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  1. As someone who has been the victim of similar situations, what evidence does anyone expect victims to have?
  2. Ellison is tainted, but Minnesota AG Kieth Ellison would have brought charges immediately. That dude will swing a hammer. He’s also an abuser apparently, though.
  3. How would that change anything? The checks we have in place will not be exercised if it goes against one’s party. You can have all the checks in the world but if the legislative and judicial branches will not exercise them they mean nothing
  4. Persians mostly don’t shed, the texture of their hair keeps it in their coat after it falls out so that’s why you need to brush them so much. They’re pretty much made of cotton candy
  5. Oh yeah, I know you are an excellent cat mom and a huge portion of it is just paying attention to your pet to know what they need and when something is up. The maintenance for a Persian other than just being a good pet parent who is able to keep up with vet care isn’t rocket science, it’s brushing and/or haircuts and face wiping. Most people don’t take any of their pets to the vet enough and with a Persian that’s just not gonna work out. But I know you would keep up on routine visits and other than dealing with goopy eyes and long hair, that’s the main thing. Your vet can tell you if your particular baby has stenotic nares (too small nostrils) and the surgery and downtime for that isn’t super expensive or hard to recover from
  6. If I see any handsome local boys for you on the Persian Rescue Network group I’m going to be tempting you with them
  7. Might as well just give up while there’s still a decent selection of 2021 models
  8. I have brought home a persian kitten that was rescued from a hoarding situation in Seattle and then brought to Bismarck. I picked him up there (with another for my coworker) and hauled back to Minneapolis. He is tiny and still in a little rough shape, but I think he’s gonna be fine. I have named him Richter and cannot wait for him to finish quarantining in the spare room and meet his big brothers!
  9. Every dude in porn does it, it’s really way more common than you think.
  10. As someone who deals with people’s bodies all day every day, as long as you aren’t the one feeling it and they consent- no there isn’t. You get used to it al it’s all just skin. I’ve tattooed dicks before and my only complaint is regarding the stretchiness of the skin. The first couple of times, sure, it’d be weird. It would be weird anywhere. But people are resilient and adjust to shit
  11. I’m sure it would be. And I’m sure for the ladies who are freaked out by it, if that was the only way you could get it in with your committed partner, you’d probably be okay with it. My mom had a diabetic cat I babysat who needed two insulin injections a day, and when you have horses the vet just sells you the vaccines and you administer them yourself (plus I guess my job is technically sticking needles in people). You get over the squicky feelings about stuff like that fast when it’s important for someone you love
  12. I don’t know why everyone seems to think the injections are a big deal, I’d have no problem doing it
  13. He was terrible anyway- palm beach has to have lots of fun pool boys for you
  14. Give it some time even if it does irritate- for almost everyone there is an adjustment period with it for your skin. When I first started using it my skin was MAD but it has chilled out and is very nice now
  15. I don’t understand how Otis got the fandom he has. He beat two bears that were objectively fatter than him (who should have faced off against each other in the final). This is a fat bear contest not a bear popularity contest. I sense some fraud in the bear election and 747 will be reinstated by Halloween and given a free pillow
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