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  1. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    So what, the rich and powerful Angelina Jollies of the world aren't as powerful as they make out to be? If that is the case, why do they pretend to be so influential and powerful? You see, the end result of your stance is that women are always some kind of victim. This is regressive, considering all the gains women made in waves 1 & 2 of feminism, where they de-victimised themselves and gave themselves agency.
  2. That reminds me of a show called The Expanse, Stubby - they use ice asteroids for oxygen, hydrogen power and water also. I do think it is the future but don't think it will happen without another major mass human extinction, war and or economic crash on Earth first.
  3. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    Most of my life I've worked for government - which seems to have a bigger problem with nepotism than anything else. I've heard stories of younger women getting promoted because of their relationships - but never being given a job because they took their top off for the boss or something like that. If that happened, all the older women in the government would come down on the boss like a ton of bricks.
  4. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    So it's all men's fault then? I guess the only way to be sure is to segregate workplaces.
  5. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    To a degree, for sure - but Hollywood has a certain allure, due to the nature of fame and celebrity, that industry outside of entertainment does not have. I'd wager zookeepers don't have a casting couch.
  6. I don't think there is any chance of us making the Earth unlivable long term - short term possibly but long term no way. There have been multiple major climatic changes on Earth previously, through which life (including human in some instances) has survived and adapted. Venus is not Earth, the conditions are not the same and that life ever existed on it is pure speculation. I'm not saying for certain it did or didn't, all I'm suggesting is that it's not really relevant to how climate change on Earth is currently playing out and has played out previously.
  7. You miss the point, climate change has the potential to save the planet from us. Think about it, if our numbers are decreased significantly and the oceans rise enough to put our centres of technology and industry underwater, we won't have the capacity to interfere with nature half as much as we do now,
  8. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    Big budget flicks that do well OS seem not to do well domestically in the US and vice versa, as a general rule. Warcraft and We Were Soldiers did great in the Chinese market but not so well in the US, whereas the new Star Wars films are much more popular in the US. Sure, some films like Jurassic World surprise everyone and make a ton everywhere - but the sociopolitical tastes of the US/modern West do seem very different to that of the industrialising world ATM - compare a Hollywood film to a Bollywood film, or a Chinese film totally different representations of humanity. A more independently driven Hollywood will probably produce films with better narratives and engage less corrupt employees but not be as marketable OS. As to the thread, however, I think that part of the reason Hollywood is so decadent, full of so many deviants, is because of the power it wields via celebrity and money. The really pathetic thing is that actors think Oscars are still somehow legit, when all they seem to be is an award given to who put up with the sleaziest producers. The whole environment is false and so long as people keep focusing on scandals, they are losing sight of the bigger picture.
  9. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    I don't know Manhole - 2018 has so many 200 mil blockbusters planned, back to back, all with 200 mil advertising budgets. Perhaps Hollywood will continue in some regard - but the age of the big budget FX blockbuster may be drawing to a close, as is the age of 50 mil paydays for actors. The more money in any industry, the higher it's corruption seems to be - so a total financial overhaul of how Hollywood operates may be a very good thing.
  10. I've come to understand that climate change is not a problem - it's actually a solution to human overpopulation.
  11. Either party would be stupid to ignore a strong result, seeing there has been such a high turnout. 60% or more either way and both sides of Australian politics will likely adopt it as policy. For instance, if 60% vote yes, there likely will be a SSM bill passed this year. If 60% vote no, then Labor will likely drop support because there are more votes in it. A close result, leaning either way, is the worst case scenario because then the issue will continue to be divisive. So I don't think it's meaningless - a majority result will likely force parliamentary action.
  12. ummester

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    Hollywood is decadent and corrupt, it needs to crash - with any luck 2018 will be the year. Creeps like Weinstien in power and actors that either accept abuse or turn a blind eye because of the lure of celebrity or greed, the whole industry breeds horrible humans. The Boycott Hollywood movement makes perfect sense to me - if you really need to see the trash Hollywood produces, find a torrent but stop paying and supporting it.
  13. ummester

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I can't not watch the end - I've invested 7 years (more) wondering how this thing is going to resolve. It will probably disappoint the fuck out of me - but you know when you are in too deep, you can't walk away, you have to see it all through to the bitter end.
  14. ummester

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    It is definitely the worst season. Some good visuals but worst overall narrative of any season. Your handle should be jumped the Stark
  15. ummester

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    Why do you want it to go on forever? It was designed as a saga, not a serial - it was designed to end. I recently watched some of season 7 again and think it's already overstayed it's welcome, should have wrapped up this season.