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  1. And a teen girl with a steak knife, which is a shitty weapon in the first place. It’s not a hunting knife or a tactical weapon. Most nonprofessional kitchen knives are dull and structurally weak.
  2. There’s a reason that “bringing a gun to a knife fight” is an expression we all understand as being about overkill.
  3. That’s not a given it would have happened since she hadn’t stabbed anyone yet, and if she had it’d been less likely to be deadly than the officer’s shot. They should choose the path that makes less people dead.
  4. Also- I know a (white, obviously) man who at 16, stabbed his stepfather 12 times and the police officer who tried to pull him off once. He’s alive and free today. That’s how these situations should go.
  5. Run up and tackle her. More likely than not nothing would have happened that couldn’t be fixed with stitches and everyone lives. They should have a mandate to preserve life and if they want credit for “putting their lives on the line” this is how to earn it.
  6. Not use of any force but use of deadly force, yes.
  7. I am so pumped to get to read about all your dating adventures!
  8. In this case it was and there was still plenty of time for her life to be saved. This victim had her whole throat cut. It’s possible you *could* die very quickly, but it isn’t a foregone conclusion and a knife shouldn’t be treated like a gun
  9. You still have time to be saved. This is exactly what happened with someone I am acquainted with and the victim was able to make it down a flight of stairs to a person who called 911 and wait for the ambulance. She required surgery, but she lived. You don’t bleed to death instantly.
  10. The real dealbreaker is if they are into the Joe Rogan podcast because the attitudes that implies are unacceptable. I won’t date libertarians, conservatives, MMA fans, or dudes who wanna talk about drugs- so Joe Rogan is a perfect indicator of people I don’t wanna be around.
  11. I think the only dealbreaker music is when they don’t care about something morally unacceptable. Like if they were listening to Burzum or Screwdriver that’d be a no from me.
  12. I read that there are more troops in Minneapolis currently than Afghanistan. It’s bringing tensions really high and making the community feel very punished
  13. Manslaughter will not be good enough for Minneapolis, if it isn’t murder (perhaps even if it’s 3rd and not 2nd) it’s going to be a bad time
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