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  1. This is a good post that I did not read before now. All of these gripes are valid. But, in essence, it just amounts to bad story telling on D&Ds behalf. GoTs the TV series really jumped the shark at the end of season 4 when skeletons could screech and run around without muscle or organs - which would never have happened in GRRMs writing. But who is to blame? Sure, we can always point the finger at D&D and now, possibly hysterically, their life as commercial story tellers is totally fucked. But did GRRM ever know where the magic in his series was going? Did he ever really care about the Others? I dunno - we can argue time will tell - but I recon they all bit off more than they could chew and dropped the ball. I still grieve because it was a series that started so spectacularly well, in novel and film. Wish I got to write the last 4 seasons Recon I would have done a better job than D&D or GRRM.
  2. Well, indirectly, and definitely via evolution of thought, the French Revolution led to the Russian revolution and both world wars. Civilization is in a constant state of evolution and collapse, with certain historical figures rhyming in their thoughts along the way. Surely you accept this is something GoTs and GRRM incorporated into its fiction. But I have a question, for my own writing, how do you adequately write Stalin, or Danny's , redemption - if it is at all possible. Closest proxy I can think of is Darth Vader at the end of Jedi - but you need a personal tie (child, sibling, lover) to really make that work - but I digress. I have not read The Giver - perhaps I should? At a quick glance it ultimately seems to oppose group think, or am I wrong? This said, your argument seems to agree with my proposition - which is not actually mine but a long held philosophical belief. If a group think society devolves us into cogs and wheels, we are on the way to defaulting to an authoritarian vision. Personally, I think GRRM is quite clever (albeit prone to laziness, which we all are) and I think a clever person would understand the concepts I talk about and incorporate them into their magnum opus. It is dangerous to rank society fully above the individual, as soviet Russia, Hitler, the CCP, even Trump and surely Biden and Rona now show. I firmly believe the individual is always King - because society is always little more than a construct of individual needs. I may be outcast to a yacht in the coming years but I think, if that is the case, my mind will remain more open than those on shore. Back to Dany, as presented in the show and eluded to in the books, she was definitely more of a you must follow me than think for yourself person than Jon. Add to that Dany's sense of entitlement vs Jon's earned title and we have a clear contrast of the established group vs the individual hero. I watched an interesting podcast the other day, explaining that what women really seek in a bad boy is actually a hero. The difference is so mind numbingly simple. A bad boy can never conform to society - he is broken beyond repair (Ramsay, possibly Jorah, definitely the Hound). A hero knows how to blend in with society but oppose it when needed - Jon kind of fits that bill perfectly. Dany tried to, but lost her way, coz love, entitlement and stuff. She is a tragic, flawed hero - she is Anikan Skywalker done right and yes, I still think she resonates with Stalin. Coz Stalin, like Hitler, had the populace on their bad boy side but never really learned to rise above social pressure. Or perhaps I'm just a madman, dribbling shit in the inter webs
  3. Yes... and no In the end, when the world pushes against you, it can be. But our species is weak now, we think our intellect has prevailed and can generate some 'safe' future. It never can. We must always fight the leopard - that is the condition we evolved into, we can never surmount it. Humans be human.
  4. Now we are talking technology vs ideals. Imagination vs reality. that, as always, requires balance to resolve.
  5. That is how history judged his actions - not a close assessment of the man's ideals. No-one judges themselves the villain. Everyone undertakes their own heroes journey - which is part of what was so impressive about GoTs - so many flawed heroes we could relate to. Look, it boils down to a simple paradigm, does society revolve around the individual or should the individual bow to society? Yes, I accept there is leeway and nuance - but in the end you must decide which side of the human condition you occupy. or rather, when things come undone you have no choice but to make that choice. Are you the caveman that protects the tribe from the leopard or the caveman that accepts you must follow the protector?
  6. Society over the individual always defaults to that vision.
  7. No, she was more like Stalin. The dream of a better world - where all men were equal - by force. It shits me, obviously D&D didn't have the vision to bring GoTs home coz D&D lack vision, but now it seems GRRM won't even finish his own story before everything collapses around him.
  8. I was the fly on the wall It's ok, art imitates life and life imitates life - it all gets kind of muddled and confusing as civilization collapses - but meh, I was built for the apocalypse.
  9. Politics overriding art I think. All art is somewhat political but, as the West collapses, art will be lost to political machinations. It's not too different to the Greeks striking the breasts and phalli of their statues - just a little more politically subtle.
  10. Yea, the lack of magical explanation and address was the most offensive to me - it makes me feel Martin did not really have tight control of his world. Look, i know D&D are dumb writers and cannot write well unless they adapt - but the way this show ended up also convinced me GRRM (who I believe is generally a smart writer) let his own creation get away from him. It shits me, even now - so much potential - such a brilliant start. Its a sad fact of life that its far more easy to feel malice towards the things that let you down than the things you had limited investment or hope for from the get go. And for ASoIaF/GoTs - I had so much hope for something that should have become a greater modern mythology than LotRs or Star Wars.
  11. The KL thing was fine I guess - the NK thing was naff. 5 novels and 8 seasons of magical build up for a simple knife to the guts. that was dumb. What about the magical reason for the seasons and all that?
  12. Fair enough response - by the end of the tv series Sansa and Bran reached a kind of toughness. Arya was a bit dumb/cliche though.
  13. Bittersweet Not just in a narrative sense, but in a deeply emotional sense for fans of the narrative.
  14. It is a kind of remix of Break the Wheel from about 3.00 onward, combined with the Starks theme. GoTs music is pretty awesome. Inspired by what started as a brilliant narrative but lost its way.
  15. People can't let Dany go eh? They can't accept that sometimes (perhaps ofttimes) entitlement and idealism can turn a person bad? They can't accept that changing yourself is more important than changing the world? Guess that is part of why our species is so fucked now - and part of what GRRM and D&D were trying to say.
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