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  1. I think we all have areas of this that we have never even considered may not be true. Fury Sr is a cement mason who grew up on a farm. There is no higher value to him than working hard. It wasn’t until very recently in my adult life that I even wondered if this very dearly held belief in working hard that has been instilled in me is bullshit. I never questioned it. I have spent my whole life in sneering disgust at laziness that does not impact me or anyone else in any way at all. Intellectually, now that I’ve bothered to think about it, exalting hard work as a virtue is just capitalist propaganda. I color on people for a living. I spend 50-60hrs a week on this. Financially, I do not need to work this much or this hard. But I do it and I know I will continue to do it until my body deteriorates enough to stop me. All because the person I most look up to does the same and raised me this way- and I’m gonna keep doing it fully aware that it’s based in principles I completely disagree with. We are all that person about something, whether we know it or not. We all hold unquestioned beliefs.
  2. Don’t be so sure. There’s a lot more Kyle Rittenhouses out there than you would think.
  3. Right now about once a week I will have a client need to reschedule due to COVID 19 symptoms, exposure, or a positive test. I usually see 1-2 clients a day, so this is over 10%
  4. Younger people are also less likely to get tested though, and we still have a shortage in access to testing. We have no idea the actual prevalence of cases in the US. But the highest number of cases in my state currently is in one 20-30 age range. I expect that’s the same nationwide
  5. Only the Biden is a socialist mailers, which is amusing because *I* happen to be a socialist who is quite sad this is not true
  6. Does anyone love Michael Cohen??? It seems to me he’s regarded nearly universally as a shitty guy, and on the left, a shitty guy who is happy to sell out an even shittier guy. He’s not liked, he’s just useful for the moment. Being a shitty guy, he knows that usefulness is at maximum right now and is trying to milk it for all it’s worth, because once that’s gone he’s a guy who operates on having the trust of clients, and that ship has sailed and sank
  7. That’s okay, I wasn’t planning on inviting you over.
  8. Because animals teach compassion and responsibility, which are key indicators of trustworthiness to me. I would not personally choose a close relationship with a person who didn’t want animals in their life.
  9. I don’t trust people at all who don’t like animals, and I think parents who raise their kids without any pets are making them weird. My pets were the main contribution to my quality of life and mental health during the months COVID-19 shut down my career
  10. It’s all about he makes the people they don’t like mad. Doesn’t matter if they get personally screwed, because it’s essentially a religion
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