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  1. Yea, a little bit of this, though I had a strong suspicion there wasn't any kind of mandate for street masking for the vaccinated - as of last month City employees don't have to wear a mask with proof of vaccination in the office, so I couldn't imagine there being an outdoor directive to mask simultaneously. But just because there's no mandate doesn't mean that it's not the better course of action -- most people I see in the office still wear masks despite being allowed not to because I think a lot of us are still squeamish about the ease of transmission in indoor spaces. So that's a situation where I think keeping the masks on is a good idea backed by research. Basically, I really, really do not want to have to wear a mask again on the street, the park or my bike commute. But I also don't want to be an asshole, and if something had come out saying that it was considerably safer for everyone to mask on the sidewalk I would alter my behavior accordingly. Yea, I was wondering if that was a factor. I started seconded guessing it because @Zorral had brought up masking in the street several times, but their explanation above looks like that was largely due to very congested conditions. I guess I haven't really found myself on too many cheek to jowl sidewalks.
  2. hang on- do the vaccinated in NYC really need masks in the street? honestly asking if there's been research that led to such a recommendation.
  3. Who did you end up voting for, if you don't mind my asking? I only ended up voting Garcia (1) and Wiley (2). I really hope Garcia pulls this off. My union stayed with Adams to the end. I think a bunch of them did, which I think has a lot to do with why he did so well. I'm annoyed about it, but I mostly expected it. I'm pleasantly surprised Garcia is holding on though. I saw my Borough went for her pretty overwhelmingly.
  4. That's a good call- I might watch the debate. I also came across this from the Gotham Gazette that goes into surprising amount of detail on the candidates. I'd normally just go with my union on these matters, especially because the mayor is actually kind of my boss (I work at a city agency). I'm happy to vote for someone who might not be as good for me personally but good for the city, but I am really curious why Garcia wasn't the candidate endorsed by the workers being as how she was commissioner of Sanitation. Though I guess she was relatively obscure until she recently began to catch fire, so maybe it's that? I'm not crazy about Adams' heavy focus on policing-- unless it really is in a capacity to reform it, which in fairness is what he proposes, but we'll see. I also don't love how pro-big business and real estate-friendly he is. Yea, this is making it a little harder for me in some ways. Like I wouldn't even include Yang and Stringer in my vote at all because we only go up to 5 and there's approximately 92 candidates running, but strategizing to keep it away from them generally by ranking milquetoast ones higher maybe?
  5. Question for those in NYC. Does anyone have thoughts about the mayor primary? My union endorsed Adams, but NYT and a bunch of progressives in my circle are all about Garcia. I admittedly haven't done a ton of research yet, so other than having strong feelings that Yang and Stringer (Stringer's sexual assault accusation) not be elected, I'm a little lost in differentiating the candidates. This might not really belong here, but it seemed too small a topic for its own thread.
  6. what exactly are you wanting us to do? Self flagellate over more trump safaris?
  7. I can't wait for the parade of soul-searching Biden safaris from the right to start!
  8. Like I said in a previous thread, I think he goes to Mar a Lago fairly soon, basically abdicating without giving a concession or showing up to the inauguration. I don't think he can ever go back to NYC after this. I know it's been pointed out that New Yorkers always "hated" him, but that's not true in the way it is post 2015. He was thought of as a pissant, but not someone deserving of complete social ostracization and constant protest. Now, he'd never be able to go anywhere that escapes just how unconditionally he is reviled and unwelcome here. I hope his kids don't return either, and that they remain cut off from all the society events they so desperately crave. They're hated too, but I'm not sure if they'd inspire such a constant level of protest. I mean, I would donate to more of those Times Square billboards the Lincoln project did if it managed to keep them out.
  9. I hadn't realized Nixon's pardon lacked so much specificity. So Trump can issue a pardon to anyone he wants that essentially says "You are pardoned from any (federal) crime anyone might suggest you committed up to the time of this pardon" (and then have Pence do that for him if he's willing to resign and make it happen). I'm wondering about what happens if that $100 million he might owe the IRS actually does come due. Would a pardon erase the debt to the IRS, or just prevent him from legal repercussions if he's also found guilty of tax fraud?
  10. (quoted from the previous) I don't disagree, but which kind of pardons are you thinking? Ones for his cronies that are already indicted? I was rather hoping that any federal charges would be brought against Trump, his family, and random associates like Giuliani after Jan 20 to avoid this very thing. And I don't think you can grant a blanket pardon for crimes you haven't been charged with yet, right?
  11. I'd be really surprised if he comes to NYC. My guess is that he cowers in Mar a Lago from this point forward, skipping a concession speech and probably even the inauguration.
  12. Instead of throwing money to moonshot elections (Harrison in SC, McGrath in KY, for example), maybe investing in local news? Sort of like a less Pravda version of Sinclair, plus local newspapers so that half of the country isn't stuck in fact deserts? Maybe it could puncture the bubble of Fox News? To expand-- I don't think our messages are wrong or even poorly delivered on the Dem side. I think people aren't hearing us. It's just not breaking through because all these people aren't being reached.
  13. I don't understand what you persist to see as our "cluelessness" regarding American racism. Without even bringing up anything else, Trump literally repeatedly refuses to denounce white supremacy when lobbed softball opportunities to do so, and flirts with racists every chance he's offered. Like these are three of the easiest things in the world to do if you genuinely aren't racist or simply don't want to be seen as racist: don't wink at white supremacists, don't employ open racists like Stephen Miller, and when asked if you support white supremacy, say no. The fact that people keep voting for this guy means that, at the very least, they are ok with directly empowering white supremacy.
  14. The post in question explains the rationale as voting for ostensible material benefits to businesses in a Trump administration that wouldn't exist in a Biden one. But it completely elides over the harms caused to business by Trump's plague mismanagement, and instead appeals to Trump as a "law and order" type candidate that will keep "rioters" in line because "rioters" (ironically under this supposed law and order candidate's watch) were the "last straw" that harmed businesses. Emphasizing the harm to business by protesters against racial violence (which was extremely limited in scope) as opposed to the pandemic (which is all consuming and inescapably linked to Trump's mismanagement and incompetence) is an interesting choice when attempting to distance oneself from accusations of racism. And for the record, a Trump voter might not be a virulent racist, or specifically voting for racist reasons, but voting for Trump is a racist act.
  15. Could that reflect people who typically vote repub but truly hate Trump such that they are either abstaining from a vote for president or voting Biden, while also voting for republicans down ticket to limit the “damage” Biden can do? (and to mitigate the identity crisis caused by voting dem I imagine)
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