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  1. john

    R,I.P. Thread

    It’s too much tragedy for one show though. Jeremy Kyle, which is a show that explicitly mocks its guests, had one suicide and that ended the show.
  2. john

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    Heh, I’ll just use spoiler text
  3. john

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    I don’t think it explicitly mentions anything but the first line (which is all over the publicity) is a bit of a giveaway. I’m listening to the BBC radio reading of it, which is available worldwide afaik, in case anyone’s interested (it’s abridged though, presumably).
  4. john

    Doctor Who II

    Agreed on all counts. Good episode and a nice little scene of the Doctor making her fateful choice (one of the few actions of such significance we’ve seen in Chibnall’s run, which seems to want to dial down the god like saviour aspect of the Doctor). I thought they’d found a way to have the Doctor win regardless and not give the lone cyberman what he wanted, which I thought was cool. But I suppose it didn’t suffer much from the failure in the end. I doubt Captain Jack would be very surprised at how things turned out.
  5. john

    R,I.P. Thread

    I’ve never seen Love Island and know nothing about it really except for the fact that three people involved with it have killed themselves in the last two years. What the hell. Regardless of Flack’s legal problems (which does seem like a dodgy situation on the face of it), that show needs to seriously work on its mental health support as an employer. Or just get off the air.
  6. john

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    Well sure, absolutely no problem with that. But I am curious nonetheless. For me, the less mystical faith is the harder I find it to wrap my head around it. Going back to the non physicalist interpretation of a conscious mind, for example, does that extra element signify some spiritual connection to the metaphysical universe or is it just some added awareness currently beyond our understanding granted by the normal function of human development? (To answer the OP, btw, I’d say basically the same as Tywin a couple of pages ago, which is you join a digital consciousness not for yourself but for your dependents/descendants. Same reason why you make a will or help plan your funeral).
  7. john

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    There just doesn’t seem much point if you’re not going the fundamentalist route. Evolution created the world versus God created the world through evolution is essentially the same thing. Why even bother with the God aspect?
  8. john

    The Witcher: Evil is Evil

    Witcher 3 game kind of is that. The ultimate battle is between Ciri and the evil force threatening the world. Geralt’s only role is to make the correct “decisions” so that Ciri doesn’t end up dead. The whole saga is essentially about a grumpy old Witcher who reluctantly gets a friend, a girlfriend and a surrogate daughter. It’s a romcom.
  9. john

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Sorry to be unhelpful but I don’t know, I only watched half of it so far too. I think they’re doing all of it though, to judge by how much they’ve covered. They’ll probably diverge from the books by the end to try and get some more seasons out of it.
  10. john

    Doctor Who II

    Well I do like Supernatural, so if they’re going to do a Supernatural type episode of DW that’s ok with me. I was expecting the retort from the Doctor that they aren’t Gods they’re just overly powerful aliens who think they’re Gods but it never happened. I also thought the Doctor would’ve sent them back out the universe, not locked them up. Not a very Doctor thing to do. More mention, or implication, of other universes though. In general, I quite like how ambitious the show is these days but it does seem a bit all over the place.
  11. john

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    I’m liking it. It’s close to the books in plot but not really in tone. They’ve made it more a standard Netflix show, more high school drama with fantasy elements. The horror is pretty tame, a la Sabrina. The acting is good though, yeah, especially the Bode kid.
  12. john

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    That quote doesn’t seem to line up with the point you’re making. It’s the rape of the first person narrator which fundamentally informs his characterisation. Not really just for shock value.
  13. john

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    This is like the group chat for Rothfuss’ publishing team. Guys did you get any updates from Pat? Guys?
  14. john

    Doctor Who II

    I mean, Good episode. There’s been a general upward trend after the episode 2 slump.
  15. john

    Star Trek: Picard

    Ok, I enjoyed it but didn’t really understand what was going on with the whole romulus/mars connection. But here’s another question