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  1. Well, they started saying $2000 before the $600 was even passed. And changing the messaging in the middle of that would have been even more confusing than this is to people who don’t wanna add the $600 (that they had to spend months to pry from Mitch McConnell’s filthy claws, btw) they got as a stopgap to get to the $2000
  2. I actually like Biden as a person. It’s complicated. I believe the handsy allegations against him. I think he’s very bad about respecting the personal space of other humans (not only women). I think he’s made some very bad legislative calls. It also means a lot to me that he was completely fine to be second to a younger, smarter, less experienced black man. I don’t think many men of his generation and experience would handle that in that way. I think he’s a guy whose heart is in the right place, who is trying to do good. I think if he had run in 2016, we’d all be better off than we are now. But I know in the next four years I’m going to strongly disagree with him on some issues. Doesn’t mean I hate him or want him to fail. I do totally hate Trump though, I’ll own that. I hate him viscerally and eternally.
  3. Don’t lump us all in- I’m one of the socialists and don’t view it as a broken promise at all. He wanted 2,000 instead of 600. 1,400 makes up for the original plan AND he’s going for the $15 minimum wage, I am certain due to pressure from the progressive wing (probably from Bernie himself). I am not complaining about what we know about this plan and not all of the board socialists need to hate on everything Biden does. I plan on doing plenty of hating, but only when I actually hate it.
  4. No, there are several other non practicing Jews on that show that I didn’t think you were actively impersonating.
  5. I cannot explain what Josh Lymaning is to someone who hasn’t watched the show to understand the depth and breadth of your Lymanity
  6. You’re not Tywin over here Josh Lymaning so hard though! Though seriously you would adore Allison Janney in it.
  7. Wow, and you’re a political dork on the left who will admit this???? That’s be like if I came out with not being familiar with Danzig era misfits only Michale Graves era
  8. I’d still say sign up. Having a big list of ready to go people is going to prevent wasting doses because after it’s out of the deep freeze they have six hours to distribute all of it and any leftovers must be dumped. Having people like you who may have more flexible availability to prevent waste still helps. If everyone else is working from home your office can certainly spare you for a last minute half hour run down to the injection rooms, where that is very likely less true for the more client adjacent workers (and they may need to stagger those so they don’t have mass staff shortages from side effects). Sign up now and get it whenever they say.
  9. He wasn’t born rich compared to how rich he is now, but he was upper middle class in apartheid South Africa growing up which is being in the top half of the half of the population that get treated like actual people- so that probably qualifies as rich for most people.
  10. TBH, I have no sympathy at all for people on the right (with the exception of Romney, who did vote to convict) who have enabled Trump this far and are now scared for their lives or careers from the monster they’ve created. This is what they’ve brought upon us all, knowing exactly what he was and being the reason he was allowed to do all this. They don’t get to cry about the consequences now.
  11. Yes, they’re intended for undershirts but some people wear them just as shirts. Think Kid Rock and you’ll be spot on.
  12. Fuck the Alamo, both for its historic significance and for the current people in charge. I had a friend who worked for the site and it’s such a misogynist boys club one of the men on staff urinated in the trash can in her office because they don’t like womenfolk in charge around there.
  13. A smart leader with this kind of following would have succeeded in this coup. He’s a fucking dumbass
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