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  1. Yea, the lack of magical explanation and address was the most offensive to me - it makes me feel Martin did not really have tight control of his world. Look, i know D&D are dumb writers and cannot write well unless they adapt - but the way this show ended up also convinced me GRRM (who I believe is generally a smart writer) let his own creation get away from him. It shits me, even now - so much potential - such a brilliant start. Its a sad fact of life that its far more easy to feel malice towards the things that let you down than the things you had limited investment or hope for from the get go. And for ASoIaF/GoTs - I had so much hope for something that should have become a greater modern mythology than LotRs or Star Wars.
  2. Should not vaccines be at the request of the country traveled to, rather than some corporately or globally mandated event? I have traveled a lot and have no qualms complying with an individual nations rules of entry - fucked if I will accept any kind of bureaucratic global governance to my travel plans though.
  3. Report post #290 Posted Tuesday at 12:30 AM (edited) It's not about being 'afraid' for yourself - community spread is a real thing, and in a virus that spreads without symptoms for a time you could literally be killing people without knowing it. Additionally, by following restrictions you're preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed, of they get overwhelmed patients who would normally have good outcomes (aka living) die instead. if you think that not sticking your dick in everything that moves for a year is worse than other people dying I don't know what to tell you. if you think all these excess deaths this year are some kind of media hoax you are a dangerous fucking idiot. I agree community spread is a real thing - I accept this is a very contagious virus. I'm not some kind of conspiracy theorist who thinks there is no virus - my argument is just that there is a globally coordinated overreaction to it which is more based on economics than medicine. I'm am 99.99 % confident that all will see this, in the fullness of time. re sticking my dick in everything - sure, that was a childish call - i'm just trying to say right now is the time to live, not fear. I'm planning to get a yacht and travel the globe with the best of my current options - its about freedom, not chauvinism, or some kind of playground mentality. There have been excess deaths - i do not disagree - but we are talking in the range of between 66 - 200 % more than normal flu season. Definitely worth protecting the vulnerable for - not worth locking down the planet for. I call for reason (and the Western ideal of freedom) above fear.
  4. The KL thing was fine I guess - the NK thing was naff. 5 novels and 8 seasons of magical build up for a simple knife to the guts. that was dumb. What about the magical reason for the seasons and all that?
  5. Seems kind of closed minded and scared of alternate opinion to me
  6. Even if the current virus were the black death, with 33% mortality rate, i would chose freedom. Its an ideal. Its me. You don't like it, sorry - i rather be free. It's funny though - this is a fantasy forum - and core of the Western fantasist ideal is freedom. When did you lovers of Western fantasy get so scared?
  7. So you are scared of alternate opinion? You realise rational people can discuss without jumping to fearful conclusions right?
  8. Life is dangerous Live a little. Better to die on you feet than live on you knees, after all. Simple choice now - quake in fear or stand for freedom. I know i'm not gutless. rest us up to you.
  9. Look, i'm not a mean person, if others want to avoid me, I won't go near them. Ultimately the onus to protect oneself is upon oneself, right? This community greater good BS is communistic crap - its not my problem to care about you, beyond your avoidance of me. I am reasonable, intelligent and rational. As such an individual, i can guarantee you the most important people in a given society are those who stand up for individual rights, not those who stress over the greater good, or heard mentality. True leaders of social construct are those who understand free thought matters, especially in times of universal fear. Wake up - embrace your mind.
  10. Total BS - like I said, I did official government courses, i had to to travel to indigenous areas - your numbers are crap. You are basically scaremongering - good luck to you and your life of fear.
  11. 80% of people have no symptoms, 15 % have mild symptoms, 5% serious and of those less than 1 % die - when has our species descended into such panic over less than 1% before? I'm going to live - you can be a be greater good coward if you want - but i bet when everything finally antes up you are the one left wanting.
