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  1. Nacho is dead, but he got redemption, a glorious end, and safety for his dad. It was on his own terms, which is more than most got. I think this is because deep down he was a good person. This show is not breaking bad. Walt was a piece of shit all the way down, I don’t think the show is going to treat Jimmy or Kim like Walt.
  2. The show runners have said in the final episodes we will hear the other half of the phone call. I assume next episode, we get Kim
  3. I can’t find one where it isn’t removed, do you have a working link?
  4. I personally couldn’t see myself dating anyone with children of any sort. If they were in their life I just don’t consider it compatible to the type of lifestyle I live and will be continuing to live as long as physically possible. If they have kids but they are not in their life, I could never respect them as a human being because that’s probably the biggest possible ball dropping opportunity most people will ever be exposed to. This drastically reduces my options, but I’m also a very unmotivated buyer, so to speak.
  5. Eddie was a great new introduction, he’s a delight in every scene he’s in. I liked the more intense horror influence, too.
  6. I think they’re scared of him because he’s scary in general and Jimmy hasn’t been honest with him. Lalo isn’t there to kill them, or he’d have just done it. He is going to make Jimmy help him against Gus and whatever it is he needs him very scared to get him to do it.
  7. I assume this will be a fixer Mike scenario. On the wheelchair, this is actually pretty normal for lawyers. They coach you on how to look in front of a judge all the time. In this case Howard probably didn’t think it’d be as easy to explain and get her to do it for pride and honesty reasons, being a sweet old lady, as for politeness to him.
  8. Just watched the midseason finale and woah
  9. This is where you’re missing the fundamental issue about pro lifers- they literally do not care about anything else. There are no consequences they would find unacceptable for this outcome. Thousands of women dying from botched abortions? God’s wrath. Millions of children born into poverty? Shouldn’t have kids you can’t afford. Losing seats in congress? Their major goal is already mission accomplished. They simply don’t care
  10. I thought that the dropped tools was a signal between Gus and Mike’s planted man in the kitchen
  11. Could Anson Mount’s hair be any more glorious? Seriously.
  12. Anyone else watching Outer Range? I am really really enjoying this and Josh Brolin is wonderful as always
  13. He’s no less blameable dead as long as what he thinks it’s about happened (or could have happened) before that
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