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  1. @Zorral it’s a generous interpretation. Nabokov was definitely preoccupied with the idea of a man in love with a child. He’d written about it before in earlier pieces in Russian. But it’s not because he wanted to explore the pernicious evil of child abuse. It’s because he was fascinated by the other perspective. By the notion of a man trapped in a forbidden, helpless, wicked love. That’s absolutely what Lolita is about. The name itself is made up by Humbert for this character in his memoir. We barely get to know anything about the real Dolores, what she’s thinking or feeling. The book wasn’t interested in that.
  2. That’s the preferable way of looking at it. Not sure it’s what’s in the text or what Nabokov intended and it’s certainly not how the book was received at the time. And I’m sure Nabokov admired some aspects of Humbert as he disdained others. He’s generally characterised as a hateful person, however, which is why the book’s in this thread.
  3. Partly also Mieville’s quality just went down for whatever reason. Have you read the Census Taker or Last Days of New Paris? They’re just as weird as his early stuff but not as good.
  4. This thread reminds me how good Lolita is. HH is not a psychopath, a sociopath or a master criminal, all of whom are fun to read about. He’s not a man struggling with the consequences of evil acts or a wrong thinking teenager like Alex from Clockwork Orange. He’s just a pathetic pedophile. But it’s so well written that he’s still fun to read because he has such an entertaining inner monologue. And the book really has two villain protagonists since, problematically perhaps, Lolita’s victimhood is barely taken into account. It’s as much a story about a sad middle aged man driven crazy by a devious 13 year old as anything.
  5. Well, Lolita seems the obvious answer. Godfather and Clockwork Orange were books first obviously, you might argue the protagonists are even more morally repugnant in the books. Burgess had a few like that (Earthly Powers “I was in bed with my calamite when the Archbishop came calling …”). Umberto Eco Prague Cemetery. Picture of Dorian Grey. Mayor of Casterbridge. Highsmith’s Ripley books. Bunch of Lovecraft protagonists. American Psycho, Gone Girl (sort of). Updike’s Rabbit books, McCarthy Blood Meridian. Donald Westlake’s Parker novels. The Dexter books I guess, never read them. For SFF, Steerpike from Gormenghast, Kim Newman’s Dracula books maybe, he also has at least one book starring Moriarty. VE Schwab Vicious. The Demolished Man by Bester. Donaldson’s Gap series. A load of leading characters from Warhammer 40,000 if you’re into that kind of thing. Um, Artemis Fowl?
  6. That was Chibnall that wrote the choosing to leave thing to be fair. Moffat was probably happy to play with the idea but always had his own ending in mind. Also it’s a fake out, since the audience knew they were leaving.
  7. The reason teachers aren’t paid much is because, with the greatest of respect, a lot of people can do their job, given the same education and training as them. Same with all the editors, engineers, prop guys or whatever that worked on Black Widow. They probably worked harder and deserve a share of the profits more than Johansson. But very few people can do what SJ does, and I don’t mean acting. She makes multiple millions for her employers. That might have a lot more to do with luck than anything else but it is what it is, she’s in a position where she can charge a lot for her work. I don’t think it’s much different than having a great idea for an app, a successful patent or 20 years experience running hedge funds.
  8. Definitely not clear who could take over from Chibnall if they continue the tradition of passing it down through the writers. Nina Metivier and Vinay Patel both rising stars, have developed their own projects and the ones that seem the most committed to DW. Patel has written for this years series so he’s now on the same number of episodes Chibnall had before becoming showrunner. If we’re just throwing names out I’d like to see Brian Eastley and Jamie Brittain. Jack Thorne or PWB if we’re shooting for the moon, doubt either of those would want to be a showrunner. The Doctor, I don’t really care. Be better if it was a non white woman though.
  9. Not much Jessica in that trailer.
  10. There’s a few anti vacc performers coming out of the woodwork now. Richard Ashcroft, a guy who only recently regained the right to be paid royalties for his most famous song so you’d think he’d need the money, refused to even play “test case” shows where it would be full attendance but required to show proof of negative test.
  11. You can’t tell me you don’t enjoy buying stuff for your kids. Can’t you get Adidas forest hills in baby size?
  12. Sounds like a bit of a Pyrrhic victory for the remainders, tbh.
  13. Please, my dad always told me that people would riot in the streets if they had to get a national ID card. We are not a compulsory/mandatory kind of country.
  14. I’ll tentatively agree that the Jones is the best or second best on that list. I read it like 20 years. I remember it’s good though. That can get the predictable finish. I’m fairly confident Asoiaf is going to end more or less as the tv show did, so that needs an unpredictable ending. I think I’d rather see an ending for Kingkiller than GB, even if, by the rules of the thread it has to be a disappointing one.
  15. Bezos and his crew getting awarded little ornamental pins that all space tourists are apparently supposed to wear in public in the future is one of the most cringeworthy things I’ve ever seen.
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