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  1. Throwing in my two cents : Same what, different how : - Dany going dark/mad. The way the show did it was ridiculous, but it's definitely happening in the books - Sansa as QITN - Euron/Cersei alliance - Jaime/Brienne banging - R+L=J - Theon dying -Jorah's sacrifice On the fence : - Bran as king. There's definitely a lot more set up for it in the books, but Bran is also a lot younger so idk how that would work out. - Jaime and Cersei dying together . It's a possibility but 1) Jaime won't be there to protect her/run away with her (he might be the one that kills her) 2) I feel, wrt his weirwood dream, he is more likely to die fighting during the Long Night. - Brienne as KG : again, I won't discard it but the books put a lot more emphasis on her being the heir to Tarth imo. - Arya leaving to explore the world : not OOC but not widely satisfying either. It'd depend on how it's written, just like with everything. - Jon going in exile : see above.
  2. Hey. Trying to figure out what's your avi pic! :)

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    2. HairGrowsBack


      Highly recommend. It's probably the best adaptation (a four hours mini series), and the leads have a fantastic chemistry.

      I need to rewatch again, to console myself ;)

    3. HairGrowsBack


      Oops, I meant I need to watch it again.

  3. Seriously people need to stop with this. She's a very good actress , and starred in a a good deal of quality movies/shows.
  4. They won't, I think. We've had bits from Tyrion's speech at the trial in various trailers.
  5. This, and also because it's the first episode actually featuring Book Cersei we've had since "Blackwater"
  6. well, to be fair, it's only implied in the books because neither Loras nor Renly are POV characters, therefore the only way for it to be confirmed would've been to have a POV stumble across one of their sexytimes, which would be just plain weird. I don't think it was Martin being shy really, you'd have to be blind not to see they were lovers.
  7. Gwendoline Christie will be in the next Hunger Games movie, it seems (along with Dormer then ?)
  8. Just spotted Stephen Dillane in "The Hours" : he's playing Virginia Woolf's husband.
  9. For French and German fellows, Arte broadcasts "When we leave" ("Die Fremde") on March, 13, starring Sibel Kekili, for which she received many awards.
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