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  1. She does wear a crystal around her neck, there are other characters that use rubies and moonstones for glamor. Ashara fits for me to be Lemore, because it says Lemore needs to hide her identity in Westeros, and the only character I could think of that is missing and would be part of the Aegon cause would be Ashara. (A character that even a casual reader would know about) I believe George had written himself in a corner and didn’t want to give away the identity yet, we technically don’t know what eye color she has. From my own past experience, some people focus too much on a physical characteristic that is actually author error, rather than paying attention to the overall story to dismiss legitimate theories.
  2. Came here for this news and was not disappointed by the threads. I think Kit is overestimating his acting abilities here and I think a few others (including George) are just seeing money signs. I dun want it, but this is going to be a trash fire and I’m here for it.
  3. I do believe Ashara = Lemore too, and I think it was her baby that was swapped with Aegon. She got pregnant around the same time Elia was pregnant with Aegon. She committed “suicide” (like Jon Con) after the sack of KL. There is also an emphasis on Lemore’s pregnancy marks and there is mention of Ashara’s stillborn daughter in the later books. This would also serve as a good motivation to put Aegon on the throne, besides being a loyalist, if Aegon is not on the throne then her child’s death would be meaningless. I also think she would be able to convince Jon Con of Aegon’s legitimacy.
  4. Great write up and I agree that YG=Aegon. The chapter of Kevan’s death imo, is the biggest evidence for it. I wrote up a thread regarding that chapter and Aegon being real. (I linked it below) It’s nice to see other members re-examining the text Also, check out how Pycelle and Kevan die, it matches Pisswater Prince’s and Rhaenys’ deaths. Pycelle’s head was smashed and Kevan was stabbed to death. https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/160168-the-children-theory/
  5. Eggscellent comment! I couldn’t agree more that not even his book readers agree on what story he is telling. Books 4 and 5 were released when they were already making Game of Thrones and it introduced a lot of characters. I don’t know if GRRM told them about how important those locations and characters would be later when they began making the first season.
  6. Ok that explanation is making more sense now lol
  7. I did think of one more thing, what if it’s sort of a rebirth like Azor Ahai. There were multiple Brandon Starks in the past..what if one was in the weirwoods facilitating his rebirth? Although I like your explanation better.
  8. It’s ok I just wanted to share my idea.
  9. Well, your mom certainly likes it Edit: please don’t take it personally; your avatar and username are what I was referring to lol
  10. I don't believe the Blackfyre theory holds a lot of weight when looked at in scrutiny. It appears Illyrio and Varys are for the dornish. The Blackfyres would not care for Rhaenys or Aegon. Nor even Dany or Viserys' claim, yet their plans were to crown Viserys then Dany. It was Aegon himself that chose to go. Also, if you look at the language they use, "bad" cause for Lannisters, Illyrio calling Tywin arrogant and over proud. Why would the Blackfyres make any distinctions between the families. And they are both trying to delay the war as much as possible. Prince Doran took a jagged breath. "Dorne still has friends at court. Friends who tell us things we were not meant to know. "She will, or she will not." Illyrio bit the egg in half. "I told you, my little friend, not all that a man does is done for gain. Believe as you wish, but even fat old fools like me have friends, and debts of affection to repay." "Very little of what the fat man has anticipated has come to pass. I have danced to the fat man's pipes for years, Lemore" How many days until we reach the river?" he asked Illyrio that evening. "At this pace, your queen's dragons will be larger than Aegon's three before I can lay eyes upon them." "Would it were so. A large dragon is more fearsome than a small one." The magister shrugged. "My father is very good at doing nothing. He calls it thinking" - Arianne "You mistake patience for forbearance. I have worked at the downfall of Tywin Lannister since the day they told me of Elia and her children. "Vengeance." His voice was soft, as if he were afraid that someone might be listening. "Justice." Prince Doran pressed the onyx dragon into her palm with his swollen, gouty fingers, and whispered, "Fire and blood."
  11. I don't think it goes with the context of the conversation and GRRM does not put in mystery just for the sake of it, usually the conversations flow. Varys knows which Aegon he is referring to, what is purpose of it being some kind of inside joke? There is nobody there to understand it. Its just mystery for the sake of it. If he meant the other Aegon, then he wouldn't mention it because Kevan doesn't know of a different Aegon.
  12. Yea I don't like it either. I was reading Bran's chapters and the idea popped in my head Lol I know, but its something that I pieced together from Bran's chapters. Some of his chapters are very eerie. Of course I could be completely wrong Bran hated being crippled then. "Don't cry," he said. He wanted to put his arms around her, hold her tight the way his mother used to hold him back at Winterfell when he'd hurt himself. She was right there, only a few feet from him, but so far out of reach it might have been a hundred leagues. To touch her he would need to pull himself along the ground with his hands, dragging his legs behind him. The floor was rough and uneven, and it would be slow going, full of scrapes and bumps. I could put on Hodor's skin, he thought. Hodor could hold her and pat her on the back. The thought made Bran feel strange, but he was still thinking it when Meera bolted from the fire, back out into the darkness of the tunnels. He heard her steps recede until there was nothing but the voices of the singers.
  13. For the sign post I think it is the fact that Bran is a weirwood, there is this passage when Bran wakes up and Sansa dreams of Bran smiling and they are sleeping in the heart tree by King's Landing The heart tree there was a great oak, its ancient limbs overgrown with smokeberry vines; they knelt before it to offer their thanksgiving, as if it had been a weirwood. Sansa drifted to sleep as the moon rose, Arya several hours later, curling up in the grass under Ned's cloak. All through the dark hours he kept his vigil alone. When dawn broke over the city, the dark red blooms of dragon's breath surrounded the girls where they lay. "I dreamed of Bran," Sansa had whispered to him. "I saw him smiling." "He was going to be a knight," Arya was saying now. "A knight of the Kingsguard. Can he still be a knight?"
  14. Lady Lance is such a caricature of Lyanna. I think she is going enter lists as a mystery knight and end up dying lol
  15. Very interesting, when Ned finds Arthur, he notices he has a sad smile, perhaps Howland was whispered something from the Old Gods about his sister or something else? GRRM has said there will be more information about Arthur. But we do know that Ned thought of him as being very honorable. Alternatively, Darkstar doesn't seem to like him very much.
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