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  1. I would take this opportunity to prevent Rickard Stark from building his alliances. Those marriage ties would make Rickard powerful enough to challenge Targaryen rule. Question Brandon secretly. Invite Rickard to King's Landing. Command Rickard to pick different marriage partners for his children. Rickard and Brandon do not leave King's Landing alive if they refuse to obey. They leave the city feet first and minus their heads. Send an assassin to get rid of Robert and Ned.
  2. No, the Dothraki would not be able to conquer Westeros if they were led by Viserys. His very smart little sister figured it out. But Viserys does not have to actually lead the conquest. He is just a figurehead. People such as Jorah and Drogo will plan the battles. The Dothraki will be able to conquer Westeros. The Martells and perhaps the Tyrells (early on) would have supported a Targaryen restoration. It all worked out for the better because the restoration will now be led by Queen Daenerys Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne, the Mother of Dragons.
  3. I don't think the Targaryen line will end. Daenerys is too smart to let that happen. I believe she will eventually marry Aegon Blackfyre and have lots of beautiful, blonde children. That long-faced idiot of a lord commander on the Wall, Jon Snow, is crazy enough to cause an extinction of the humans in Westeros. But our dragon-riding heroine in the east is not going to make that kind of mistake.
  4. Jon Snow with silver hair is not going to look like a Targaryen. He will not look natural. His long face will identify him for a Stark. Those holes are not going to fill themselves.
  5. A Rhaegar reign would have caused a rebellion if he was anything like Egg. In truth, the nobles were happy with Aerys on the throne because the economy was strong and stable. Executing people suspected of crimes against the crown is not cause enough to remove him from power. The lords themselves were cruel. A lot more cruel. The only objection was the manner of execution but the same thing is being done by Stannis today. Varys would have supported Rhaegar if he felt the dopey prince was the right person to rule. It is false belief to think the nobles hated Aerys and wanted him gone.
  6. The Ironborn were an unstoppable force until the Targaryens came to Westeros. The Lannisters and the Starks would be dumb to oust the Targaryens from power. Only the Targaryens can unite Westeros into one kingdom and keep it together.
  7. Jon is not going to rule over Westeros. I am doubtful if even the north will accept him.
  8. The people of Westeros are more likely to accept Daenerys over Jon. A lord commander who betrayed the Night;s Watch and whose actions compromised its ability to defend the kingdom is not going to be popular.
  9. Princess Daenerys was too young and inexperienced at the beginning of A Game of Thrones. Otherwise she would be my chosen monarch to rule over Westeros. Tyrion and the other Lannisters are too corrupt. The Martells are too caught up in the past. The Starks are much too loyal to themselves to serve the realm. Mace Tyrell could do a good enough job. Let him rule for five years and then Princess Daenerys will be ready to take her father's throne.
  10. Val is a possible love interest of Jon Snow. The roles will be reversed. She is the human while he is the corpse king.
  11. Possibly the bastard name for the crannog people. Better than Bowen Bog.
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