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  1. Larry King has passed away at the age of 87. He had contracted COVID-19 and had been hospitalized for about three weeks.
  2. Patch notes, for those looking for them. I don't think I've run into any of those particular bugs. I did see someone else refer to having the Japantown gig involving Bugbear bugged for them (as I did in my first run through), but that one does not (yet) seem to be addressed as an issue. I'm not surprised by the list of things, and can only imagine that a lot of the memory improvements will both improve performance in some cases and also perhaps lead to fewer memory-related bugs (like models swapping).
  3. Per the BBC and other sources, Mira Furlan died of complications from the West Nile Virus. Something like ~130 a year die from that in the US each year, so ... incredibly rare.
  4. Hammerin' Hank gone to his reward. RIP. The true home run king. Another great gone. So it goes...
  5. So tragic, far too early. She brought so much dignity to her role as Delenn. In the first season credits of B5, only Claudia Christian is among the living among the first five actors named. O'Hare, Doyle, Biggs, and now Furlan are gone. And there's Andreas Katsulas, of course, Stephen Furst, Jeff Conaway in later seasons... a cursed cast.
  6. That's crazy. Never heard of that happening before without deliberate efforts to break out of barriered areas. Yeah, you definitely ended up accidentally triggering a mission intended for V. But it's genuinely amazing that they didn't lock down all but a tiny bit of the city so that you couldn't wander off. (BTW, that Bugbear mission was the one that completely bugged out the first run through I did -- I never got a call from Wakako, and though I could see enemies none of the doors would open. Managed to do it in my 2nd run through, though, which was cool.)
  7. It's a Biden family bible dated from 1893, and which Biden and his son Beau used at their respective swearing-ins. Beau carried it up to the inaugural stage in 2013. Definitely a massive tome, though.
  8. CDPR's artists have posted a mass of concept art over at Artstation. Early character designs for Johnny, Evelyn, Meredith Stout, Panam, lots of environmental designs, gang and clothing designs, etc., etc. Pretty cool.
  9. Hope he does the same with Michael Ellis. Or reassign him to a cushy job in Montana or something.
  10. Also part of the ensemble Western miniseries, Godless, on Netflix, as a gunslinger with failing eyes. First saw him in Gareth Edward's indie film Monsters, and really took notice of him. His career's gone very well, and deservedly.
  11. That's a weird one. Feels like the memory leak(s) they have not plugged yet may have somehow triggered something it shouldn't have, just as some of the graphical swaps that seem to happen (like cigarettes being rendered as guns, or -- in my most recent playthrough -- Mitch's holstered pistol being rendered as a half-eaten hamburger towards the end of the game.) Yeah, Rhino can get herself involved. Though, oddly, my first run I ended up beating her first, then did the mission and while I killed everyone else (including the weapon dealer who I accidentally shot in the course of fighting the Animals), Rhino just stayed where she was. Second time, same thing, fought and beat her, did the mission... but this time, she went and joined the Animals in fighting me. I suspect there's some sort of edge cases happening with the scripting that's leading to different results. In other news, discovered that you can get a free Shion Coyote
  12. Dan Drezner's "Toddler-in-Chief" series has now hit its 2,600th post. About a month ago, he doubted he could hit 2,500 by the inauguration... and was around 2300 tweets or so. The pace has been utterly breathtaking:
  13. Yes, watched in in the summer over here in Sweden, and I recall reviewing it in a past iteration of the Watched/Watching thread. Surprised that it didn't come out in the US at the same time, and indeed was held back for so many months. Wonder what the story is behind that.
