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  1. In any case, what is happening in slaver's bay is to be expected given that the masters are keen on getting their "property" back. I am not one to advocate for the killing of an entire class of people but I might consider taking away all of their property, which is ill-gotten to start with, and distributing it to the slaves. I would separate the masters' parents from children, and disperse them throughout the world. Let them make their own way and start from nothing. Many will die and become victims of people like the ironborn and the Dothraki but many others will build new ways of life. Scattering them will destroy their culture for the good. You can destroy the culture without killing them all. No doubt many will make it slaver cities like Volantis but they get there penniless. Give the green light to the widow of the docks to gather the slaves and Volantis will rise for the slaves. There are resources available at Slaver's Bay. This is not the north that we are talking about. Fishing is available to anybody who can work on a boat. The Skahazadhan is a river which waters the land. The foundations are there to build an economic system. But that will be hard to accomplish until all of the Harpies are dead. I believe Daenerys can win over the majority of the Meereenese. But not the Harpies. Those have to be brought out and exposed, and executed. I believe in accomodating differences in culture and customs, but those who want to undermine the reforms cannot be tolerated.
  2. The show,and the reason why I cancelled my hbo subscription, was partial towards the slavers. I am a Targaryen fan and really disliked the direction that hbo took the story.
  3. The black cat is not necessarily being controlled but it is possible for a weak bond to have existed between he and Rhaenys. The last thoughts coming through that bond from Rhaenys had to be fear and anger. Those last thoughts imprinted themselves in the cat and that is why he is ill-tempered. Havilland's cats had psychic power. Maybe this cat does too. Ghost will end up the same way. That white wolf will start attacking every black brother he sees.
  4. To underline their uniqueness. They have physical characteristics which make them different from the other families in Westeros. I do not think there is any internal reason except that it serves the story. They live in a tightly controlled society. The nobles rule by right of class and held themselves apart from the folks they ruled over. The Targaryens have these unique looks to make them different from the other families. This difference is one reason why their rule was accepted. They were not ruling over peers and equals. The Targaryens had no equal. The nobles and the commons respected that difference. It is easier on your honor to take orders from demigods. Your pride will be wounded if you had to take orders from your peers.
  5. George has already gone down that road with Beric and Catelyn. The White Walkers brought back Weymar Royce. It just seems like it has been used too much. We expect everybody who dies to rise again.
  6. She is not on the extreme ends. Somewhere in the middle but closer to black.
  7. I doubt that is the case. The Westerosi will be so disappointed in their gods and lose faith when the White Walkers prove unstoppable. The Seven will be helpless against the armies of ice. The opposite of ice, cold, and darkness are fire, warmth, and light. If Aegon somehow manages to take the throne and that is a big "if", it will be through a lie. People do not care for those who deceived them. Exposing that lie will cause the floors to fall from Aegon's feet. The religious conflict will happen between the followers of Rhllor and those who worship the Old Gods.
  8. It may be an issue of gender for some Anti-Arya folks. I do not have a problem with her gender. I also condemn Jon for killing Janos Slynt.
  9. And Arya is not the lord of Winterfell. The Starks are no longer in power. Their rights have been removed. Arya Stark lost any authority she might have had. She did not have the right to kill Dareon.
  10. I will find that sad but George R R Martin may do that. But be comforted. It will not only be Dany who will have to make such a difficult decision. Figure out what matters the most to the top tier characters and then that will be their sacrifice. For Jaime, that will mean sacrificing Cersei in order to help save the world. Jon will be asked to sacrifice Arya for the safety of the world. A test which Jon already failed. It will be Gillie for Samwell. Gendry may have to stab Arya to recreate Valyrian steel.
  11. Will The Slave Rebellion in Essos Slaver's Bay end Like That of Spartacus? The slave rebellion in the bay will be successful. I am also confident that a rebellion in Volantis will be successful. Anywhere the slaves outnumber their masters will be successful. The math is on their side. I am not certain about Qarth and Asshai. The east is a very large land mass. The ratio between slave to master may differ greatly. I do not believe slavery will end everywhere but those lands which Daenerys Targaryen can influence will be successful in overthrowing their masters.
  12. He knows, he knows. What does he plan to do about it except send them out. Stannis is theorized to have a trap planned. Well, so Roose sends those with unreliable loyalties to meet Stannis in battle. Guess who will fall into the deadly trap? Whatever that trap might be. A hole in the ice?
  13. Did Jaime have to kill King Aerys II? No He did it because he was bitter towards his king. He could have done as he was told. Which is go to Tywin and assassinate him. Anyway, so what he should have done was get his king to safety.
  14. Oh he knows there are traitors in his camp.
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