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  1. Aline de Gavrillac

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    Highlander was released in 1986. I believe this the best role ever played by Clancy Brown, the Kurgan. Kurgan's scenes contributed to Highlander's entertainment value and made it a much-loved classic film. The actor gave the Kurgan a lot of character. Kurgan was both menacing, funny, nutty, and smart. The George Martin villain is a serious, tormented soul. There's very little humor and his villain is not having any fun. Except Ramsay but that one doesn't have a sense of humor. Ramsay likes to have his sick fun but he's not in any way funny. The Martin villain is either over the top disturbing and disgusting (Ramsay and Arya) or mentally sick and weak (Theon), or amoral( Jaime). His best villain is Lord Walder. Walder does bad things in reaction to bad things done to him but he has a sense of humor. His lines are hilarious. Martin also scatters along characters who never intended to become villains but whose actions led to tragedy (Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark) because of a fatal character defect. A Song of Ice and Fire is all the better for it because of Lord Walder. He is the kind of charming villain that this tale demands.
  2. Aline de Gavrillac

    What’s your favourite poison?

    Wolfsbane IRL. Tears of Lys.
  3. Aline de Gavrillac

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    I don't like this scenario that you invented. What you present is a wish coming from a lot of Stark fans, which I am not. Aegon, from what we know, is a son of Illyrio Mopatis and at the best, a Blackfyre. The Blackfyres always come up short because they are the lesser branch of the Targaryen tree. Sansa is the least deserving of the primary characters and the least able to wear a queen's crown.
  4. Aline de Gavrillac

    Tywin's Choice for Heir to Casterly Rock

    A boy from Cersei. Jaime is his preferred but his availability is in doubt. So Tommen or a future son from Cersei.
  5. Aline de Gavrillac

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    I honestly do not think the story will change people's lives outside of the pages.
  6. Aline de Gavrillac

    Valyrian families surviving after the Doom

    Valyrians always married brother to sister even before the doom. It's not a new practice. It has been going on for thousands of years. The Dragonlords started and maintained the tradition.
  7. Aline de Gavrillac


    Can you name an example of romantic unfaithfulness within the text of the novels? It's a rare occurrence is it not? Murders, sex, magic and one of the most common conflicts between a woman and a man has been left out. Or almost completely left out.
  8. Aline de Gavrillac

    The business of ASoI&F fandom

    This is nothing more than capitalism. People with time on their hands found they can make money off youtube simply by coming up with predictions that are no better than the ones we can make here. But understand that the average book reader is not like us. They do not have the time nor the inclination to join forums to find answers. The business of life and family take time. It is much easier to spend a few mins on YT per week and listen to somebody else's opinion. I can not fault them.
  9. Aline de Gavrillac

    Would Daenerys find a home in Asshai?

    Passing beneath the shadow to see the light again is about the Long Night. It's not about Asshai. Daenerys will live through the Long Night to see the return of the Light. Asshai is the prophecy of going East to go West. We already have a clue who Quaithe is. And if this is true, she is one of the few or only one who knows what lies beyond the east of Essos. She sailed from Westeros going west and made it to Asshai. There is something in Asshai that could benefit Daenerys. Perhaps it has something to do with the Long Night. More magic candles perhaps. Candles that do not burn out is a light bringer.
  10. Aline de Gavrillac

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf

  11. Aline de Gavrillac

    Would Lyanna start a war for Robert if Rhaegar kidnapped him?

    She is reckless. It's hard to say. But why would Rhaegaer kidnap Robert? Rhaegar is a lot of things but we have no evidence to say he was into guys.
  12. Aline de Gavrillac

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Craster was buying the right to live on the other side of the wall. As in the Other's side.
  13. Aline de Gavrillac

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Death is not to be confused with what the Others do. Death is the end of life. The Others take the dead and control them. It's not death they bring. They take something natural and twist it into something ugly. Craster and the kings of winter bought into this promise. The baby offerings and the human sacrifices to the trees show this. The First Men were a cruel people who gave blood generously to their trees.
  14. Aline de Gavrillac

    the honeyed locusts...

    Locust likely has a strong taste that hid the poison. Belwas survived because he had enough mass to absorb the toxicity until it can be metabolized.
  15. Aline de Gavrillac

    Do the people of Westeros understand money

    They have denominations. A golden dragon is worth more than a silver stag. A silver stag buys X amount of goods. A golden dragon buys 10X of the same amount of goods. They understand the value of money relative to the goods and services it buys.