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  1. They'd die probably. No chance even if they make it 10 miles south.
  2. He does favoritism a lot. Starks over Lannisters, Blacks over Greens, etc. Unless someone can show me where his favoritism is subverted I don’t have any reason to believe he’s do it again. And Jaime was intended to be evil at first until Martin changed his mind.
  3. What about his spiel about if you allude to the Butler being the killer, you can't change that.
  4. Well, we'll have to see if Patchface, The Ghost of High Heart, Azor Ahai, the house with the little red door, etc. mean anything. There are three possibilities: 1. They are deliberate and tie back into a major reveal or clever twist 2. They gesture to something obvious that will happen regardless. 3. Just gibberish meant to string readers along.
  5. Its very dumb that he is working on a Jon Snow sequel when that character in his own books is still officially dead. I guess I was a fan of him once, but now I just can't take him seriously, not his writing or himself as a person. I'm thinking most of the clues, hints, prophecies he littered throughout the series to keep people engaged with the intrigue are just red herrings or don't lead anywhere. I mean if he can't write the story then maybe it wasn't so well plotted out from the beginning and much of that 'deliberate' structure was an illusion.
  6. I don't think an author telling us one thing and showing us another equates to an indication of anything, more so it is inconsistency from the author. Robb is depicted as a moral leader fighting a war against injustice. The books aren't focused on the peasant perspective, and the Starks were betrayed and subsequently subjugated. Tywin is described as sending bandits to pillage towns and slaughter innocents while Robb leads his rag tag groups of rebels. The one offensive battle that takes place ends with him marrying into a sworn family of the Lannisters out of a sense of honor. The 'wolves' scene was show only. Martin wanted to show a pointless political battle, but his favoritism and tragedy porn got in the way. Martin said Ned/Robb were the traditional heroes and he wanted to subvert tropes by having them both killed. They are not rats. Tywin, Tyrion, etc. are all described as villains by Martin.
  7. He has changed his answer on this multiple times.
  8. I agree he is not a pedophile or racist for what he writes. But the inordinate amount of time he spends relishing about boobs and greasy food seem less like a thematic device and more like his urges beating into his writing. And honestly, he comes across as pathetic when he whines about ‘realism’ as a justification for everything he writes.
  9. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 1996 was a different era and the bastard boy as secret prince still wasn’t worn out. Dany I guess was suppose to be the foil: an open queen with no secret bloodline liberating slaves. The plot twist would be that Jon is the handsome prince with an even better claim and Dany, the pure hearted saint is actually insane.
  10. He’s is (was) 14, no one even made a shot at him even though he looks like an easy target. Whereas Robb is described as muscular and bulky Jon is soft and lean like from an adventure book. His biggest antagonists are schoolboy bullies and once he meets the girl his performance is top notch. meanwhile Dany is (according to Martin) a hot girl with dragons so framing her as a sexualized object is easy. the point is none of this has to do with realism, just where Martin’s libido leads him.
  11. You could make the same argument for Dany. Actually Dany has a more significant background. So does Sansa. But Sansa is sexually humiliated while the bastard Jon doesn't have to face ever a single moment of sexual vulnerability because he is Martin's special boy hero secret prince fantasy.
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