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  1. Queen Sansa Stark

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    In what way am I summer child. You didn't even ask why I believe that those who dislike Sansa will like her for the same reasons they have disliked her so much.
  2. Queen Sansa Stark

    Which characters will be killed in TWOW?

    You have to commend someone else for this. I am not the one who came up with this theory
  3. Queen Sansa Stark

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    The people who hate her are holding on to what Sansa did in the first book. However, I am sure they will like her once she 'redeems' herself in the upcoming two books. And if my predictions are right I think that what made them dislike her in A Game of Thrones will be the very thing they will like in TWOW/ADOS.
  4. Queen Sansa Stark

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    Cersei. She is entertaining as hell. Her one-liners are by far one of the best.
  5. Queen Sansa Stark

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    For the jousting yes, but for the melee you don't need any invitation. Though I agree characters like Jon, Brienne or Jaime are out of question for obvious reasons. A certain dog, however, could end up visiting. Could explain why GRRM deliberately tried to not mention him in this chapter. Considering how often Sansa thinks of Sandor the fact that he is barely in this one makes me incredibly suspicious.
  6. Queen Sansa Stark

    Which characters will be killed in TWOW?

    Not the next book. There's an unique pattern whenever a Stark dies and it always happens during an uneven book. In book 1, 3 and 5 a Stark has died so naturally for the next Stark to die it will happen in the seventh book. Though in my opinion I don't see any Stark dying. I am not sure about Varys, but littlefinger will most definitely not die in the upcoming book. His demise will be in Winterfell.
  7. Queen Sansa Stark

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I think Shadrich will definitely try, but fail and expose Sansa's identity in the process. That would shake things up in the vale. The question is will the lords and ladies at the Vale throw Sansa at the lions when they learn her identity? I like to think they won't because one some people are already aware of who she is and they haven't ratted her out. And two when all of the vale courtiers are aware they would protect her even only because she is Ned's daughter.
  8. Queen Sansa Stark

    Which characters will be killed in TWOW?

    Tommen will most likely die.
  9. Queen Sansa Stark

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I loved this chapter. For the first time in a long time Sansa is actually enjoying her life. Her interactions with Harry were a delight. Loved it how she sassed him. He deserved that, especially after his disgusting comment over his late lover. Enjoyable as it was in many ways this chapter feels like a calm before a storm... PS: Why are some people here saying she was too over-confident. I didn't get that impression. I think you guys are only taken aback from Sansa's openness, because of her forced timidness in King's landing. Let the poor girl enjoy.
  10. Queen Sansa Stark

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Is there a heart tree at the gates of the moon?
  11. Queen Sansa Stark

    How would you rate episode 401?

    I will give it a 6.5 not overly bad, but not very special imo.
  12. Queen Sansa Stark


    Hello ASOIAF fans, My name is Shukri and new to this site since yesterday. I discovered this site yesterday and made an account right away. I figured this novel series out by the HBO Series and except reading the wikia page how my favorite characters end up so far in the novels. I hardly read the novels. Don't worry I am gonna start soon, in fact I will probably read Game of Thrones today. As you read in my nickname I am a big Sansa fan; she is the number one character I devotedly adore. If Martin uses Sansa to his maximum - And I mean her potential as successful queen - then I am going to react so fangirlish gleefull ; besides her I love Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Jaime Lannister. And though I despise Petyr Baelish I am very intrigued by him and his brilliant scheming.