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  1. Are there any discussions on here that involve referencing the text anymore?
  2. Ser Leftwich

    Euron Greyjoy "Ice or Fire"

    There are not sides, there are only the actions the individuals take, for their own individual reasons. Euron is not on anyone's side, but his own. "Fire consumes, but cold preserves." - AFfC - Samwell III This is from Aemon. It is not a question of good vs. evil. It is just a question of the nature of the magic. They both have costs (and possibly speed factors).
  3. I think it was when Pate the Old had cheese instead of bread for lunch, it allowed Aegon the Conqueror's success.
  4. Ser Leftwich

    Why did Hoster Tully support the rebellion ?

    To add to this, we don't know that Aerys asked for Hoster's help. Once Robert was retreating into the Riverlands, we know that Aerys asked his new Hand, Jon Con, to pursue Robert instead of Hoster, LP of the Riverlands. Could be an insult to Hoster in that Hoster should be the one to enforce the law in his own domain. Also, we know that Jon Arryn and Ned met with Hoster and negotiated, before marching across the Riverlands to look/rescue Robert. They acted in good faith.
  5. Ser Leftwich

    Why did Jon Arryn raise his banners ?

    Hoster had reasons he could look to: Hoster had also lost a subject/man, in Jeffory Mallister. Also, depending on if the Lysa/Jaime match was going forward, he lost that connection, both because of Aerys. If Aerys can just execute Rickard, why not any LP? Also, maybe he was won over by Robert's charm, and the convincing of Jon and Ned.
  6. Ser Leftwich

    Why did Jon Arryn raise his banners ?

    Aerys had also just executed Elbert Arryn, Jon's nephew and heir, as well as Kyle Royce, one of Jon's subjects/men from the Vale.
  7. Ser Leftwich

    If ASoIaF Characters were Pokemon...

    This is destined to be the most relevant thread in the history of the forum. ETA: I wonder what Pokemon Jay Gatsby would be?
  8. Ser Leftwich

    Holidays in Westeros?

    It is Halloween. What are the known holidays in Westeros? Why are there so few?
  9. Ser Leftwich

    Abundance of Maesters

    The assumption that the 300 white ravens means that every single maester receives one seems off. That seems more of a limitation of the number of white ravens, not maesters. The Citadel would send out send out 300 to the highest ranking lords across Westeros, who would then notify the castles/lords/knights that are their vassals. There are likely more than 300 maesters in Westeros.
  10. Ser Leftwich

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Do we know what season it was during the Defiance of Duskendale?
  11. Ser Leftwich

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    This is the best thing I have read on this forum for years. (Not sarcasm, I am not sure that I have heard this version before.)
  12. Ser Leftwich

    Small Questions v. 10106

    There is likely some cost to the greenseers. The further back/more accurately they can see, the less mobile they are. Or another way of putting it, the more powerful the magic, the more dependent they are on being one with the tree. To quote another famous story, I would venture that, "Difficult to see. Always in motion, the future is," is the case in ASOIAF, as well. So even if greenseers can see the future, it would be either fleeting or they themselves are so far gone into the trees that they can't convey those visions to the living, except through dreams/magic. Magic is costly in ASOIAF, so the more accurate/powerful, the greater the cost.
  13. Ser Leftwich

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    We don't know how much of the plan was actually Tywin's. Though, it is true that the Freys have gotten all the ire, regardless of who planned which details.
  14. Ser Leftwich

    Pardon for Rickard Karstark

  15. Ser Leftwich

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    All that is moot, since the Frey's know nothing of the Others, heck, the Northern's don't even believe in the Others anymore. The idea that the Bolton's participated in the Red Wedding in order to be prepared for the Others is laughable.