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  1. Sure, though there is Nights King and a Cold Hands. It's possible that GRRM had no idea what he was going with the Others all along and that's why their show version is such a monumental balls up - there was no plan to go on at all. Too much gardening and not enough plotting - I've come to think that a more perfect tale requires both. Like a wild beast that must be constantly trained and pulled back into line. Overall, I think everyone lost control of the beast that was GoTs/ASoIaF.
  2. I don't think book Arya is destined to kill the NK - not sure any character actually will. More likely Jon will broker some kind of deal, which will further piss Danny off for wasting a dragon on the cold dude.
  3. Bittersweet Not just in a narrative sense, but in a deeply emotional sense for fans of the narrative.
  4. It is a kind of remix of Break the Wheel from about 3.00 onward, combined with the Starks theme. GoTs music is pretty awesome. Inspired by what started as a brilliant narrative but lost its way.
  5. People can't let Dany go eh? They can't accept that sometimes (perhaps ofttimes) entitlement and idealism can turn a person bad? They can't accept that changing yourself is more important than changing the world? Guess that is part of why our species is so fucked now - and part of what GRRM and D&D were trying to say.
  6. And Drogon burning the IT is one of the best scenes in the series and cinematic history - which would not have been possible without Dany's arc. It's very symbolic of a lot of shit that's wrong with the world ATM - I just think most modern people are too gutless to face it. World need more Jons - I think that is GRRMs message.
  7. I'm just watching 806 again, years and an emotional roller coaster later later (and still trying to perfect the end of a good guys turns bad and destroys an Empire fantasy first novel) and I actually see far more in it than what I originally did. She is 1 of 3 main characters of course - Dany, Jon and Tyrion. But she probably has the most sympathetic and bittersweet arc. I just reheard Tyrion ask Jon about Jon being on dragon back and wondering whether Jon would have burned a city to the ground when he was pissed off. Of course, Jon was never in the same position as Dany. He was never entitled, never really abused by an older brother, never physically weaker in an interpersonal relationship and never a woman. Jon had hardship in his life but not the same emotional trauma. I still think D&D could have told it a lot better. At the same time, I think there is a valid story in there that is just rejected by modern politics and sensibilities.
  8. Populism is rising - if gen Y can'y accept it, they are lost.
  9. Is the Dany argument still happening? She was a great character because she created controversy - why is that hard to understand? I'd rather write a character the world hates than one the world finds boring - better still, a character the world love/hates. Dany is a love hate - she shows us the flaws in our own ideology - a perfect character really. And yet there is so much hate. Think that says more about audience mentality than the writing.
  10. This is props my favorite episode ever - show at it's peak. So sad it fell so far.
  11. In essence I agree - but would this not suggest there is a balance between the human species and 'nature' and. if there is, would that not suggest that 'nature' has taken the expansion of our species into some for, of account, if not a simplistic action/reaction scenario ? Let me spin you a tale - when I traveled Africa, I witnessed our truck stopping near a baby Impala. The mother ran off and an Hyena took the baby. Everyone on the truck then started arguing about how human effect nature. I called BS and said humans are part of nature - perhaps we we here just so that a Hyena pup could survive and nature knew that all along. Point - to truly understand nature we must detract our own humanity from it. Nature does not care for us as a species, we are but slightly broken gears in a massive cog. Accept that the end of our species may be upon is and move forward from there. Do it without malice and humanism and 'its not fair' ism. It is what is it is. We are tiny cogs in a massive machine which is as beyond our control as it is our comprehension. I know the ethos of the modern age is to think we can understand and control - but that is all total BS - we cannot, it is all random.
  12. It's not only population but ageing demographics - we are heading fir a once in a 1000 year conundrum. Economic and civilization collapse. Look, I don't mind the climate fundamentalists - their hearts are basically in the right place - but they don't seem to recognize the relationship between our species population levels and the environment. They want to cry about saving the future with ridiculous dreams that do not take reality into account. I see little difference between them now and the apocalyptic fundamentalists at the time Christianity was rising in Rome. Here is the reality - Western nationalism is gathering to oppose corporate globalism at a time both the economy and planet is fucked. There is no easy way out. Communist classism (identity politics) will lead to most of us being sacrificed for the elites to survive. Nationalism will lead to global war. Pick your poison. The future is about to get messy and those running around promoting the Paris Accord have no idea.
  13. It is entirely true. Human's, by nature of their very existence, oppose the natural environment on this planet. Does not matter if you are a simple hunter gatherer of advanced Western consumer - you take from nature to survive.
  14. The collapse of the global economy will likely occur within 2 years. Axial tilt is the wobble from the Earth's normal rotation about it's axis, it changes, due to gravitational and solar pressure - look it up https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/Milankovitch/milankovitch_2.php it likely has more effect on climate than anything Western humans currently do. Billions of people dying is now inevitable, get used to it and organise your own way forward.
  15. Prove it - scientifically - with facts and figures and not just fundamentalist humanist bullshit. I guarantee, whatever you argue, I can find the math to back up how incorrect you are.
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