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  1. BalerionTheCat

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    For Jaime, I don't know. But I had this theory in the past, before discovering A+J=C&J.: The Red Keep cat mystery. Could be simpler now. Because Aegon V wife was Betha Blackwood. Rhaenys will be the 3rd head. The last drop of evidence is both the cat and Myrcella missing an ear. Not definite a proof. But a strong clue none the less. Give me examples, Father/Mother and Son/Daughter beheaving like crazed Targaryens. LOL Tyrion clues are weak. Every smart guy would want a dragon. Particularly one abused and wanting revenge. Other evidences? I didn't use Tyrion references, for Cersei et Joffrey: Or the fire, Tyrion feared the Wildfire, Cersei was mad with it. Burning the Tower of the Hand: Or Genna's words: Not literal, but... Jaime has Lanister blood. But Tyrion is the ONE 100% Tywin"s. And sometimes words have more meaning that the teller intended.
  2. BalerionTheCat

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    The tunnel was quite possibly dug for Tywin. But what's the point of visiting his wife in a Brothel? Any other house would suffice (or a different house each time). None the less, either Tywin went to Casterly Rock. Or she came to KL. Tywin was the Hand. I imagine it was not common for him (or any Hand) to leave KL. Joanna going to KL is more likely. If so, either man could then be the father. I'm also convinced of A+J=C&J. It has sufficient evidences for me. Cersei and Joffrey mental state, much like some Targaryens. The Valonqar word and Jaime, Cersei's only true brother. Aerys last command to Jaime: "Bring me your father’s head, if you are no traitor."
  3. BalerionTheCat


    I don't really care for GOT now. The NK was the point where I completely disbelieved D&D telling. GOT didn't end very far from where I was expecting. But everything was wrong. The LN reduced to nothing. King Bran coming from nowhere. The villains died. But it felt empty. Like Cersei, just waiting the end at her window. No reason why the Good vanquish against the Evil. I believe the book Others will be the gods' punishment for the evils of men. I believe GRRM's end will not be void of meaning. I was and remain a fan of the books. The series, I just forget now.
  4. BalerionTheCat

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    Maybe. Jon is the Frodo of the story. I believe his death means he will be different. Something not dying. Like the Waif. Maybe like Melisandre, as some believe. The watcher on the walls. Maybe for as long as the legendary Empire of Dawn. Doesn't seem to go well with a wife and a family.
  5. BalerionTheCat

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    Was it better with Joffrey or Cersei or Daenerys? These wanted to be king or Queen. All were unfit. But their ambitions did great harm. BTW, it was Cersei, not Robert who started the shitstorm.
  6. BalerionTheCat

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    They built Jon as the promised prince. Putting his people before his pride and ambitions. But nonetheless the true heir, if that matter for some. Loved by people, contrary to Daenerys. Of unquestioned integrity. Ready to sacrifice himself by the end, to save the kingdom from a tyrant. And we get what? Someone who never did anything to help. Who doesn't care about anything. And who can take control of any one body. Who knew in advance he would be king. The new Warg King the Starks fought during the Age of Legends. And with nothing forshadowing it:
  7. BalerionTheCat

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    This is quite possible IMO. But Dany would not be Nymeria. She would not marry a Martell. Then conquer the remaining rebel houses with him. Aegon failed because he had no qualms burning armies on the battlefield. But he stopped at burning cities and non-fighting people. To conquer Dorme, Daenerys will need to scorch everything. Maybe she will. If pushed by Dothrakis, red priests and sellswords... The Fire counterpart of the Ice threat.
  8. Ramsay will not last. Even without the NK or Cersei's fall, Ramsay will have soon everyone nostalgic of the Starks. If only winter, like Tywin was expecting. Ned's daughter, mother of next lord Stark would find exile in the Vale, or many other great houses. Her Blood still has value.
  9. Possibly, but unlikely. I don't think LF was in the business by then. But someone else was working on making a mess of the Targaryen's dynasty: Varys. And no doubt he was looking closely on Rhaegar.
  10. BalerionTheCat

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    Maybe GRRM, in his gardener style, had planned something for Tyrek. But then it came thru Lancell. And now Tyrek is left unanswered. One MIA. One to talk about without ever having the answer. One of these famous "red-herrings"?
  11. BalerionTheCat

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    The riddle about a king, a priest, a rich man, and a sellsword, is at the center of it: You get the masters you deserve. By greed or love for violence, you let monsters such as Cersei or Ramsay rule over you. You serve them and you take their money. When you should kill them! Why are you letting such people rise so high? Crush them like parasites when they are still thugs with no power!
  12. BalerionTheCat

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    Reading ADWD, everyone was expecting to see Tyrion meeting Daenerys and help her in this Meeree's knot/pit. But it didn't happen. And in TWOW... GRRM to Entertainment Weekly: I wonder if Jon and Dany will not be the same. Anyway, IMO D&D removed Val to make sense of Jon+Dany. Jon would not fall in love with her, with Val around. Given Sansa and Daenerys bitching, I imagine adding Val must have been tempting.
  13. BalerionTheCat

    So what was the third "oh shit" moment?

    Really? Has he met enough women to really judge him? Where not Lady Catelyn and WF Sansa good cause for him to blame such women? BTW, I feel Val is more Sansa (after Cersei) than the warriors like Arya and Ygritte. A wildling. But much like a lady.
  14. BalerionTheCat


    OK. One could call red herring the stories about Jon's mother, Wylla, Ashara, the fisherman's daughter. But R+L=J is so much a "fact" for me , that I just see these stories as "talk of ignorant people about what they don't know". But how do you come to think Mance is Jon's father? Did Ned find a baby somewhere and claimed him for his own? Or was Mance at the ToJ with Lyanna? With Rhaegar's guards? Or are you of the "Mance is Rhaegar"?
  15. BalerionTheCat


    We all expect something nasty. But if Victarion dies, the horn is lost to Euron. I believe he expects Victarion will succeed. Then kill him to get the dragon for himself. Once bound to his blood. I also feel Moqorro is expecting to use Victarion against his brother. So I don't think anyone want Victarion dead right now. I don't think his Meereen's expedition will end like Quentyn's. The IB have no Gerris or Archibald to continue after his death. BTW, do we have examples of red herrings by GRRM? I was convinced all ADWD that Tyrion would come to Daenerys' help. But it didn't. With her coming back to the Dothrakis, the IB and the Red Priests seeking her, and the rise of Aegon, I'm not even sure it will ever happen. Here, the he dusky woman could be just that distraction.