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  1. not exactly rant and rave... but I just watched MCU's Eternals and now I think we should take it easy on D&D...... at least they gave us 4 great seasons+ 1 alright one in season 6+ 1 fanservice in season 7 that if not faithful to the books, at least worked properly for the TV audience:/
  2. I think it could cut through dragon skin (which ,if I recall correctly, is said to work like an armor) and wound them but if one single weirwood arrow kills one dragon , then dragons are not as fascinating as the text suggests constantly!
  3. I think she'll survive Stoneheart(maybe even kill her) and end her story properly but I'm not convinced that she'll survive the winds of winter... whatever she's about to do will be in the winds.
  4. in case you were wondering what really happened in Harrenhall: https://pin.it/5c27uAq
  5. these questions prove that we are in dire need of the new book! hear this GRRM!
  6. that would be an interesting outcome. Jaimie has already given up on Cersei but would he endanger Tommen and Myrcella as pretenders and fruits of treason to tell the truth?
  7. Casterly Rock and Lannisport. in dance he says he knows Lannisport better than Kingslanding.
  8. GRRM must be laughing behind our backs with all the mysteries he has laid before us. especially probably the simplest of them! he'd have a good time thinking of RLJ when fans have been thinking of another RLJ for 20 years... damn that man !
  9. I loved Emilia as Dany from the beginning to the end. however, I must admit , after reading the books I thought show-Dany had failed to portray the softer and more insecure aspects of book-Dany after season 1,whilst boosted her tougher aspects. this especially occurred in season 4(and 5?) during her relationship with Daario , Hizdahar and Mereen in general. I don't think that was a problem with Clark's performance rather it was a combination of 2 things: a)writers choice of having a "strong"er female in Dany (I believe book-Dany is strong too but just a little different way than show) b) inabilities of a different media.
  10. regarding the Red Comet and Aegon's conception: https://64.media.tumblr.com/2f4ae3fb7c5c854c1d4b020bc75332c5/b5670639889d713c-c7/s540x810/b4374433e95a370e055c097822915bb763e12950.png @LynnS this image resolves the little discussion we had a while ago about it
  11. oh, I didn't mean to disagree with you on that regard! Jaimie definitely had a huge share of trauma in Westeros. of course every person reacts differently whilst facing difficulties ( or horrors!) . your question is somewhat like asking "why people in the same family have different responses to stressful situations?".. truth is there's no clear answer.. but some part of that might come from a person's upbringing (although not necessarily). now, Tyrion and Cersei were under care of Tywin all their lives with no other parental figure. Jaimie ,on the other hand, was sent off to be a page and squire in a very early age in which time he probably had other parental figures.. maybe Tywin didn't have enough time to abuse Jaimie like Cersei and Tyrion... the fact that Jaimie appeared to be a lot of the things Tywin wanted in his offspring surely helped in decrease of gaslight amount! so, later in life , Cersei and Tyrion became self-hating* alcoholics in response to their problems; while Jaimie took the path of fucking his sister and mocking everyone else! as for politics and power hunger , I suppose it completely goes back to all the knights around Jaimie who showed him the way of pursuing different set of values and ambitions. * yeah I know Cersei's a narcissist but she also despises her womanhood which I assume is under the category of self-hatred.
  12. i think Jaimie's sufferings are different . he went to Crakhall in a very young age and later he joined kingsgaurd. he wasn't exposed to Tywin's constant influence the way his siblings were. so , it wasn't Tywin who caused his depression and melancholy. it was his course of life which he took better than his siblings. Cersei and Tyrion are literally mentally hurt by Tywin. Cersei for being just a woman which she regards as useless and disgusting and Tyrion due to being a dwarf and a disappointment to his father.
  13. all the lately talks of "members" and organs made me think of the real reason Daemon was exiled! https://www.deviantart.com/chillyravenart/art/The-Real-Reason-Daemon-Was-Exiled-897441809
  14. I know... but I believe Ned didn't think Robert marry a Lannister.. at least not in that point and not for some time after Lyanna's death. knowing Robert , I doubt Jon Arryn suggested Lannister match before Robert hearing of Lyanna's death and mourning her a bit . on the other hand , Ned would definitely share the terrible news in person when they reconcile. which would give Ned plenty of time and opportunity to share the news with a Robert who's not yet linked to Lannisters . Ned only doubted Robert when it came to other people's children , specifically children of men he was jealous of.
