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  1. It's Martin's take on the light saber. Light is a more powerful weapon against the darkness when you compare it to the edge of a blade. Cold, darkness, and ice are the existential threat to the living. The candles serve specific purposes. The white sword of the Daynes is the Anti-Darkness and Dany's "sword", the red sword of fire, is the Anti-Ice. We were told early on in the prologue that iron is no match for the ice swords of the White Walkers. The people who will use the black swords, obsidian candles, will be the Anti-White Walkers. The Starks will fight for the White Walkers.
  2. I agree. A swordsman is not going to defeat the White Walkers. The kings of old, the ones with glowing swords, failed. It will take dragons to defeat the White Walkers.
  3. Jon is corrupted. He corrupted the Night's Watch with his love for his sister. A rose that was supposed to be blue, as in winter roses, turns black because of uncontrolled emotions leading to bad decisions. The Watch will be in a state of disorder because of Jon's actions and the White Walkers will choose that time to attack.
  4. Iron and steel do not produce light. One possible correlation between the gemstone rulers of the old empire and the swords could help connect the swords to the past. Perhaps they were not named for their eyes nor their jewelry. They were named according to the family swords. The Daynes are distant relations to the Targaryens. Which explains their strong loyalty to the royal family.
  5. The pink letter was Ramsay's response to Jon meddling in his business. Which Jon had no right to do. Jon started the feud and caused problems for the Boltons. Ramsay wants his bride and his Reek back. Selyse, Shireen, Mel, and the men who supported Stannis are rebels. The victor is asking them to give up and surrender. Jon got caught with his pants down and doing something he should not have. His operatives got caught in the act of doing something illegal. They were acting on his orders. The crows would impeach Jon and behead him if they had the luxury of time. Jon will not give them that luxury. He had the wildlings on his side. He was preparing to attack the Boltons. Bowen Marsh had to act fast to prevent more of Jon's craziness from doing further harm. The pink letter doesn't have a deep agenda. Ramsay reacted to Jon's aggression and offered reasonable terms to avoid further conflict. Jon chose war instead of peace.
  6. Daenerys Targaryen and Bran Stark are the Sun and the Moon. She is the sunlight and Bran is the dark of night. Just as the Sun and the Moon do not occupy the same sky at the same time, Daenerys and Bran can't share space. It's the age old Sun and Moon chasing each other across the sky. Azor Ahai chased the darkness and it fled. Daenerys will chase away Bran's darkness to return the light to Westeros.
  7. This could when combined with Summer's death. I believe Summer's death should be the nudge for Bran to go dark. Just the wolf's name, Summer, would seem to signify his role in Bran's life. His passing is the end of summer for Bran when the boy fully embraces the cold, death, and darkness.
  8. Jon's name is only Jon. I don't think he's a Targaryen at all.
  9. The Nights Watch is an order with discipline and strict laws. It does not allow for personal vendetta and for a very good reason. Jon gave up the right to avenge the Starks when he joined the order.
  10. Summer will die. Bran will be the lord of the dark.
  11. Wolves howl at the moon. I can believe this happening. Bran is the Night and Dany is the Day. Dany's arrival in Westeros will see the ice melting to give way to spring.
  12. Bran is not leaving that cave. His body will remain broken. He will become a powerful greenseer. But he won't be the ruler of Westeros. At least not in terms of what we think of as a ruler. He will watch Westeros from his dark cave like a voyeur Lord of the Dark. The all-seeing eye.
  13. This is true. But they would not approve of what he did. Those men may be young but even they will agree that Jon was wrong to interfere with Ramsay's business with his sister.
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