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  1. When Tywin Lannister presented the bodies of Rhaegar's wife and children did he feel relieved or disgusted? Was he really an honorable man as Ned thinks as he arranged the marriage between Robert and Cersei ?
  2. Did Tywin's decisions like the red wedding, Rains of Castamere, sack of kings landing etc cause long term negative effects on Westeros ?
  3. What would happen if some peasant or minor lord or a hedge knight were to raise the targaryen banner when Robert was king? What if they raised the targaryen banner in a tourney that Robert attended?
  4. How were the Targaryens viewed in universe, in westeros and essos?
  5. Was Stannis ordered to kill the remaining Targaryens? Would his sense of justice have allowed him to kill a defenseless mother and her children?
  6. Who are the pre Valyrians and where did they come from?
  7. Why didn't Robert try to hunt down Viserys and Daenerys or at least try to put a bounty on their heads? He knew they were a threat to the Baratheon dynasty, He knew of their ware abouts, so why didn't he try to get rid of them earlier?
  8. The starks will be supported by their loyal bannermen and the arryns too have loyal bannermen
  9. Dany invades westeros when Robert is king. Jon Arryn and Ned Stark are still alive (they don't find about cersei's children). Dany still has an army of 100,000 dothraki and 8000 unsullied and 3 dragons (they're final season size).How will the coalition of Baratheon/Stark/Lannister/Arryn/Tully deal with her ? Who will the reach side with? How many lords will flock to the targaryen banners once again?
  10. During the rebellion why did the rebels reward the lannisters by sparing Jaime and giving Cersei a royal marriage ? Why did they let Tywin Lannister and his henchmen get away with their crimes, couldn't they atleast execute Gregor and amory lorch ? Wouldn't it taint Robert's throne and the rebels cause with the murder of innocent mother and children ?
  11. How did Viserys and Daenerys survive after being thrown out of the house with the red door, since they basically had nothing ? Who helped them ? Where they really struggling for food and shelter ? Weren't they helped by the archons and triarchs of Essos ?
  12. What did the nobles of westeros think of house targaryen after Robert's Rebellion, especially about the exiled viserys and daenerys ? What did people like margaery tyrell, renly baratheon, arianne martell etc, think of house targaryen after Robert rebellion. What did each Great house think of the house targaryen ?
  13. How would asoiaf change if aerys only had daughters ?
  14. Was the rebellion against the targaryens justified ? Why did the rebels have to destroy the entire targaryen dynasty ? Couldn't Jon Arryn negotiate with Aerys ?
  15. Was rebellion inevitable against the targaryens ? If Robert rebellion hadn't then maybe another rebellion would have been faught to bring down the targaryen dynasty ?
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