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  1. Think like god would for a second and you'll get your answer. It's about the video, not the user handle. I hope your dad finds what he needs, just know god is our creation. We created him, we decided he is real, and his power is derived from us. If ever you feel too weak or helpless to make a difference, know that he and you are not so far apart.
  2. There is a god because people believe there is one. Read Nietzsche or Dostoyevsky or Epicurus, people make reality. Our lives and our society are built upon our faith, what we choose determines the course not just of our existence but of our off-springs and what we pass down to them. I am only saying god will not be forgiving, for he is immune to self-justification. He sees the excitement and thrill that goes down your spine each time you watch a video of an innocent Russian soldier being blown up because it helps you win an argument online. He knows the desire to sabotage the grain deal and conquer the black sea does not come from a place of international food security but from a desire for ultimate control. But I also want you to know that I pray for all of you. And if on judgment day he decides upon punishment I will craft amulets to protect you. If he sends you down to the Labyrinth I will forge spears of malachite to save you from the beastly Minotaur. I will stand by your side because we are all human. And because I have felt the way you have, though it shames me. In my desperation to see Russia survive and for western aims to be scuttled I have reacted with a degree of joy in hearing of a military victory, no matter how minor, and all because of this blasted war. But this war must end, and I pray it will so that brother need not spill the blood of brother. On a side note, celebrities like Mark Hamill who turn this war into a influencer game are poising decades of goodwill they have conjured so that does not bode well for them.
  3. Ukranians don’t want to keep dying so NATO can have full control over the Black Sea. Bored westerners who sabotaged the grain deal by sanctioning Russian fertilizer and wheat, cheering on the death of thousands, all due to some sick sick obsession with ruling the world will not be looked on kindly by God.
  4. I was going to vacate this thread for a little while to wait and see how things develop, as I find no point in arguing with people who are fighting straw men with blind patriotic vigor. But since you insist: Poland had a history of being under Russian patronage before the Soviet Union. And what happened? Polish culture (western Slav) was protected from being eaten up by the western empires. Germany, Austria, Britain, etc. would do nothing to safe guard Polish society as they share no commonality (Catholicism aside, Poland is a strictly Slavic country in every way that matters). Russia controlled this region for decades and more so ostensibly through the Warsaw pact. And what did they do? They expanded Polish territory (unlike the Ukrainian nationalists who wanted them extinguished). If as you assume Russia sought to destroy Polish statehood, they had ample opportunity. Instead they supported Polish identity, subsidized their economy, and grew their population. Compare that to Hitler who wanted to replace Poles with Germans, there is no comparison. Russia did not try to alter the demographics so that eastern Slavs would outnumber western Slavs. They grew the land and population. It was only when Poland ‘voluntarily’ integrated with the west that it started losing people. Why? Because western countries had no interest in fostering a Polish society, but sought to attract migrants for their own economies and then ‘assimilate’ the immigrants to their language, culture, and values. Now THAT is colonialism. But again, to make it seem the Soviet aim in Poland had anything to do with the German aim is historical revisionism to both sides the situation. And where does this radically insane rhetoric comes from? Fascist organizations in Eastern Europe. I mean openly fascist, just like the right sector in Ukraine. Yet mysteriously, when it fits their geopolitical ambitions, western liberals drop all their principles and values and differ to fascist rhetoric. Just like with the Banderites in Ukraine who want to make this a war against all Russian people.
  5. The couple were the ones killed on the Kerch Bridge. Incidentally, despite the normal incompetence, Ukraine has to lower themselves to terrorist actions. This wasn't a storm shadow strike on the railway, but a drone smuggled aboard a merchant ship. Just like last time it was a bomb on a fertilizer bus. Such civilian/military disguises are going to cause better security against vehicles of 'commerce'.
  6. The country defending 'western values'. As for the Grain Deal, hopefully this is a wake up call for Putin's mafia: the west doesn't want a deal, they want him dead. The problem is oligarchs love the west. They have Yachats in St. Tropez, Mansions in Amalfi, Chalets in the Alps. They think business is just going to go back to usual once this is over and bygones will be bygones. There was no attempt by the west to uphold the UN agreement allowing Russian grain or fertilizers, in fact they openly blocked such attempts. This 'deal' was just another one of Putin's fantasies. He is growing old and stuck in his corrupt ways, always trying to play his stupid spy games at the risk of his entire country. The only hope for Russia is for these elites to wake up (like Prigozhin said) and realize this is a fight for survival, grain deals aren't going to work. You fight to win or you die. Sadly, after they dropped the axe on Surovikin's ally for stopping the Orikhiv axis because they are too busy playing mind games in the Kremlin to pay attention to the war. The side that openly celebrates Nazis isn't working their way into a negotiated settlement. They want total victory no matter the cost. I'm hoping this latest initiative is a sign that the idiots have got their heads out of the sand. But like always they might just put it back in once the going gets tough, they spent too many years in their little bubbles and don't want to get real.
