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  1. I support death duties if it is the only way to get someone to actually pay tax even once. I don't really see how you can say the GST is avoided, the children or the grandchildren always blow the inheritance.
  2. I need an "election triggers for dummies" book Section 57 – Disagreement between the Houses If the House of representatives passes any proposed law, and the Senate rejects or fails to pass it, or passes it with amendments to which the House of Representatives will not agree, and if after an interval of three months the House of Representatives, in the same or the next session, again passes the proposed law with or without any amendments which have been made, suggested, or agreed to by the Senate, and the Senate rejects or fails to pass it, or passes it with amendments to which the House of Representatives will not agree, the Governor-General may dissolve the Senate and the House of Representatives simultaneously. But such dissolution shall not take place within six months before the date of the expiry of the House of Representatives by effluxion of time.
  3. Can any member of parliament attempt to force an early election in a hung parliament ? As I understand it, there a special bill that calls for an early election that the majority must vote against to prevent
  4. chuck norris 42

    The TRUTH about the Vietnam war

    It is a bit hard to describe
  5. chuck norris 42

    The TRUTH about the Vietnam war

    https://www.duffelblog.com/2013/10/vietnam-war-winning/ Many people should be ashamed of themselves
  6. chuck norris 42

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    I don't know why I care about this but does any language use suffixes or prefixes to allow you to string a lot of words together with unambiguous meaning. For example "lesbian vampire killers" is ambiguous, it could refer to someone who kills lesbian vampires or a lesbian that kills vampires But perhaps a language uses suffixes to clarify things for example "Lesbian vampire[suffix] killers[suffix] " would refer to lesbians who kill vampires. and "Lesbian[suffix] vampire[suffix] killers[suffix]" would to refer to people who kill lesbian vampires
  7. I had a dream where both the Liberal and Labor changed their rules so leadership challenges could not be done by secret ballot and backroom shenanigins.
  8. chuck norris 42

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    If you combine groups and get a different result than the individual groups it is called Simpsons paradox, However I would argue it specifically deals with lurking variables so it is really about keeping separate groups separate. Simpons Paradox example In a hospital 88 out of 98 of Doctor Nick's patients with minor injuries live (89.8%) 91 out of 100 of Doctor Hibert's patients with minor injuries live (91%) 1 out of 2 Doctors Nick's patients with major injuries live (50%) 5909 out of 9900 Doctor Hibert's patients with major injuries live (59.7%) Doctor Hibert has a Higher survival rate than Nick so Hibert is the better Doctor If you use the totals you get the opposite answer 89 out of 100 of Doctor Nick's patients Live (89%) 6000 out of 10,000 of Doctor Hiberts patients Live. (60%) It is stupid to conclude Doctor Nick is a better doctor because He has a higher survival rate , What is actually going on is that if your doctor is Doctor Hibert you are screwed because he deals with most of the Major injuries and you probably have a major injury. If your doctor is Doctor Nick you probably are not seriously hurt. Your basketballer example is the same my example in one major way, the total is the opposite of the individual parts, However in your example the total is better than the individual parts Also are percentages the best way to measure a basketballer? Is 3/3 really better than 8/10?
  9. I purchased a sim card for a prepaid plan for $2 with no ID and registered it online but you could disable all such cards
  10. Our societies will probably become cashless fairly soon, we will use smart devices instead , Will this make internet service providers all powerful Could a tyrannical government disable smart devices with a SIM card by forcing the service providers to disable all sim cards unless they user has proven their identity to a government crony
  11. chuck norris 42

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    Honeybadgers don't have stripes or eyepatches so not super crazy if you say honeybadger instead of badger, Unlike calling that silly fat headed green thing in H.R. pufnstuf a dragon
  12. It is probably just me but on the weekend it blew my mind that hens and roosters have a very different reproductive system to your typical mammal, Also the sperm and ovum have opposite roles in sex determination , in mammals the sperm is either X or Y, the ovum MUST be X , birds are totally different , all sperm is Y and the ovum is either X or Y, and males are YY and females are XY To technically correctly use the letters Z and W instead of X and, a male is ZZ and a female is ZW, all sperm is Z and the ovum is either Z or W
  13. chuck norris 42

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    Getting back to the OP, Would anyone be surprised if he did something unwise?
  14. I like watching TV shows that cost a lot of money to make, However they cannot properly do large battles with lots of guns, People will stand out in the open for a very long period of time without getting shot.
  15. ***begin random rant *** I liked "The walking dead" until it had a large gun battle that was way beyond ludicrous I like "Westworld" but I was glad I only watched the large gun battle through the corner of my eye because it was way beyond ludicrous. *** end random rant *** carry on.