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  1. Aline de Gavrillac

    Targaryens and the common tongue

    Practicality. They relocated to Westeros. Why would they maintain speaking Valyrian? I suppose they could have kept the custom, but why? Valyria is gone.
  2. Aline de Gavrillac

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    She was more concerned about the person who sent the assassin. And yes, she has an obligation to bring the matter to Robert. She had a responsibility to handle the matter in such a way as to protect the small folk.
  3. Aline de Gavrillac

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    Because she was duty-bound to let Robert handle the matter rather than taking the law in her own hands. It doesn't matter what she thought of Robert. Duty comes before family. She needed to discuss the matter with Robert even if that meant the assassin might get off.
  4. Aline de Gavrillac

    Favorite character arcs

    My favorite story arcs are those with characters that I like. Daenerys Targaryen and her journey from frightened little girl to the most powerful woman in Essos. I trust her with power. Barristan Selmy, his biography from the bold child, the brave knight, the man who accepted Robert's pardon and lost his soul, and now his eyes are opened. He gets a chance to redeem himself. Allisanne Targaryen. Her marriage to Jaeherys and her social reforms. Duncan the Tall. The boy who made girls kiss a rotting head and by chance met Prince Aegon Targaryen. He's the model for somebody who got a break in life and made the most of it. Aegon or Egg. The prince who began life as a not too humble squire for a hedge knight. Brynden Rivers aka Bloodraven Missandei. I wish she had a few point of view chapters. Quentyn Martell. His emotional need to please dear daddy, his insecurities about himself. The attempts to steal the dragons. He had few chapters but they were all good. Theon Greyjoy's is more psychological. He's somewhat like Quentyn but the setting of his arc is not as interesting to me as Quentyn's. I never enjoyed the north and the characters there. Cersei Lannister
  5. Aline de Gavrillac

    Craster’s Father?

    Craster's line and the Stark's are the same. The NK's boys were accepted by the Others. Craster's boys were sought after by the Others. They share the same bloodline. Craster is indeed a Stark.
  6. Aline de Gavrillac

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    Agreed. The Ghiscari slave masters are without doubt in the wrong. They needed to be stopped. The fact that there is a war is their choice. They can choose to do what's right and give up slavery. The war is their fault because they want to hang onto a system which enslave other people.
  7. Aline de Gavrillac

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    The Starks could have easily avoided this war. Catelyn could choose to let Robert handle the investigation of Bran's injury. She instead took the matter in her own hands and did this knowing the consequences to the small folks. Selfish. Robb chose to go to war instead of obeying the court summons. Ned chose to escalate the conflict with the Lannisters instead of diplomacy. Robb's war is one of the least reasonable. It was irresponsible.
  8. Aline de Gavrillac

    Why I like...

  9. Aline de Gavrillac

    Toxic aristocratic values

    How about toxic capitalists values!!!!!!! Seriously, Dear Lord Varys, you should know. Toxic values, whether you call it aristocratic, elitism, or whatever, have always existed. So we should ask if it's due to aristocracy or basic human nature. Humans want to establish class systems that benefit those who can create such an order. Call it ego. The justification to have more rights. Maybe it's the excuse to avoid manual labor and still be able to live in relative luxury. We can distill the problem down to family pride and love. Catelyn didn't really get bothered at the number of small folk children who will die if she should take Tyrion prisoner. Bran is family, he's a noble son. What does it matter if thousands of really innocent and so-far uninvolved children get killed. It did not matter to Cat. It was more important to her to learn the identity of her son's attacker and bring him to justice. The resulting conflict will not improve the lives of anybody. It will not free people from slavery. Nope. It's only benefit is to punish the man responsible for injuring her son.
  10. Aline de Gavrillac

    Death in Childbirth and Dany’s Choice

    Rhaego was an innocent. So MMD killing Rhaego was murder. It is no different than Cersei murdering Melara for lusting after Jaime or killing Tyrion because of the prophecy. The punishment for killing a nobleman in westeros would have been just as bad. Look what Tywin did to those who sinned against his family. Ned killed Gared for desertion. Jon killed Slynt for talking back. Look at what Stannis did to people who broke his rules. Daenerys was right to burn MMD.
  11. Aline de Gavrillac

    Favorite characters

    Being relatable has nothing to do with it. She is a larger-than-life character. Like a Supergirl type. Realistic, well this is fantasy and it takes a very special person to hatch dragons from stone. Daenerys and Bran are on a different realm than the other characters. They have to be stronger and better disciplined.
  12. Aline de Gavrillac

    Favorite characters

    People are different in how they choose to respond to trauma. There is some agency there. Daenerys became stronger because she is resourceful. Drogo took advantage of her and it would be rape by our standards. She is strong though and used an adverse situation to her advantage. Now she is fighting the slavers to give freedom to the millions of the enslaved. Compare this to how Arya reacted to her father's death. Arya chose the way of darkness. Revenge.
  13. Aline de Gavrillac

    Favorite characters

    Daenerys is one of the greatest characters in fiction that I have ever read. She is the ideal ruler. She has the type of strength and discipline to carry through with an important reform like helping the slaves. She can put her personal goal aside in order to help better the lives of people who she doesn't owe anything to and will likely never be able to pay her back. She has a moral compass that many of the other characters lacked. She is the most exciting person to read about: most beautiful girl on the planet, Mother of dragons, Mhysa, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, the Khaleesi. Being relatable is not a factor because I am an average woman. Daenerys has greatness. She is the stuff able rulers are made of. She has been my favorite character from her first chapter. I love her story. The preparation for her wedding. I became her fan during that chapter.
  14. Aline de Gavrillac

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    The Starks committed crimes in the name of love. Ned loved Lyanna but it was an unhealthy love. She was an oath-breaker. The girl caused war for running away and Ned still honored her with a place in the crypts. A place of honor for the savages to keep their dead lords. I believe this is one clue that points to the truth of Jon being the son of Brandon Stark and Lyanna Stark. Lyanna was not the lord of Winterfell but being Brandon's mate would make her the Lady of Winterfell because Brandon technically inherited Winterfell from Rickard. Ned justified putting her there because of her position as the lady of the castle.
  15. Aline de Gavrillac

    Favorite characters

    The author is not really a romantic. Romance tend to end in disappointment. Drogo was an early chapter in the long story of a heroine. He's just somebody who contributed strength to Dany's childhood. But he is still an interesting character in his own right. Here is a Dothraki horselord who was going to break tradition to cross the oceans to deliver a throne to his Targaryen wife and their son.