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  1. Crona

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    He’s definitely a descendent of Dyanna Dayne I don’t think so. After reading the books Ned doesn’t recall Ashara and if he was traveling with her then people would recalled a woman with purple eyes. Also, I don’t see a lady like Ashara having a child out of wedlock, she’s the beautiful daughter of house Dayne she could marry someone who was actually lord. And having a child out of wedlock doesn’t really fit with how the main family of Starfall act. I don’t see the significance of Brandon being the father, what would that mean anyway? Also why would Ashara want to sleep with him? She was never described as being willful or promiscuous and Brandon was already bethroned to Cat. Perhaps Arthur may have slept with women before being a kingsguard but I doubt he would sleep with someone after becoming KG. The man seemed very sad and melancholy, there is something more to him but I doubt it was having a child. Also, I may mistaken but Arthur was only recalled when Bran was talking to Ned about knights. Other than that he doesn’t really think of Arthur and does not compare him to Robert as he does with Rhaegar.
  2. Crona

    Small Questions v. 10106

    “The Red Keep has ways known only to ghosts and spiders” - Varys for the ghosts part, was Varys referring to all the people who died there or was he referring to specific person?
  3. Crona

    For the record... and posterity!

    RLJ Tyrion is Tywin’s son Bran did eat blood but it wasn’t Jojen’s. Ramsay or Roose wrote PL Lemon Tree is in Braavos but it was gifted by the Martells Theon will live Aegon is the son of Elia Jaime and Cersei are Tywin’s Ashara was not involved with Brandon or Ned nor was pregnant Septa Lemore is Wenda the White Fawn Jon will not have Dawn
  4. Well, I think we just don’t have enough information. I don’t believe it aligns with Rhaegar’s character to just leave his wife and children for another woman because she can no longer give him another child. But I also don’t see Elia being complacent about Rhaegar getting another wife. It’s not in Lyanna’s character either to be with someone who’s already married, regardless of what he said I don’t think she was too naive to think just because he promised to stay her bed only would be enough for her. He would still have another wife and children that he is responsible for and she will end having to share her husband. Elia and Rhaegar’s relationship was described as complicated and I think there was something going on with their relationship that had triggered him to Lyanna. I don’t think it was pure prophecy but a mix of his situation and the prophecy that brought him and Lyanna together.
  5. Crona

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I would think if they are co-conspirators and one had Viserys who was supposed to marry Arianne and only Doran knows then how did Doran expect Viserys to marry Arianne if he didn’t tell the people who could have helped Viserys the most as they are already in Essos. If they are not co-conspirators then how would Doran know about Aegon. Are Ysilla and Yandrey spies? Is Doran warging the big turtle in the Rhoyne and watching Aegon?
  6. Crona

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Seems that if Doran would know about Aegon then Varys and Doran would be working together. However, if they were then I would think Doran would tell Varys about the pact. But I guess Doran may have kept that to himself.
  7. Crona

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    Brynden serves his own ideologies and he gets it done by sheer ruthlessness. Before it was the Blackfyres and now it’s the white walkers (not sure if he actually said that). I don’t know if he is willing to entrust the task to a little boy even if he has great powers. There might be something up his sleeve but I have no idea. Take your pick on a theory, my favorite is he’ll train bran as his replacement then skinchange Hodor and walk out with Dark Sister
  8. Crona

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Does the water gardens only use water from the beach? Or does it use other water sources? I thought Dorne was in a drought.
  9. Crona

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    Sorry for the double post but if this is true then why didn’t Varys know about the contract with Viserys, do you think it was forged?
  10. Crona

    Do you think Doran Martell actually has a master plan?

    I hesitate to answer these thread because often they turn into dornish bashing threads. But whatever. I’ll give my honest answer. There is no such thing as a master plan, because pieces always move and you have to adapt and change with it.As such I think the assumption of him putting all his eggs in Viserys is probably not true. Yes, there was a bethrothal between Viserys and Arianne however the bethrothal was completely under Doran’s control. Why would Doran want to support Viserys if he cannot even get any supporters. Viserys would have the Dornish army and what else? That is hardly enough to take on Westeros. And I don’t know how Quentyn dying is Doran’s fault. Doran had told him to bring Dany to Dorne, but he somehow translated that into stealing her dragons. I know she rejected his marriage but the least he could have done is to get an alliance or become an advisor, that would have meant that Dany would have supported Dorne. It was actually a pretty easy task. Dorne has not attacked anyone during all this time. They have been loyal to the Lannisters and are currently looking for Darkstar for attacking Myrcella and Arys. Their son died by Dany’s dragons, but nobody else in Westeros knows about it nor do they know that Arianne is going to Aegon. There’s a lot of pieces on the table that I think dismissing them is probably wrong.
  11. Crona

    Least favorite theory?

    fAegon N+A=A R+A=A or D Elia was cool with RLJ N+A=J Jon will get Dawn Jon or Tyrion riding a dragon Jaime, Cersei Or Tyrion being targ
  12. Crona

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Yea that’s what I was thinking. It seems like Illyrio is probably a few years older than Varys. I think he’s somewhat close to Aerys’ age.
  13. Crona

    Small Questions v. 10105

    How old is Illyrio supposed to be? Like when Varys came to KL after Steffon’s death he and Illyrio were infamous already. I would think he’s older than Ned, maybe he’s around Aerys age?
  14. Crona

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    Yea, I’m not trying to argue or anything I was just wondering. Like to me, I can’t think of any reason she would leave starfall if she was having a stark bastard. I think she might leave if she knew some kind of secret like rlj. But even that kind of falls short, cause Ned took Jon. I have an open mind about his background , and I’m not quite sure of any one theory. I do lean towards that he is not a Targaryen and I do think there is a good chance that he is a Dayne. I actually think Elia being his mother is probably the best option out of the blackfyre or Ashara theory. I think Elia has far more relevance to the story as she is the cornerstone of the Dornish story and also was the stain of Robert’s reign.
  15. Crona

    What to ask GRRM?

    Who told Aerys about Varys’ skills?