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  1. The war between the invading Andals and the First Men for control of the Vale.
  2. The plot required him to avoid passing on that knowledge, much like Tyrion suddenly dropping in IQ in Season 7 so that the Lannisters could eliminate the advantages Dany and Co. brought with them. If there needs to be an IC reason for why - well maybe like Doctor Strange in Infinity Wars he could only see one way for the living to defeat the dead and that required him to take the actions (or lack of actions) he did. For a more meta reason, well the show runners have said that they weren't fans of the supernatural elements of the story, for them it was a narrative about power. Since Bran's story was particularly wrapped up in the supernatural it was given the short end of the stick during the early part of Season 8, most of the stuff around Winterfell focused on other characters that the show runners were more invested in. So Bran got the act weird, talk to Sam about Jon, and stare down Jaime Lannister and that's it.
  3. Because that would be useful and Bran wasn't allowed to be useful in Season 8.
  4. Darkstar - He seems pretty one note at the moment but there is a lot of unknown stuff about what really happened. Also POVing characters seems to flesh them out and give them new life so it could save Darkstar from the Scrappy Heap.
  5. Rhaeger was complex and convinced that he was the hero, or the herald of the hero, of a story greater than himself, his marriage, his kingdom. He had great qualities and was respected and well liked for them but he had his own human flaws that dragged him down. I think that he was too far above it all, that he was convinced that destiny was on his side but forgot that others had their own desires, goals, and feelings. His head was above human concerns and he was unable to see the cracks widening beneath his feet. As for his reputation among those who remember him - well he died in battle in during the prime of his life, his story a romantic one to those sympathetic to him. He never lived to become a monster, never had to deal with always living in the shadow of one moment of greatness like Robert, and never lived to become a drunken bitter king or a paranoid madman with a fetish for fire. He represents great days before the upheaval of Robert's Rebellion when the Realm was at peace and he is a figure safe to associate with those good memories rather than Icy Tywin Lannister who sacked King's Landing or the Mad King.
  6. It's the whole reason he went to Storm's End, to get Edric and use his features to show what a son of Robert looked like. It just got sort of lost in the whole losing the Battle of the Blackwater since in the aftermath most of his former supporters bend the knee and accept the official position of the Throne that Ned Stark "admitted" just before his head was taken.
  7. Probably pretty upset. In most of the Rhaegar stuff she's either ignored except as a plot point why R+L could not be together or assumed to fully accept her husband running off with a random girl he met at a tournament where he publicly snubbed her. When Rhaegar ran off with Lyanna Elia and her children were left in King's Landing with the Mad King while Rhaegar and his new girl were off who knows where. Once the Mad King murders the Warden of the North and his eldest son and the Rebellion kicks off she and her children are stuck in KL as hostages for Dorne to stay loyal - the Mad King even threatens her life in order to get those 10,000 Dornish spears that would fight at the Trident. Rhaegar knew his father was nuts and yet left his wife and children behind with him. I doubt that Rhaegar gave a damn about her or her feelings. He always reads to me like someone in love with their own legend and who believes that they are right about something major and therefore all of their actions are justified. Which is why I hope Aegon is real. At the very least JonCon was probably a better dad than Rhaegar would have been.
  8. Planetos is really a snow globe which is why Winter is Coming.
  9. Yeah. Without Tywin the Lannisters are in a much worse position since Tywin would be dead, Jaime would be a prisoner, and Tywin would have never given Tyrion his authority to act as Hand of the King - and there was no way in the seven hells that Cersei would have appointed Tyrion Hand. The biggest point of contention would be if Tywin had a will removing Tyrion from the line of succession to Casterly Rock or designated an Heir. 1. Tyrion Inherits - He takes council with the rest of his Lords and Bannermen, continues to put pressure on Robb as he probably follows his father's campaign plans. Seriously tension with his sister results in a breakdown between the Lannisters in the field and the King, eventually Joffrey orders Tyrion arrested and Cersei orders the army to march to KL to protect them from Renly and Stannis. 2. Cersei Inherits - Cersei either orders them to march on Riverrun to get Jaime back or to march to KL to protect the city. 3. Kevan Lannister Inherits - Similar to Tyrion since he would have been privy to his brother's plans. Basically Tywin dying removes the figure that kept Cersei from screwing things up in ACOK and without him out there the Lannisters start to turn on each other because Cersei is not as smart as she thinks but has access to the King.
