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    A place for people to post a message introducing themselves to the forum, if they wish to. It's entirely optional to post an introduction, but if you do want to post one, do so here rather than starting a new thread.
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    Small Questions v. 10106

    As much of a mystery to me as to everyone else. Not a tree we've seen from George.
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    Aegon I and Dorne

    The Soviets turned Afghanistan into a wasteland. The US tried to turn Vietnam into a wasteland. Stalingrad was a wasteland when the Nazis surrounded it and tried to starve them out. People still resisted. And both the Soviets and the U.S. and the Nazis had enormously greater destructive capability than the Targaryens had with their three dragons. I suspect the real answer is that the maesters and the Targaryens over-estimated the effectiveness of their terror campaign in crippling Dorne.
  4. After coming across yet another reference that GRRM's snuck into AFfC, I've decided to actually go through the process of compiling all of these to put into the FAQ at the Citadel. I'd appreciate any assistance people can give. :) AFfC references should be proteced. We're including those that actually appear in the novels, rather than those that appear outside of them (i.e., unpublished Heraldry). We include some references that GRRM makes to his own work, but only those which seem like deliberate nods to those works rather than simply reusing names, ideas, etc. (i.e., Robb and Lyanna are reuses of the names Rob and Lya from "A Song for Lya", rather than a nod). To kick it off, I'll just rattle off a few that come immediately to mind: "... black hood, blue beetle, and green arrow": A reference to comic books, specifically the Archie comics superhero the Black Hood and the DC Comics heroes Blue Beetle and Green Arrow. SPOILER: AFfC A variation on this appeared where the black hood was replaced by thunderbolts, which has been speculated to be a reference to the DC Characters the Flash (who is, with the Blue Beetle and Green Arrow, a member of the Justice League of America) and/or Johnny Thunderbolt of the Justice Society of America. "Lharys, Mohar, and Kurliket": Reference to the Three Stooges, Larry, Moe, and Curly. The Houses Vance: References to Jack Vance abound. The castle Wayfarer's Rest refers to Liane the Wayfarer in The Dying Earth, and the castle Atranta refers to the fantasy world invented by the titular character in Bad Ronald. And speaking of Bad Ronald, the sons of Lord Norbert (who, like Vance, is blind) are further Vancian references: Ronald the Bad (reference to the aforementioned novel), Kirth (reference to The Demon Princes), Hugo (for his Hugo awards), and Ellery (for the Ellery Queen mysteries that he ghost-wrote). The children of Lord Karyl Vance are also references: Emphyria (referencing Emphyrio), Rhialta (another reference to the The Dying Earth sequence, specifically the novel Rhialto the Marvellous), and Liane (as in the Wayfarer mentioned above.) House Jordayne of the Tor: A nod to Robert Jordan, who is published by Tor. The arms of the house include a quill, referring to his writing. SPOILER: AFfC The lord of the House is Lord Trebor, whose name when reversed reveals "Robert". SPOILER: AFfC Archmaester Rigney: An archmaester who wrote time is a wheel. This is a reference to Robert Jordan and his Wheel of Time series. Jordan's real name is James Rigney. House Willum: Lord Willum's sons are named Josua and Elyas, and are quarrelsome. The reference is to Tad Williams and his "Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn" epic fantasy series, which feature (in part) the feuding royal brothers Josua and Elias. GRRM has cited the series as a major reason for why he went forward with "A Song of Ice and Fire". H.P. Lovecraft: It is speculated by some that the Drowned God of the Ironborn is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu. This may be made likelier by the fact that the name 'Dagon' (that of Lord Dagon Greyjoy) was used by Lovecraft in his horror fiction, who borrowed it from an ancient Philistine fish-god. Costayne of Three Towers: A reference to a Thomas B. Costain, a favorite historical fiction writer of GRRM's. SPOILER: AFfC Harry Sawyer and Robin Potter: Two mock suitors of Brienne the Beauty who paid for their humiliation of her at the melee in Bitterbridge. She recalls unhorsing Harry Sawyer and then mentions having given Robin Potter a nasty scar on his head. Some intrepid readers speculate that the close proximity of the names, and the scar Potter received, is a reference to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, who has a distinguishing scar on his forehead. SPOILER: AFfC Courtenay Greenhill: A knight who pays court to Margaery Tyrell, his names refer to two makers of to knights (which GRRM collects), Richard Courtenay and Peter Greenhill. Alaric of Eysen: A far-travelled singer in the books, the character is a reference to Phyllis Eisenstein and her minstrel character Alaric. Samwell: Speculated to be a nod to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, which contains the character Samwise Gamgee. Both characters share the diminutive Sam and both are loyal and steadfast to a friend (Samwell to Jon and Samwise to Frodo). Nightflyer: A ship captained by Lord Baelor Blacktyde that refers to an award-winning novella by GRRM, "Nightflyer". SPOILER: AFfC Bakkalon, the Pale Child: A god of some foreign culture in the series, referencing a god of the same name in GRRM's story "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" and mentioned in several other tales set in GRRM's future history. SPOILER: AFfC Rugen the undergaoler: Speculated to be a reference to be a The Princess Bride, which features the villain Count Rugen who maintains a dungeon. The Fever River: A river whose source is in the Neck is named after the river which gave GRRM's novel, Fevre Dream, its name. Lord Titus Peake: A reference to Mervyn Peake and his seminal work of fantasy, the Gormenghast trilogy, starting with Titus Groan. Blackadder: House Wyl features a black adder on its arms. GRRM has confirmed that this is a nod to the BBC historical comedy series, [strong]Blackadder[/strong]. House Frey: The famously virile Lord Frey and his large family probably owe their name to Frey, a Norse god of fertility.
  5. Ran