  15. but Lynn, Ned claimed Jon as his own before the Lannister betrothal. in that point , Tywin was only one of high lords in Robert's side. Robert would have probably legitimized his son before thinking of any marriage alliances. if he had a son with Lyanna ,his betrothed, he'd probably believed they were married in the eyes of gods anyways.
  16. Lynn I enjoy your train of thoughts usually but I feel like your on the wrong path here ... I've been following Heresys and with that in mind I understand how you came up with Robert being Jon's dad. but a huge problem is that Ned has no reason to hide Jon from Robert or anyone else in that scenario . Young Robert seemed like a good father to Mya and he would have surely cherished a son with Lyanna . pretending to sire Jon would only work for Ned if : a) Jon is Lyanna's with a man other than Robert in which case Ned would want to protect Jon from R's wroth and Lyanna's memory from becoming a "a willful woman who ran away herself" . b) Jon is Brandon's and is older than Robb which might cause some inherency issues if Northern bannermen want to oppose Ned one day (which with Ned's character I doubt it) and Sandman , ice side destroying dragon genes is a good idea ..anyways, sorry for dropping in but I don't have anything to add currently!
  17. I was(am) confused about these birds in Dance it gives the impression that they recite the letters: but I went back to aGoT where it gave me the impression of mute kids: did I misunderstand the sentence?
  18. 4 pages in 3 days about Jon's member. quite an achievement:)
  19. I've got a few questions regarding Varys's little birds: what happens to them when they grow up? are they Essosi or Westerosi? are they slaves or are they hired?! are their tongues actually cut out?:/ I mean are they like Unsulied and are just mutes instead of euniques? or are they mute from birth?
  20. don't feel like that. not all Robert's trouble's was for Cersei , kingship and loss... I think if he hadn't become king and ended up marrying Lyanna like he planned to , he wouldn't have been as better as you think. sure Lyanna instead of Cersei could be an improvement and he wouldn't have the responsibility of ruling 7 kingdoms (not that he did much!) but Robert would still be drinking , whoring and hunting . perhaps the biggest difference for Robert would have been the fact that he didn't have Rhaegar to blame for everything wrong in his life!
  21. he had potential and he wasn't a terrible person like Tywin , Cersei ,etc. he was alright. but he was hardly close to morally superior:)
  22. yes , I agree that there's a good chance this theory is only in our heads, Lem's language especially has been something to give me doubts. but if he's been living in disguised for 15 years, it's only logical for him to use commoners' language and to associate himself with the commoners more than nobles. the way Arya learns and even Theon: if Reek can learn , so can Lem. and then there is the quote that @Mourning Star mentioned. besides, if JonCon hadn't come back to the story in Dance , it would have been different. but it seems a little weird that Barristan specifically names 4 men as Rhaegar's friends and GrrM later gives us the fates of 3 of them in various occasions . it wouldn't have been hard to write " ser Richard died in the Trident with Rhaegar and Lewin and the rest" or "ser Richard fought beside Robert" ... all that gives me the feeling that he'll come back to the story one way or the other. Lem is just convenient!
  23. well , no. not really. Roose swore allegiance to Robb as his true king. so, if we're following that logic, Roose committed crime under the king of North and Trident's regime. and if you'd like to suggest Robb's kingship was not valid and Roose went back to serve Jefferey Baratheon , then my dear friend, I'd say Baratheon claim is not valid either since it came from rebellion and usurpation!
  24. that's actually a thread?.. why can't I find it?!!!!
  25. hey! I'm not in favor of LyannaRhaegar union myself! it'll most probably make them both selfish as hell which neither seem to be! in your first sentence it seemed like you were being defensive and I honestly did not mean to offend you or anything. I don't know what Richard might know exactly. we already knew Richard was probably one of Rhaegar's 6 and might be informed about his mysterious journey. but tower of joy seem to be located in Manwoody estates which might suggest that Richard - a half Manwoody in my belief - may know what was going on there by being a bridge between Rhaegar and Lord Manwoody. however, Richard cannot be the only connection there and honestly that connection doesn't have to be anything more than a fun fact; since Rhaegar calling the place tower of joy makes me think he had a history with the place anyway and let's not forget his brother in-law's Manwoody squire. Richard/Lem could only be the most convenient guy we'll have to get some info.
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