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  1. Again, Shelley was not talking about magnetism when she referred to galvanism. She was referring to the idea of electricity being produced through and inherent to biochemistry.
  2. A lot of jokes in the comments that it's nice to see that the Slavs in the future appear to be a lot more cheerful and happy.
  3. Shelley is referring to theory of galvanism, named for Luigi Galvani who believed that animals were alive due to "animal electricity".
  4. The website Los Siete Reinos recently had an update on when filming would commence in Cáceres and Trujillo (no earlier than mid-May, IIRC) and will no doubt get more information the closer to the shooting date. I know fans who happened to be in Cáceres when filming took place managed to see some scenes being filmed.
  5. Why did Coryanne Wylde dictate her life story in her final years? Why did Mushroom dictate his life story? Basically, there's precedent for people writing accounts of events that happened to them long after, and without more information to me there's not any strong reason to judge. We just note the information we have, which includes the possibility that Byron had a daughter.
  6. I find the note to be a bit odd because it's very clearly taking sides on the question of ambiguity in a way that doesn't feel neutral. That said, I too think it likeliest that the intention was that he wrote to Ser Byron's daughter. But I can't rule out that the squire was perhaps writing to his own daughter, maybe years after the fact, recalling to her how the knight died. Nothing says when this letter was written, either way, so I don't think we can use the supposed age of the squire at the writing of the letter to tell us anything. I've made an edit to make it more neutral.
  7. That was the initial pitch we had for a book when they wanted us to write something, but then with HBO picking up House of the Dragon the publisher pivoted to our doing Rise of the Dragon. This idea was that It would be an abridged, heavily-illustrated character guide or something like that, was the notion, but admittedly Ten Speed Press had some reservations about that. So... what I can say is that it's certainly what we think we may end up working on next, right now because of various timelines (TWoW, HotD season 2), it's a topic we'll be revisiting next year. Like, if George gets TWoW out, the character guide might make more sense, or if he also/instead gets the s second volume of F&B, maybe we'll just leap straight into the follow-up to Rise of the Dragon. It would give us a much longer lead time to get together the art for the project, which was a huge pain point towards the end.
  8. Many fighters have something called Auto GCAS, which will allow the plane to maneuver out of hitting the ground if the pilot appears unresponsive or confused, but the F/A-18 Super Hornet flown in the movie didn't have it at the time of production. The flight scenes were filmed in 2018, and it was in May 2018 that Congress had a line item in the budget to fund putting it into the Super Hornet fleet.
  9. Watched Resurrection, a psychological thriller/horror film starring Rebecca Hall (amazing performance) and Tim Roth (always amazing). It's not a great film as such, it's uneven, but boy howdy, Hall just knocks it out of the park. The basic idea of the plot is that she's a businesswoman and single mother with a daughter about to go to college, who ends up encountering a man from her past (Tim Roth) that sends her into an immediate panic attack. Her life starts to fall apart as she relives her trauma and becomes increasingly desperate about his presence around her and what happened in the past. It ends pretty gruesomely. There's a monologue that Hall delivers in a single take that is just a perfect performance.
  10. The first movie I remember seeing was a re-release of Lady and the Tramp in Italy, probably at Camp Ederlie in Vicenza. That would have been early 80s. The next film I remember seeing was either Empire or Return of the Jedi, but I admit I don't remember when this was supposed to be. We were in Italy until 1984, and I distinctly remember seeing this film in Miami... so maybe a matinee screening when we transferred back to the States? Don't know.
  11. Oh, man. Lance Reddick has died at the age of 60, per TMZ. Found dead at his home, police say it looks natural. Way too young. A great presence in whatever he appeared in, whether it's The Wire, John Wick, Bosch...
  12. No one was ready to contend with Henry Fonda as the villain.
  13. Ran

    Board Issues 4

    I feel like we've run into this before, but you're the only report so far. My suggestion would be to clear your Westeros.org cookies, fully close the browser, and then start the browser and try to log in. The cookie you have is probably corrupted. If that doesn't work, I think there's something I can do from my side, just let me know.
  14. People are still watching and discussing The French Connection 50 years later. The Guardian did a great article for the 50th anniversary. It's a stone-cold classic of the era. And The Last Picture Show was just as worthy to win, IMO. Incredible film from Bogdanovich. I'd personally pick it or Clockwork for that year, but The French Connection was absolutely in the conversation and has withstood the test of time. And then _next_ year it was The Godfather. You had a real over-reaction to the Academy Awards, man. The 70s Academy was the golden age.
  15. They were killed because they supported the murder of someone, and killing them was necessary to prevent that murder, for the most part. Yes, Joel killing the incapacitated man in cold blood or killing the guy who surrendered was immoral, but the vast majority of those killed were trying to kill him and prevent him from rescuing the person they wanted to murder. And from the perspective of making sure no one knew about what happened so that they couldn't come after Ellie afterards, well, killing them all would seem necessary. It's not a stranger vs. not stranger thing, it's a guilt vs innocent thing. Ellie was an innocent who was going to be murdered. The Fireflies, as perpetrators, were guilty of intending her murder. They believed they had cause to murder her, but their failure to ascertain her assent made them immoral, and stopping them was morally appropriate. I do agree that it was not intended for Ellie's mother to get infected. That was just bad luck.
  16. It's a very dark comedy. I think the mutilation has to be read as surreal. No one treats it like they would if some mad person really was cutting off his fingers and leaving them at people's doorsteps, going to the pub spurting blood as he gets some musicians together, etc.
  17. He's not her parent. She certainly never called him that. Yes, they've grown close, and their relationship now has echoes of it, but it's more complicated than that. Complicated enough that I wouldn't make the assumption that knowing her for a few months means he's adopted her. You can't consent to stuff at gunpoint. He was literally beaten by one of the Fireflies while simply having a conversation with Marlene. Probably is a pretty massive fly in the ointment. Joel does not know what Ellie would do if she was asked. Neither do the Fireflies. Suspicion or belief is not certainty.
  18. Shame for those who worked on it and those who enjoyed it, but even most fans on that Deadline post admitted there was a lot of room for improvement. There's a rumor in the comments that Val Kilmer was going to reprise his role as Madmartigan -- anyone know the truth of that? I wonder what the show's first season said about him and why he wasn't around.
  19. Generic castle, not an attempt at Pinkmaiden. And, erp, just noticed one of those crenellations is weird. Will edit it, or maybe make a new try at Melony now that we've gotten better at it.
  20. I don't think I'll watch Everything again this decade. Twice is more than enough for now. But Shapiro is an idiot.
  21. Again using the same royalty free art -- I think they came from some sort of book published by Dover -- we now have Robb Reyne. I've got three more of these. One will definitely be Leo Longthorn, I think, and one will have to be a Swann (it has a swan crest and even wings).
  22. Yeah, I was going to mention Jasmine. That character is basically the anti-heroine of the story, a mess of a woman who's going from self-created crisis to self-created crisis. Amazing performance, Allen's take on Blanche DuBois in a way, not a warm and sweet character. I think there's a lot of over-thinking about who won and why and who got slighted. Mostly it' a popularity contest mixed with a box office contest.
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