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  1. Yeah. I'm sure GRRM told them something. But it was like explaining nuclear physics to a chicken. The result is not what you expected. The Children had greenseers, not kings.
  2. This is not new. Most of the evidences are in books 1/2. Just by Cersei and Joffrey Targaryens" craziness.
  3. The names of people and places are the same. So yes, it's an adaptation. But not much more. Not enough for me to see the show and think "spoiler". Even if a few things were matching my understanding of the books. Exactly. By who? I don't think GRRM confirmed it. Anyway D&D kept so little of magic and Old Gods, and Bran is so much of that, that this part, as many believe, make no sense. The state of Westeros at the end of the show, the kingdom itself, make no sense.
  4. The story has plenty of villains. Some are just wretches without quality or excuse. Ramsays, Aerys (his last years), Janos Slynt, Walder Frey... Some have ambitious goals, calling for some grandness, but without mercy or empathy: Tywin, Little Finger, Euron... Some even believe, delude themselves, that the harm they cause now is for a better future.. While it's always their own power lust, their family, that drive them. Vary is one of them. He and Illirio have a great part in the chaos since Aerys' madness. I'm not sure how much they took advantage of events or created them. I believe not much happens in ASoIaF without a Why, without someone plotting it. This is part of why I love so much ASoIaF, why it is I believe so difficult to write. Each villain has his kind. But for the kind of "king making", yes, I believe Varys and Illirio are the worst. Much before Tywin or LF. Euron is a more "absolute evil", but it's another kind.
  5. I don't think anything in the range of possibilities would push me to stop reading. Even if something I don't like happens, like Jon staying dead, I would continue to read. To see how GRRM would fix the mess. By the end, the only thing I would really don't like would be the world remaining the shitload it is, now and since the Andals invasions at least. And don't tell me Dany's superpower kingdom is the improvement, the solution for peace.
  6. We had enough talking birds. It would not be a deus ex Machina. Stannis and his pals are not Old Gods believers. But there is plenty of northerners who would take heed of the birds. Also, I believe Theon is still necessary. A liaison for Bran (his mouth south of the Wall). For reforming the Ironborn (Asha is just Victarion with tits). Also, IMO, Theon's story is not done. He is just starting to recover from Ramsay.
  7. Tywin Lannister without contest. Then Joffrey, Balon Greyjoy even if off-screen. The Mountain and all of Tywin's scum.
  8. I agree with that. But the world knows only slavery, from the Free Cities to Ashai, from the beginning of time until now. Braavos is the exception. But despite its economic power, in all its history, the model has propagated nowhere. How a 16 year old girl, nearly alone, can change that in a few months? Besides, the Red Priests, maybe Euron, maybe fAegon may force her to leave Essos soon. Before everything is safe and stable (supposing it's still possible).
  9. Jaime killed Aerys. It was the right thing to do. While his oath, his honor was requesting differently. Not many would have done that. IMO Jaime has a greater understanding of responsibilities than many. Book wise, his dealing of the Riverland aftermath is also an evidence. He is now fleeing Cersei (because she betrayed him?) and things seem to be going better for him now. Show wise there is no Riverlands (or not much, not good). Jaime is Cersei's slave to the end. Beyond any logic or reason. Maybe it's just D&D blundering. But I thought it was coherent with a character totally submitted to another. Not illogical IMO. It started when Jaime and Cersei were both children, Cersei even assuming the role of the male, supposedly dominating the female in this society. The influence of early childhood on personality.
  10. Half the prophecies, dreams, visions relate to things that already happened. Generally the interpretation is not obvious before it happened. But there is no ambiguity. For example Jojen salt water flowing over the walls of Winterfell. It is GRRM to decide what this stuff means. But IMO, it means "magic exists and you should take heed of what it tells you". I didn't say Jaime was not aware. But he is trapped, dominated. He has been since infancy and never grew out of it. Jaime is a big man. But not before Cersei.
  11. Book or show I don't remember Sansa killing someone by her hand. Arya, it's different. Sword most of the time. Sansa and Ramsay is show only. Harry, we'll see what happen. And again, it's not one more than the other. In fact, it's all the Starks. Bran and Rickon too.
  12. Cersei killed by a brick, while she was believing Tyrion was the valonqar is ironic indeed. But disappointing. Maggy prophecy was accurate in everything else. IMO the valonqar must be one of her brothers. Extending to anyone younger brother or sister is ridiculous. That is at least 2/3 of Westeros or even Essos. If only because Tyrion is the obvious choice, it should be Jaime. Additionally, because Maggy used the word valonqar, someone should be Aerys'bastard. Whether it is Tyrion or Jaime and Cersei, only Jaime is her true brother. Jaime and Cersei work best because it is then "all in the family". Concerning Justice, "who swings the sword", I believe, for many significant cases, the one doing it is the true wronged one. Tyrion may want to kill Cersei, but the fault is Tywin's. Because Tywin did everything to humiliate Tyrion. And let Cersei do the same. It's not the way a father should raise his children. The one who most "deserve" to kill Cersei is Jaime, not Tyrion, not Arya. Because she ruined his life, scheming to send him in the KG, seducing him. Arya may want to kill Cersei too. But the Lannisters only played their part of the GoT game. Ned was betrayed by LF. I suspect it's LF who told Joffrey to be "fair but uncompromising" and is Ned's "true murderer". Sansa was as much as Arya the victim of LF. So it was very fitting they were both executioners. It was the Frey's choice to betray Robb and Cat. Tywin offered them an opportunity, but it was their decision. So LSH or Arya, the Freys have their executionners. The Blackfyre is book only. But Varys is probably to blame for preventing Rhaegar to depose his father and for plunging the kingdom into chaos. If the rebellion is based on a lie, it's probably Varys'. Varys was the doom of the Targaryens. And so, Dany was the most fitting to sentence him to death. In many cases, I believe the justice is passed by the ones most deserving it.
  13. Indeed. IMO, if Tywin was dismissing Dany's threat, there a good chance it's a misjudgment. KL will burn for sure. Aerys nearly did it. Either wildfire or dragon, but someone will be the queen of ashes. But it doesn't mean the Others should not also come to deal with those still there, sitting on the throne. I hope the Others will "pass the sentence and swing the sword".
  14. Hum, if there is a scouring, I would rather see something lesser and closer to home. Like dealing with Rasmey or the Karstarks. I believe KL and Cersei are part of the main deal. I don't think Cersei and Dany will not face each other at some point. The Others, the Long Night, must destroy KL. Or all these pages building KL as a cesspool, a nest of plotters, would be just be a waste.
  15. I don't see how else we can explain Viserys' crazy invasion plan while he had fAegon, his son probably, shaped to be a king like Aegon V was. Illrio is not an angel "It was also said that he’d never had a friend he wouldn’t cheerfully sell for the right price." (AGoT Dany I)
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