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  1. Actually RLJ is supported by the text heavily. That IMO is a theory. Lyanna being KOTL is not supported heavily by the text on the other hand. RLJ does not need Lyanna to be KOLT to be true
  2. Ok so Rhaegar tasked with finding the KOLT doesn’t mean he found the knight. So you saying that he found the knight then saying it was Lyanna is all your own head cannon and not supported by the text. Aerys being paranoid does not mean he found the KOLT. There are a couple of things Rhaegar had set his mind to but didn’t accomplish in fact this tourney was an example of. No point of arguing since there we have two different interpretations. And i believe Lyanna had stated the squires were bullying her fathers bannerman. I am sure just like those squires, there were other people around that may have heard her. Or at least traced back who the squires were bullying.
  3. I meant that Rhaegar crowned and ran off with Lyanna after the knight had vanished. Even after the events of RR nobody makes the connection to Jon. Why would it matter if she was in a tourney once, how does Rhaegar meeting her before crowning her make any difference? It could be infatuation either way. The text doesn’t even say Rhaegar found the knight. He only searched for the knight and found a shield. Please give me a quote where it says Rhaegar was anywhere close to finding the knight. BTW I think it mentions that he caused quite a stir to Aerys when he appears. If one was perceptive they would notice he targeted the same knights who’s squires bullied a stark bannerman. i think maybe Aerys had thought the mystery knight was a northerner and had dishonored Ashara before running off or the northerners were hiding the knight. Perhaps this is why Lyanna was crowned. Ironically if it was Bran then he had probably stopped Rhaegar’s plans and created a rift between several families
  4. Oh right I should have said this event happened before Rhaegar gave her the crown. Yea, I think Rheagar gave her the crown for another reason.
  5. You know what, if Ned was killed by Arthur, Bran would not be alive. So maybe it was. Lol
  6. Did I say Ned? I said HOWLAND, who did tell his kids, why would he conceal the identity? I only said there is no reason for Ned to swear Howland to secrecy over this. Meera and Jojen seem to know the true identity as in it was a combo of Howland and Bran. They were surprised Ned did not tell Bran because it would have seemed to be Howland. It has nothing to do with Neds knowledge of Bran’s powers. it’s already well known that Rhaegar crowned Lyanna and ran off with her before this event. In fact it doesn’t even state Rhaegar finds the mystery knight. It was the day after the first day of the tourney that Rhaegar went to look for the knight and all he found was a shield. The knight could have left the same night.
  7. The story that is told to Bran they are deliberately holding the identity away from Bran. Why? Something that is sworn to secrecy has to cause issues if it was known. If it was Lyanna why not tell him? What issue would arise with Bran or anyone that is alive if they knew Lyanna was the mystery knight. I can’t think of any. I don’t know why Howland would keep the identity away either if it was Lyanna. It was already pretty well known that she was a good rider and had a bit of wildness to her. I can’t see the reason Ned would swore him to secrecy over this. Meera and Jojen may be wondering what version was told to Bran or if he knows at all. Think of Ned, how he is keeping Jon’s mother identity away if Jon or anyone knows, he will be in danger. The same thing applies, if Bran or anyone knew the extent of his power, would he change things that will affect the timeline? Perhaps he would not like what happened in the past and wants to change things only to make it worse. Perhaps if he finds out about his powers too early maybe he would go crazy. Bran has to come to his understanding of his powers and find out on his own.
  8. Well it has to be a secret that can cause damage now whether it is Howland or Meera and Jojen that are keeping the secret. Lyanna being the secret knight would not cause any damage if known throughout the seven kingdoms now because she’s dead. However, if Bran or someone else finds out that it was Bran that was actually the knight then it could cause issues. Especially for Bran. Just like how Ned kept Jon’s mother a secret, if it was known he was Lyanna’s then it could cause damages if Robert knew.
  9. Both Meera and Jojen either do not know the identity or keeping the identity away from Bran. If it was Lyanna, what is the point of keeping the identity away from Bran? If Meera and Jojen don’t know then why is Howland keeping the identity away. Because if it was Lyanna, there is no consequence for anyone to know, it just means she dressed up as a knight once and jousted. It does not indicate Jon because this is before Rhaegar took Lyanna. Howland Reed visited the isle of faces before Harrenhal, stayed with Ned throughout the war, and the discovery of Jon. Howland Reed probably has a lot more to do with Lyanna and Rhaegar than we think. There was something magical about Jon’s birth hear Lyanna screaming. "Eddard!" she called. A storm of rose petals blew across a blood-streaked sky, as blue as the eyes of death.
  10. I was thinking the same thing!! I was re-reading AGOT and there are so many mentions of Bran wanting to be a knight and it’s strange how Howland came from the Isle of Faces to the tourney. It just hit me that KOLT was Bran/Howland. Kudos to you for making this thread!
  11. I actually think the Martells are more justified. Doran’s sister was raped and murdered, her son’s smashed and daughter stabbed multiple times. They did not receive any type of justice until Oberyn pointed out Gegor and killed him. But Lannisters have not still declared that it was Tywin, Gregor and Lorch committed these crimes. And do they really know that Gregor is dead? You say they play a minor role, but that doesn’t mean their storyline would not receive justice. George has said that the minor characters are important to the storyline. Edit: went off topic, but what I am saying that both families have members that want vengeance. And vengeance is not wrong if justified.
  12. I think Ramsay sent the letter to bait and troll Jon. I don’t think Ramsay won against Stannis and he is looking for hostages against him. I don’t think Ramsay was going march and he was expecting Jon to make the first move. Either to march to winterfell and die (I believe there was a blizzard). Or castle black would not want to March and kill Jon then surrender the hostages to Ramsay
  13. Umm actually it’s both Starks and Martells
  14. Sorry about that. I think Jon is going to get more grey and I think it’s an interesting topic. There just is so much back forth that are nonsense that it really muddies up the conversations.
  15. Do you assume everyone that thinks Jon will turn dark, hates Jon? I like Jon and I see Jon becoming a much more darker character in the future. I don’t see what’s the issue of pointing out the possibility.
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