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  1. https://res.cloudinary.com/buzzfeed-brasil/image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/image-uploads/subbuzz-images/jpeg/08be3d7bfe9c9f91a01af08f7d409213.jpg this scene of promo appears to be Laenor and Qarl fighting. any idea on who's on the background ?
  2. judging by how people can't seem to figure out Rhaenyra and Daemon's relation based on interviews , trailer , etc , I 'd say they won't remember Dany's ending!
  3. it's ok . even the showrunners couldn't work out season 8
  4. I hope he changes his mind then . my headcanon says he was gay ... I don't remember why!
  5. I think Conqueror's Prophecy is my favorite new information I can even work it into Baelor's odd behavior! my theory is that Baelor had dreams of his own (like Daeron the drunken and other targs) and he saw Aegon's apocalyptic dream on his own . but as a fanatic , his reaction was more like Shepherd's reaction to Green's army rather than Aegon's reaction . which explains why he decided that house Targaryen must end ! hence , imprisoning his sisters and sending away his married cousin to Bravos!
  6. I agree . it'll make the showrunners and writer's job all the more difficult .. this could actually be good though . I think if they can write compelling dialogues for the first season , we can be sure we won't be left with cock jokes for the rest of the show... I mean the main reason the first half of GoT was so good was because the dialogues (which basically shape the characters ) were from the books . otherwise , cinematography was far better in the second half of the show and music had always been top notch. God , I still can't believe they have cast an Alicent who is 1 year older than AegonII actor . but it may be that Bard's right ... people may not care . especially that having seen Olivia Cooke in Vanity Fair , I think she has the talent for a great Alicent . all in all , I'm hopeful .. or I want to be .. lately many shows were glamorous without compelling storytelling ..
  7. probably because they have cost them quite a bit! I'm not sure if they even knew they were depicting sexual assault in some cases until they received backlash . ( ie, Cersei/Jaimie I think) which is disturbing as hell coming from two men living in 21st century . and I don't agree that they were all done empathetically especially that they were done in ignorance . as an example I remember an interview in which they talked about they just wanted a rough start for Drogo and Dany's relationship . well , rape(especially as clear as the show version) is not just a rough start . book version , although has a consensual start , is actually a rough start considering they don't have any means of communication at the beginning . would you elaborate on your view? because as it is , I can't really see how it can be an improvement . as someone who had not read the book in that time what really bothered me was its unnecessary and how that storyline felt out of place . I don't think every rape scene should be omitted from stories when they are a part of the story (for example in the Last Duel which is basically about that rape(s) ) or when it can lead to more enlightening discussions . but including a rape scene for the sake of including it deserves backlash . with that story line ,Dark Sansa moment of previous season was completely destroyed .and despite seeing Sansa declaring that she does not run away because she is Stark of Winterfell as if she had a plan , she got raped which was a visual depiction of killing her character in my opinion and we saw her as a desperate prisoner who needs Reek to run away . honestly, I still thought they have included that godawful wedding in that season to show Sansa becoming more manipulative (like she showed hints of with Joff) and give her a little more agency ,for example by turning Ramsay and Roose against each other or something . I mean that marriage would have still been rape for Sansa but at least her arc wouldn't have gone in such ridiculous way. and the cherry on top : she declared that Ramsay was necessary for her improvement! that one was infuriating . honestly, they only used Sansa that season to be a catalyst in Theon and Jon's arcs and Brienne's reason to get to Stannis and her revenge.
  8. was there any indication that Alyssane and Jaeherys felt responsible for Vissera's death? I remember there was Baelon feeling guilty for rejecting her harshly but nothing else... and Bard , regarding Rhaenys and Aemon , have you watched Preston Jackob's Overanalyzing the Dance series?
  9. thinking about Aegon's prophecy about the white walkers which seems to come from Martin and be book canon (because otherwise it's utterly stupid in show universe).... I think Rhaenys must have known about the prophecy and it could be an explanation of her actions (or inaction) throughout Viserys's reign . Aemon was heir for years and it seemed as if he treated her as his own heir (probably for years, considering she didn't have any siblings for 16 yrs) . so , it's more than possible that he had shared the Targ secret with her . this could explain why she did not do anything against Viserys despite (at one point) having 3 dragons, including Vhaegar, and the biggest navy in Westeros against Viserys's Syrax .
  10. yeah ... Borros is basically Walder Frey of the story .
  11. the problem with Jace and Sara's marriage out in the open is that it'll change Jace's role . it'll turn him from the rational one among the Blacks into the lovestruck who destroys the one firm alliance they have . they could include the romance or a well hidden secret marriage if they want romance in the story so much . Or give all the romances to Baella who could be with Jace at first and turn to Alyn after his death . and with that, I'm done speculating for today:) another thought... I don't know if you guys have watched LML's latest videos but in his latest stream he and two other youtubers were talking about Daemon .and none of them cared or considered Nettles being Daemon's daughter considering that they might not have been in a sexual relationship. a view we had here in some of discussions . so , what are the thoughts ? are we reading too much into the text or are the youtubers not paying enough attention to the book ?