  10. The main thing about Littlefinger is that most people in the series underestimate him, even those who know how clever he is. In a society where power is often believed to flow from the number of spears and knights at one's command his lack of lands and troops causes many to dismiss the danger he poses. It is pretty clear from Tyrion's thoughts once he replaces Littlefinger as Master of Coin that Littlefinger made out like a bandit and placed people loyal to him in positions all around King's Landing and within the Red Keep. Littlefinger got richer as he moved coin around and yet the Crown went further and further into debt and he always seemed to have gold in position to accomplish the next part of his plan - like how he purchases the debts of House Waynwood in order to secure Harry the Heir for marriage. I've always thought of Littlefinger as the rich man in the riddle of power - it's just most of the Westerosi Nobility have a disdain for counting coppers and for those who fight for money (see all the shots taken at the courage of sell swords and free riders), in the riddle of power they would kill for their King or for their Faith but hate admitting any temptation for killing for money. Hence they keep ignoring the men whose power is based in the purse and Littlefinger makes another jape and they assume that he's clever and ambitious but harmless. He got away with so much because really only Varys and Tyrion see through him and Tyrion needs him in ACOK. By the time Tywin arrives at the end of Clash Littlefinger is too necessary to the Lannister plans to be ousted and Tywin is dead before he can burn Littlefinger once LF outlives his usefulness to the Lion. At that point it's Varys, who has his own problems after freeing Tyrion, and Cersei, who is busy making enemies rather than dealing with them, left to "deal" with him.
  11. Well at least they didn't give Bronn a dragon. "Hello I'm Tyrion and currently in prison for Treason - We should make the guy who didn't do anything but stare at everyone like a weirdo. and whose family has just "noped" out of the Seven Kingdoms led by his sister, King because he has a great story. Never mind that he didn't do anything and that others have far more complex personal journeys, just take my advice like you did when I said we should hide women and children in crypts while facing a necromancer."
  12. I skip a lot of Dany chapters in ACOK and ADWD, Qarth until the House of the Undying and Dany failing to rule a city were both really boring to me.
  13. Beat Ramsey/Roose's army and begin the fight against the Others in the North. Dies with the Queen's Men when he believes that he is the Prince That Was Promised and goes to lead a battle against the White Walkers. This forces Jon to step up and assume the mantle of leading the forces of the living in the North.
  14. My strange list of favorites from the ASOIF books: 1. Tyrion - Not a strange first pick I will admit. He's a complicated character who knowingly does some awful things and yet still struggles to do the "right" thing when he is able. For the first two books he's technically on the "bad guy's" team but I rooted for him anyways because in a world dominated by strong sword arms and cross bows he fights with his mind and his ax. In Clash his POV is the first REAL look at KL politics and it's never better than through his eyes. 2. Prince Oberyn Martell - He was there for a good time but not a long time. Loved every scene he was in and how his legend and the people he trained/mentored live on after him. 3. Ser Garlan Tyrell - Good guy who is also a badass. What's not to like about a guy who gives people the respect they deserve, actually seems to love his wife, and was willing to play the part of Renly's Ghost in order to gain a psychological advantage at the Battle of the Blackwater. 4. Ser Davos Seaworth - He's an everyman who's got more common sense than many of the Lords of Westeros put together. He believes in his King and doesn't shrink from being an honest adviser. 5. Princess Arianne Martell - Insufferable at first but the reader gets to see her grow as a character and learn the subtle art of politics in Dorne as she does. 6. Ser Jaime Lannister - You hate him in the first book. Then in the third you finally get his POV and begin to understand the man. Has a lot of flaws but also grows to realize his faults and failings and begin to correct them. Jaime's "I'm tired of idiots" mentality in AFFC is some of the best stuff in the book, at least IMHO. 7. Ser Brynden "Blackfish" Tully - He's himself and nobody else. He didn't change for his brother and he didn't change when Robb died at the Twins. He deals in Reasons You Suck speeches and while an older knight he still is a legitimate badass. 8. Lord Bronze Yohn Royce - Doesn't take Littlefinger's crap, kicks the asses of men half his age. IDK I just like all of his appearances so far. 9. Dolorous Edd - Always saying that the worst is going to happen. Almost always correct. 10. Kevan Lannister - Tells Cersei off. Rejects power under Cersei. Was beginning to actually fix the mess his niece made when he was killed. Always in Tywin's shadow but still usually the second smartest man in any room next to his brother. Actually loves his family.
  15. Duskendale was Roose throwing away an army, Roose Bolton is cunning enough that if he wanted to lose an army he would have lost an army. Most likely he placed Lord Hornwood in position to bite it since Hornwood's lands are near to his and the Hornwood lands would pass to a young man riding in Robb's personal guard (which would be in the thick of battle and a major target for the Kingslayer). The rest of the battle I side with Martin, he's either a hero for winning or he saves his own ass by hanging someone else's troops out to dry. He doesn't fall into Tywin's trap, he holds the high ground and allows the enemy to come at him. So he is fighting on ground of his choosing and refuses to reinforce failure once the Mountain breaks his line - both are tactically sound decisions and he preserved enough of his strength to be a factor in the war as his host retreated in mostly good order and reformed to be a threat to Harrenhall. If Roose wanted to lose on the Green Fork he had ample opportunity to sacrifice more of his host and there was a trap that he could have blunder into and used the excuse that he was outfought and tricked by Tywin Lannister.
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