  12. Hehe - as a kind of long time member of this forum i have to weigh in on Covid - be free I've done official govvy courses for work and I can promise this - its not scary enough to lock down the global economy for. We have to protect elderly and co-morbid, for sure. Beyond that the response is entirely political and economic. Funny sociological thing, I'm dating like 3 women ATM - have lost a shitload of weight - and all of my GFs agree to resist Clovid restrictions. Surprisingly, its the men in my life that are afraid of this over hyped version of SARS 1. Meh. I'm sill having fun, just cant travel internationally which pisses me off (though some applications are close to being granted) - my point is don't let this BS scare you into living differently. There is a disease out there - that is very similar to SARS 1 - beyond that simple truth, don't trust any of the media and political BS ATM. Current cure way worse than disease - FREEDOM!
  13. Fair enough response - by the end of the tv series Sansa and Bran reached a kind of toughness. Arya was a bit dumb/cliche though.
  14. OP - you are overthinking it. GRRM is never going to finish. D&D tried to put frat boy version of gurl power into Sansa. That's it. No more complicated. The only characters that any vague kind of depth came through on was Dany, Jon and Tyrion - the rest were sad caricatures. The saddest rendering of all was still my avatar, so don't fret it, we were all ripped off.
  15. Sure, though there is Nights King and a Cold Hands. It's possible that GRRM had no idea what he was going with the Others all along and that's why their show version is such a monumental balls up - there was no plan to go on at all. Too much gardening and not enough plotting - I've come to think that a more perfect tale requires both. Like a wild beast that must be constantly trained and pulled back into line. Overall, I think everyone lost control of the beast that was GoTs/ASoIaF.
  16. I don't think book Arya is destined to kill the NK - not sure any character actually will. More likely Jon will broker some kind of deal, which will further piss Danny off for wasting a dragon on the cold dude.
  17. Bittersweet Not just in a narrative sense, but in a deeply emotional sense for fans of the narrative.
  18. It is a kind of remix of Break the Wheel from about 3.00 onward, combined with the Starks theme. GoTs music is pretty awesome. Inspired by what started as a brilliant narrative but lost its way.
  19. People can't let Dany go eh? They can't accept that sometimes (perhaps ofttimes) entitlement and idealism can turn a person bad? They can't accept that changing yourself is more important than changing the world? Guess that is part of why our species is so fucked now - and part of what GRRM and D&D were trying to say.
  20. And Drogon burning the IT is one of the best scenes in the series and cinematic history - which would not have been possible without Dany's arc. It's very symbolic of a lot of shit that's wrong with the world ATM - I just think most modern people are too gutless to face it. World need more Jons - I think that is GRRMs message.
  21. I'm just watching 806 again, years and an emotional roller coaster later later (and still trying to perfect the end of a good guys turns bad and destroys an Empire fantasy first novel) and I actually see far more in it than what I originally did. She is 1 of 3 main characters of course - Dany, Jon and Tyrion. But she probably has the most sympathetic and bittersweet arc. I just reheard Tyrion ask Jon about Jon being on dragon back and wondering whether Jon would have burned a city to the ground when he was pissed off. Of course, Jon was never in the same position as Dany. He was never entitled, never really abused by an older brother, never physically weaker in an interpersonal relationship and never a woman. Jon had hardship in his life but not the same emotional trauma. I still think D&D could have told it a lot better. At the same time, I think there is a valid story in there that is just rejected by modern politics and sensibilities.
  22. Populism is rising - if gen Y can'y accept it, they are lost.
  23. This is props my favorite episode ever - show at it's peak. So sad it fell so far.
  24. In essence I agree - but would this not suggest there is a balance between the human species and 'nature' and. if there is, would that not suggest that 'nature' has taken the expansion of our species into some for, of account, if not a simplistic action/reaction scenario ? Let me spin you a tale - when I traveled Africa, I witnessed our truck stopping near a baby Impala. The mother ran off and an Hyena took the baby. Everyone on the truck then started arguing about how human effect nature. I called BS and said humans are part of nature - perhaps we we here just so that a Hyena pup could survive and nature knew that all along. Point - to truly understand nature we must detract our own humanity from it. Nature does not care for us as a species, we are but slightly broken gears in a massive cog. Accept that the end of our species may be upon is and move forward from there. Do it without malice and humanism and 'its not fair' ism. It is what is it is. We are tiny cogs in a massive machine which is as beyond our control as it is our comprehension. I know the ethos of the modern age is to think we can understand and control - but that is all total BS - we cannot, it is all random.
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