  7. Wert is the only person I can find in all my research from numerous sources, the only person even if including trolls on twitter, the ONLY person who suggests the damage is in any way more significant than last time. There's a running theme here.
  8. You have, we had a very nice encounter in the murder mystery thread. But I love all of you anyways. Everyone believes they are immune to propaganda, and everyone else is not. My love can never be killed though, no matter how many mental gymnastics people pull to deny what is going on.
  9. Besides the fact no one ever said any of this, it’s interesting you need to create straw men to debate since the truth is just too obvious. I find western propaganda to be a very interesting beast: it persuades polite liberals to hand wave ethnic cleansing as “forced assimilation” and dignify human wave tactics using kidnapped civilians as ‘sappers’. Oh yeah, and genocidal fascism has been repackaged as anti-imperial sentiment. Very Orwellian.
  10. It's not about some hypothetical 'justice' it's about the active military and political aims of Kiev and NATO to destroy Russia, not pursue negotiations. And to achieve such extreme ends, they are using extreme methods. This collapse isn't based on gravity, but an incredibly obsession from western imperialist. They will normalize genocidal rhetoric, promote ethnic cleansing, and kidnap Ukrainian civilians as human waves to break Russian defenses all so that a thousand year old civilization will crumble and be replaced by western hegemony. You misunderstand, their objectives of removing the nationalist regime in Kiev were correct. The way they want about it was wrong. We've been talking about it for multiple pages, but again this is not because of Moscow, but the actions you are taking to assure it's realization. And anyone like myself who suggests you are wrong or extreme for trying to promote genocidal nationalism, military domination, and cultural erasure is branded a fascist. Which shows you how successful propaganda works.
  11. If sources outside of Telegram and media you deem 'uncredited' gets leaks into the western mainstream sources, it's hard for people like you to deny. Like the fact that Ukrainian mothers go through a process to find their kids who were evacuated from a warzone. But your conformation bias tells you this is genocide because legitimate authorities you rely upon (The US state department, the ICC, etc.) are telling you it is so. But lets get back to the discussion, which people can't handle. Russian shouldn't have invaded, but it cannot give up now or face total disintegration. Kiev and NATO are aiming to disintegrate Russia based on their stated goals (militarily or otherwise). But of course only the most extreme outcomes like the ethnic cleansing (excuse me: forced assimilation) of Crimea and Donetsk, the demilitarization of Russia, and the normalization of genocidal nationalist fantasies (Bandera was not a historian) can be considered, anything less is fascism.
  12. The reason why Zorral, I think some people like yourself are unserious, is because you have to make straw men to argue against out of fear of dealing with the moral culpability your beliefs bring you. The people of Ukraine don't want to be invaded or conquered. They also don't want to be kidnapped on the streets and thrown into the frontline as human waves. But, trying to debate the substance of western military aims in Ukraine and the Nationalistic propaganda used to normalize ethnic cleansing and other extreme outcomes leads no where because some people have been too overcome by propaganda.
  13. I get this isn't directed at me, but people who can't differentiate between Russia making a mistake with their initial invasion and Russian having perfectly sound reasons for not surrendering in mass. But I don't think those people are trolls, they really believe the propaganda, and it's hard to overcome. Many people have fallen for war propaganda and the dehumanization of the enemy since the dawn of time.
  14. Turkey is a little bit different because the nationalists fell behind what is support for political islam, an ideology that conflicts with western values. As for the rest, they all share the same values one way or another. On immigration, sexual identity, racial integration, gender roles, drugs, etc. They evolve at different times, but the trajectory is the same. With Poland you might think they are an exception, but they are part of the same role. The only difference is that unlike Sweden, Germany, the US, etc. that absorb migrants to help bolster their economy and demographics, they are (or have been) the country that provides the labor, hence such a demographic collapse. As long as Russia exists, Polish nationalists align with the liberal world order to destroy its enemy. Once its gone, Polish nationalism will become an obstacle to integration into the greater 'European' community.
