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    [Spoilers] EP605

    I think people are misunderstanding the teleportation complaints. It’s not that we want to see the characters traveling but that they need to show the passage of time consistently in the show. Take Littlefinger and the wall as the most recent example. Messenger carrying news about Stannis defeat and Sansa escape would take about the same time to get to Littlefinger as it would take Sansa to get to the wall. Then, it would take Littlefinger at least a few months to assemble an army and march it anywhere near the wall. But, in the show, when we do see Littlefinger meet Sansa, it is as if only a few days have passed at the wall. This is the problem. It is absolutely fine to skip showing the journey but they must show the proper passage of time. It would be much better if Litterfinger showed up in a latter episode when Jon and co where near Winterfell or something (since it could be argued that it took Jon a long time to organize the wildlings army and march it south). The way it was presented it looks like he got to the wall in a matter of days hence the teleportation argument. And there are lots of inconsistencies like this in the show.
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