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  1. Were the Targaryens considered enemy of the state after Robert's Rebellion ? Would Viserys and Danerys be executed if they ever reach Westeros ?
  2. Did the targaryens lose their Power base in westeros after Robert's Rebellion, since they lost everything after Robert's Rebellion including their ancestral seat dragonstone and their castle the red keep. Many houses hated the targaryens after the rebellion including 5 of the 7 Kingdoms.
  3. After Robert's Rebellion did the targaryen name still carry weight and respect in westeros after the targaryens were disposed and exiled and 5 of the 7 Kingdoms hated the targaryens ?
  4. I was wondering would the reach support viserys if he landed with a sellsword army in westeros against Robert since the reach faught for the targaryens during Robert's Rebellion ?
  5. Was aegon the Conqueror to generous with the westrosi lords ? I think he was to generous.
  6. Why did the lords support aerys, everyone knew he was mad, so why did anyone bother to support the targaryens? why didn't they just support the rebellion and dispose the mad King ?
  7. Why did Hoster Tully betray the targaryens ? Why did he fight against the targaryens who made House Tully lord paramounts ? Why did he risk to fight for the Baratheons ?
  8. After the mad King called for the heads of ned and Robert, why did jon arryn raise his banners for ned and Robert ? Why couldn't he just send Ned and Robert to their respective Kingdoms and let them fight the mad king ? Why did he risk his life and his kingdom ? Why did he take such a risk ?
  9. What if viserys and daenerys were captured after the death of William Darry and brought to Westeros ? Would Robert spare them or will he have them executed ?
  10. I was wondering why didn't any targaryen loyalists try to help viserys and daenerys in their exile ? Why did they allow Viserys and Daenerys to be exiled and beg for basic stuff like food and shelter ?
  11. I was wondering what if dany was born second instead of Viserys and she has acquired her 3 dragons, unsullied and dothraki armies and invades westeros during Robert's reign (eg 293 AC). Which houses would support her ? Would she win ?
  12. So what would happen if doran and oberyn martell went to Robert and demanded justice for the murder of elia and her children? Would they get justice or would Robert just brush them aside?
  13. Why didn't Jon Arryn condemn or punish the lannisters for their crimes like jaime killing the king or the murder of elia and her children aegon and rhaenys. Was he truly an honorable man as ned thinks of him. Couldn't he have persuaded Robert to give a little punishment to the lannister ?
  14. What if Viserys landed in westeros during Robert's reign (295 AC) with a sellsword army. We know that there were many houses loyal to the targaryens like house darry, house connignton,house moonton, house tyrell etc. Would they rise for Viserys or would they fight for the Baratheons.