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  1. He also never had a yellow card, you’d think she’d work that into the analogy, rule following never having been a priority for this government. Sunak called Starmer a ‘lawyer’ during PM’s questions, suggesting a lawyer is just the type of person you might expect to object to a law considered unworkable and illegal. People don’t like goal hangers and lawyers apparently.
  2. The MPs calling for his sacking do realise that the BBC doesn’t run twitter? Moving to a different higher paying broadcaster with no impartiality rules is hardly going to get him to shush.
  3. Then your TV will define your main location. The location is either set by the account holder or Netflix detects it based on activity. Then any other devices on the same network have to log in once a month (launch the app and, according to some news sources, actually watch something). If you’re travelling and using a device that hasn’t logged in then you can access with a verification code sent to your account contact details. So it’s not really a problem for account holders (well, if you watch through a VPN I suppose you can’t do that anymore) but for kids living away from home you’d need access to the verification code and for people at a further remove it would probably be too awkward to log in anymore. My brother in law uses our account but if he can’t get access he’s definitely not going to buy Netflix, he’s just going to download what he wants to watch from somewhere.
  4. Ha! Don’t know what you’re talking about. These bruises are from working out so hard like my hero Liam Hemsworth.
  5. Obviously whether it’s good or not … will spend on whether it’s good or not. But I do wish more shows would do this, it makes much more sense to me than recasting the lead with a similar character and making up some weird in universe explanation for it. The Witcher as great literature - I’m reliably(?) informed by various Poles that the English translation does it few favours. They seem to consider it great popular literature anyway. The Witcher as TV show - It’s ok but yeah, it’s better than Rings of Power.
  6. He needed the Doctor dead so he could be her and go around having adventures with companions. It wouldn’t really work if he just dressed up as her. I’m usually quite pedantic about the level of sense in DWs science fantasy but the forced regeneration didn’t bother me. They changed the Doctor into Jon Pertwee so that plus consciousness transfer doesn’t seem like a big leap for Gallifreyan technology. The thing that undermines it somewhat is Chibnall’s own retcon of the Doctor being a unique being who’s the source of the power in the first place so it would be perfectly believable if it didn’t work on her like on other Time Lords. But I also think using the forced regeneration as the cause of her death would’ve been better. The Qurunx was a dumb invention, could have powered the planet a dozen other ways. And the Master used a little box to make it zap the Doctor, is that what happened? Better if she’d been unstable but able to hold on for a while like Tennant’s original exit. Unstable regeneration would also give you an explanation for the weird regeneration and why she’s regenerating clothes all of a sudden.
  7. It’s a shame that Chibnall only learned how to properly do the throw it all at the screen method of storytelling on his last episode. Paul McGann still looking good, he could easily be the Doctor now.
  8. If there’s been an improvement there must be a problem to improve on, right? You could say it’s not a very systemically racist society, I suppose. But you’re linking to figures demonstrating exactly my point.
  9. Noticing who the PM is is not a great example of a system though. Still lacking in the actual electoral system, the proportion of ethnic minority MPs versus proportion of ethnic minorities in the population.
  10. Has there ever been a more apropos thread title by the way? Hitting 400 posts just as we’re getting a new PM
  11. We could always put it out to tender. I’m sure the process would be fair and above board.
  12. I always figured he’d have to do a lot of work with older Kvothe in the framing sections to wrap up the story. Unless it’s supposed to have an open ending just with Kvothe reinvigorated setting off to save the world.
  13. If only there’d been some way she could have predicted that!
  14. Oh listen to Dougie Howser over here! (yes, that’s the kind of references I’m working with)
  15. There’s other ways to get high value candidates. Make them take exams like civil servants do. Going to have a little tea party this afternoon with an Italian and two Poles and try and contain my embarrassment over the absolute state of my country’s politics.
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