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  1. The correlation is even stronger if Aerys fathered all three. There is a lot we don't know. Lyanna could have been abducted under his orders.
  2. Bowen Marsh

    Are the Sparrows a religious or popular movement?

    Sure and that means he wants to take control away from the monarchy. Maybe even go so far as to do away with feudalism. It is a nice idea but the church will not be an effective government. The kingdom is not homogenous. Different religions are already practiced. The Iron Isles and the North won't be taking the Seven train.
  3. Bowen Marsh

    Glass Candles, Yi Ti, Azor Ahai, and Spring

    Azor Ahai is an Eastern legend. This AA was a leader of people during the long night. He was never in the west. Mellisandre will fail in her mission to sell him to the north of Westeros. I saw a movie called At Play in the Fields of the Lord. It is about protestant christian missionaries attempting to bring Jesus to an isolated tribe in the Amazon. A wiser man is the Catholic priest who said "Christ will never be accepted here. A pale man from a desert country where it never rains". Totally different setting from the rainforest. The tribe could never understand. Will never understand. I think it's the same case with Mellisandre and the followers of the Old Gods. AA comes from a far away land with different realities. A handful of other heroes will use those candles in westeros if they are really swords. It won't be AA. AA will face her battles in the east and will not arrive in westeros until after the end of winter.
  4. Bowen Marsh

    How did certain families get Valyrian steel?

    Many, many ways. By trade. Purchase. A reward for valued service. Battle trophy. Houses could have sold their children to slavery in exchange for a Valyrian Steel toothpick.
  5. Bowen Marsh

    Which are worse, Wildling, Ironborn or Dothraki?

    A Tormund is most likely not alone in practicing bestiality. Varamyr and the Starks practice skin changing, which is a vile form of abuse.
  6. Bowen Marsh

    Robb stark education

    Robb Stark didn't have a well-rounded education. The north is an isolated and culturally backwards place. The Starks got used to having things their way without the need for complex diplomacy. But even so, it doesn't take an educated person to realize the importance of the oath to the Freys. Robb was selfish.
  7. Bowen Marsh

    Robb stark education

    He should have forgiven Karstark and Catelyn. He made the worst choices of the three of them. Their collective theme "the things we do for love" is apt. Karstark betrayed his command because he loved his sons. Catelyn let Jaime go for the love of her daughters. Robb broke his oath to Walder because he wanted Jeyne.
  8. Bowen Marsh

    "characters who are perfectly nice"

    These women in particular. I don't like Sansa but she admittedly gets a lot of unbalanced criticism. Daenerys should be celebrated for her work against slavery and yet some people try to spin that story in a negative way. Catelyn made a lot of bad decisions that hurt a lot of people but so did Jon Snow. Yet the two are treated by some fans very differently. agreed
  9. Bowen Marsh

    How much did Ned care about Lyanna?

    Ned is like Samwell. He failed to see the fault in a friend. Robert was a dick but Ned couldn't see that. Jon was a dick and Samwell couldn't see that. We don't know the role Ned played in "southron ambitions". Maybe he was just being a good pack member and supported daddy's plan to overthrow the Targaryens. In which case, he got away with treason for a while but in the end deserved execution. I love the turnabout, Ned commits treason against the Targaryens on behalf of daddy and Robert. Forward fifteen years or so later and he gets executed for treason. Ned loved his family too much and expected them all to behave like a pack. He expected Lyanna to do what the pack required her to do.
  10. Bowen Marsh

    On Janos Slynt

    Exactly what the pink letter exposed him of. Jon was guilty of a big public lie. Rattleshirt was executed but he led the public into believing it was Mance Rayder. Mance Rayder should have been executed but instead he was sent on a very illegal mission to take Jon's sister away. Jon lied to the NW men and the realm. Mance was a dangerous public enemy who is guilty of oathbreaking and treason. Not to mention warring against the watch. The letter exposed the lie at the wall and the wildlings who got caught revealed the lie in Winterfell.
  11. Bowen Marsh

    Ser Barristan Selmy- truly a "True Knight"?

    Barristan Selmy is a true knight who has temporarily lost his way when he accepted Robert's pardon. There is a way to stop his king and still be loyal. So yes, he should have stepped in when King Aerys was raping his wife. Then again, Ned should have permanently stopped Robert from abusing Cersei. Ned could have spoken out against Brandon taking advantge of women in his youth. Neither men are perfect. But Selmy got a chance to redeem himself and now serves the real queen of Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen. Barristan now has a path to redemption by serving Daenerys and helping her accomplish whatever she wishes to. By the way, Jaime is a bad man. He has been cuckolding his king for what, seventeen years now. Jaime is scum. Golden but a scum.
  12. Bowen Marsh

    On Janos Slynt

    Ahhhhh the debate that never dies.
  13. Power base encompass many traits. The fact that a Khal of Drogo's stature would want to marry a Targaryen princess says a lot about appeal of this family. To me, "power base" mean assets and resources that one could use. Simply being a Targaryen is an asset and has the potential to get resources. The Targaryens have no equal. Claim by right of conquest is one way to think of what a legitimate claim might be. Claim by right of ownership is another way of looking at what is legitimate. As you both can see, legitimate claim is rather inexact during times of uncertainty and instability. The question of legal right of ownership was consistent for the most part during the 300 year reign of the Targaryens. Even then there were the occasional challenges to the succession. So we should now stop thinking of having the legal right in absolute terms.
  14. Bowen Marsh

    Iron Bank, Littlefinger and The Faceless men

    Robert, not Littlefinger, drove Westeros into financial and economic ruin. The Iron Bank does not directly interfere in Westeros succession, but that changed after Cersei refused to pay. They are backing Stannis for the moment because they can't get any cooperation from the Lannisters. If Stannis is dead, per the pink letter, it means they will have to find another person who will agree to honor the crown's debts. That person would preferably come from a wealthy house. That rules out the north.