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  1. I'm not looking for specific skills but dedication to duty is the most important. I would not limit myself to seven. Heading the list will be Unsullied soldiers and sworn knights.
  2. One line is enough to tell us. A recollection from Dany of a balding blade master at the Sealord's place is confirmation. The story is more interesting if they knew one another.
  3. Marry Lysa and Catelin to the sons of powerful rivermen. Take your pick. Frey and Darry sons.
  4. The strength of Dorne is overestimated. Civil war within will further weaken all of the Dornish families. What is happening in Dorne is mirrored in the north. The Martells, like the Starks, will be ousted and humiliated.
  5. Waymar would have most certainly looked down on Jon Snow. His name, despite being what he is, would have been on the ballot for LC. We can also be assured that Waymar would not approve of letting Mance Rayder go unpunished. He would have led the assassination team to rid the watch of Jon. Waymar doesn't have a promising future in the outside world. Working and vocation is not acceptable in some circles. It is for that reason that Randyll Tarly refused to send Sam for Maester training.
  6. Rhaegar was guilty of thinking himself the hero. He was wrong. His decisions have done more harm than good. The birth of the dragons have proven that it is Daenerys who will be the protagonist of the novels.
  7. The definition of a good father is a man who is a reliable provider and protector. A good father is by necessity a good disciplinarian. A head of household defends the family's honor. A good father is not a soft man. He should definitely not allow another clan to walk all over his and get away with it. Walder Frey is such a man.
  8. My own opinion of Patchy is unlike most. He is innocent like a harmless village idiot. His eccentric manners make him suspicious to the people of the time and thus will experience prejudice. GMartin is preparing us for major guilt down the road. We saw Patchy through Mellissandre's eyes and what she thinks is scary. Fear will make her do something bad. Things started falling apart at the wall when Jon antagonized the Boltons. The breakdown of order and discipline that he started will continue after his death. Mellissandre will find a way to point her finger at Patchy and burn him. The death of an innocent could bring the wall down to punish them for what they did to Patchy (and Shireen).
  9. You assume they expected a dragon rebirth. It doesn't matter now though. Dany brought the dragons back and she is a true Queen. Aegon will be the one to bend his knees to her even if he is legitimate. A true Targaryen from both father and mother who also happens to be the Mother of Dragons will easily outrank the son of Rhaegar.
  10. The first post pretty much proved that Dany is Azor Ahai. It has nothing to do with worshiping the character. I do like Dany a lot and would have liked her even if she was not Azor Ahai.
  11. He has to risk his family if he wants to play at the game of thrones. His gout is a crippling condition and he may not live long to guide his family to war against the Lannisters. Yes the Martells will die out. The sun will set in the west. Arrianne will lead the Martells to war against the Lannisters and she will lose.
  12. It's the reason why Gillie was concerned for her son. The White Walkers take the boys and make him one of them. Bloodline is very important to the Valyrians and the Targaryens. I suspect the same thing with the Starks and the Others. Craster's bloodline is important to the Others. Craster is also very likely a Stark.
  13. Azor Ahai and her dragons will usher in the new dawn after the ice has receded. The wights can be burned away as we saw in the Trident vision. This army of ice will consists of wightified northern people led by a Stark. So yes, it will be a fight between the fire of the dragons and their allies against the ice of the Starks and the White Walkers.
  14. Robb Stark was a good general but crap on the other qualities which made for a king. Jon Snow was not bad as a battle leader but sucked on judging and ruling men. Adding a general into their talent mix would not solve their problem.
  15. Daenerys Targaryen and Aegon Blackfyre is the best possible match. It will bring the two halves of the Targaryen family together. Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister is one of the toxic relationships which hurt Westeros in the last ten years. This is a couple which could benefit from leaving all of that behind and moving where they can live as they wish. Big Walder Frey and Missandei could benefit the Targaryen cause. It brings the powerful Frey family into the service of the Mother of Dragons.
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