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  1. Having to click a link to check for a date which is not even casually mentioned in the body of the text is an odd definition of the phrase spoon fed.
  2. john

    Good Omens, Mort and The City Watch

    Hmm, “Throat” seems a weird name. Couldn’t she just be Dibbler if they want to cut out the broad humour. All looks pretty good to me though. Don’t really remember Doctor Cruces as a character but I do like Ingrid Oliver.
  3. wow, that Jemisin thread was a bigger car crash than Prince Andrew trying to explain he was friends with Epstein for the business contacts. still, she writes good speculative fiction I guess ...
  4. If we’re going to assume that Twitter users are diligent in checking sources then we might as well assume that Gove has changed his mind in the last six years. Both things are probably not true. Smugness is its own reward.
  5. john

    His Dark Materials Series

    I was impressed by how Boreal bounced back from his car getting clamped to immediately getting hold of a Tesla. Tbh he seems very street smart, can use a smartphone and understand computers. You’d think he would know about urban parking restrictions. One other thing which reoccurred to me after 20 years - John Parry must have been really excited about changing his boring name for the new world - “Henceforth I shall be known as Stanislaus!”
  6. You guys are heartless. It was a good apology. Whether you find it sincere or not depends on your level of cynicism but the right words are there. Her fault wasn’t that she didn’t quote enough of the article. Her fault was that she misunderstood her role in response to criticism and that she misused her platform, both of which she explicitly acknowledged.
  7. john

    His Dark Materials Series

    Mrs Coulter fighting like a monkey was awesome.
  8. Heh, I hadn’t spotted that. I mean that would really be an Uber conspiracy stretching all across the US political spectrum to the heart of the royal family. I just read in the BBC’s latest analysis that some senior press guy on his staff quit shortly before the interview, which would suggest he did it against advice.
  9. john

    Audiobook recommendations and issues

    I have a similar problem. Most audiobooks with a single reader I find boring, regardless of how enthralling the story is. The best readers (e.g. Stephen Fry) always do the huge bestselling titles which I’m not necessarily interested in. Full cast dramatisations work but those are rare for fantasy or sci fi books.
  10. She was under the age of consent in the state of Florida. @mormont Fair point, I was doing the same thing Maitliss was rightly accusing Andrew of doing.
  11. Katherine Grandstand is a cool ass name. She should never have apologised though. Still, not as lame as the university doing so. Sarah Dessen, on the other hand, tweeted a good (and unlike the university, correct) apology acknowledging precisely what happened. So much props to her for that.
  12. If it wasn’t for the fact he might have taken advantage of a 17 year old, this would be the most entertaining news story I’ve seen for years. It’s like his team have been watching episodes of The Good Wife - just say anything to muddy up the waters. I didn’t sweat back then, ‘cause of the Falklands. I was at a pizza party. It couldn’t be proven conclusively that the photo wasn’t doctored. Yes I’d swear an oath if my lawyer said it was ok. I’m just too honourable for my own good, confound it all.
  13. It’s not exactly defensiveness in this case. Dessen dug up an article from a student newspaper and quoted it out of context. Her own comments aren’t so bad (apart from that one where she supports another YA author calling the student a bitch) and she’s now apologised BUT she did start the whole thing off for literally no reason so she probably deserves to have the backlash now switch on to her. also this, if anybody feels like watching a YouTube rant on this topic. eta - I love the fact that @Starkess gets three notifications for her one word post. Talk about incisive commentary. That’s goals.
  14. Actually, thinking about it, it’s more like YA authors have greater exposure to the toxic environment of the social media asshole. They’re victims, bless ‘em. Out of interest, is Jodi Picoult a YA author? I thought she was a regular person author, like romance and stuff.
  15. Social media amplifies assholeness. And social media sells a lot of YA books. It’s the devil’s crockpot. The lamest thing in that story wasn’t any of the YA dummies but the college issuing an apology for their student’s temerity in giving her own subjective opinion.