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  1. I thought that the dropped tools was a signal between Gus and Mike’s planted man in the kitchen
  2. Could Anson Mount’s hair be any more glorious? Seriously.
  3. Anyone else watching Outer Range? I am really really enjoying this and Josh Brolin is wonderful as always
  4. He’s no less blameable dead as long as what he thinks it’s about happened (or could have happened) before that
  5. It’s ten more episodes I think, so we have a fair chunk to go.
  6. I’m sure Aaron Paul will be okay even if he somehow finds out that I- random lady on the internet with face tattoos that he would very likely find as unattractive as I find him- am not into him that way. Just like Michael Mando doesn’t care if he makes me swoon (though he does)
  7. Perhaps part of the difference is that I am a person attracted to men and Michael Mando is about nine billion times more attractive Aaron Paul looks to me like a cabbage patch kid of Ali G
  8. But it was given from the start that was the most likely outcome for Nacho- we all knew he wasn’t in Breaking Bad and you certainly didn’t expect anything nice to happen for him. We had a whole other show that was both after the fact and contained examples of what to expect for Nacho. By the time we meet him we know to expect heartbreak I spent the whole time thinking “I am going to be so hurt later when I have to watch him die” I wouldn’t have cared -at all- if Jesse died
  9. Gus thinks he’s dead now, he might keep it that way in hopes of getting revenge on Gus since he and Hector aren’t going to buy that Nacho wasn’t working for them. Maybe he’s the one who helps Hector get his revenge since obviously he didn’t arrange that alone.
  10. I think Breaking Bad was just a bigger show in the cultural zeitgeist. I would never have described Jesse as lovable, though I know I was in the minority in finding every single character in Breaking Bad who does not appear in Better Call Saul to be very unlikable. I watched the first season and a half and never finished until Better Call Saul season one ended and I restarted just to get more of Saul and Mike.
  11. You think Jesse Pinkman is more likable than Ignacio Varga?!???? This is shocking. Here is my predictions for the season- Kim asking Jimmy if he wants to be a friend of the cartel or a rat is going to foreshadow into Gene’s timeline. I predict Lalo lives and takes over the cartel after Fring and Hector die (Saul asks Jesse and Walt if Lalo sent them). Kim goes to jail for something regarding her Howard scheme or something she does after. Gene tries to take the deal in the end by rolling on Lalo, perhaps pinning more on Lalo than he is even guilty of. The show is about the main character (in all of his names and personas) not being sure who he is or wants to be. I don’t think he’s going to have an ending similar to Walt’s and I don’t think we’d have seen any of Gene if that was going to be where we leave him in his arc. In interviews about the last episode, I saw more than one person involved describe the central character to that episode to be “breaking good” Maybe that’s a larger theme for the show, and maybe we will see Jimmy attempt to do the right thing in the end.
  12. It was way better than the Walter ending. This was selfless, and Walter was never anything BUT self
  13. That’s absolutely terrible, my condolences
  14. @RhaenysBee I do it after @Isisif you’re looking for improvement in texture, a medium or deep peel is a great option
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