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  1. Quaithe is Elissa Farman. She wants Dany to sail west. I think she discovered something very important farther west. Another land mass exists to the west of Westeros. So the sun will set in the east, Westeros, and rise in this land. The people of Westeros could migrate to this far west land.
  2. Bran will shirk on this duty. I am sure of it. This is a consistent problem among the Starks. Jon chose his family over his duties at the wall. Arya chose her own brand of justice over the assignment from the FM. Robb had a duty to marry one of Walder's daughters and he reneged.
  3. Agree. Aegon will be influenced by Arrianne Martell and her family. Their way of thinking is, unfortunately, not going to lead to the right conditions for survival. The circle of revenge will just go round and round. Ellaria is the single voice of reason but she will not be heard in Dorne. Fortunately, Geris and Arch have sworn their swords to Queen Daenerys Targaryen. It may be time to replace the Martells with a family which will be more manageable. Daenerys take after Aegon, Jaeherys, and Allysanne. She can be all of them because she chooses to. Barristan, Tyrion, and Marwyn will be in Meereen. Victarion will too. I am hoping Gillie and little Mance make it to Meereen. Daenerys will have all of the information she needs concerning the conditions in Westeros from them. She cares deeply for the slaves and freedmen though. I do not think she will make her arrival until the conditions in Westeros have gone totally screwed. I would not expect her to go to Westeros until the last book. She has a lot of important matters to attend to in Essos. I am not sold on a second dance of the dragons happening. We've had that already and have even a novella about the dance. It just seems repetitive to me.
  4. That's a good one. It's time to restore the Darrys. One of their bastards should be legitimized.
  5. She can be both conqueror and ruler. Aegon was in his day.
  6. Old Walder walks away from this with a pretty young bride. Lady Webber was a red head and the person Ser Eustace was fighting with. So this means Walder gets to wed Sansa Stark. I don't want to see a Red Wedding II but more than a son will be lost if it should happen.
  7. Strong affection for the Targaryens and their dragons have not wavered. I quote for you a long but very delightful passage from A Clash of Kings. Enjoy The Archon of Tyrosh was there to witness the wedding between Princess Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. The Sealord of Braavos brokered a wedding engagement between King Viserys III and Princess Arianne Martell. No less than an Archmaester of the Citadel is traveling to Meereen to advise the young Targaryen. I am hopeful that the people's affection will turn into goodwill. I do believe that the majority of people in the west and east will support the restoration of House Targaryen under Dany's leadership. Can you think of any more examples of the people expressing affection for the Targaryens?
  8. I would prefer someone better for Daenerys because I am her fan. A bachelor like Wilas Tyrell would work. His family has the resources to feed a large army. The north has little to offer and Jon Snow should at least try to keep his vows to the NW. The only one for whom Jon will break his vows for is Arya. I can see Jon leaving the NW in order to live as man and woman with Arya later as the story continues.
  9. No and yes. Petyr doesn't expect love from Sansa. He's a grown boy. Sansa is just a tool for him to advance his cause.
  10. The treason is not coming from those two girls. Whoever commits treason will burn for it.
  11. I don't recall that. There may not be an official celebration but the year of the conquest is honored by the calendar. The calendar of the kingdom begins with the conquest. That's a better way to honor the Targaryens and celebrate their arrival.
  12. You suggests something which is out of character for Bowen Marsh. He is not a person who deceives others. What he will tell Ramsay [if he gets the chance] is the truth. You should be right on the Queen's men. They won't be much longer. The Stannis cause has sunk and they are not going down with him.
  13. The people of Slaver's Bay most likely celebrate the birthday of Grazdan the Great. They honor this greatest son of the Ghis during this day. The Masters send thousands to the fighting pits to die in honor of this long-dead man. Slaves and captive animals entertain the masses. An abundance of food is served to the Masters and their family. Statues of the Harpy are decorated for the occasion. What other special days are celebrated in Martinworld?
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