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    "Life is not a song, sweetling. You may learn that one day to your sorrow."

    "We shall serve him lies and Arbor gold, and he'll drink them down and ask for more, I promise you."

    "Winterfell," she might have said. "I smell snow and smoke and pine needles. I smell the stables. I smell Hodor laughing, and Jon and Robb battling in the yard, and Sansa singing about some stupid lady fair. I smell the crypts where the stone kings sit, I smell hot bread baking, I smell the godswood. I smell my wolf, I smell her fur, almost as if she were still beside me."

    Well, what's one more broken vow to the Kingslayer? Just more shit in the bucket.

    His Grace should have sent another man, a lord or knight or maester, someone who could speak for him without tripping on his own tongue. "Death," he heard himself say, "there will be death, aye. Your lordship lost a son at the Red Wedding. I lost four upon the Blackwater. And why? Because the Lannisters stole the throne. Go to King's Landing and look on Tommen with your own eyes, if you doubt me. A blind man could see it. What does Stannis offer you? Vengance. Vengance for my sons and yours, for your husbands and your fathers and your brothers. Vengance for your murdered lord, your murdered king, your butchered princes. Vengance!"

    "I trust my muse, I suppose, but sometimes my muse leads me down dead alleys and mugs me."

    "Westeros is a violent and cruel world, but no more so than the real Middle Ages. In some ways, Westeros is Disneyland compared to some of the things that really went on during the Crusades or the Hundred Years War. We shouldn't delude ourselves in that. History is written in blood."

    "Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities."

    "Every flight begins with a fall," the crow said.

    "Lady," she whimpered softly, wondering if she would meet her wolf again when she was dead.

    One day there would be Starks in Winterfell again, he told himself, and then he'd send for the Liddles and pay them back a hundredfold for every nut and berry.

    Arya looked at him in astonishment. He's crying like a little baby, she thought.

    "Oh, good," Jaime said. "I only rescue maidens."

    Gods give me courage, Sam prayed. For once, give me a little courage. Just long enough for her to get away.

    Sam's last thoughts were for the mother who had loved him and the father he had failed.

    "I know his name. Was there ever a name so apt? It proclaims his bastardy, his high birth, and the turmoil he brings with him. Edric Storm. There, I have said it. Are you satisfied, my lord Hand?"

    Ygritte, stay away, Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You'll find nothing here but death.

    Please, you old gods, he prayed, you took Winterfell, and my father, and my legs, please don't take Summer too. And watch over Jon Snow too, and make the wildlings go away.

    Winter is coming, warned the Stark words, and truly it had come for them with a vengeance.

    A bag of dragons buys a man's silence for a while, but a well-placed quarrel buys it forever.

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  1. I agree I liked it the least of the 3. They sort of went downhill to me. Pretty much halfway through I knew
  2. Lol I really loved this whole series. Twelfth and final book is coming out soon! Maybe not the best prose, but Wight releases books at a steady cadence (un-like some others I could name). I really enjoyed the characters. The whole series is free on kindle unlimited so great if you are on a budget. Reads like an anime, so if you are into that maybe you will like this. Guess good ol' JC can shed a few tears for me!
  3. What else are we going to talk about? In the last 10 years I'm sure every question and topic has been asked and discussed to the n-th degree. Welcome OP! Thanks for posting and keeping this forum active. I'm really excited to read about what happens with Theon. I have no idea what will happen, but I hope Stannis doesn't kill him and he lasts the whole book.
  4. Eight books now (Wintersteel just released a few days ago)
  5. No popups just the usual side ads. They were broken for a while for me but seemed to be fixed now. I had adblock on when the side ads were broken and screwed up the forum interface, but I turned it off now that everything is fine. I suppose that Westeros.org is getting ad money from these things & I don't mind supporting that now that the ads are fixed.
  6. I had the same problem for at least a week. Just this morning upgraded Chrome to "Version 40.0.2214.115 m" and now all problems seem to be gone (fingers crossed). Edit: maybe I spoke too soon, but something improved this morning (maybe it was the Chrome update, maybe not). I still get blank pages sometimes but they are appearing less frequently and can be solved by reloading westeros.org main page (which didn't fix anything before).
  7. hmmm... That's funny since I have always used this option and it has seemed to work for me. It usually takes a day or two (I was wrongly assuming some mod needed to approve the avatar) and sometimes I need to sign out and sign in again.
  8. Speaking of the house with a red door, have these threads on the Mercy chapter discussed Dany's Braavos house with the red door and the lemon tree yet? Based on the following quote it seems like Dany must be remembering the lemon tree. (sort of like Sansa's unkiss?) I wonder if this is sort of a sign that Dany will never be happy because her house with a red door and lemon tree doesn't actually exist. Anyway sorry if this has already been discussed. I can't seem to find the older Mercy threads.
  9. Wow I missed this too! What an awesome first post, Bohemund. Welcome.
  10. Yes, this is true - if she believes Tyrion, who Quaithe warned against. Plus Pentos is a free city (Illyrio excepted) so the whole slave freeing motive is gone. Of course Barristan seems to have promised Tatters Pentos, so it remains to be seen whether Dany will honor this commitment if she has the opportunity. IMO I would like to see her go to Westeros immediately after Volantis (or even sooner).
  11. Not Pentos! At least not if she can help it. Didn't she say as much to the tattered prince? Illyrio is from Pentos and she did not want to betray him, IIRC.
  12. On "How I Met Your Mother" the other night there was a game of thrones reference. Barney and Robin (who are engaged to be married) were talking about the possibility that they were cousins. Barney said something like: "king Joffrey's parents were brother and sister and he turned out to be a fair and wise leader"
  13. There are no Fray Bentos pies in the US, but I suppose he could have seen them traveling to the UK. OT, there is an "Olivia Frey" on my kids' swim team. It always makes me think of aSoIaF. I suppose if you are going to be named after a Frey, Olyvar is the best one...
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