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  1. ummester

    Loose ends

    Tat's coz Disney brought it, right? Disney is pretty tit free, unless it is in the 80s Rescuers cartoon.
  2. ummester

    Loose ends

    I think the last episode heavily implies that Bran is pulling some strings. The books also imply Mel's visions are from the 3 eyed Raven. It's possible all of the magical events are connected to the CotF and the 3ER and there is no magic outside of that. Red Priests are just leaching of residual visions from the wiernet, and any dead brought back to life are leaching of residual NK power. Bran might know all of this and just not tell anyone - keeping the power to himself. He was exactly where he needed to be - mostly at Danys side, gaining her trust, so that she trusted him enough to be able to stab her in the finale. That's my take. Seems muddied in the show - to become the King? I recon in the books the CotF might somehow manipulate the situation to insert him as King. I don't think we will ever get an answer on this. I recall GRRM said it was a one off - I think the whole point of the dragons was to give Dany power that wasn't directly hers and add that dimension to her character so she could feel more powerless alongside Jon. I have a feeling that GRRM had an idea for how Dany would play out which is similar to what we saw and added the Others as a kind of counterbalance. I think he knew he wanted a fire goddess to match Frost's poem and make a narrative point about idealism gone bad and and then he just jotted down the Others (Neverdead, frozen demons) as an Ice counterpoint and never fully fleshed out where they would end up. Interesting re Frosts poem: But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice Jon is back in the north, where it is icy and has already died once. He now knows enough of hate, from his Targ experience. Bran may be setting up a new Night King.
  3. I think you people here are way more learned in the ways of real life monarchies than D&D I also think that GoTs started as an old mans show, with politics, blood and boobs - then somewhere along the line it became a global phenomenon and got dumbed down. When it got dumbed down, they had to dumb down the political realism (coz you know kids and their attention spans - yeah, sure, I'm stereotyping but its mostly true) . Anyways, my point being is that yes, an elected monarchy, to a person who knows a lot about medieval history, as you all seem to, is probably stupid - but, for a dumbed down audience, it shows a little bit of change without there being enough to upset Westerosi tradition, which I think is the thematic point. What's that saying, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  4. ummester

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Which is exactly what globalism and 'multiculturalism' is trying to do to the West - change the method of production by either offshoring labor or importing cheaper labor, though I digress - Dany did try to change the base level of production in Essos by freeing slaves, she is kind of a medieval Marxist. I don't think it is a mistake that GRRM showed this and showed that to destroy slavery, she also had to destroy tradition. Yea, two of the characters I was most behind
  5. ummester


    That is what bittersweet is supposed to be. It's almost like a positive twist ending, or ideals rising like a phoenix from the ashes of tragedy. GoTs definately had that. I don't like that they stuffed up Arya's fall into vengeance in Bravos. She was obviously supposed to give up her identity entirely, not get told she was no-one for being Arya Stark. I don't mind what they did with her in the last 2 episodes.
  6. ummester

    The Ending Was very conventional

    You realise that without the traditional values that the West grew out of, you would not have the freedom to embrace an ideal like multiculturalism. You also realise multiculturalism is an oxymoron - cultures are always singular. I think you don't like GoTs because it used the character of Dany to make a point contrary to your views. The forced destruction of traditional values is unstable - and as Jon said, what if other people have a different idea (paraphrasing). Dany's only answer was they don't get to choose - which strangely enough reminds me of these ideas of censoring hate speech and what have you on the interwebs. We, the progressive idealists know what is best and everyone else must bend the knee! I think Dany's character is cutting close to the bone for some (even in D&Ds retarded telling of the tale). I think she was always deliberately designed that way.
  7. ummester


