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  1. If you’ve spent time around people who are fluent in English but it’s not their first language, well, this is kind of how they behave - almost exactly the same as native English speakers but slightly off in some ways. In that sense it’s a very good performance of a character whose first language presumably isn’t English either (not sure if they’re supposed to have a universal earth language in the world of the expanse).
  2. Yeah, not loving that Vimes performance. I thought I might be able to enjoy this show just as it’s own thing but probably not. Death as a black cloaked Jawa too? The woman Vimes is giving the finger to is Anna Chancellor though, I’m pretty sure.
  3. It's not as goofy as Schumacher Batman. The setting is quite gritty, it feels kind of like the Wire, minus the cop stuff (and in LA, crips and bloods gang wars and stuff) but written with a lot of humour and camaraderie. Ide was a screen writer before so he's good at dialogue and quickly drawing characters (also Snoop Dogg is apparently making it into a tv show). They're very readable, very entertaining, but I mainly wanted to say that it's nearly all action, there's not much unravelling of puzzles. Even though the main character's a genius, he mainly works things out on the fly and uses his long list of skills plus improvised gadgets, it's not your more thoughtful detective book. The first three books are quite often on offer for ebooks (on UK Amazon anyway). I got the first one cheap but couldn't resist paying full price for the next few, isn't that always the way.
  4. Been reading the "IQ" books by Joe Ide, which the promotional materials describe as about a "street smart Sherlock Holmes." Not really true, it's about a smart guy and his partner who's a bit of a gangster sorting out street level problems in inner city LA. They mainly drive around getting into fights with people, its more like Batman than Sherlock Holmes. Lots of wacky, larger than life characters, high energy and wit, entertaining set pieces. At times it feels more like an adult Hardy Boys than a serious crime book. So cautiously recommended if you like that kind of thing.
  5. Hah, I was just checking the thread to see if anyone posted this. it definitely seems to me that they’re making fun of the Butcher/Urban accent now. Everyone who speaks English English has a mental accent, including that guy Butcher’s mate that he kills from the second episode. Plus having Butchers dad played by an Australian too, it’s surely got to be deliberate.
  6. From the trailer it looks like a rather good looking grand high witch, although still bald. All will be forgiven if they fix the fundamental flaw of the original film that has the mouse turned back into a little boy. No he’s supposed to live out his life as a mouse and die at the same time as his beloved grandma.
  7. True, Chope is hardly defensible, just probably more defensible than Salmond at this point. On reflection I shouldn’t really have got involved in that argument, it’s enough to say that the SNP are open for criticism too, like any political party. On Chope in general - yeah, he’s a scumbag, there’s little doubt about that. He’s a climate change denier, against mandatory minimum wage, equal pay and same sex marriages. He’s also tabled bills to reduce student debt and decriminalise TV licence cheating so perhaps not a total monster ...? On the private members bills - I said this at the time, there’s something wrong with our system if the government is trying to pass legislation which is apparently important to them in special sessions where they can be blocked by one guy. I suspect Chope picks bills that will cause outcry to somehow increase his standing in the party, it certainly gets him notoriety.
  8. Chope blocked parliamentary proceedings. Salmond was accused of fourteen instances of sexual assault. Not quite the same thing. The SNP seems to have a reasonable excuse in not providing the materials in question as apparently it’s difficult or impossible to redact all the information which might reveal the identity of the complainant in the Salmond case. The SNP also clapping back at the Torys by complaining at the marked difference in “tone” between the letters sent to the government and to the court of session regarding the Salmond inquiry.
  9. I wonder if, now there’s been a new statement on the legal situation, Rowling will come to the sudden shocking realisation that toilets are, and always have been, open for entry to her nightmare scenario of predatory men dressed in women’s clothing, regardless of whether they have a gender recognition certificate in their back pocket.
  10. Yeah, definitely seems like she's trolling at this point.
  11. I always knew we could rely on our financial acumen after Brexit. It looks like the future, along with millions in funds from criminals and world leaders under sanctions, is secure!
  12. Just think of the good Matt Hancock could have done for his own reputation in the past six months given a modicum of ability.
  13. Definitely one of the more inspiring stories of any jurist and her dissenting opinions can be a pleasure for anyone who finds themselves reading case law.
  14. Nobody really needed textual evidence to tell us Hermione is supposed to be white. But perhaps some people welcomed authorial support for the idea that Hermione could, by whatever means necessary, whatever tortured logic (even at the risk of self aggrandisement) also be black in the books.
  15. @Ran well, tweeting about it at all is rather contrary to death of the author, I suppose but that tweet certainly seems to suggest that the canon is open to interpretation as regards Hermione’s ethnicity. Not seeing the self aggrandisement that others are. Definitely preferable that Hermione could always be black than that she can in one instance be black.
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