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  1. john

    December 2018 Reading

    Hmm, don’t think I noticed any specific references. The whole scene at the farmhouse was very GoT in some ways though. Ok, Early Riser by Jasper Fforde - Good to read one of his books again, having read all of his at close to release ever since I first clocked the Eyre Affair. This one is similar to Shades of Grey, a more secondary alternate world fantasy, if that makes sense, although with less blatant humour. It’s about humans who hibernate over cold winters and really mines the ramifications of that in a lot of depth. Some good action scenes and what not although the characters weren’t as lovable as they often are with Fforde. Sort of spoiled also by a weird final chapter which reads most like a bulletpoint summary of all the plot strands that need to be cleared up, like he needed to cut a few thousand words so wrote that instead of three final chapters. Also just read Lolita for the first time, don’t know if you heard of this one guys, it’s good. And Harari’s Sapiens, which was interesting but I did feel like I was reading a more informed version of my own worldview the whole time, didn’t find it as great as others had told me it was.
  2. john

    UK Politics: Deal, or No Deal. To May and Beyond.

    That was pretty much my thinking. It’s like bad comedy, ‘you wanna go no confidence? No? Ok, we will. What do you know, turns out we have confidence after all.’ If it goes like that though it enforces the thinking they’re trying to get across, that something is better than nothing. Personally I hope she loses, not because I enjoy the chaos but because that’s the fair result.
  3. john

    MCU - X

    I don’t think it’s too out of character for Lang to be cheerful. He’s always cheerful when his life is going to shit.
  4. Well, that was pretty boring I thought. Downhill slope in the second half of the season (apart from that India partition ep). News now is that despite BBC’s best efforts (and because of Chibnall’s threats to leave if you believe the rumours) next series will be 2020. As far as the latest episode - Is it really morally better to put somebody in indefinite suspended animation than killing them? Also wasn’t much impressed with the Doctor’s self admitted flexible rules on use of guns.
  5. Abercrombie says himself in the blog linked by hairybear that Logen would be late 60s, so not unworkable at all. The hard dude in the little round glasses is probably somebody else though.
  6. Oh cool, thanks. It’ll be interesting to see if they can pull off the tension of the books. The intense interview scenes in Line of Duty always kind remind me of the interrogation scenes in the Dublin books.
  7. john

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    It’s definitely Netflix to blame. They overpaid for the shows in the first place and deliberately entered into what they knew would be a fraught relationship because they were desperate for big brand content at the time. Disney’s just a media behemoth acting as you would expect a behemoth to act.
  8. I’ve also recently finished Derfel’s Resurrection Men. It’s well written, plotted and structured. Very impressive. I liked the Glasgow locales and patois but if you’re not into that there’s also abundant dark conspiracies, vampire lore and Victorian melodrama. Thoroughly enjoyable. Amazon review is upcoming. Next I’m going to finish up Jasper Fforde’s Early Riser.
  9. john

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    The Grey Bastards - Jonathan French is today’s deal on UK Kindle.
  10. john

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Kings of the Wyld by Nicolas Eames is 99p today on UK kindle store.
  11. john

    Hope Never Dies - Andrew Shaffer

    How does Obama/Biden buddy cop parody not appear in the thread title? But no, never heard of it.
  12. john

    Fire and Blood: Just arrived!

    Richard Morgan and Gareth Powell also appear in that thread. Writers slagging off other writers usually is a no no.
  13. That Planck book must have been either really bad or really really good. I finished Lies Sleeping by Aaronovitch, latest in the Rivers of London series. It did wrap up all the preceding plot lines, which was welcome, but I’m not sure I was totally satisfied with the ending. To be fair, dealing with the Faceless Man’s final scheme, after seeing his various criminal exploits throughout the books, and making it sufficiently wowing, was always going to be a big ask. Anyway, it was entertaining as always. The final chapter seems to hint that there’s going to be a time jump for the next book (this one appears to be set in 2014 but they were contemporaneous when it started in 2011) which is good because Peter might actually know some decent magic by the next one. Next I might read Derfel’s Sooty Feathers book then. Also have Zafons latest Cemetary of Lost Books book and Boris Akunin’s Black City on the backburner.
  14. Nice one, I will definitely check this out. The world needs more fantasy books set in Glasgow.
  15. Since I’m finishing up a book today, i’ll probably also get Lies Sleeping (Aaronovitch) next. Not really a release day must have but this one sounds interesting, seems from the synopsis to be more or less winding up the story so far.