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  1. That reminds me of a show called The Expanse, Stubby - they use ice asteroids for oxygen, hydrogen power and water also. I do think it is the future but don't think it will happen without another major mass human extinction, war and or economic crash on Earth first.
  2. I don't think there is any chance of us making the Earth unlivable long term - short term possibly but long term no way. There have been multiple major climatic changes on Earth previously, through which life (including human in some instances) has survived and adapted. Venus is not Earth, the conditions are not the same and that life ever existed on it is pure speculation. I'm not saying for certain it did or didn't, all I'm suggesting is that it's not really relevant to how climate change on Earth is currently playing out and has played out previously.
  3. You miss the point, climate change has the potential to save the planet from us. Think about it, if our numbers are decreased significantly and the oceans rise enough to put our centres of technology and industry underwater, we won't have the capacity to interfere with nature half as much as we do now,
  4. I've come to understand that climate change is not a problem - it's actually a solution to human overpopulation.
  5. Either party would be stupid to ignore a strong result, seeing there has been such a high turnout. 60% or more either way and both sides of Australian politics will likely adopt it as policy. For instance, if 60% vote yes, there likely will be a SSM bill passed this year. If 60% vote no, then Labor will likely drop support because there are more votes in it. A close result, leaning either way, is the worst case scenario because then the issue will continue to be divisive. So I don't think it's meaningless - a majority result will likely force parliamentary action.
  6. ummester

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    Why do you want it to go on forever? It was designed as a saga, not a serial - it was designed to end. I recently watched some of season 7 again and think it's already overstayed it's welcome, should have wrapped up this season.
  7. ummester

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    Small Crimes was good but if you want to be really blown away by a Nikolaj performance, I recommend Shot Caller.
  8. ummester

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    I found War Machine, Beasts of No Nation and Autopsy of Jane Doe to be excellent films, far better than any I'd seen at the cinema in years.
  9. ummester

    Night King appreciation thread

    As the tale draws to a close, more and more people recognise the true saviour of Westeros. Good to see. Think about, even if he is doing little more than continuing his original purpose (protecting nature and the magical trees from the advance of humanity) his cause is more pure and his intentions more noble than any other character in the tale (including Jon). We don't need to know the details of his motives to know they serve the greater good - we just have to accept that humans don't. Consider that the NK and the Winter he controls is the reason Westeros has been kept in some form of feudalism for 8000 years. Consider that without him the humans would industrialise and Westeros would be truly fucked, as is our very own Earth. Perhaps that is the bitter sweet ending?
  10. There are too many things wrong with where this story is heading - Roberts Rebellion was a lie coz Rhaegar loved Lyanna - awe, ain't that nice. Except the shit was already married and a dad, he just abandoned his family for a young Northern bit of smoo and everyone is OK with that? This show has a really fucked up version of committed love I guess the books and early episodes of the show kept driving home the things we love destroy us, so I can only hope that next season the NK proves to be the hero and Dany and Jon the villains. At least the NK looks good riding a dragon and not some little wuss bag like Dany - he sits up high and proud and shit. I don't get show Arya at all - she is a total mess of a character. Hope she goes insane and stabs herself to death next season. The zombie scene was underwhelming - seriously, the Mountain looks way scarier than that piss-ant little skelebones did - like WTF is wrong with his face? Loved that Qyburn took a particular interest in the wight, hope he goes and shakes the NKs hand and makes some kind of alchemy/necromancy alliance next season. Perhaps Cersie can than be the Nights Queen? Perhaps a Queen is all the NK is looking for, just like Euron.
  11. 7 - better than the travesty last week, but nothing in this episode was as good as Euron's water battle and the Field of Fire battle. Overall the only thing this season has had going for it are battles and dragon FX. Is it just me or does GoTs seem a lot less adult now? It doesn't feel as gory or thematically disturbing anymore. Incest has kind of become accepted as love - perhaps that is disturbing in itself. Other than that, there aren't any nasty elements now, which makes it kind of boring. It's like it used to be rated R and now it's MA or something - like it's been downgraded to a kids show. Best bit of the episode was Qyburn looking at the wights hand.
  12. It's possible that all human magic in the show exists because the NK exists, so him being a greenseer, that knew Dany was coming, makes sense.
  13. 6 - had some really dumb arse storytelling but My hero killed and claimed a dragon - Go team White Walker! Some of the dialogue between the hound and Tormund was funny. I find it hard to rate below 5 because as dumb as the narrative has become it's still very professionally made and engaging - and it's not quite as dumb as things like the transformers films and the new Star Wars.
  14. ummester

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    I gave it 5, which is one of my lowest ratings. Capturing a zombie and showing it to Cersie feels like a stupid excuse to get all of the actors in the one place. I knew it was coming because I read the spoilers but I was hoping it wasn't true - it's so dumb and contrived, to deliberately draw things out. It ruins any sense of urgency about the Walkers, Dany's conquest and dragons - the plot in general. So Tryrion has given Dany 3 failed plans, she succeeds by going it alone and then listens to his plan 4. Fuck I hope this plan fails and Dany feeds Tyrion to a dragon. But seriously, why is Dany even listening to him? Why does she care about what Cersie thinks about the zombies? Why does it matter? So Rhaegar and Lyanna were married. Again, why does it matter? Who gives a fuck? Certainly not Sam. And thinking of Sam, how does he have any idea what books and scrolls he stole? He took them from a room he'd never been into, in the dark? What does the Night King want? What was the Long Night all about? What is the Red god? Sam probably can't work it out with the random shit he stole. I'm venting because the plot has gotten silly and I know where it's going - fanservice central, nothing intelligent, deep or thought provoking for the rest of this season, perhaps this story.
  15. Re the whole Arya/Brienne thing, I enjoyed the fight for how it played out, without thinking of the logic too much. But, what if Arya is the Waif and the Waif has had an immense amount of training in swordplay? The only thing that still really negates the Waif becoming Arya is Nymeria not eating her - but, if the Waif became no-one enough, perhaps she can impersonate Arya enough to fool a direwolf?