    Just about everyone failed at what they tried to achieve and learned or achieved some new ideal in the process. Jamie failed to redeem himself in life and was redeemed posthumously. Brienne failed to find love in life but gave the man she loved an honorable epitaph. Jon failed to remain honorable in life but sacrificed his honor to save the world from an entitled idealist that he loved. (He never learned how not to brood though). Dany failed to break the wheel in life but got it spinning differently posthumously. Tyrion failed to be a truly effective hand but learned that it is better to keep trying to do what fulfills you than always succeed at it. Varys failed to find a worthwhile monarch in service of his realm but sacrificed himself for the same ideal which effected Tyrion posthumously. Sansa failed to get her prince charming but learned she would rather be a Queen. Arya - well fuck Arya, they broke her story. I think it was supposed to be something like Arya gave up adventure for vengeance but managed to escape that path before it destroyed her and reclaim her life of adventure. Ned's legacy of honor prevailed. The Targ legacy of self righteous fire and blood was destroyed, along with the throne - so in a way Robert got what he fought for posthumously. Greyworm lost Missandie and his queen but the unsullied were free to defend a greater ideal - the peace of Narth (might all get killed by butterflies though). The realm was was destroyed to give way to some structural changes for its rebirth. Just so everyone is clear, I am not defending D&Ds writing, it was absolute crapola - but the semblance of a bittersweet plot with some bittersweet arcs still shone through. The Star Wars prequels are crapola - but this scene has some emotional weight. Imagine this was all you knew of Anikan's fall to the dark side, without the silly dialogue and it would be quite dramatic The show of GoTs, in the last 4 seasons, is like that - very visual storytelling. The dialogue and plotting is so crappy it actually detracts from the greater story sometimes. The first 4 seasons is very dialogue driven. It's a bizarre contrast - but I think you can trace a consistent bittersweet narrative across the 2 halves.
  8. ummester

    Bran book vs show

    In the books he eats Jojen to get the greenseer skill - in the show he just has it. In the books he has a bit of an evil manipulative side, I found - where in the show he is just a robot. I do not think it is impossible that he manipulates events in the book and scores a Kingship out of it - or that the Children use him to get the throne of men under their control - and that is like their finally victory over mankind for invading Westeros. Actually, thinking on it, it kind of makes sense. In the books bran will probaly take out the others and be labelled as the hero of the remaining kingdoms and crowned - all because the CotF manipulated him into that position.
  9. What about the scenario in which he manipulated events to put himself there? Because he said basically nothing all season it made his character so ambiguous he could have been up to anything hanging out in his chair.
  10. ummester

    Arya the Explorer

    Arya in the show is the next most nonsensical character after the Nights King - getting command of a Stark boat with a bunch of dudes who probably thought the sun shined out of her little pointy dagger didn't seem an impossible resolution considering much of her tale.
  11. ummester

    Crackpot theory: Jon the next NK?

    He is only half targ - and he is surrounded by first men blood, which is his other half, so he'll be fine.
  12. ummester

    The Ending Was very conventional

    If part of the message of the narrative was that breaking the wheel/extreme change is dangerous and de-stabilizing - an ending with no link to the beginning traditions would be nonsensical. Danys entitlement and idealism led her to a place where all tradition must be destroyed for her brave new world to take place. That Westeros experienced minor change after she was slain was fitting. I think this is very pertinent message in today's world where such rapid and forced change is de-stabilizing social cohesion.
  13. ummester

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    So can the hulk - but no-one thinks of him as calm
  14. ummester

    Were you expecting something different?

    The Long Night and the Episode after were absolutely shit. And the first 2 episodes went on a bit too long for what was in them. But the last 2 episodes were pretty good. Overall, about the same as season 7, when averaged out. The lows were lower but the highs were much higher. There are only 3 major things I would fix in the TV show. 1) The Night King - his episode was just handled so poorly and all the magical elements of the show totally glossed over because of it. 2) Arya's Bravos training - it was pathetic, her plot made no sense. She should have given up her identity entirely and been sent to Westeros on a mission and recovered it then. The way it played out made the Faceless men look retarded, like the rest of the magic in the show. 3) Dany's betrayal and descent into despair. She was an entitled idealist - so this ending for her character was always obvious. But it needed more coherent writing and a little more time to follow her downward spiral.
  15. Yea, I thought that too - obviously they were lying to try and keep the ghost reunion a secret. They have had a terrible run with leaks.