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  1. I don’t know about this statement. I think it’s layered. I know they didn’t about the story and I think their realization they didn’t know about the story came during the middle and end of the series. But I think in the beginning D&D thought they knew the story. Otherwise if they didn’t know the story then why did they disagree with George about Stoneheart? If knew they didn’t know the story then they would have taken George’s direction. Seems more like D&D thought they knew the story and wanted to take fantasy elements and other elements out because they thought it wasn’t needed. Then towards the end realized they didn’t understand the story.
  2. I know he’s lying about the true reason. We still have to figure out why he has a portrait of a woman, and who was the woman. And what was the reason to mention Serra to Halfmaester? Why did he need to lie at this moment. He could have just said nothing. That’s why I think “Serra” is a real person but Illyrio is lying about Serra.
  3. Yea, I never got the idea that we couldn’t include the full story because the audience couldn’t understand it, since the reason they got into GOT is because of the complex storyline.
  4. The other issue is we had a bunch of people make excuses for them. The primary being: the budget, they ran out of book material (false), and the viewers would not understand the story. (Wrong again, never underestimate your audience).
  5. Crona

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Do we know the six companions with Rhaegar when he took Lyanna? It was Dayne, Whent, Mooton, and Lonmouth. But who were the other 2? Jon Con doesn’t seem to recall Lyanna so I doubt he was one. Maybe the Darrys?
  6. Crona

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Oh I agree with the pacing of his books, I’m just saying I understand how people could be offput by it
  7. Crona

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    While I love Feast, I can understand why fans do not like the book. In the first 3 books it was mostly close knit and did not delve into other povs from Iron irons or Dorne then there was a huge waiting period and some characters were missing from the book only to wait years later for their povs in another book. I like the way he wrote the book but if there’s one criticism is that he didn’t introduce many of the characters in Feast in his previous books and not allowing fans to know the characters from Feast beforehand.
  8. While I do agree Serra is probably not his second wife. But I do think the person known as “Serra” in the portrait is someone significant to him because he does swear by her hands when Tyrion is leaving with Haldon and Duck. I do have a sneaking suspicion it may be Elissa Farman though but it’s only a thought that I’m still developing.
  9. Crona

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Westeros is not that large, besides I like Stannis more than the Targs, Lannisters and Starks but this is just my opinion. Also it wouldn’t make sense because since the first book Varys has been planning against the main families, and for the series to go on without Varys revealing his main plan wouldn’t make sense to me. Not to mention the Reach, Dorne, Vale, and the Iron Islands were active during the time of Tywin’s and Robb’s struggle and without them much of the story in the first three books would not have the same. Now that Tywin and Robb are gone and both families are weak, it’s only natural the other houses will close in. I quite like the POVs and I think they positioned to show a lot of the storylines such as Euron in Oldtown, Stannis against Roose, and the battle in Meeren.
  10. Crona

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    He had to expand beyond them, why do you think it’s called the 7 kingdoms? Do you think the other kingdoms have no say in what happens in their lands?
  11. Crona

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    just wondering, do we know when GRRM told them it was Bran? Was it the beginning or during season 5?
  12. Crona

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I completely agree. I think people who decide to read the books will be so pleasantly surprised by Feast just like I did.
  13. Crona

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    The last two are my faves. It’s slower than the others but the slowness was welcomed and I really liked the political intrigue in the books. I actually started to really liking Jon in the last book and the new regions introduced. A lot of authors skip over world building but I really appreciate GRRM taking the time and expanding his story.
  14. Crona

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    What has Aegon ever done for Dany to kill him? He should be killed because he was raised to think he was someone else?