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  1. What were the red flags in your eyes? As season 2 is starting off with a focus on the Ironborn, I must say I am feeling a sympathy if not an understanding of Theon’s struggle of not quite Northern enough to be a Stark but not quite Salty enough to be a Greyjoy. Internal conflict to say the least. And when his dad Balon basically throws it in his face in insult.. well I’m not saying I agree with what he did but it at least gives a cause to the effect.
  2. You didn’t see her illustration in A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms? She WAS cute! Especially with that long, long braid just made for tuggin’ on =P
  3. Still would have gone to war with the Lannisters somehow eventually probably maybe.
  4. It’s called a power vacuum. Happened in the Middle East, after NATO took down the Taliban/Al-Quada, made room for ISIS to grow.
  5. I respect your opinion. I’m just in Dunk’s corner so when I see him fall for a girl, whether it be Miss “Too Tall” (but she wasn’t too tall for him) or Lady Rohanne, whom I speak of being deserving of him, I consider me calling her a “prize” a compliment. His actions in protecting her and his kind conduct towards her compels me to feel that a match between them would be “well deserved”.. on both ends, really! Alas, the medieval red-tape of aristocracy.
  6. Ok so by the time I started this post, I had already gotten to episode 8 (season 1 of course) so some thoughts so far: The internal conflict of Theon’s struggle/pride of being a friend to the Starks yet that not erasing the fact of him ultimately being a ward/captive plays out beautifully on the show. Great actor. Rickon is older on the show than I visualized in the books. Jesus Christ does Joffrey have such a contemptible look to him.. kind of guy you want to punch in the face and you don’t even know him! Sansa makes me cringe with her naive jabber and idealistic views on some perfect world that only exists in her head. Catelyn Stark is a perfect example of the three-dimensional qualities of the characters. She is such an honorable person who cherishes her marriage and her children, yet she is completely unfair and downright cruel to Jon. Holy crap is the acting top-notch. And I am somewhat surprised yet not disappointed by the frequency of nudity ( . )( . )
  7. Lol and you got that theory from where.. Turning fantasy into sci-fi, huh?
  8. Yeah so I am a superfan of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Completely captivated by the universe that George Martin blessed us with. Read all the prequels, source material, additional literature. Waiting to get my House Targaryen tattoo. But believe it or not, I had never watched the HBO TV series. So I decided to make this post to take ya’ll on a journey of a true fan experiencing the show for the first time. It shall be epic.
  9. The wolf blood influences personality traits more so than psychological/mental health issues is what you’re saying.
  10. Yes I considered that, but the fact that the maester insisted he spoke nothing of it to no one makes me think that he did not exaggerate or tell tales.
  11. Then Aegon gains some seriously wise council and a loyal advisor. But I don’t see Sir Selmy jumping around from King to Queen to King like some Whore Knight.
  12. Selmy is the best thing she’s got. He is pure and honorable.
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