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  1. Most of this thread should celebrate the contribution of deposits for Nigel Garbage.
  2. I'm down for next Monday or Tuesday. I have a conflict in the 29th that I won't be able to draft then.
  3. Really testing the bounds of "it's not a lie if you believe it"
  4. FYI - looking for another (or three) for Fantasy Baseball: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/162317-westeros-fantasy-baseball-2023/
  5. Some upcoming changes for Part 2:
  6. Protect the children('s jobs!!!)
  7. Seems like you have to be an obsessive hater to really know, or care, about all the ins and outs of it.
  8. You'll be in either way. I'm fine with whatever the group goes for. July feels a little early for me but we can do it. Ends of August makes more sense to me. ETA - correcting myself, that's 6 and we'll need 2 more.
  9. That's 5 -- need at least 3 more ...
  10. An example of respectful, caring, decent way to communicate riffs and treat employees like full human beings. https://www.atlassian.com/blog/announcements/atlassian-team-update-march-2023
  11. Genuine sociopathy or vice-signaling if one is being charitable.
  12. Musk continuing to model right wing reply guy troll as the executive for multiple companies (one public). What an absolute garbage person.
  13. I'm certain that he's already storing his pee in mason jars. Seems like something that he'd do in his right-wing, uber online, divorced guy era.
  14. Entering 'Find out' territory: I think it was first @Jeordhi with the prediction that it'll be 6 months after the purchase that widespread issues start to threaten Twitter. (Paraphrased)
  15. ESB/RotJ - Boba Fett - from Mandalore, a badass with a cool helmet that dies, more or less, as a joke. AotC - Boba Fett is the son/clone of Jango Fett who is the model for millions/billions of clone soldiers. Which explains how badass Boba Fett is (kind of) Mandalorian - uh, these people fucking worship their helmets. The make little ones for kids and tell them to never take the off. They look so cool. It's an embarrassing through-line of extrapolation of a story, world, and society based on one cool helmet.
  16. @Whiskeyjack @PyroclasticFlow @Bronn Stone @Mexal @grozeng @Jaime L @JJ Lannister @Arch-MaesterPhilip @RaceBannon42 @boiled leather Anyone else? Any takers?
  17. Hey folks, anyone interested in 2023?
  18. There's also an intentional hetero/cis-normative thrust that continues to fuck kids up.
  19. A skirt showing too much leg = exposing your testicles. Is that what you are really suggesting here?
  20. Who could have possibly predicted?
  21. Ivermectin - still doesn't work.
  22. Definitely less establishment - more lunatic fringe
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