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  1. i'll have to look for the link, but there's something out there explaining how Cersei is the legit heir to the throne, show only, obviously. some generations back, a Lannister married in to the Baratheon line, and with all the others being dead in the show, it falls the her. the link i saw mentioned how it was very ironic, that after all her manipulations, it is now hers legally.
  2. not sure if this is the right place for this, as i am mostly in the book forums, but i noticed something the pother day regarding the show and got me wondering. i was watching The Babadook, and went to IMDB to check the actors, and the mother's listing has her in a 2016 role in Game of Thrones as "Lady Stark". she is about 40 years old now, so i was wondering who she would be, it must be some flashback, but the one i heard about was involving the ToJ, and Ned's mom wouldn't be there. the only other scene i can think of is Bran's vision on the weirnet of the sacrifice in Winterfell's Godswood. any ideas?
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