  15. It doesn't give them the right, it just helps explain the social and political context between Ukraine and Russia. Tactics are debatable. But if you believe the goals are sensible, that opens the door to negotiations. However certain western elements have decided that they don't want to negotiate, in fact they want to remove Russia as an independent power with its own security interests separate to those of NATO. Hitler's plan was to rearm Germany. Putin's is to stop the demilitarization of Russia. Morally I can't say, politically they are very different. The reason you use that term "internationally recognized borders" is to normalize the plan to remove Russian military and Russian people from lands they have lived for nearly a thousand years at this point. But again, these disclaimers are useless as if/when China invades Taiwan, you won't be hearing about "internationally recognized borders." Ah, the politically correct term for ethnic cleansing. "Forced assimilation." How far you have fallen morally due to propaganda. The people that have laid a soul like yours astray should be punished. The forcible removal of people, arrest of religious leaders, execution of 'collaborators', and tying innocent people to lamp posts in the middle of winter are all tactics tried by Ukraine which you call "practical and good." These atrocities will grow to a massive scale once they have Crimea and Donetsk. The problem comes when they refuse to adapt. A Russian speaker who supports Ukrainian nationalism can eventually change. One that does not follow the lie which is Ukrainian nationalism must be removed. Allied forces in the western half tried to preserve Germans, ethnic cleansing will be more reminiscent of what happened in the territory handed over to Poland. On no, there won't be an airdrop of candy in Crimea or Donetsk, just brutal repression, religious prosecution, and removal of a significant portion of the population that doesn't agree with the Banderaites. They (the US) helped craft the warrant, this wasn't the ICC going out on a limb. They did it to help disintegrate the current regime in Moscow. If he were arrested while visiting a foriegn country? Yes. If the regime collapses in Moscow then no, Putin just becomes some random person. And like I said, the military aims of the west aren't about achieving peace, but the total destruction of Russia. I don't frame anything. I just listen to what they say and believe them. They back a peace proposal which necessitates the prosecution of Russian officials BEFORE talks can begin, and they endorse an arrest warrant of the head of state. They are looking to reorganizing the Russian government, not dealing with independent actors. They supported the 'revolution' financially, diplomatically, but more importantly: western NGOs helped craft a transition government, which is their only option once the Putin regime collapses and they decide to 'take charge'. Well, you're not the one making decisions. And yet athletes, composures, and even drinks referencing Russia are banned. This sort of cultural erasure is not done with the intent of creating a new stable regime, but ending the idea of Russia as a state all together. And yet it is just a microcosm of how the west is expected to treat the Russian identity. It's what happens when genocidal rhetoric originally isolated to the rantings of Bandera become mainstream. Oh god, listen to what I'm saying. I know about how Iranian culture is celebrated in the west because of first hand experience. A major antigovernmental lobbying group in Washington holds Nowruz celebrations where major generals are invited, I've been there. Dissidents are uplifted and culture is glorified to make way for a 'new' Iran. Russia is different, liberal dissidents are rejected and its culture erased because the plan isn't for there to be a new Russia, but no Russia at all. Championed, appreciated, celebrated. That's their economy. The dissidents in Miami with deep cultural pride are promoted. No one sees them being tarnished for making Cuban Cigars are being proud of their culture. Russian liberals aren't treated the same way. Because being against Putin isn't enough. They use Bandera's language because they believe in it. They believe the true Slavic successor state is Ukraine, and their aim is to dismantle any notion of an independent Russian government. It's the truth of ever western satellite state. You believe your empire is different from all others in history. You believe western imperialism is benevolent and seeks to provide freedom to all its subjects. You are not the first, every imperialist believes their project is different. It's not, but tactics change. Understand how international finance, military aid, and diplomatic pressure exist and look at western allied states. The goal has never been freedom, and to be honest that would be kind of stupid for them anyways. If Russia loses, those people involved will be prosecuted. Good for you, at least you admit the goal is the destruction of Russia as a geopolitical unit. Can't blame them for fighting back though can you. Or do you prefer your prey to lay down and give up. The black sea being dominated by an adversarial power puts all Russian military capacities into a chokehold. Without an ability to hold to project military power, Russia becomes a lame duck. And seeing as a unified Russian state can't exist as a western puppet, it will disintegrate.
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