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  1. Bowen Marsh

    Dany and child murder

    Children are always killed during war time. It doesn't mean wars should never be fought. It should not be a capricious decision but a serious matter to start war. But there are causes that justify going to war even if children are killed. The children in the Bay are guilty of slaving. A child of 12 should know better. A child of 12 who lack compassion and take part in slaving is guilty of slavery. I mean look, shed tears for these little masters if you want, but your tears would be more morally appropriate if shed for the people who were their slaves. The truth is, Dany has the moral superiority in this fight. The Ghis had a choice and they chose slavery. All horrible things that happen are their fault. None of this would have even been necessary if they had not been slaving in the first place. So yeah, some of their children will die because they chose slavery. Catelyn should have kept clear of Tyrion and the thousands of children who died during the Stark's war with the Lannisters would be alive. Catelyn didn't have any moral justification. She only wanted justice for one (1) boy against the hundreds of thousands who died, lost family, lost property because of that selfish choice. Dany had better reasons to fight compared to Catelyn.
  2. Bowen Marsh

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    Ridiculous. Names are just names. The Targaryens were good for the realm because it took an outsider who was seen as different and superior to rule over the arrogant high lords. Their track record is much superior to the house that followed. House Baratheon only had one guy on the throne and he was a fuck up. The Baratheons have a 100% rate of failure. The Lannisters had Joffrey and Tommen, 100% rate of failure. All in all, the Targs did very well and the people were all the better under their rule.
  3. Bowen Marsh

    Why didn’t Varys kill Tommen?

    Allow Varys more time. The deed will be done at the most opportune moment.
  4. Bowen Marsh

    What if the Iron Throne literally broke?

    It's already broke. Financially.
  5. Bowen Marsh

    Predicting and Gambling

    Why in heaven's name would anybody who isn't a millionaire take such a bet. GRRM spends hours of each day thinking up ways to surprise us. Most of what we think we know will be proven wrong. I'll bet $25 max. Walder Frey will outlive Arya Stark.
  6. Bowen Marsh

    dragonriding ability

    The ability to bond with dragons is an inherited trait. That is the whole purpose of the Valyrian custom of brother-sister marriages.
  7. Bowen Marsh

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Aegon will get swept when the ice winds blow and the Whitewalkers arrive. He will probably survive. Jon on the show is Aegon in the real story. He survives long enough to father blonde haired babies with Dany and a bastard with Arrianne.
  8. Bowen Marsh

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    Effective strategy when you think about it. Vague gets the mind of the fans running fast and they entertain themselves with internet talk. Questions bring people to fan sites and that in turn build revenue. George created his own economy and its GDP is in the millions. He doesn't want to reveal his hand because it could decrease future sales of the books. It's smart to keep us in suspense.
  9. Bowen Marsh

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Warging and Skin Changing is mind control. That's slavery of the living. At least the Whitewalkers wait until the target is dead before controlling them. Mind control of a living creature is worse.
  10. Bowen Marsh

    George hates hero worship

    Human nature is the true enemy. There is always that internal conflict between what one ought to do versus what one desires to do. George Martin's characters always seem to follow their hearts and that leads to bad things happening to a lot of innocent people. Lyanna, Jaime, Catelyn, Jon, and Renly gave in to their heart's wishes and it hurt a lot of innocent people. It's not only the bad people who cause damage but those who for some reason acted selfishly. George wants to break trope. I get that. HBO is a different animal. I stopped watching the show. I no longer subscribe to hbo. And this is where the cynicism comes from. Life will not get better because human nature stays the same. There are strong elements of hopelessness in the pages for sure. George crafted a novel that doesn't have a happy tone to it. He wants his readers to feel the despair. Authors want to tug at the reader's emotions. I guess George wants to bring sadness and melancholy to the reader instead of short-lived elation. He wants to encourage discussion and he will leave a lot of plot arcs open-ended.
  11. Bowen Marsh

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Death is rest for the soul. The average person will avoid death instinctively but those who are under constant suffering and feeling hopeless will see death as a release from the cruelties of living. I'm talking about slaves and animals who are beasts of burden are also released from their suffering by death. The instinct fights to survive but pile on enough suffering and death becomes the light at the end of a dark tunnel. What ice is giving is death too but it's not a release from suffering. Ice brings cold and darkness. Hell is frozen white. Fire is warmth and light. There are two kinds of threats in the story. The non-human threat from natural causes like a potential invasion by the Others. It's a fight between species. Then there is the threat that humans create and inflict on each other. The author has an anti-war stance but also admits he is not a complete pacifists. There is at least one war in the story that is justified. That is Daenerys Targaryen's war against slavery and the masters. The War of the Five Kings is not justified. The 5 participants only made the kingdom weaker. So all those slowly decomposing bodies are potential foot soldiers for the Others.
  12. Bowen Marsh

    ASoIaF character poll

    54 Male Daenerys Sansa NP
  13. Bowen Marsh

    the honeyed locusts...

    Belwas was not the target else the concentration would have been higher to compensate for his bulk. It was an assassination plot by the former slavers and their allies. Belwas and his enormous appetite saved the day.
  14. Brandon and Lyanna as Jon's parents are better for drama.
  15. Bowen Marsh

    That AGoT line foreshadowing the last scene of ADoS

    This scene, as depicted in the comic, could have been a couple of panels shorter by focusing mostly on the action in the yard and getting rid of most of the dialog between Jon and Arya. It's also a line that, if you didn't know what you were looking for, you wouldn't think of as particularly significant. If you do, though... huh. What do you think?