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  1. Are you not reading what was written? Just because Brandon promised Cat he would be back doesn't mean Lyanna wasn't already missing. All it mean is that Brandon didn't know she was missing. Those are two different things. Unless Lyanna was with Brandon at the duel, we have no idea when Brandon last interacted with Lyanna. She could already have been missing and Brandon didn't know. When Lyanna was 'abducted' and when Brandon learned of it are two separate concepts. This is not difficult.
  2. This incorrect. This is conflating 1) When Lyanna went missing, and 2) when Brandon learned, which are only related in that 1 had to have happened before 2. Brandon could have said that to Cat, if Lyanna was missing already and he hadn't learn about it yet.
  3. Nonsense. There is a total of 1 marriage in the books that happens at the first of the year and every single other marriage happens at another time. It doesn't "seem like" at all.
  4. Ser Leftwich

    Minimum marriage age and age of consent in Westeros

    Good summary, @Lord Varys. It would be really interesting to see the case of say, if a woman of age was unmarried, but became head of a family. Would she get to choose or would her vassal lord try to get involved?
  5. Ser Leftwich

    Minimum marriage age and age of consent in Westeros

    "Legal" is not a strict concept in Westeros and it is not a good way to think about how things are done. 1) As far as we know, Lyanna was not married. 2) It is purely up to the guardian(s) involved, for instance, Ermesande Hayford was married off to Tyrek Lannister when she was 2, because the crown/Lannisters were her guardian. 3) If someone is powerful enough, they can unmake almost any marriage.
  6. Ser Leftwich

    Maester's chain links

    According to George R. R. Martin, it is possible to earn multiple links of the same metal; Multiple links of the same metal on a maester's chain signifies the expertise of the maester on the subject.[45] The metals of which a student can earn links for their chain include: black iron, signifying ravenry[40][4] brass[11] bronze,[17][11] signifying histories[N 3] and perhaps astronomy or astrology[N 4] copper[17][4][11] electrum[46] yellow gold, signifying math and economics[40][17] iron,[11] signifying warcraft[17] lead[17][4][11] pewter[4] platinum[11] red gold[11] silver,[11] signifying medicine, healing, and the functions of the body[40][17][4] steel[11] tin[17][4][11] Valyrian steel, signifying the higher mysteries[40] While there are only fifteen known links, and thus fifteen known subjects of expertise taught at the Citadel, there are twenty-one known current archmaesters of the Citadel, for only eight of whom a specialism is known.[46] It is currently unknown if each of these archmaesters are specialized in a separate subject or whether multiple archmaesters can be specialized in the same subject. Only one maester in one hundred holds a link of Valyrian steel.[40]
  7. Ser Leftwich

    Maester's chain links

    The wiki outlines a few more and some analysis. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Maester#Chain
  8. Ser Leftwich

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    @Clegane'sPup Brandon was never a ward of any Tully.
  9. Ser Leftwich

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    This is either deliberately misleading or wrong. Catelyn was 12 when she was promised, not Brandon, he was 14 or 15. So The way the sentence, "Ned was 8 years old at the time" implies it was at the same time, as the arranged marriage, which is incorrect, Ned went to Jon Arryn ~4-5 years before the arranged marriage. We don't know the why, anything else is speculation. This is also misleading/wrong. Ned was not still living in the Eyrie. He was a sometimes guest of Jon after he turned 16. (Also, GRRM explicitly says Ned is not training for knighthood, so therefore, he is not. And it is not a little white lie.) SSM "He was fostered, not exiled. Yes, certainly he returned home. Less frequently the first few years, when he would have been performing the duties of a page and then a squire, more often and for longer periods later. During his "squire" years (he wasn't a squire in the strict sense, since he wasn't training for knighthood, but he was acting as one), he would also have accompanied Jon Arryn on many travels out of the Vale. And once he reached the age of sixteen he was a man grown, free to come to go as he liked... which would have included both time at home and in the Vale, since Jon Arryn had become a second father. The same was true of Robert, who divided his time between Storm's End and the Vale after reaching manhood, not to mention dropping in on tourneys and whatever choice fights he could find." We don't know that Rickard was involved at all. This is not supported in the text anywhere and is pure speculation/fan fic. Just as likely to have come from Septa Mordane and Septon Chayle, who also tutored Bran and the other children. (Also, remember, Ned had the sept built for Catelyn. If Rickard was devout of the 7, wouldn't he have had one built?) One leap of logic as a starting point maybe, but this is continuous leap after leap after leap, some which have been directly refuted by the author. When so much of the grounding of a theory is inaccurate, misleading, and/or just plain wrong, why should it be considered?
  10. Ser Leftwich

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    No, it doesn't imply they are a knight. It implies that it is easier to people to say 'mystery knight' as opposed to 'mystery armor-clad person who is willing to joust." It is blatant that anyone can challenge one of the champions at Harrenhal, without proof of knighthood. Unlike the tourney when Dunk had to prove he was a knight. If mystery entrants are allowed, then anyone would be. It would impossible to enforce. The question about Aerys's concern about the identity of the KotLT is irrelevant. Not his tourney, not his rules.
  11. Ser Leftwich

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Any tournament with a mystery knight means anyone could participate in that tournament. Therefore, anyone could have entered the lists at Harrenhal without being a knight.
  12. Ser Leftwich

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Death is not good. Death is necessary.
  13. Ser Leftwich

    Robin Arryn's fostering

    It is a question of actions taken. Lysa coddled her child and was not actually raising him. Also, Ned didn't murder anyone to prevent fostering his children out.
  14. Ser Leftwich

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    OP is riddled with inaccuracies and has little grounding in these books. And amusingly, doesn't even attempt to include the quote of Robert referring to himself and Ned as " two vagabond knights on the kingsroad."
  15. Quentyn Ball, in order to get appointed to the KG. Separately, the idea that a king could set aside a wife because she was deemed 'barren' is very likely in the society of Westeros. There needs to be, as they say, "an heir and a spare." Even thought Robert had heirs, he could make up something. Even more so, if Tywin had already passed away.