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  1. If you’re working with a column you have nothing to worry about.
  2. I love how Toon fans get so belligerent about not being consistently in the top twenty of a country with like 40,000 football clubs. What about Bishop Auckland FC? Give them some fucking money.
  3. I’m struggling to see what effect details of those meetings could possibly have on diplomatic relations. Clearly nobody gives a fuck but they don’t want to be seen to be not giving a fuck? I think that ship sailed already. Anyway, my fantasy football club name has been Abu Dhabi Inc for years now. Maybe Despot FC next season.
  4. John McGinn : “The fans could have all went to the pub last five.” Phew, the boys sure know how to string out a win. 94th minute, 2 yards, in off the thigh? Stomach? Who cares! Now you’d think we can definitely beat Faroes and Moldova …
  5. That’s funny because every time I’ve been in France when they won a World Cup game I couldn’t sleep for all the noise in the street. It might surprise you to know then that Belgium are currently the best in the world at football.* Belgium! It’s a funny game. * Yes, strangely enough the addition of multiple items of padding, significant head trauma and, you know, actually handling the ball doesn’t, for me, effectively transform it from “soccer” to football.
  6. Of course, I think lockdown proved that. I’m not going to sit around in the middle of the day scoffing Mars bars and snickers but a cup of tea and a little biscuit in the form of Kit Kat chunky is perfectly fine. See also Twixes. Since lockdown ended while doing the big shop I still find myself sometimes drifting toward the confectionery aisle where they inexplicably stock such biscuits as Kit Kat chunky or Twix.
  7. Yeah, in the court case between McVities and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise they literally baked a huge Jaffa Cake to prove it was a cake. Your witness, mutherfucka.
  8. Just don’t celebrate it so vociferously. Like, when a player scores against his old club, a slight smile and a brief fist clench not dancing in the street. I don’t blame them exactly but it’s a little off putting when they have to know they’re taking money from a genuine bad guy.
  9. Cool. Two tidbits I know about that (not academically sourced ) are that apparently there has been a big increase in first class rail tickets sold since they made the base price zero. Luxembourgers seem to love paying for things. And in the countryside the idea of a world leading transport system pisses them off because it’s all very well having free travel but it doesn’t mean much when the infrastructure isn’t there to let you go places. Honestly the bus/tram system is very good for a small city (although it was a very minimal price before so making it free does seem like a bit of a publicity stunt) but the trains are generally crap. Mainly there just aren’t enough stations. And cross border is pretty bad, you can get a TGV to Paris in two hours but it takes over four to get to Brussels (you can drive it in two).
  10. Ok, sure. I thought that was a totally separate multiverse but I see now it’s the one where Pym killed the Avengers. Yeah, that’s not ideal. Uatu could have dropped her in the prime universe, seems like both Banner and Barton could do with her help.
  11. I just binged the last four eps. Personally I thought it vastly improved in the second half, although that might be because I binged it. The Killmonger one was probably the best, mostly because I was totally convinced both by the What If? (yeah, that’s probably what would happen if KM had knowledge of Stane’s treachery) and the point they made that even if the bad guys win there’s always other heroes to rely on. I enjoyed Captain Marvel being a bad ass in the Thor episode, although she came off a little harsh, she was going to kill someone for throwing a disruptive party? Ultron fighting the Watcher through different realities was a great example of making the most of an animated setting. The finale was ok, not great. I was annoyed by Natasha interrupting them for no reason and causing the fight to go on for longer than necessary. And how was the Watcher predicting what happened like Strange in Endgame? That’s not his power. He could have just told them to make sure and separate the stones from the body rather than a dubious Killmonger will definitely betray them plan. The Natasha ending, returning her to a universe that was functionally the same as the mainstream marvel universe, kind of emphasises the problems with the multiverse format, you can do anything you want with that set up. Why not get a Tony Stark who lost his wife and kid in his universe and set him up in our universe?
  12. The Morning Star doesn’t get so much press these days (so to speak). Otherwise, yes, broadly same opinions as 35 years ago.
  13. Like most people (evidenced by this thread, even ), I think of myself as a good driver and am surprised by the amount of morons I find on the road. Objectively though, the truth is more likely that I’m an average driver and the vast majority of people I encounter are the same. I don’t think it’s hard for physically capable people to be able to drive adequately. I’m not a nervous driver and, although I don’t necessarily particularly like driving, I am happy to drive anywhere in any conditions. I don’t really get the complaints people often make about “driving on the wrong side of the road.” Just go where the traffic is pointing. My bad habit is probably that I’m a little careless and inattentive, which sounds bad but thankfully seems to be confined to car parks, I have scraped the paint on a couple of cars while parking. I would always use a handbrake while stopping, if it’s an option. The reason they tell you to do that is if you’re sitting in traffic with your foot on the brake and somebody hits the back of you, it’s slightly more likely you’ll jerk forward into somebody else or even into a pedestrian if you’re in front of a crossing. But I just find it more comfortable anyway. Current car is an hybrid with no handbrake and frankly it’s annoying having to apply the foot brake all the time when you’re stopped. My mum also has a hybrid but she has a handbrake and it’s much more convenient. If I’m driving her car in slow moving traffic I can control the motion totally with the handbrake. Bugbears - well, I’m not a fan of everything that’s been mentioned above. I’d also add people that beep their horns from behind half a second after the lights have changed and you haven’t gone yet. I’m usually fairly mild mannered on the road but that would throw me into a rage. Also, roundabouts. Here in Luxembourg, a lot of people don’t seem to know how to use them. If it’s a two lane roundabout and you want to get off at the last exit, you go in the inside lane. Fairly often I’ll have people come on after me in the outside lane, not give way to me and block me getting off. Luxembourg is weird for driving for a few reasons. Very culturally diverse population and people literally commuting from three different bordering countries every day. So you get the Germans driving fast (yes let’s do some national stereotypes), the French driving generally safely, I would say, but idiosyncratically (like, the French will always put their blinker on for overtaking and leave it on until they get back in the slow lane) and the Belgians and Luxembourgish who seem to be politer than drivers from other places (certainly from Britain) and will always let you in if you need to join traffic. edit - actually, I need to add Italy, where I’ve only ever driven on holiday. Those people are crazy, the only time you see non-wild driving on the motorway is when there’s a speed trap. As soon as the traffic starts to slow you think “ah, there must be a police car up ahead.” We also (in Luxembourg) have unusual rules that drivers from different places aren’t familiar with. Like on minor roads you’re supposed to give way to the right, even where it seems you should definitely have the right of way. That’s caused some near misses. And occasionally you’ll find a situation where cars have a green light to turn but pedestrians also have a green light on their crossing, causing some drivers to blare their horns furiously at legally crossing pedestrians and pedestrians to understandably get annoyed and pause to gesticulate and/or spit on windscreens. Actually, writing this has reminded me how depressing the whole driving process can be. Wouldn’t life be better if we all just lived in the countryside in sustainable dwellings with grass on the roof and walked to our work at the community hub? I’m off to glue myself to the M25.
  14. Uk Kindle Naomi Novik’s Deadly Education back on the daily deal for 99p just in time for the second one coming out.
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