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  1. The same way it happened in The Mystery Knight, someone influenced/bribed the person choosing the match ups.
  2. It was not the kind of lists/bracket system we have seen elsewhere. The tourney was a 'champions tourney.' At the beginning there were five knights, the champions (5 Whents). Knights could challenge one of the 5 and then take their spot. Then at some point it was either halted and each of the 5 left had to challenge each other to determine the final champ... or there were fewer than 5 champions (because of the Knight of the Laughing Tree ousting a few of them then leaving).
  3. @EggBlue We don't know where any of those four were during the Robellion. Period. Vagueness: Walys might have been at Winterfell or not (he may have traveled with Rickard or not, we don't know). As for Richard Lomouth, look for Lonmouth = Lem Lemoncloak theories; those are the only things based on text that references Richard that are of any merit.
  4. Are there any theories about the metaphor of the Crakehall's (boars) being related to the eventual fall of Tommen? (Boar killing Robert, Crakehall killing Tommen?)
  5. GRRM would have used almost all the same words, just arranged in a different order.
  6. "Chekov's Gun" is used a lot on here and is often overstated. 1) Chekov wrote only one novel. He wrote mostly plays and short stories, which have to be shorter and more direct/efficient with what is mentioned. 2) It is advice from Chekov specifically about writing plays. Plays are short (see #1). Compare to Martin's writing, which often tells us more about how the chicken looks than the characters. 2) It is not an absolute rule. You only know which story elements are important at the end. ASoIaF isn't done. Not everything that is mentioned in ASoIaF will be important.
  7. "Hey there Dany, complete stranger calling you in your dreams via the magic telephone (even though the text has not shown that I can, in fact, call people in dreams using the magic dream-o-phone)." "I'm a maester from the kingdom ruled by those who overthrew and killed your father, eldest brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew... also, technically, I am subservient to the current ruler here." "There is some danger from other people, who are also maesters, but you should total trust me for... reasons." "Oh, and it is possible that I taught/knew the magi woman who kind of murdered your husband and child." "Don't worry, it is cool." THAT, is why not.
  8. This is in no way a small question. We don't know what happened, so pre-judging the situation is both oversimplifying and assuming too much.
  9. GRRM does leave loose ends all the time. The nature of the POV style of the books means there are loose ends everywhere. Chekov's gun is thrown around here too liberally. Chekov mostly wrote plays and short stories (and only one novel), when economy of words and details is absolutely necessary. GRRM tells us more about the foods at a feast than he does about some characters. It is not reasonable to apply Chekov's Gun to every single item and character that appears on the page. Almost the complete opposite would happen in a large epic with limited POVs, because different people inevitably notice different things. If/when it comes up with lots of people, maybe. Once, off-hand, meh. As soon as Tom mentions he had a bastard or two in the Westerlands from 12-14 years ago, we have something. Not every minor detail connects to something. It can't. Other wise the books would be finished....
  10. 1) There is so little to go on: alive, female, has to be old enough. It is not worth the effort since it cannot be figured out. 2) This is a non-starter, since there is nothing in the books that would lead us to this idea. So little to go on, it is just making sh*t up. There is no reason to believe this premise in the first place, so why bother? (How do we know Pod isn't one of Robert's Bastards? He must be because: reasons.)
  11. This should be in the pinned R+L=J topic.
  12. @TheLastWolf We don't know. (That is the answer to all three of your questions.) 'What ifs' are mostly pointless, because they are unanswerable, so "maybe, but the text does not go that way."
  13. @rotting sea cow @kissdbyfire @Bael's Bastard I think it is an oblique Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, to the moose jokes in the credits. "Mynd you, moose bites Kan be pretti nasti..."
  14. The new ships were captained and crewed on Aurane's orders/suggestion (younger candidates), whereas the older ships would have existing captains and crews. The old captains would probably be less likely to sail off/desert with Aurane, therefore, it is only the new ships. (Just a guess, but it seems like reasonable logic.)
  15. Was polygamy practiced in the Valyrian Freehold?
  16. A few months after the Purple Wedding (AFFC Jaime 2), Roose is still below the Neck and is heading north with all his forces (maybe 1000? who knows), and the two Freys and 2,000 Frey soldiers. That is a large force and Roose would be cautious of crannogmen. In addition, the Ironborn still held Moat Cailin and we know the crannogmen were busy attacking them. Lastly, Ramsay came down from the North with a largish force to take Moat Cailin (not sure on the number), and he was also reasonable cautious of crannogmen. It is just not feasible, from what we know of the tactics of the crannogmen to get to Roose through 3,000 men up to Moat Cailin and even more after it was taken.
  17. I just skimmed through Alayne II, which the wiki uses as a citation to say he was a knight, but I am not seeing anything that actually says that.
  18. Craster may have asked where Gared was, as he was not with the Great Ranging. Gared would have interacted with Craster a lot of the last 40 years of Gared being in the NW. Perhaps Craster thought of Gared as a friend. News always travels faster than the party in a JRPG, err, in a fantasy novel, err.... Probably overthinking it, but I have not read the 'Benjen is sausage' theory.
  19. Has GRRM ever mentioned "The Flight of Dragons" by Peter Dickinson as an influence?
  20. Has GRRM ever mentioned "The Flight of Dragons" by Peter Dickinson as an influence?
  21. There is no reason to assume that it was Rhaegar's intention to name his children after the Conquerors. Therefore, it doesn't matter.
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