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  1. Hanging men in trees is not necessarily sacrificing innocents; and feeding the trees with blood. Likely, they were true criminals. And it was more a traditional punishment than a human sacrifice. With no expectation of a reward in exchange. I've no doubt that some maesters sent to the north made a duty of recording the ramblings of old women. The Citadel must be full of such books. Anyway, there are certainly some truths in them. The north was (is) not without men like Varamyr or the Weeper, or Ramsay and skinners of his kind. But it doesn't mean that the Starks and the larger part of the population were (are) that bloody and insane. As for the Others. Apparently they are back only recently. So I don't think it was usual practice to give them babies. Maybe Craster was glad to have them taking the boys. So it would not be kinslaying. But nothing else in exchange.
  2. Yes. He expected Winterfell would yield to him without a fight. And he would return the castle to the Starks once he had the ironborn with him. No harm done. Or minimum. Back to Robb's plan.
  3. She doesn't seem in control. She is just sharing her dreams. It's not a penance. I don't see it that way. Theon has nothing to repay to Bran. But maybe he will feel better if he thinks he can help him. It's just in fact to help Theon rebuild himself. Some of the crimes were Theon's. Maybe he could have explained that his taking of Winterfell was not for real. That it was for impressing his father and convincing him that he was not acting in the Stark interest. That he was true Ironborn. That everyone had to take the mummers show. It would not have worked. And it went worse and worse. Please don't drop at Theon's feet what are Ramsay's crimes. Even if Theon made the mistake of believing him. Who would believe that of Reek? This I believe saved Bran from the Boltons. Ramsay if not Roose later. And put him on his way to Bloodraven.
  4. I don't think Jon will follow that road. Something along that. We need to know more about what the Others want. And why they return. I believe we need to meet their conditions. Because they cannot be defeated. And otherwise everyone will die. It is, I believe, as in the Yi Ti legends: "came forth in all his wroth to punish the wickedness of men". Given the current situation, I feel there is indeed need of punishing some wickedness. Whether he is restored by the Others because he is the promised prince, or otherwise, he must come to an agreement with them. Otherwise, it is the end of humankind. The current cycle of violence and atrocities will end, one way or another.
  5. It doesn't have to be permanent. Maybe just at times, before a weirwood. As guilty as he feels, I'm not sure Theon would feel bad about it. Maybe a necessary service, as part of his redemption. Which he doesn't need (not toward Bran anyway). He just saved him by forcing him to flee Winterfell and go to BR.
  6. If that was that easy, Tatters would have done it with his sellswords. He will need Dany's armies. On her way to Westeros or after. A promise she may be reluctant to honor. Even if it's for her dear Daario. IMO, Barristan overreach, there. It would disturb the alliances between the cities and trigger another large war. Unless Dany also expects to conquer Essos?
  7. I suppose Jon will have to deal with Ramsay. But I don't think it will be at Winterfell. The Dreadfort maybe. Stannis will have taken back Winterfell (mostly the work of Northmen though, and their mummer's show). Ramsay will have killed his father during the confusion, and fled. For this particular task, and some alike, I would not mind Jon to be accompanied by the Others.
  8. I'm sure there have been. But so minor, no one talks about it. And as brutal as they are, I'm sure the masters found ways to make it regret to anyone actively or passively contributing or witnessing it. To serve as a lesson.
  9. And have the rest of Essos against them? It would need to be all cities. And then it would collapse, like Astapor.
  10. Yes. The the Yunkai's commanders. I feel GRRM should have written them more believable. They are ludicrous (with the exception of Yezzan zo Qaggaz). Astapor's Kraznys mo Nakloz was better done.
  11. Would you think Hizdahr zo Loraq is totally black? With no hint of wanting good for Meereen? I don't say a good guy. I just say no worse than Tywin. Or whoever else.
  12. I said there was unspeakable things. I didn't say it was good. But when the system is Institutionalised, as you said, the problem is deeper than a few bad guys. My point was mainly that feudalism is not much better. Both in term of freedom and of way of living when lords decide to do their wars
  13. Gregor is the one I don't see any excuse for what he is. And he is not the only knight in this case. Ramsay was a bastard and he had to fight to get a better share. Fight dirty, the way he was taught. Not that it excuses a lot. For the masters, slavery is the rule, from the Free Cities to Ashai. From the Dawn of history to now. Why question the system? Of course, there are things unspeakable, like the unsullied or maiming slaves. But are some lords of Westeros better? There are bad and good masters. I don't put Westeros' feudalism that much above
  14. I think so. Even in the best case scenario. Roose is not Ned. He would not teach the same values. In no way he seems to disapprove Ramsay murderous attitude. Even against himself or his children to come.
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