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  1. HairGrowsBack

    Why do people think that Cersei is one-dimensional?

    I think the short answer to this question is people tend to think that you have to be morally grey to be multidimensional, and since Cersei is definitely on the darkest end of the spectrum, then she cannot be complex. It's faulty logic on all accounts but I feel that's how most people apprehend it.
  2. HairGrowsBack

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Throwing in my two cents : Same what, different how : - Dany going dark/mad. The way the show did it was ridiculous, but it's definitely happening in the books - Sansa as QITN - Euron/Cersei alliance - Jaime/Brienne banging - R+L=J - Theon dying -Jorah's sacrifice On the fence : - Bran as king. There's definitely a lot more set up for it in the books, but Bran is also a lot younger so idk how that would work out. - Jaime and Cersei dying together . It's a possibility but 1) Jaime won't be there to protect her/run away with her (he might be the one that kills her) 2) I feel, wrt his weirwood dream, he is more likely to die fighting during the Long Night. - Brienne as KG : again, I won't discard it but the books put a lot more emphasis on her being the heir to Tarth imo. - Arya leaving to explore the world : not OOC but not widely satisfying either. It'd depend on how it's written, just like with everything. - Jon going in exile : see above.
  3. HairGrowsBack

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    The cringe levels were insanely high
  4. HairGrowsBack

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Maybe I'm biased, but I really feel like NCW was walking through the motions during most of the episode, and no one on the crew bothered either. That's what happens when your character is so badly written that you have no way of understanding what they're going through, and thus can't act accordingly.
  5. HairGrowsBack

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    It is horrifying, and it wouldn't surprise given how much they've woobified Cersei, but I honestly don't think they're able to think this deeply. I think they were just trying to hit George's plot points and call it a day. If it is the reason though...yikes.
  6. HairGrowsBack

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Also this.
  7. HairGrowsBack

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Probably because he has done f*ck all this season, and that his dialogue has been reduced to two lines repeated ad nauseum ("She's my Queen" / "I don't want it").
  8. HairGrowsBack

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    Wasn't he on his way from Dorne when it happened ? But yeah, it's completely stupid that he never learns about it/ that they didn't show us his reaction. But the writing was already beyond salvation at that point.
  9. HairGrowsBack

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    He reacted off screen because that's what the show does. I don't think he even knows about Lancel. edit : beat me to it, haha. But it goes to show the characters' rich inner life on this show, doesn't it.
  10. HairGrowsBack

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    I keep thinking about the time he said he'd accepted the part because he was told that his character was going to have this amazing redemption/identity arc and growth, and how excited he was about it. He had one and a half season of that (S3 and early S8) and then rest was just standing behind Cersei with dumbstrucl look on his face. What a goddamn waste.
  11. Exactly ! And what's even more infuriating is the horde of "book fans" whose interpretation is completely influenced by the show and tell you that Jaime is "addicted" to Cersei in the books as well and that it's a love story. GRRM's response to that bullshit was literally "you know that's incest, right ?". I don't know if it's an incest kink, a stanning of Lena Headey, or a weird combination of both, but it sure as hell ended up ruining not one, not two, but three great character arcs.
  12. My guess is that George told D&D they would and so they went on and checked that box but decided to piss on it immediately after.
  13. What's especially heartbreaking is that now everything that she has is tainted. Oathkeeper, her armour, her knighthood, all of this was given to her by Jaime because he supposedly loved her and admired her, and now everytime she's going to look at them will be a reminder of what he did to her...the guy who took her virginity, kept on having sex with her for a few weeks, and fucked off into the night. What the actual hell...
  14. All the actors, no exception, were done so dirty. NCW, who was so excited to play Jaime's identity/redemption arc, got 4 seasons as Cersei's little bitch, save for some fleeting moments of IC stuff ("I am not that man anymore"...welp turns out you are !). No wonder he stated recently that his favourite scenes were the bath scene and the bearpit scene (cuuuurious). Isaac HW was supposed to play this major character, a key player who struggled with his destiny and powers, had to play a lifeless meme making robot. Gwendoline Christie loves that Brienne's story isn't just about being mocked, but also about overcoming the obstacles and being loved for who they are; nah girl your character ends up humilated in the worst possible ways, and everything she's ever accomplished only added up to her misery. Kit ? The world's most expensive extra. He was paid millions to literally look dumbfounded and say on line per episode.
  15. and then there are absolutely clowns like me who quit in S4 and came back for this season