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  1. john

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    It doesn’t work like that in the UK, they don’t use voir dire for jury selection. It’s more to do with randomisation than vetting. You just have to turn up and wait until they call your number. If they call yours first you get to be foreperson (yay!). You can be challenged but they’d only do that if you were ineligible or connected to the case. Even then you can then be assigned to a different case. Good luck anyway Theda!
  2. How is Noah in the clear? He had sex with his granddaughter, same as Peter, nobody is in the clear. But yes, I don’t think incest matters much in this scenario, it’s probably going to turn out that everyone in these three families is descended from their descendants.
  3. Prime Video is also one of the worst functioning apps I’ve ever used. It’s insane. The layout sucks in the first place, the way you can scroll through, the way they recommend shows. Everything seems calculated to the worst user experience. And then half the time it breaks anyway. I have to reboot my TV about every second time I use it. So, living in a country without a dedicated Amazon, we have this Prime Video service, which is just the shows and no other prime services. However, we discovered this month that they’ve now added the one day delivery to the deal. Which is nice and everything but I don’t really need it, feel guilty about the impact of it and would generally prefer they just had the content only package. They’re probably going to keep adding services and raise the price though. Other than that (and Netflix), we have HBO Go, which is pretty good in Europe, it tends to hoover up all the content you can’t get elsewhere, as well as HBO shows. Does seems a bit indulgent already, with Disney+ it would definitely be too much stuff.
  4. john

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Talking about the plane
  5. Well, true. That’d be something though, MPs voting against an election, essentially backing the government, so they could possibly vote in a motion defying the government. Which would probably have to be heard in one of the emergency Bercow sessions. It’s like a red crayon scribbling all over procedure. Crazyness.
  6. Johnson could also call an election before such a bill had a chance to be voted on. Then just delay the date and it’s no deal.
  7. john

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    The show is a prequel I believe. An important story that Rothfuss and um Lin Manuel Miranda needed to tell about Kvothe’s parents.
  8. Not that I think it’s likely (comments from John McDonnell yesterday saying that Corbyn and the Labour Party in general would “never” get out the way of some kind of unity coalition), BUT if there were to be that kind of caretaker government scenario, I wonder what Johnson’s reaction would be. If he can refuse to resign immediately in order to push back a general election, then presumably he can refuse to resign immediately to allow a new government to ask for an extension. Given the state of the house, and Boris’ threatened refusal to resign in a timely fashion, it’d have to come down to a legal challenge to get a general election scheduled in any useful timeframe.
  9. john

    The Boys (Amazon)

    I’ve only seen three episodes so far but one thing that strikes me is the difference between comics Homelander and TV Homelander. Comics Homelander seems like a lot more of an interesting fictional character. He was a guy that was basically trying to psyche himself up to be a psychopath and struggling with it. In the show he’s just an overgrown child with no emotional maturity. They also had a more nuanced approach to Vought as a company in the comic. They were an arms developer with the superhero division just one fairly irrelevant branch. IIRC, in the comic they were trying to get supes in the military only as a way of leveraging better contracts for actual weapons. Because supes are genuinely useless in the comics. In the show they’re quite useful, not just as a brand but practically, they’re actually stopping crimes.
  10. john

    The Boys (Amazon)

    I loved the comic series. For the TV show they appear to have ditched the main character being a Scottish guy, so I’m put off already (I’m Scottish :P). Will watch it soon though. I’m thinking they’ll have to tone down the Garth Ennis shenanigans but hopefully they keep it as edgy as possible.
  11. Ok yes, that would be interesting. I’d watch. I’m also planning to pick up some of Hamilton’s books sometime, which I didn’t have much interest in before. So it could have worked out very nicely in terms of exposure.
  12. Not sure a gender switched Witness would be better. It would have male nudity - less problematic. But also have a man killing a woman as the climax - more problematic. And it seemed like the trope of a woman fleeing a violent man was part of the effect, with the twist that it’s some kind of nightmarish cycle. You switch it and the twist is more like “don’t worry it also happens the way you’re used to, where the guy kills the girl.” On the best episodes - I quite liked Fish Night, I thought it was kind of deep, pun intended. Aquila Rift, I thought was rubbish, with the story direction and the twist pretty obvious. Secret War also seemed very basic, not sure why that’s rating highly, just seemed to be some guys shooting monsters (a common theme in all the eps), maybe I missed something. I did like Sonnie’s Edge, some cool stuff, nice character interactions and a decent twist.
  13. Well, they weren’t in Parliament, it was just after the announcement, he was talking to the party members. You’d have to say “defeat the Right Honourable Gentleman” in parliament, I suppose.
  14. Yeah, the DUDE thing was funny too. Deliver Brexit, Unite country, Defeat Corbyn and ... um, Energise!
  15. Some paraphrased highlights from Boris’ first speech as leader - I mean, with oration like that.