    Aegon I and Dorne

    It takes Daeron I and Oakenfist for a successful staging of a naval operation, and though Stannis puts it all down to Oakenfist's efforts, Daeron's approach by land must have drawn away the Dornish to make it possible for Oakenfist to succeed as he did. But this is certainly true. We're told that the Dornish coast is quite dangerous, full of reefs and whirlpools and the like. The few ports are doubtless very protected. Oakenfist was able to break through at the Planky Town. Daeron the Young Dragon used a combined arms approach, by sea and by land (in fact, two armies, at the Boneway and the Prince's Pass). It feels like this is to be seen as both daring and a key to his succeeding where no one else had. As to dragons as scouts, I mean, the real world has aircraft. How much did Soviet aircraft and satellite reconaissance prove useful against the mujaheddin in Afghanistan? Who literally did use vast networks of tunnels in their mountains? And there's just three dragons. Dragon flies out, spots a gathering of Dornishmen ten miles away, flies back, informs the troops... but in all likelihood, that host of Dornishmen have seen they were spotted and they just disperse and meet up again by night or in a week or whatever. The Dornish basically did not bother raising substantial armies of any kind during the time of the Targaryen's first attempts to take Dorne. Even the Vulture King that Jaehaerys took out kept trying to find refuge in "lairs", and tried to keep his small rabble of outlaws together rather than just dispersing them until Jaehaerys went away. When the whole country is against you, though, there's too many refuges and too many enemies.
  6. Ran

    Aegon I and Dorne

    He did melt castles. It didn't work, because the Dornish learned from Harrenhal. We literally see the Targaryens finding all the various castles essentially abandoned, the lords and their retinues dispersing rather than concentrating around them. I would guess the Yronwoods -- the only real rivals to the Martells by this stage -- cared even less for Targaryens than they did Martells. More significantly, it seems Aegon and his sisters simply had an inability to treat the Dornish lords as people worth trying to win over with diplomacy rather than threats. They had conquered everyone else, they were going to conqueor Dorne, and that was that. It was an example of Aegon and his sisters running into the limits of their own abilities. Until the Dornish acknowledged them as their sovereigns, there was no room for negotiation.
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    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Looks good to me!
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    Unable to edit topic

    I've fixed it again. It's time consuming, so in the future, do what I said above -- right click the edit link on another post, save it, then click the # of your post to see what the comment number is. Change it in the edit link you've copied, put it in the browser, and you should be able to edit. I'm not sure why you're having such trouble with editing. Are you using a mobile device or something odd like a weird Linux browser?
  9. All the trades, and Amazon itself, were quite clear that the rights were related specifically to The Lord of the Rings. But of course the LotR appendices provide an abbreviated recounting of Eorl leading the Éothéod and the Steward Cirion giving them the Riddermark, etc.
  10. Ran

