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  1. My own experience was I quite enjoyed doing MDMA in my very late teens and early 20s when going to clubs, it was great fun, I also liked coke occasionally too not so much with clubbing though but if you were going out to a bar with friends and drinking it was pretty nice, lost interest in taking drugs or drinking by the time I got to 25/26 except for some very rare occasions, I'm now 33 and have two young children, the thought of being drunk or high is completely unappealing to me.
  2. Hey , our family is good, mini sith 2 was 1 in Febuary!, I'm still struggling a lot with depression but it's a battle I'm winning at least, I hope you, sister and the dogs are good!.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60rwfXJyCyg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToQ0n3itoII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ju8xO_Zvfo
  4. Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing as ok as you can be in these crappy times , Rhae I hope you feel better . Sorry I haven't really felt like posting much or being around I will try harder I promise!.
  5. Hello everyone, I thought I’d better come and say hello and wish you all a happy Christmas/holidays I hope you have all managed to stay healthy and strong both in body and mind and here’s to a better 2021!.
  6. I’ve not been on here for a while, I’ve been struggling with depression rearing it’s head again for the entire year not to mention anxiety. At times I feel like the only reason I haven’t given up hope is because of my two amazing daughters they’ve been the only thing keeping me on a slightly even keel in a sea of despair and negativity, not to mention my wife, she has been so supportive and understanding and all I can feel is I’ve been a disappointment to her.
  7. Hello, sorry I've been quite busy, both Mini Siths are doing well, Mini Sith 2 is starting teething though :(.
  8. An Anthony Jackson vibe is no bad thing to aim for!, my favourite bass player is Peter Hook . You’ll have it nailed in a few months I’m sure . Speaking as someone who’s played guitar and piano for over 20 years I don’t think you ever stop learning, learning an instrument is an incredibly rewarding,sometimes frustrating experience and I hope you enjoy it and wish you the best of luck with it, it can also be quite an expensive past time, I dread to think of the amount I’ve spent on guitars, amps and effects over the years.
  9. Sorry to hear about your heartache, I hope you are feeling a bit better now . I’m glad you’re enjoying starting out with the bass, I always get teased by my friend who plays it when I play his because I use a pick and he makes fun of me for playing it like a guitarist, which is kind of expected but he finds it funny nonetheless. Hopefully we’ve got the next Flea in the making!. I have to do some instrument tinkering this weekend, I’ve got a Stratocaster which has started developing a habit of snapping the high E string ALL the time .
  10. Aw Buck don’t feel too sad about not getting those jobs, I think you are perfect to be a teacher!. My gran very kindly has taken the kids for the weekend, well she was overjoyed to spend some time with them, other mrs Sith has also booted her sister out for the Weekend so we have the house to ourselves for two whole days, last night I had a full,uninterrupted 8 hours sleep AND I got breakfast in bed, I feel very special and spoiled right now, it has been a nice lift for my mental health too.
  11. China is not having much luck at the moment, first Covid and now they’re concerned about a plague outbreak. I know this is mostly media overhype and it isn’t a huge threat like it was 100s of years ago due to the advent of antibiotics and much more sanitary living conditions but it’s still not good!.
  12. I went running again today and I do feel a bit better for it . I can sing ok and have no trouble hitting those notes, they’re actually easier than lower register ones for me, I just can’t sound as good as him .
  13. We’re ok at the moment, the kids are keeping us busy and I’m having good and bad days but getting through. I managed to get motivated enough to go for a run yesterday which helped my mood and today I felt in the mood to do some music practice which I haven’t for a while, I’ve got a new lullaby to work on for mini Sith 2, sadly I can’t sing that well though .
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