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  1. ummester

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    Populism is rising - if gen Y can'y accept it, they are lost.
  2. ummester

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Is the Dany argument still happening? She was a great character because she created controversy - why is that hard to understand? I'd rather write a character the world hates than one the world finds boring - better still, a character the world love/hates. Dany is a love hate - she shows us the flaws in our own ideology - a perfect character really. And yet there is so much hate. Think that says more about audience mentality than the writing.
  3. ummester

    How would you rate episode 306?

    This is props my favorite episode ever - show at it's peak. So sad it fell so far.
  4. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    In essence I agree - but would this not suggest there is a balance between the human species and 'nature' and. if there is, would that not suggest that 'nature' has taken the expansion of our species into some for, of account, if not a simplistic action/reaction scenario ? Let me spin you a tale - when I traveled Africa, I witnessed our truck stopping near a baby Impala. The mother ran off and an Hyena took the baby. Everyone on the truck then started arguing about how human effect nature. I called BS and said humans are part of nature - perhaps we we here just so that a Hyena pup could survive and nature knew that all along. Point - to truly understand nature we must detract our own humanity from it. Nature does not care for us as a species, we are but slightly broken gears in a massive cog. Accept that the end of our species may be upon is and move forward from there. Do it without malice and humanism and 'its not fair' ism. It is what is it is. We are tiny cogs in a massive machine which is as beyond our control as it is our comprehension. I know the ethos of the modern age is to think we can understand and control - but that is all total BS - we cannot, it is all random.
  5. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    It's not only population but ageing demographics - we are heading fir a once in a 1000 year conundrum. Economic and civilization collapse. Look, I don't mind the climate fundamentalists - their hearts are basically in the right place - but they don't seem to recognize the relationship between our species population levels and the environment. They want to cry about saving the future with ridiculous dreams that do not take reality into account. I see little difference between them now and the apocalyptic fundamentalists at the time Christianity was rising in Rome. Here is the reality - Western nationalism is gathering to oppose corporate globalism at a time both the economy and planet is fucked. There is no easy way out. Communist classism (identity politics) will lead to most of us being sacrificed for the elites to survive. Nationalism will lead to global war. Pick your poison. The future is about to get messy and those running around promoting the Paris Accord have no idea.
  6. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    It is entirely true. Human's, by nature of their very existence, oppose the natural environment on this planet. Does not matter if you are a simple hunter gatherer of advanced Western consumer - you take from nature to survive.
  7. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    The collapse of the global economy will likely occur within 2 years. Axial tilt is the wobble from the Earth's normal rotation about it's axis, it changes, due to gravitational and solar pressure - look it up https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/Milankovitch/milankovitch_2.php it likely has more effect on climate than anything Western humans currently do. Billions of people dying is now inevitable, get used to it and organise your own way forward.
  8. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Prove it - scientifically - with facts and figures and not just fundamentalist humanist bullshit. I guarantee, whatever you argue, I can find the math to back up how incorrect you are.
  9. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    I have heaps of empathy and understanding of the situation - just a total lack of sympathy for my own species as a whole, which has began to devolve rapidly in the last 20 years. - NB this does not mean I can't like and form bonds with individual humans that effect me in the real world. I am neither American or European. If our existence is the cause, then surely our depopulation will add to the solution? It's not hard to work out, humans have always been opposed to the natural environment. They are the one animal, among all others on this planet, that shapes its environment rather than exists in it. A greater number of humans is worse for the Earth, whilst a lesser number of humans is better for it. The equation is unbelievably simple. Humanism and environmentalism are not compatible. I just have faith that the worst we can do is bring about our own extinction - our planet and life on it will always survive us. BTW, if you are a young person that thinks climate change is destroying your future, there a lot of other things on the closer horizon to panic over. The global economy is on borrowed time. War between the US and China seems to be becoming inevitable. The Earth itself may be coming to a stage of dangerous axial tilt. Then we have increasing solar activity, an unstable Middle East and automation taking away all of your employment prospects. There is heaps to worry about and protest about, if you feel the need, no need to be a climate fundamentalist.
  10. ummester

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    The post Empire US is funny. I wonder if those in Jerusalem laughed at the Roman senate in 200 AD?
  11. ummester

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    If human population levels are the problem, then surely climate change is a solution? I don't see what all the fuss is about. Our planet knows how to sustain itself, it's very arrogant of us, a pathetically modern species, to assume we have any bearing on the outcome. You are a child of the universe,no less than the trees and the stars;you have a right to be here.And whether or not it is clear to you,no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Just because we have a right to be here, does not mean the universe will unfold in favor of our existence. To assume otherwise seems kind of religious and somewhat fundamentalist to me.
  12. Greyjoys - and possibly the Others (if the books ever finish). But from what of the writing is released, the book Greyjoys suffered the most compared to their onscreen counterparts. Think about it - the other houses were reasonably accurately represented. Greedy Lannisters. Stoic Starks. Righteous Targs. Broken Baratheons. Even the separatist Sandsnakes and pointlessly proud Dornish had some representation on screen. But the warmongering Greyjoys were totally muted, castrated even, in the visual version of this tale. Euron was a pathetic interpretation of his book self and Victarion was dismissed entirely. Sure, the show paid some creedence to Asha (Yara) and Theon but I doubt the books would end with Bran telling dick-less he was a good man. The Greyjoys were the most muted, by far.
  13. ummester

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Time is relative - even GRRM said he doesn't want people to stress about whether the time and distances are accurate to the expense of the narrative. If we had to speed Hitler up into 60 mins, righteous would fairly adequately cover it. no? Between the world order and anti German Jewish sentiment in the 30s, he saw himself as the righteous Savior of Germany and at least half of Germany saw him the same way, at that time. NB, as always, I am not trying to say D&D are good story tellers, just that the story as a whole, as presented in season 8, does make an overarching (though poorly told) sense and that I think it is more modern politics than any kind of narrative appreciation that stops us seeing this.
  14. ummester

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    It's definitely more complex - Dany is either a deep anti hero or a sympathetic villain - but that is exactly what makes the narrative so intriguing. GRRM recently came out and said he would have given the finale a lot more narrative build up (which I agree it surely needed). But he never negated it was exactly where the story was going all along. The trouble is, as I have eluded to before in this thread, politics in the modern age have become incredibly binary (you are a globalist or a nationalist, there is no in between) so any nuance in either GoTs or AsoIaF would be totally lost on the mainstream. I think D&D were well aware of this when they crafted the ending and I also thing it is why GRRM (once considered very progressive) is now hiding away.
  15. The beauty of any really cleverly crafted narrative is that we can side with the antagonists or the protagonists, depending on our political mindset at the time. I recently saw Joker (mainly because it is getting a lot of controversy) and I recommend anyone who wants a film worth thinking about also do so. Is it people or society? What is a society without the views of the people that comprise it? What are the limits of an individuals sanity, when society itself feel insane? What responsibility does society have to institutionalize those outside of the norm? I agree that Dany had some positive traits and the Starks had some very negative ones. But all storys must, in the end, pick their protagonists, right? If they do not - if they just present all humanity as a grey mess of self interest - then they are nihilistic. To provide some hope, you have to pick a side and a belief.