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  1. Aline de Gavrillac

    Who builds better ships?

    Ironborn Braavos Pentos Reach
  2. Aline de Gavrillac

    About the Trident

    If only the world can get on without testosterone! How much better it would be. Those boys would find a way to fight the other. It's what boys do.
  3. Aline de Gavrillac

    Quaithe Farman?

    What do you think? Possible?
  4. Aline de Gavrillac

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    From IdeasOfIceFire
  5. Aline de Gavrillac

    Frozen Hell

    The North is a wasteland of ice. I can only imagine the hardships the Starks or anyone for that matter, who chooses to remain in the north. Migration to the south and the east is the answer though many will choose to remain. After all, the Starks must remain in Winterfell.
  6. Daenerys needed to fulfill the prophecies and hatch her dragon eggs. I would not change a thing. Everything happened for a good reason. I would love to be present to record history but I would not interfere.
  7. Aline de Gavrillac

    Least favourite POV character per book

    A Game of Thrones - Jon Snow A Clash of Kings - Arya Stark A Storm of Swords - Jon Snow A Feast for Crows - Sansa Stark A Dance with Dragons - Jon Snow
  8. Aline de Gavrillac

    The two big endgame prices

    She did. Raf was not a target.
  9. Aline de Gavrillac

    The two big endgame prices

    She started out chasing cats. Maybe she learned much about them. I also think she will go after the Freys but she will have the Faceless Men chasing her too. She betrayed them and went crazy with Raf. They will send a killer to track her down.
  10. The Others will invade and kill off the north and most of Westeros. Daenerys will stay in Essos until the slave masters are defeated. She will not make her return to Westeros until nearing the end of winter. Her dragons will have grown by then and her armies bigger still. It will be time to wait until Spring so she can absorb Westeros into her empire in the east.
  11. Aline de Gavrillac

    Walder Frey's End: Craster of the South

    Many of the Freys will die but many will survive. The Freys have a greater chance of surviving than those Starks. The Freys are widely distributed throughout the continent. Some are far to the south where they can escape the worst of winter.
  12. Aline de Gavrillac

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Necromancy or because she is the Chosen One.
  13. Aline de Gavrillac

    Varys appreciation thread

    They were plotting to kill Ned Stark. And the first dance? Who did Varys kill?
  14. Aline de Gavrillac

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Correct me if my recollection is wrong but F/B pretty much confirmed that Orys was a Targ bastard. He was the half brother of the three Targaryens. My question is, how come he doesn't have a generic bastard surname? Orys Waters or something like that. Orys Smoke if he was born on Dragonstone.
  15. Aline de Gavrillac

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Was it Marwyn who flippantly said the maesters were poisoning the dragons? This is a story where words are misunderstood and their meaning is lost. The maesters were poisoning the Targaryens is the real meaning. Poisoning the humans who would later bond to the dragons weakened the hatchlings. The maesters figured out which babies would have the best chances of bonding with dragons prior to birth. I don't know, maybe they had access to historical family trees. They saw a pattern from the family tree. They were killing the babies shortly after birth or poisoning the mothers to ensure an unsuccessful birth. Poisoning a dragon would have been challenging. The dragons were fed by handlers. Food was crude. Whole cows and pigs. The dragons would cook the cow before dining. Poisons of the time are organic. Heat would render them ineffective. Poisoning the human side of the equation is much easier. The maesters are not all Targaryen enemies. They are not a heterogenous minded group. The baby is safe if the attending maester is not a Targ hater. Whoever delivered Dany on Dragonstone was a friendly maester. Who may be none other than Marwyn.