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  1. @alienarea "How do you negotiate with a White Walker?" rotflol
  2. Have always dug @John Suburbs posts over the years... Thought I'd throw this head-scratching link out here for the heck of it. Cool bits regarding fire and water...https://cailleachs-herbarium.com/2019/02/saining-not-smudging-purification-and-lustration-in-scottish-folk-magic-practice/
  3. Been thoroughly enjoying this thread. Just curious, @LynnS , if possible, could you maybe please elaborate on your notion that Aerys was actually the impetus for Lyanna being the "crown" recipient? Thanks!
  4. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/07/why-do-things-look-blue-at-dusk-and-dawn/490145/
  5. Now it begins. Now it ends. Happy 2021 Heretics!
  6. Stay happy and strong. @sweetsunray
  7. Thank you, @Black Crow Mayhaps another question we should be asking is, if the entity that Sam vanquised's right, proper monicker should be Ser Puddles Stark?
  8. @LynnS Flattered for the "shout-out"/invite. I'm enjoying this discussion and have some percolating thoughts. I've always mused to myself about where did Sir Puddles' "essence" go to exactly after Sam dealt with him? When more validity arises from me, I'll definitely chime in... Cheers, Heretics
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/george-rr-martin-reveals-hodor-135918025.html. OT but if not already mentioned... *TWOW/DOS SPOILER ALERT*
  10. Tried to re watch. Lasted 15 minutes. So sad.
  11. Years ago there was talk of them wrapping things up in a proper "movie". This felt like that movie, albeit yet another Vietnam one, with all due respect. Since when did Davos become a fighting man? Where's Bronn? Dare I say it, glad Drogon's alive. Can't fathom closure for next week...
  12. SerLadySage agrees...Arya no fool. She ok...
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