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  1. Aline de Gavrillac

    The Ghost of High Heart, and a promised... “Prince”?

    Rhaegar came from Aerys and Rhaella. Rhaegar was the one who ignited the feud that led to Robert's Rebellion. RR was the worst thing to have happened to the realm. Maybe some of the lines got misinterpreted. Then if you believe in R+L=J, it makes Jon part of that line and he did make a big mess at the wall when he meddled with the Boltons. Perhaps the prophecy was a warning after all. But it's too late. Rhaegar and his boy have already royally screwed up.
  2. Aline de Gavrillac

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Are you the only one who can play the survey game Dear Sir? Just "childing" !! I thank you for answering.
  3. ________ your favorite character dies? My answer is NO. What is your answer>
  4. Aline de Gavrillac

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    People overestimate Tyrion's power of observation. I'm saying yes on this question.
  5. Aline de Gavrillac

    Who are these People?

    Bael came much later in history. The chronology doesn't match. The NK came early in the history of the wall. He was a Stark and the corpse queen was a rare female of the same species as the Others. Wouldn't Varys be a Rogare instead?
  6. Stannis burned his men for the crime of cannibalism. He made them march, couldn't provide food, and they ate the dead. He burned them for it.
  7. Aline de Gavrillac

    Rhaegar Targaryen

    Please read the linked discussion. I found it convincing. Rhaegar is not the real Azor Ahai but I suppose he could symbolically represent an AA-like figure. Let's examine the facts. Tywin + Joanna = Tyrion. Joanna died giving birth to the Imp. Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon. That is, if you believe this. I'm not so sure. Lyanna died giving birth to Jon. Aerys + Rhaella = Daenerys. Queen Rhaella died. If you see Rhaegar as a possible AA then you should also consider the other two men. For they also "killed" their wives by getting them pregnant. At least symbolically. George Martin may choose to leave the question without a direct answer. TWOIAF and F&B produced more questions than answers. The principal theme may involve the necessity for the people to give up something they dearly love in order to survive the long night. Like giving up their castles and titles in order to migrate to a safer land away from the WW.
  8. Quite a lot. He is the Warden of the South and the second richest man in westeros.
  9. None of the three children are insane. Viserys had emotional issues due to his upbringing and the constant stress of living in the streets. Some of that stress was self-imposed because he wanted his kingdom back but he lacked the resources. I can level the same charge against Stannis. A man who feels entitled to a throne but lacked the means to make it happen. Believing he was betrayed and the throne taken from him, he does things like assassinating his brother with a shadow baby, burning his followers, and so on.
  10. Aline de Gavrillac

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    Sam will get an honorary chain. Whatever that's worth. Actually taking the time to study and forge a legit chain is not in the foreseeable future. It will take too long. Sam will run after Gillie instead. This is a tale of people abandoning their duties to follow their hearts and the disaster that creates. Sam will get an honorary chain for being a Tarly but he walks away with little to nothing when it comes to useful knowledge.
  11. Aline de Gavrillac

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    We had this survey several months ago. Best/Favorite From AGOT: Daenerys Targaryen - who can deny the awesomeness of the last chapter when she awoke the dragons! Best/Favorite From ACOK: Daenerys Targaryen - The journey across the desert and Qarth were great chapters. Best/Favorite From ASOS: Daenerys Targaryen - The Unsullied, tricking Kraznys, Arstan's reveal. Best/Favorite From AFFC: Samwell Tarly - Getting to OT and meeting Marwyn. Best/Favorite From ADWD: Daenerys Targaryen - Daznak's Pit, the harpy, Dany, Barristan, Missandei, Greyworm, Daario, Drogon. All of my fave characters are in those chapters. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Worst/Didn't Like From AGOT: Sansa Stark - My opinion is colored by my bias against Sansa. Worst/Didn't Like From ACOK: Tyrion Lannister - I guess I'm not a fan of KL politics though I know it's the central location of the plot. Worst/Didn't Like From ASOS: Jon Snow - I don't care for the character and I don't have an interest in the Northern story arc. Worst/Didn't Like From AFFC: Sansa Stark - Same reason I already gave. Worst/Didn't Like From ADWD: Jon Snow - Same reason I already gave. The wall arc really went downhill when Sam left. Sam is far from exciting but he was the voice of reason at the wall.
  12. Aline de Gavrillac

    Playtime with Foreshadowing: Bran's Vision in AGOT

    Are the old powers waking though? Just what are the old powers? It is not fire because that has always been around. The Targaryens never went away. Their dragons were only gone for about 150 years. Give or take a decade here and there. That's not old. The old powers are things like Greendreaming and skin changing. Varamyr had it but the powers were absent on the southern side of the wall. The wall was blocking the power. Maybe the direwoves brought it across.
  13. Aline de Gavrillac

    Stannis, the first lie and the false light

  14. Aline de Gavrillac

    The Others "inside" man

    The Others "inside" man is Jon Snow. He's not working for them but his decisions and his actions opened the door for them. There will be a battle at the wall between the Watch and the wildlings because of what Jon did to rescue Arya.
  15. Aline de Gavrillac

    Playtime with Foreshadowing: Bran's Vision in AGOT

    That's in the dreamworld. Reality is quite different. Khal would have had third degree burns on his lips and body when he touched Daenerys if the image in that dream was real. Likewise, Bran would have melted long ago. The person who is most likely to turn to ice among the Starks is Jon. All warmth fled his body you know.