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  1. Bowen Marsh

    Quaithe Farman?

    Yes it's about preparing for the distant future. A warmer continent could exist on the other half of the planet. And if this continent remains warm and bright it can support life. Meereen echoes the Egypt of the time of Moses. Daenerys is the Moses type leader who will lead the slaves out of Meereen and into the promised land farther east.
  2. Bowen Marsh

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    1. Arya will die in the riverlands. Her corpse will freeze with needle in her bloody hand. 2. Daario will be airmailed back to Meereen by catapult. 3. Reznak will be killed by the Brazen Beasts. 4. Jon will die from the wounds that I gave him back in the last book. I got him good. 5. Tommen Those are my predictions. Bowen Marsh
  3. Aerea Targaryen is a signal of Arya's future. Arya will try to steal dragon and die for it. One Extra crispy Arya coming up. Aegon I is Daenerys Targaryen. The conqueror and builder of nations. Mushroom is Tyrion of the past. An oversexed little fellow with a flair for exaggeration. Gyldayn is Samwell. Androw Farman is Jon Snow. His emotion will get the better of him and die for it.
  4. Bowen Marsh

    Is Braavos impregnable?

    You are right about a lot. It will be hard to invade but not close to impossible. A blockade would work effectively. The more inconvenient a place is to siege, the more inconvenient it will be for its allies to provide it with supplies. So to answer the OP's question, no it is not impossible, merely inconvenient.
  5. The Masters look upon the Andals and the First Men as unwashed savages. Uncouth barbarians. I don't think they see Westeros as a land of exotics.
  6. Bowen Marsh

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    What happened at Summerhall is interesting history. It may even serve as a cautionary tale of sorts for ambitious guys like Quentyn. Aegon got too big for his britches and actually thought he could bring the dragons back to life. Quentyn should have learned from this bit of history before he got it into his head to start messing with the dragons. Jon C is short on time. Taking a trip to Summerhall to talk about Rhaegar is time luxury that he cannot afford. Rhaegar is not that important to the story. He played his bit in causing chaos for the realm and took the nation to its current sorry state.
  7. The last chapter will be a Dany pov. She will still be in Essos fighting with the slavers. Volantis is in her pocket as well as the Dothraki. Victory is coming as the last of the slavers are taken down.. Westeros is still under the cold grip of winter. She will start making plans for the return to Dragonstone or wherever she chooses to enter the west. And this is where the story will end.
  8. Bowen Marsh

    GRRM: Some folk got it right.

    George is holding off until after the show because he needs to have the last word. That train wreck from HBO should not have the last word. I don't want whatever DnD made to be my last impression of this great story.
  9. Bowen Marsh

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    I'd love to know who taught Missandei? She didn't learn this from the master.
  10. Bowen Marsh

    Jon x Ghost

    He has sharp senses like a wolf. He's got more of the wolf than his siblings. His eyes are open because he is the oldest of the litter.
  11. Bowen Marsh

    Who is Haldon Halfmaester?

    A citadel flunkie? Enough knowledge to be of some use but not enough to have the full credential. He has the knowledge if not the diploma to prove it. He's a Targaryen loyalist like Marwyn.
  12. Bowen Marsh

    The iron bank will go bankrupt

    The bank may collapse but it will have been worth it to pay that price to end slavery. Keeping slavery going is not the right thing to do even if it contributes to the success of the bank.
  13. Bowen Marsh

    Tyrion, the lord of chaos

    Old - Aemon Young - Aegon True - Daenerys False - Jon Bright - Quentyn (the Sun's son) Dark - Bloodraven
  14. Aegon believing in the long night doesn't change much of anything. We already know about the Prince that was promised and Azor Ahai. Both happened when Daenerys Targaryen hatched her dragons on the Dothraki Sea. The prophecy has been fulfilled.
  15. Rhaegar was not the heir. Viserys was the chosen heir.