    Cregan Stark: the fool wolf

    I have to admit, I am bemused at the fact that Cregan has largely gotten a big pass from Stark fanboys on his reputation for essentially trading away any sense of being a rigid adherent to moral right and justice above all when Black Aly basically gets him to drop his bloody-minded plans in exchange for her maidenhead.
  11. Éowyn doesn't count? She was more or less ready to throw herself at him, to whatever degree Tolkienian characters can throw oneselves at one another.
  12. I think they specifically said it'd feature characters fans know and love or something such. Gandalf, Legolas, Elrond, Arwen, Galadriel -- yes -- the Witch-king -- not so much. That said, Google reminds me that TheOneRing.net reported that multiple sources told them it'd focus on Aragorn before LotR. I suspect that's still likeliest, unless plans have changed.
  13. They've said that the show isn't LotR but will feature characters from LotR, though. But I guess they could mean Gandalf and the elves?
  14. Ran

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    The ax has come down. And they've decided to stop the charade and just let everyone know that JJ's upcoming season 3 is its final season as well.
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    Unable to edit topic

    There were some very weird artifacts preventing editing. I managed to fix it by copying the link for editing the post beneath it and then changing the post identification number, and now it looks like you can edit it further with no difficulty.
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    Board Issues 4

    Interesting! Just did some database changes but we saw no issues, so assumed it's fine. We'll see what's needed to fix it.
  17. Yeah. The Red Mountains. They appear in Tolkien's sketches for First Age matter, and I believe they're mentioned in The Silmarillion as the Valar raised them when Morgoth destroyed the Two Lamps.
  18. Interesting that they're using a map featuring the Orocarni mountains. They don't appear on the standard LotR map. Could mean nothing, could be a hint. If it is a hint, I'd guess it'd be the theory that the focus is on Aragorn is right. We know he traveled widely, into Rhûn, into Harad, and so on.
  19. I've commented on the one major thing that didn't appear in F&B on Reddit, but figured I should mention it here as well. It's indicated that "every castle" in Dorne was burned thrice in the Dragon's Worth, including Sunspear, and that Visenya had burned it earlier. This, however, was removed from TWoIaF after we pointed out to George the issue that the "ancient" Sandship and so on don't show any sign of the dragon-burning damage seen in Harrenhal and mentioned in other instances. George agreed that was an issue, and in fact expanded on it by providing the maesters several speculative explanations for why the Targaryens left Sunspear alone. We noted it when we were helping with the edit, but it fell through the cracks in the editing process, so it'll have to wait for a new print to be put back in.
  20. Ran

    Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

    The description sure does sound a lot nearer Abercrombie than it does GRRM, but GRRM is far more well-known, ergo GoT is the apt comparison. Sounds very imaginative from that review.
  21. Ran

    True Detective Season 3 (SPOILERS)

    I'm guessing Tom is first interrogated before being killed (probably made to look like a suicide), and that leads them to Dan. Then West and Hays realize enough of it that Harris James ends up being killed by them (or possibly just by West). Something like that, I guess.
  22. Ran

    Trailer Thread V

    The Hustle looks awful to me. Hathaway's affectation doesn't work in this era, and Rebel Wilson being an Aussie loses the humor around the crass American vs. the sophisticated Brit that has been central to this concept since Bedtime Story. I suppose the subsection of the 24.6 million Aussies of the world who will be interested in this film will appreciate the change-up. Quite a vote of confidence in Wilson in landing a role originally played by Steve Martin and Marlon Brando, though. (In more interesting Hustle-related news, Stephen Chow has apparently said in interviews that Kung Fu Hustle 2 is in the works!)
  23. No, folks mentioned the scene ended with Janos actually hanging. IIRC, wasn't the crack of his neck supposed to have been heard? I don't think it's any of the above -- fanservice, getting sloppy, forgetting, irony, whatever. I suspect it's more straightforward: George was quite taken with the idea of Janos dying a commoner's death by hanging and Jon being cold enough to order it in relation to "Kill the boy and let the man be born", and initially figured that he could work it against all the other factors. Whether he was already debating to change it to execution or not at the time he read it, I do not know, but the response to his reading may have shifted the balance. Or simply in reading it out loud he realized he didn't like it as much as he thought. George has read other draft chapters before and ended up making significant changes to them by the time they published. We know he'll have a pen in hand and make notes to himself as he reads. GRRM has been quite open that his writing is an evolving process, with many drafts, with many dead-ends. Sometimes he finds his way out on his own, sometimes his editors provide a useful idea, sometimes his colleagues and friends do, and sometimes his readers do.
  24. The Ewoks are predators! They were going to eat Han!