baratheon) and were very lenient with them? Where the Baratheons ungrateful to the Targaryens and made undue advantage of the Targaryen leniency?
  11. Is daenerys justified in seeking revenge against houses Lannister/ Baratheon for how brutally they killed her good sister, niece and nephew. And how they would've killed any targaryen they could have got their hands on?
  12. Did Tywin intend to get rid of the Targaryens like the Reyne and Tarbeck to make a power play or did he just want to show his new allegiance and Loyalty to the Rebels?
  13. Suppose if Daenerys invaded Westeros when Robert was alive with her 3 dragons and armies and won. How should she punish the people who made her life miserable and destroyed her family? How should she deal with Ned and House Stark Hoster Tully Stannis Baratheon and Renly Jon Arryn Hoster Tully, Brynden Tully and Edmure Tully And finally the Evil Tywin Lannister and his brood?
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