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  1. Send Visenya to Dorne instead of Rhaenys. There will be some initial casualties but fewer ones in the long term.
  2. My theory isn’t crazy but it’s kind of my favourite. Euron crow eye will fall in a epic sea battle against aegon in the reach
  3. The same racism Dany and her army faced in the show by xenophobic northerners.
  4. Well when you think of it it’s actually better than the summer islands theory, explains why the Velaryons didn’t face racism. The showrunner actually seem capable this time.
  5. Well I did, but the situation was different a year ago. I had met tons of anti Essos fans then along with other people(do visit the n + w = j thread, you’ll see what flame wars mean, I’m surprised half of the thread wasn’t banned)
  6. If you ask me, it doesn’t make a difference if the Velaryons are played by black actors, white actors or blue actors, they should add well enough. To reconcile canon I have this theory. When a person spends time in the sun, that persons skin becomes tanned. In the novel Kim, Kim is a white but whose skin is turned dark by the sun. The same theory can apply to the velaryons(they spend a LOT of time in the sun with those ships) . The easier explanation is that Corlys’s grandmother or mother was from the summer Islands. What accommodations? as for whether hotd is canon or not I have three canons in my mind. 1)Hotd happened, as did the events as they happened in the books. 2) Hotd happened and is in the same universe as the show. 3) Hotd is a separate universe of its own
  7. There were 5 chapters, in total, easily forgettable to me since the pov itself changes (2arya-cat-blind girl-ugly girl)
  8. Jon Arryn intended to foster him with Stannis but after his death, Cersei planned for him to be fostered at Casterly Rock. The issue isn’t raised again due to the neutrality of the Vale I think. Those can be interpreted as just usual descriptions of characters, like robb looking like Ned for the first time in Catelyns eyes in Catelyn iii. The first book spans a year. The next two span another year(1 year in two books) while the last two are set over six months. It’s also shorter than the others
  9. Chaos Stannis is already married and has a daughter. Daenerys already has a husband. He being the one who made her fled Dragonstone at the very beginning of things. The Baratheon lords and their subordinates hating the Targaryens, the Targaryens regarding the Baratheons as Usurpers deserving no mercy.
  10. The issue is twow. Once that is sorted dream will come quickly. The gap between clash of kings and storm was short
  11. Will be in your hands before 2025 if things go smoothly. I haven’t written many novels but I know that it’s extremely stressful to write one if you have 1) Half your fans demanding the book quickly as if it’s your job to please them 2) Another half predicting your death 3) A Stupid show which messed up your books and is hated by your fans who still want you to keep elements of that show in your book
  12. Can you share where the update was given please. I want to see more for myself
  13. That’s good . Maybe we will even get it by end of this year
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