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    The Case of Quentyn Martell...

    I agree with 95% of this but I've been of the opinion that if those dragons are "caged" separately Q flies outta there on Viserion, his taming attempt really wasn't that bad.
  2. The Fresh PtwP

    Wun Wun's response to "For The Watch"

    I was joking with my brother about this the other day that Jon "never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold …" and a warm spray of blood. He looked up and Wun Wun had his attacker in grasp, or what was left of him. More bodies lay next to him, he tried to rise "No, rest. Rest now". He saw a flash of red hair. Lucky. Or you know, something like that, I only told my brother the bolded the rest i guess is practice for my English paper lol
  3. The Fresh PtwP

    Arya will become Queen

    You have a much looser opinion on familiar facial expressions than I do, most of these are just "looks" like a scowl or a frown (I didn't count those) but OK. You mention that in your first line so I'm not going to harp on it, except to say that (the bolded) is my general opinion on the "looks" you presented. I don't think it means as much as you do, but hey different readers different interpretations. I'm not convinced but you have some quotes that I overlooked...so kudos.
  4. The Fresh PtwP

    Arya will become Queen

    Ok let me see this dozen of times she scrutinizes his facial expressions, I'll wait. I did a quick search and found two "that" look moments and one borderline. I'm not denying that she is attracted to him, she is. It's not just a crush it's written as more than that, but it isn't this head-over heels thing you suggest either. She has definite affection for him but does not fawn over everything he does, and clearly isn't in love with him (...yet). Is it a possibility? Yeah! Are they at that stage yet? Sorry but no. It isn't out of the norm, she mentions his facial expressions two solid times (one iffy time) a whopping one more time than Dayne or Anguy for that matter. What is out of the norm is her straight up creeping on him at Harrenhal. She likes him but I think you're reaching a bit to make this love angle work.
  5. The Fresh PtwP

    Arya will become Queen

    See it's already down from dozens to several. My point is that the "serious/stubborn" look isn't mentioned as many times as you seem to be implying. Even before her FM training she is really good at reading people and faces. The couple of times she notices Gendry's facial expression isn't out of the norm. I said in my first post that she is certainly interested in him, I just pointed out that a lot of the "evidence" such as moods and facial expressions could be explained by her being perceptive.
  6. The Fresh PtwP

    Arya will become Queen

    Let's be real here, she notices that Gendry makes an angry face when thinking and not much else. Also that's a pretty unique thing and something people generally comment on and notice. Other than that she absolutely can tell when Hot Pie is scared, or Ned miserable, or Gendry serious, or most character's she's interacted with's moods...again observant.
  7. The Fresh PtwP

    Arya will become Queen

    http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/yes-awesome-oldschool.gif Unpopular opinion: I LOATHE Sandor On the Arya/Gendry...I'm undecided she shows alot of interest in him, but she is also really observant (i.e. those facial expressions). She checks out "big blue eyes" Ned Dayne too. As for Jon/Arya I doubt Jon will be king, I doubt they'll get married, and I doubt Arya will be queen. I will say she is learning valuable skills to shake up court. I feel fArya ruins her northern credibilty as well so again doubtful QitN.
  8. The Fresh PtwP

    How did Cersei get Jamie in the KG

    Everytime I think Cersei found some...appropriate, logical or rational way to manipulate Aerys my mind starts yelling "It's CERSEI and AERYS! Something happened!" and I can't shake the thought. My guess though is that whatever went down, it was PG-13 or Cersei would brood on it.
  9. The Fresh PtwP

    Ranking the Targaryen kings from best to worst

    1.) Jaehaerys I 2.) Aegon I 3.) Dareon II 4.) Viserys I 5.) Aegon III 6.) Viserys II 7.) Jaehaerys II 8.) Maekar I 9.) Aerys I 10.) Aegon V 11.) Baelor I 12.) Aerys II 13.) Dareon I 14.) Aenys I 15.) Aegon II 16.) Maegor I* 17.) Aegon IV* * If George says you're the worst you are the worst, but personally I think Maegor is worse.
  10. The Fresh PtwP

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Which tendencies are these?
  11. The Fresh PtwP

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    So is Aegon II the exception or...?
  12. The Fresh PtwP

    Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    What about Aegon II? V(Viserys I) + nV(Hightower) but looks Targ.
  13. The Fresh PtwP

    What are Leyton Hightower and the Mad Maid up to?

    Puts on tinfoil: They are hatching/raising Aemon's dragon egg/dragon. Perhaps using dark magic to have it breath shadowflame
  14. The Fresh PtwP

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Where was Maegor Brightflame born?
  15. The Fresh PtwP

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    Honest question, do people think Robert would've turned out the same way if he wasn't married to Queen Toxic? And not super depressed about losing Lyanna?
  16. The Fresh PtwP

    Evidence that the Lemon Tree Was Not Originally in Braavos

    I don't doubt it, I try to refrain from lemon threads. I feel any alternative Dany theories should start with adequately explaining Viserys.
  17. The Fresh PtwP

    Evidence that the Lemon Tree Was Not Originally in Braavos

    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy? That had some explicit lemon shenanigans.
  18. The Fresh PtwP

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Was Ilyn Payne with Jaime at Pennytree?
  19. The Fresh PtwP

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Little lion man by Mumford ans sons- Jaime Be prepared from Lion King IS Cersei Foo fighters the Pretender is for Aegon Hurt by Johnny Cash is Aerys theme
  20. The Fresh PtwP

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Biter is actually a squisher.
  21. The Fresh PtwP

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Just realized the path Dontos takes Sansa down after the PW is the same one LF uses to take Ned to the brothel
  22. The Fresh PtwP

    What's your favourite crack! Ship

    "By sunset they were at the top, making camp where no harm could come to them. Arya walked around the circle of weirwood stumps with Lord Beric's squire Ned, and they stood on top of one watching the last light fade in the west." Even better is how jealous Gendry was getting, it makes me wish Arya stayed an outlaw, or moved to Starfall/Dorne...or both.
  23. The Fresh PtwP

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Robb=Asha Greyjoy, Theon is heir, she needs a good marriage, IB need to cooperate with the rest of Westeros Theon=Jeyne Poole, a little meh for a prince, but pretty...*sniff* Sansa=Renly given what Ned knows, (or doesn't know) i'm actually surprised this didn't happen. Arya=Jojen Reed, she loved the Neck, Jojen is chill, Her and Meera would be inseparable. Crannog "magic" sounds like Arya's sorta thing. Its still pretty close to WF. Bran=Manderly daughter, his pick. Manderlys worship the Seven, Bran wants to be a knight. Relatively close to WF and the Neck. Jon=Myranda Royce, as good as it gets without R+L=J knowledge...both could do much worse
  24. The Fresh PtwP

    Future of House Westerling and House Spicer

    Every Lord of the Riverlands who has grudgingly given in to the IT has a new rallying call. Also good for whomever is marching south (Jon/Stannis) to gain extra support. Aegon/Dorne might pick her up as a hostage and huge political key If Roslin births a boy and Jeyne has a girl...baby-swap!
  25. The Fresh PtwP

    Future of House Westerling and House Spicer

    I think she gets preggo and tries to pass it off as the KiTN's son. IIRC Jaime and Spicer go over how that would be like the worst possible scenario...GRRM is fond of worst scenarios...