  12. obviously we don't have nearly enough information on the matter . but as GRRM had it Gilydane , a guy living centuries after the actual events, write the history , a lot can be false history . thus , having Visenya and Rhaenys each falling into tropes of powerful women of the time . Visenya is written as the odd warrior woman who is not desirable as a wife and turns to witchcraft when she gets old while in truth she may have been as much a witch as Rhaena Tragaryen had been in Harrenhal . and Rhaenys the very opposite of Visenya is written as this flirtatious desirable woman who is not faithful to her lover a bit . I'd say Dragon trio seemed to have a certain understanding . so , despite the precedent of Aenar and his multiple wives , Aegon refuses a third wife or a second after Rhaenys's death . in return , Visenya and Rhaenys were probably faithful to their unique union. it's like the three had decided not to muddy their bloodline by being with anyone non-Targaryen ! as for Aenys's murder , Visenya may have killed him after he got sick . the way Aegon the uncrowned and Viserys were later handled may not have been in her plan but she genuinely seemed to find Aenys and his descendants unable to fix the problems (which was basically true ), otherwise why wouldn't she usurp Aegon's throne for her son from the beginning ?
  13. they could switch Cregan with lord Dustin and keep him alive and well during the war before arrival of his new army and his later march to Kingslanding. and they'll have a prominent Stark element throughout the story. Jace and Sara's marriage would be too much like Robb and Talisa if they go back to Dragonstone together. not to mention , it'll ruin Jace's role as peacemaker between Corlys and Rhaenyra . (in fact, he'd be quite the opposite of his counter part in the book) . secret marriage or hooking up in front of the Heart Tree just for the sake of romance is another matter.
  14. I've seen that one too . which actually makes total sense. Rhaenyra is daddy's heir . Aemond is the big martial dragon . and Aegon is just the untalented kid who was forced into marrying his sister for no reason at all. this makes more sense. oh , I think the Alicent's jealousy inthe tourney where Cole wears Rhaenyra's favor is a clear indication that she will be on board with a romantic relationship with Criston . question is when will Cole change his mind about his honor? especially that he is already mad at Rhaenyra for seducing him and soiling his cloak.
  15. *melts. if fire made flesh rises as ice , the Icy Zombie melts down
  16. all in all, I'm somewhat impressed with the leaks . of course "heir for the day" part is my favorite part and a few thoughts... and I hope we get some parent-kid dynamics(it's a family drama show after all LOL) ... like between Jace and all three of his fathers (Harwin , Laenor and Daemon) and of course Alicent-Aegon which is crucial to the story and perhaps Viserys-Aegon ...we should really see how Aegon became such a disappointment ... even Aemond , as sadistic as he is, is quite accomplished.
  17. that's one of my issues too . yet, if RLJ theory is actually true, Jon won't be the first half Targ bastard who fully belongs to the old Gods, as if Targ blood is not so magical and not on the other side of Ice-Fire spectrum as it can get!
  18. I currently think we ought to count Bran as part of the Old Gods and Ghost is an indication that Bran will need Jon with something . it's telling that Jon , who is not exactly a godly man , thinks of Winterfell's Heart Tree and his recurring new dreams to turn down Stannis's offer, which would have taken him away from the Wall (and whatever Bran needs him there for ) . he also sees Ghost(who is basically Jon's own ghost in...personality, I guess) as belonging to Old Gods (aka,Bran) when he's got doubts about his decision in the next chapter where he is elected as Lord Commander .
  19. how do jousting tourneys exactly work? I've been reading some Tourney of the Harrenhal theories. according to some theories Rhaegar enters the tourney after the knight of the laughing tree incident . but , is that possible ? can he enter the tourney right at the last rounds?
  20. I doubt that the rapist is him. Dance is already in favor of the blacks. the best way to depict Aegon II and not frustrate the audience , especially considering the ending, is to make him a sympathetic loser . in the book he reads a bit like a sociopath completely unsympathetic and uncaring towards others which is not really necessary since Aemond is right there for us loathe ...
  21. I don't know about Daeneryses and Alyssanes , but I find it quite interesting that the only Targaryen man whose name is similar to Rhaegar , is Rhaegel , a meek , mad and sickly man!
  22. we cannot really know... anything! there are too many possibilities ... the women may have had abortions ,dwarf babies may have been killed , mothers may have approached Tywin and he may have gotten rid of them , they may not have approached Tyrion for the same reason Bella's mom never went to Robert, etc. however, I think Tyrion has no problem with having children , and I think Lanna is his daughter by Tysha . not only Sailor's Wife gives huge Tysha-vibes , but also there's a pattern in naming whore's bastards: Barra (Baratheon ) , Obara (Oberyn) , Lanna (Lannister) . not to mention Lanna's fine long golden hair and 14 years of age.
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