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    "Life is not a song, sweetling. You may learn that one day to your sorrow."

    "We shall serve him lies and Arbor gold, and he'll drink them down and ask for more, I promise you."

    "Winterfell," she might have said. "I smell snow and smoke and pine needles. I smell the stables. I smell Hodor laughing, and Jon and Robb battling in the yard, and Sansa singing about some stupid lady fair. I smell the crypts where the stone kings sit, I smell hot bread baking, I smell the godswood. I smell my wolf, I smell her fur, almost as if she were still beside me."

    Well, what's one more broken vow to the Kingslayer? Just more shit in the bucket.

    His Grace should have sent another man, a lord or knight or maester, someone who could speak for him without tripping on his own tongue. "Death," he heard himself say, "there will be death, aye. Your lordship lost a son at the Red Wedding. I lost four upon the Blackwater. And why? Because the Lannisters stole the throne. Go to King's Landing and look on Tommen with your own eyes, if you doubt me. A blind man could see it. What does Stannis offer you? Vengance. Vengance for my sons and yours, for your husbands and your fathers and your brothers. Vengance for your murdered lord, your murdered king, your butchered princes. Vengance!"

    "I trust my muse, I suppose, but sometimes my muse leads me down dead alleys and mugs me."

    "Westeros is a violent and cruel world, but no more so than the real Middle Ages. In some ways, Westeros is Disneyland compared to some of the things that really went on during the Crusades or the Hundred Years War. We shouldn't delude ourselves in that. History is written in blood."

    "Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities."

    "Every flight begins with a fall," the crow said.

    "Lady," she whimpered softly, wondering if she would meet her wolf again when she was dead.

    One day there would be Starks in Winterfell again, he told himself, and then he'd send for the Liddles and pay them back a hundredfold for every nut and berry.

    Arya looked at him in astonishment. He's crying like a little baby, she thought.

    "Oh, good," Jaime said. "I only rescue maidens."

    Gods give me courage, Sam prayed. For once, give me a little courage. Just long enough for her to get away.

    Sam's last thoughts were for the mother who had loved him and the father he had failed.

    "I know his name. Was there ever a name so apt? It proclaims his bastardy, his high birth, and the turmoil he brings with him. Edric Storm. There, I have said it. Are you satisfied, my lord Hand?"

    Ygritte, stay away, Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You'll find nothing here but death.

    Please, you old gods, he prayed, you took Winterfell, and my father, and my legs, please don't take Summer too. And watch over Jon Snow too, and make the wildlings go away.

    Winter is coming, warned the Stark words, and truly it had come for them with a vengeance.

    A bag of dragons buys a man's silence for a while, but a well-placed quarrel buys it forever.

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  1. mushroomshirt

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    I always thought the hooded man was Robbet Glover. Some thoughts: We know he is working with Wyman and Davos to bring the Starks back and undermine Roose. He has a reason to be in Winterfell, and it makes sense that he arrived quite recently. He is a second son, Theon has surely met him, but would likely have paid more attention to his older brother Galbart. He fits all of the points from the OP except for the last one (since he knows Rickon is alive, and probably he suspects Bran lives too) but he would still probably angry about it
  2. mushroomshirt

    So who is The Harpy?

    Whenever a topic like this comes up I like to link to this great essay: https://meereeneseblot.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/untangling-the-meereenese-knot-part-i-who-poisoned-the-locusts/
  3. mushroomshirt

    New Zealand

    Sure, it's done when it's done. But nice to see some positivity from him for a change. Since at least 2016 (at least from reading his blog) he's seemed to be in a very bad place. I wonder if all the general negative reaction to the show ending has rekindled his creative fires. Maybe he was worried no one would want his ending after getting D&D's. Now it seems like people are looking forward to his even more.
  4. mushroomshirt

    New Zealand

    I don't see any comments here on GRRM's latest not a blog post on New Zealand. He sounds like he is in a really good mood, which is awesome on many levels. http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/21/thanks-new-zealand/ Here was the interesting bit. Again, I don't remember any blog post where I could use "good mood" and "Winds of Winter" in the same sentence. As for finishing my book… I fear that New Zealand would distract me entirely too much. Best leave me here in Westeros for the nonce. But I tell you this — if I don’t have THE WINDS OF WINTER in hand when I arrive in New Zealand for worldcon, you have here my formal written permission to imprison me in a small cabin on White Island, overlooking that lake of sulfuric acid, until I’m done. Just so long as the acrid fumes do not screw up my old DOS word processor, I’ll be fine.
  5. mushroomshirt

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Man! Virginia finally wins and i still only get second place! Oh well.
  6. mushroomshirt

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    I think it's Karma. After everything Kyle Guy has been through, he hit those free throws with so much pressure on him. https://nypost.com/2019/04/05/how-confronting-his-basketball-fears-liberated-kyle-guy/
  7. mushroomshirt

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    We'll see tomorrow. My guy Kyle Guy has got to be fired up about his wedding registry so watch out!
  8. mushroomshirt

    College Basketball: 2019 Bracket Edition

    Diakite! I was sure it was over and time would run out after Jerome's missed free throw.
  9. I'm in again! Thanks for the invite. Go Hoos!
  10. I'm one of those who rank ADWD #2 right after ASoS. For me it's the Theon chapters that are simply the best in the entire series. Now maybe he has lost his writing mojo, if he did it was after ADWD, not before.
  11. Have you read this excellent post on Meereen? https://meereeneseblot.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/untangling-the-meereenese-knot-part-i-who-poisoned-the-locusts/ I suspect that all the correct guessing of R+L = J by the collective internet fandom made GRRM more subtle with his hints.
  12. Deja vu? in 2015 it was coming out in 2016! Same website even. https://winteriscoming.net/2015/10/02/polish-translator-drops-hint-about-the-status-of-the-winds-of-winter/ I'll believe it when I read it on George's website.
  13. Lol you make a good point. I have always thought the books are too short though. I want at least twice as much of everything including Brienne (well, maybe not Cersei). I guess I'm in the minority. Reminds me of this Tolkien quote: The most critical reader of all, myself, now finds many defects, minor and major, but being fortunately under no obligation either to review the book or to write it again, he will pass over these in silence, except one that has been noted by others: the book is too short.
  14. Isn't enjoyable the whole point? If we wanted productive we have the show for that.
  15. So no one liked Brienne's chapters in Feast? I like Brienne's chapters in Feast a lot. I think they are some of the best in the series. (Other than Theon's chapters in Dance which are hands-down the best in any of the books). The mood of those chapters, the speech by Septon Maribald, the way that Brienne basically turns into Jaime at the end (so many oaths!). I don't know... just really, really good. The stuff I like least about in Feast are actually Cersei's chapters. Sure I guess the plot moves forward there, but Cersei is such a horrible person it's hard for me to enjoy those chapters. I know her POV doesn't start until Feast, but when I read A Game of Thrones, she seems so together. Almost a different character. Of course we mostly see her through Ned's eyes who is clearly in way over his head (until he loses it). So maybe that's why she seems like she knows what she is doing then.