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  1. I like that idea a lot. In fact, you could see that happening in this episode -- he seemed positively giddy about counseling Jeff and promising him the best legal defense, and it seemed clear he planned to not just handpick a lawyer but probably coach them. I think there was an interview where the writers talked about Odenkirk doing a scene in the finale that's sort of joyous, where the's a transformation from Gene to something else... and him getting to be Saul Goodman again (whereas he's been masquerading as Slippin' Jimmy this last couple of episodes) would really fit that. We'll see.
  2. There's a depiction of him in F&B, as I recall, though I do not know how much direction was received from George. He looks to be in his 70s or 80s by the look of it to me.
  3. I do find it odd that she could command the story of her boss if he was a simulated routine like her rather than a real person. I was thinking back about Teddy protecting her from Peter, but I'm wondering if Peter was basically a sort of ghost in the machine, a memory of the real Peter. This would explain why the date for his death was so many years back, right, if the real Peter had died years earlier but his simulation was still wandering around?
  4. That was my guess as well, to be honest.
  5. For sure, people want all sorts of things. But I was responding to a persistent but false rumor that the montage was basically all showing cut content, which was never the case.
  6. The intro montage was never meant to be stuff that they intended you to play and cut. They always intended to have a montage like that.
  7. The text does in fact say very clearly he was not present at the Great Council, as I noted the other day. But the artist still drew in Jaehaerys, and we still needed the piece of art so that's how we fixed it. (At least it wasn't three Jaehaerys's, the two fat ones to balance out the skinny one!) George has seen a bunch of Alicent depictions between various artists and works and has had no remarks about her being uniformly depicted as non-blond. One notices that TRotD did not cast her as blond, either, and actually seems to have gone more with how she's been depicted in certain ASoIaF official artworks.
  8. Teams of people do look through the art, but ... you know, George missed our Targaryen dragon we had for years which he heartedly approved had four legs rather than two, so just because he looks through the art doesn't necessarily mean he's going to notice everything. Especially in something like F&B where we know a lot of the art was under a rushed approval because of the tight deadline. We've done a lot to try and make TRotD as close to accurate as possible art-wise, with space for artist interpretation, but even there sometimes we realize too late that something escaped us after the fact. Sometimes we managed to get changes made, sometimes not. For example, there's a depiction of the Great Council of Harrenhal where the artist had Jaehaerys present, which we caught and just managed to get changed under the deadline .... by replacing him with Lord Strong, under the theory that as host of the event he would sort of preside (in an honorofic sense) over it. Not necessarily the best solution, but it's tough to get everything right when you're juggling scores of artworks and (in our case, not F&B's) dozens of artists, some of whom are brought very late in the process or who are running right to the razor's edge of the deadline.
  9. "I hear they opened a new Outback in Satellite Beach." I went to high school for a year there! Mind blown.
  10. The long, long list of lawsuits, frauds, shake downs, et. al say otherwise, surely.
  11. De gustibus non est disputandum, as the Romans said.
  12. Light from Uncommon Stars is such a nice title. I think you meant "Elder Race". "Elder Ring" sounds like some sort of Elden Ring parody!
  13. Did they mean joyless? Mendes is a good director but I don't really think of him when I think comedy (though I see he has directed a comedic drama before).
  14. They have increasingly moved people from patches to the expansion, actually. As of April, the expansion team was at its largest since the release, with nearly 50% of all of CDPR's developers working on it, per CDPR's investor package. I'm guessing that the expansion will fold in a bunch of patches that will amount to 1.6 (or maybe 1.7).
  15. Less than a month out from the awards and no discussion to speak of since I listed the nominees. I find it interesting/troubling. Just an effect of the pademic making people feel disconnected from it?
  16. Brave and Ratatouille are Pixar films. I enjoyed Zootopia and Wreck-it Ralph, anyways, but looking over the list of post-2000 Walt Disney Animations films, I've seen very few.
  17. One Billion Americans to keep it that way!
  18. Speaking of the anniversary of CD Projekt Red, they put out their goodies collection for free (I guess again; as I understand it some of these things were available previously but not bundled together)), combining a bunch of free art and music and so on from The Witcher franchise and CP2077. Lots of concept art for the latter.
  19. Funnily enough, just before The Last Action Hero hit theaters, Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, Conan O'Brien, and Robert Smigel worked on a Hans & Franz musical comedy that would have featured Schwarzengger playing himself. They met with him for lunch, he seemed amused by the idea and enthusiastic... then nothing, because TLAH bombed and it spooked him and his team about the audiences not being ready for self-parody. (He did do a spot on SNL though: )
  20. Agreed, which is why I questioned the emphasis on his being the "head" of the estate when by all indications he was by this point the head of the Estate in name only and was halfway out the door.
  21. I would say it's something some of his descendants noticed but didn't necessarily believe, and it's not clear that they themselves necessarily knew that it specifically mattered to Aegon or to what degree it did after the initial generation after Aegon. Aerys I (and Bloodraven and Shiera), Egg, Aemon, Rhaegar. Those are the only post-Maegor who may have given any real care to it, and whether they connected it to Aegon, the Conquest, or a threat from beyond the Wall is up in the air.
  22. I saw Sepinwall remark, accurately, that in a lot of ways Morpheus becomes more of the host of comic than the main protagonist. Not entirely true, especially towards the end, but it has a lot of truth to it. He is remote and aloof. Only Destiny outdoes him in that regard among his siblings. Watched two episodes so far, and it is indeed very faithful, although some of the deviations are a little odd: The second episode, I thought this change worked very well: ETA: Having the Corinthian play a role this early is another deviation, but Boyd Holbrook's doing a smashing job bringing the character to life.
  23. It's a bit more complicated than that depending on how things are structured. The Barcelo Group of Spain runs two of the resorts in Cuba and also happens to be 100% owner of the American hotel management company Crestline Hotels & Resorts that runs dozens of hotels in the US.
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