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  1. Maybe. Stannis still needs Edric Storm to press his claim (legally) that Joffrey and co weren't Robert's children. So he still needs to go to Storm's End and thus will have the confrontation with Renly, nothing changes there - the Tyrells head back to the Reach while several Reach Houses and the Stormlands fight with Stannis. Now here comes the maybes: Is there a united strategy between Robb and Stannis. Robb's objective in the books is to hit the Westerlands, draw Tywin across the Tumblestone and eventually cut him off with forces from Riverrun. Now that got messed up because of Edmure and Robb's lack of communication but would that change if they are working with Stannis? Keeping Tywin away from King's Landing would be the main objective of Robb's forces so drawing him west with an invasion of the Westerlands and also eliminating the army forming at Oxcross would be a good way of doing that. However Tywin could do what he did in the books ... get the deal with the Tyrell's done and head down towards King's Landing to defeat Stannis. So Robb might have had to be more aggressive and march on Tywin's army in the Riverlands in order to prevent him from getting back to King's Landing, means the forces from the loss at Riverrun and the new army from Oxcross might have gotten into action and pressed Robb from two different directions. As for outright supporting Stannis, well depending on when they did so it might have had an impact on the other kingdoms. If the Riverlands and the North are both behind Stannis then that could cause some of the more reluctant Lords in the Reach and Stormlands to council caution to Renly. Renly most likely doesn't listen but on the off chance that he does then it's the Reach, the Stormlands, Dragonstone, the North and the Riverlands vs the Crownlands and the Westerlands. At that point does Dorne jump in to get a crack at the Lannisters? If they do then the Reach moves towards the southern Riverlands, Stannis lands near Duskendale and takes it and King's Landing is surrounded and cut off completely. Of course that would involve Renly, Robb, Mace Tyrell and Stannis all acting like rational adults -- so not much of a chance.
  2. SilverGhost

    Howland Reed Appearance ?

    While I highly doubt it will happen it would be nice for him to finally show up and confirm Jon's parentage should the Lords who are left not trust the word of Varys and Jon's BFF and creepy as hell cousin/"half-brother". Of course D&D might simply let Dany's actions speak for themselves and have Westeros jump on the "Jon-For-King" bandwagon because he's not the person who just burned King's Landing with dragon. Still a person can hope.