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  1. Ser Leftwich

    Your king and small council?

    King: Pate Hand: Pate Coin: Pate Ships: Pate Whispers: Pate Laws: Pate Grand Master: Pate I am 100% right and it cannot be debated!! (This is a pointless thread that should be in 'Games' or elsewhere. This is not about about the books.)
  2. Ser Leftwich

    Could Tywin has killed his father tytos

    Tywin clearly said something like "It would be a shame if something bad happened to Robb" to the Freys and/or Roose, I agree. But if it was all by bird, it couldn't be details. It would have to be vague organized crime like promises, "you do me a favor, I do you a favor" Tywin also may have reached out or dealt with Bolton separately from the Freys. "It was to be an arrow, at Edmure Tully's wedding feast. The boy was too wary in the field. He kept his men in good order, and surrounded himself with outriders and bodyguards." - Tyrion VI (ASoS) The second part clearly shows that the Freys came up with other ideas of how to get rid of Robb, but the elaborate murder of so many at the wedding and outside was planned by the Freys and Bolton. As for this bit, I think the first bold bit was also what was told to Tywin by the Freys and Bolton as well as vice versa. Tywin also corresponded with while Bolton was at Harrenhal. I doubt that the Freys and Bolton told each other the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Tywin definitely promised them both the King's peace for ending the Stark rebellion, but I just don't think he planned it. Back to the OP, I agree with someone up thread that Tywin not having Tyrion killed is a good indicator that he wouldn't have had his father killed.
  3. Ser Leftwich

    Hammer of the Waters

    I agree that is too "high fantasy/magic" of a thing to happen on page. That being said, since magic is said to be 'coming back with the dragons' (I am paraphrasing), what about the Green Men and the Isle of Faces? Could they contribute in some way? I think I remember a SSM with something about the Green Men/Isle of Faces going to come up in some capacity before the series ends, but I could be mistaken.
  4. Ser Leftwich

    Could Tywin has killed his father tytos

    We have no idea to what degree Tywin was involved in the planning of the Red Wedding. For all we know he just told the Frey's to 'get it done' and knew nothing of the planning. It is disingenuous to say that he "organised" the Red Wedding. Not to say he isn't ruthless, but there is no reason at all to believe that Tywin planned the specifics or even the generalities of the Red Wedding.
  5. Ser Leftwich

    Have posters actually read the books?

    The language issue is a good point and not something I gave sufficient consideration to, apologies in general for that insensitivity. Healthy discussions can come of them, but it is rare. Almost nothing useful can come of "what if something completely different happened in the past" discussions, because they immediately leap to opinions about characters and not substance from the books (even without quotes.)
  6. Ser Leftwich

    Have posters actually read the books?

    There are some regular posters who will note that they 1) haven't read all of the books (even the main series) and 2) have "figured out" what the story is. There are posters who posit theories that go against things that the author has verified are not the case. And yet, they are discussed. Why? I don't need a 4500 line theory with endless quotes, I just want to know that posters have actually read the books and have some grasp of the SSMs. It is not that hard.
  7. Ser Leftwich

    Rhaego? Really?

    Rhaego is an ex-parrot.
  8. Ser Leftwich

    How do you expect Euron to die? (If he does)

    Unhappily. He will think he had gotten what he wanted (I am unsure what that is), but it will be snatched away, he will know it and then he will die.
  9. Ser Leftwich

    Good songs to listen to whilst reading!

    Soundtracks from video games. They are designed/composed to make you concentrate, but not distract too much.
  10. Ser Leftwich

    What would you do if you were king Viserys I to avoid the Dance?

    Ask GRRM to write a different outcome?
  11. Ser Leftwich

    What made you become a fan of ASOIAF?

    Why I started: My public library algorithm recommended it to me. Why I like it: The over-whelming power of point of view. From page 1 until the 100s or 1,000s of pages we have left to read, even of just the main story, so much depends on who we are reading from, 3rd person limited PoV. Everything hinges on that. We are told things, but then we doubt them, then we doubt that, and on and on.
  12. It is unpleasant, but most of the NW is made up of peasants, criminals (who were likely peasants) and honorable men who self-exile to the Wall. All those groups are raised to follow authority and/or out of fear/danger. BR has the ability to exude all of those. (Much moreso than say, the Old Bear or Janos Slynt.)
  13. Hence the, "Assuming that most in the NW took seriously that BR was serious about his vow to the NW," part. Obviously. between popularity, ability, fear, admiration, and other means, etc., he was elected. The NW was willing to elect Janos Slynt, just on his saying he used to be important and that he had friends, along with an incredibly weak personality. BR's personality and presence, across the board (charm to fear to regal presence) would get him elected.
  14. BR was in a position of power for years and years. A leader of men, a soldier, and on the Small Council. Had the ear of kings and princes. Assuming that most in the NW took seriously that BR was serious about his vow to the NW, convincing a military order to follow him would be very easy.
  15. Ser Leftwich

    Why did Sansa dislike being Northern?

    So this is immature and something exactly the the OP asked not to do. (This is deliberately trying to derail this thread. Reporting.)