  14. Ran

    Cobra Kai

    Decided to watch this after hearing all of you raving about it. I watched the Karate Kid movies plenty of times as a kid, and I love my 80's nostalgia and music, but having this be a Youtube thing meant I never bothered. The move to Netflix was a big one for it, I think. In any case, absolutely loved the first season of it. Just a brilliant way to revisit these iconic 80s films, imagining how it all panned out 35 years later, fleshing out the characters. William Zabka reprising Johnny and infusing him with energy of Al Bundy or one of those characters from Springsteen's "Glory Days" was spot on. The writers have done a terrific job. Season 2 was also pretty good, I thought. The return of Kreese was handled well. Season 3 is where I found my binging speed slowing, to be honest. I think, as others remarked, certain characters had story lines that felt very thin (Robbie) and there was a disconnection from some stories I enjoyed it, but not as much as the prior seasons. I also feel that a 6 season plan feels ... long for this show, but maybe it can (for me) rebound with S4 and reveal some new way of going forward. Right now, it feels like S4 ought to be leading up to an ending, but who knows, they'll no doubt find some way to surprise us. Wonder if Robyn Lively will be making an appearance in S4? Had such a crush on her back in the day...
  15. Heard far fewer stories of that after the 1.06 hotfix, and I think a third minor hotfix that was console-only in late December.
  16. @RumHam May be the show I've rewatched the most in recent history. More than the big HBO shows. The writing, the setting, the acting -- just hits perfectly for me. And yeah, the arcs of Pete and Harry are pretty interesting. That said, Ken > Pete > Harry.
  17. CP2077 is getting a free "next gen" update next year, rather than a dedicated release. The reason it works better on the next gen consoles currently is simply the greater hardware power -- more RAM/VRAM, faster SSDs, etc.
  18. According to all I've read, much better.
  19. Reposting from the Cyberpunk thread: Just FYI for those who are thinking of checking out Cyberpunk 2077 Amazon has the XBox and PS versions of the game for some 40% off right now, by the by, and 33% off on the PC version. This is for physical copies of the game, rather than digital. I'm assuming the release blowback led to overstock and they're dumping some. A steal, IMO, at twice the price, but YMMV. I've read a lot of people say that the two hotfixes have made the game substantially more stable on older consoles, and we're just a few days from the first of two largeish patches.
  20. Amazon has the XBox and PS versions of the game for some 40% off right now, by the by, and 33% off on the PC version. This is for physical copies of the game, rather than digital. I'm assuming the release blowback led to overstock and they're dumping some. A steal, IMO, at twice the price, but YMMV. I've read a lot of people say that the two hotfixes have made the game substantially more stable on older consoles, and we're just a few days from the first of two largeish patches.
  21. If it's the mission with Fingers, it actually does matter in a sense, though not to the outcome of that mission: Re: music, P.T. Adamczyk, one of the composers of the game, has started a Youtube channel where he's put some tracks that weren't released on the official soundtrack CD (plus a track from Gwent, when he launched the channel last month). Provides some context and little details in the descriptions of each piece.
  22. I guess I should say "late" in terms that it clearly doesn't show up until you've passed some sort of street cred threshold. But as it happens, both playthroughs I never got around to that area until pretty late.
  23. That'd be cool. Trauma Team were very tough when I decided to try them out with my first character's build. I suspect my second would have done much better, she's functionally immortal. The flying car idea could work. Obviously, in the game, all flying cars or units exiting from them are in scripted events, but just having one show up above a street or having the sound of it become louder followed by police showing up... could work. But I'd rather they focus on making enemies fight better and balancing things than spend time on it, IMO. People can play GTA if they want to be maniacs. ETA: Read a pretty interesting account of how CDPR has hidden mechanics in a way that people don't realize. One of the first side gigs you get is "The Woman From La Mancha", about a hit on a female cop. This person did as I, and I think most, people did and took this pretty easy gig early on. First thing was to go to a market, then ask around about her to find where she was. At Street Cred 1, the muscular ripper doc isn't talking to you about anyone and that's that, have to ask around elsewhere to get the info. BUT, on a 2nd play through, the person only tackled it when they were much further in the game and at street cred 30... and the ripperdoc interaction about her is totally different: I had no idea that they had early missions react to that sort of thing. There's a couple of missions that show up late in the game that are there to highlight your street cred or badassitude (the one where you interrupt a meeting with Scavs, the stick up at the diner), but that they actually thought of seeding that variable into some early missions a well is quite cool.
  24. Yes. I mean, if you leave the forum and come back and decide you want to start fresh, that's one thing. But if you run multiple accounts to do things like back up your own arguments or stage fake arguments or just to troll people, that will get you banned.
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