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  1. Based on previous experience that all right wing criticism is projection, I regret to inform everyone that right wingers are 1000% imprisoning children and collecting fetuses to harvest adrenochromes. I have never been so sure of a conspiracy before in my entire life. I'm sure Ginni Roberts has it on draft.
  2. The beloved 'bipartisanship' is predicated on the assumption of two sane, functional parties. Pelosi will often remark to the effect of, "the US needs a strong Republican party not a cult"* Well, babes, we have a fascistic cult. A desire for bipartisanship is a pipedream detached from the current reality. There is no real common ground to be found here. Many people will die as a result of Dobbs and neither bipartisanship not voting will provide real solutions to save lives any time soon. *https://www.newsweek.com/nancy-pelosi-us-needs-strong-republican-party-not-cult-1705081
  3. Democrats have a plan for this. 1) Vote for D candidates (an insufficient number of which will win in order to overturn the filibuster) 2) ??? 3) Vote for D candidates (an insufficient number of which will win in order to overturn the filibuster) 4) ??? Don't even think about discussing other solutions.
  4. My point, which I poorly made typing on my phone, is they've enabled him to stay viable to return to politics without people like them with "a line". Essentially, he'll be worse.
  5. The attempts to protect Trump from himself have resulted in maintaining his viability to be in the position to try again. The 'brave' 'patriots' that are testifying are OK with 'kung flu', cutting immigrations from 'shit hole countries', prosecuting women for abortions, and running a klepto-capitalist theocracy BUT draw the line at violent insurrection.
  6. Again, piercing the facade that this has anything to do with pro-life. At it's core, it is about controlling and punishing women.
  7. So the current maternal and infant mortality will improve with more cases that may also be higher risk. That's really some special kind of stupid logic.
  8. Sadly, it won't be a joke -- especially with the drought in the south west and west. We're more likely to invade Canada (already sucked Mexico'a rivers dry in many places) and figure out a way to steal/pipe water rather than move or *gasp* reduce use.
  9. She's also dismayed at chalk writing on the sidewalk. It's disingenuous or early onset.
  10. Long-term, an effectively christian-right wing state with authoritarian tendencies is going to be a danger to Canada in a warming future. The US is going to an even bigger unavoidable problem to it's neighbors than it currently is.
  11. "Oh my God, look at how close we were to disaster for democracy." "Oh my God, look at how these unelected justices undermine democracy and equal rights." *We need to realize that we've only narrowly avoided some accelerants -- we're still backsliding at speed because of Democratic leaders' cowardice and laziness. *Collectively, myself includes
  12. The whole roe v Wade argument is to control women -- babies and 'life' are the canards used so that pieces of shit aren't so obviously pieces of shit.
  13. Meh overall. Would have rather it didn't exist than did. Didn't really add a lot to offset broken continuity with ANH.
  14. How, why, and by whom are the questions that are typically being asked that weren't before. That represents progress IMO. If anything, that view is a 'by whom' and 'why' may not include the typical background, experience, or ideology of those making shows/movies in the 80's and 90's.
  15. Wish you luck in your endeavor to shovel against the tide. I see he continues to smash his face into the keyboard, as per usual. @Varysblackfyre321, where in the guardian article does it suggest this is much ado about nothing? The linked article is pretty clear to me. I'll update if need be -- not my intention to opine in ignorance like other folks.
  16. Clarity for those capable and willing to read. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/15/who-to-rename-monkeypox-virus-to-avoid-discrimination First, 'racism' is one reason for the change in addition to inaccuracy, discriminatory, and stimatising (have we already forgotten omicron the 'south African's variant leading to travel bans of SA?) Note, the animals are typically rodents and not monkeys. The virus was originally identified within a monkey carrier, however they are not the most common carriers. These clade names specifically are to be changed. Hope that clears up any misconceptions.
  17. "A sign of the times"? Historical connection made by racists like *checks notes* today. Eta- Also, soccer in Europe has consistently had an issue with racist fans throwing bananas on the field at teams with black players.
  18. This is correct, of course. Also, if folks bothered to read about this issue then they'd know that the name change is also intended to change inaccurate 'clade' names that references 'West Africa*' and other inaccurate references. ETA- *Following the policy to no longer name viruses based on a geographic location. I'm sure that those without their heads in the sand are aware of anti-Asian discrimination and calls of 'china virus'.
  19. Republicans are so used to creating fake problems in order to push 'solutions' that align to their ideology that they assume everyone else is doing the same. They've warped* their own worldview to justify their actions such that they cannot even conceive of equity, fair justice, altruism, or, really, basic logic. (MS-13/border issues to justify racist policies and police overreach, CRT to defund public school and ban progressive/POC/LGBTQ books) Eta- *programmed - as Kal nicely put.
  20. As frustrating as Star Wars, and this series, can be -- this still gave me goose bumps. Corran, Mirax, more Wedge -- ba da ba ba, I'm loving it.
  21. Ding ding. Nuance, understanding of ill-defined gray areas, and an appreciation of knowing what you don't know is absolutely critical. Whereas, mcbigski's uber-pro-skeptic view is in favor of anti-vaxx, anti-mask, qanon, anti-CRT, 'Big Lie', and a serious of other socially and morally corrosive counter-factuals.
  22. Oh hai! We'll see -- still some a lot of time left!
  23. Been playing Dead Cells for the first time recently. Really enjoying it -- love the Metroidvania/Rogue combination. Interesting different spin on the concepts. Have had one really successful, long run where I accidentally went to Forgotten Sepulcher instead of the Clock Tower (still on first clear) -- immediately stumbled into a cursed chest and accidentally activated it. Curse: Insta-death until after 10 kills. That run ended VERY suddenly.
  24. Is the book calling? The joke doesn't make sense. Not to mention that George Orwell would be more likely to cheer AOC and villify Boebert.
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