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  1. I do feel a (tiny) bit sorry for Salmond, it’s not often you win a civil and criminal case and remain almost entirely unvindicated in public opinion. You have to wonder what would have happened if the government had handled the harassment complaint properly in the first place. The conspiracy idea is definitely absurd. I can also believe Sturgeon that the meeting with Salmond aide Aberdein was not memorable to her (although she’s still got to take responsibility for misleading parliament). But the idea that the case “had to be heard” even though they were going to lose is nonsense. That sounds like politics, not legal process. And I also don’t buy the idea that making sure victims’ voices are heard gives free reign for lawbreaking, that’s the same kind of line Matt Hancock used except he cited the pandemic as his excuse.
  2. It’s the difference between supreme incompetence and deliberately covering things up a la Russia. Both extremely distasteful in a government. We’ll see what Sturgeon says but at the very least the SNP ignored legal advice and wasted tax payer money to a fairly breathtaking degree.
  3. Ben Barnes as the Darkling? I’m aware he’s an ancient being or something, but he is a hell of a lot older looking than my mental image, especially when they’re casting Alina with a believably teenage actor. Otherwise, excellent trailer, the sun summoning looks fantastic.
  4. It seems to be called the Stewardess in Europe, or at least the version I watched was called that too. Make what you will of that. I enjoyed it too. Some of the plotting was very trashy but the relationships between the characters was well drawn. And great performances from Cuoco, Gomez and Mamet.
  5. You’re right, those are great films too. There’s something about mice having a whole low level lifestyle in the full size human world that just works.
  6. Agreed that the Monica battling through the barrier scene was good. I hope her powers are not too nebulous in the end, just a floaty punchy glowing blue thing. Who exactly was “broadcasting” the Agatha reveal song? Was Agatha just doing it for her own satisfaction?
  7. Is that Mat speaking? Is he being played as a London geezer?
  8. Yeah, I was puzzling over this decision for exactly the same reason too. But I decided I buy too many books.
  9. Naomi Novik Deadly Education 99p UK Kindle store.
  10. Got a vaccine appointment letter to my parents house this morning. The NHS apparently consider me a vulnerable individual, which is news to me. Anyway, I don’t live in Britain, so despite the fact I won’t get one for at least six months here, 10 days quarantine in a crappy hotel at 1750 pounds seems a steep price for early access. I messed around on the website with my login details, just out of interest. You can reschedule the time and place but a quick perusal didn’t show any free appointments in any place in my local authority up to the end of April, which is as far as it allows you to go. If you want to cancel, they want to make it as hard as possible, so I had to phone the number and listen to five minutes of recorded audio that encourages you not to cancel and to use the website for all enquiries. Thankfully I only had to wait on hold for a few seconds after that, so I guess it’s working.
  11. I’m talking about the one on one meetings shouldn’t have happened. Everybody is suggesting that is par for the course and I’m not disputing it but it seems like a dumb idea to me. Not because of potential abuse, just because it’s a collaborative creative endeavour. Ok, I take Wert’s point about meetings over plot lines that are supposed to be secret, that hadn’t occurred to me, but even then you could have more than one writer in the room. re the Civil War: for what it’s worth, when I first saw Firefly I assumed browncoat was like a switched version of redcoat and it was a thing about the revolutionary war, not the civil war.
  12. They don’t make tv shows on big lots? All right, I’ll take your word for it that creative execs routinely meet alone with junior cast members. I’m saying it shouldn’t happen like that. What is there to discuss that couldn’t have other creatives or business representatives there too? Seems damning to the whole production team that he was able to verbally abuse her badly enough in the first place that they had to instigate this rule.
  13. I don’t see why there should have been a situation where Whedon could have been left alone with Trachtenberg anyway, regardless of the issues people had with him. It’s a tv production, they’re not selling waffle cones on the beach
  14. Pietro said he was her brother with a different face. But I don’t know how much you can trust anything he says. Foxverse Pietro could still have been drafted in by whatever Evil Entity and forced to lie. Its a shame they didn’t take the opportunity to grab the ‘time standing still’ speed style from the X-films because those were the best scenes in the last three of those movies.
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