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  1. Thank you for your answers. I guess I'll leave now. Bye bye everyone see you next September
  2. So I have finished my re reads. I am planning to leave by tomorrow and start harry Potter. Before that I have some last minute questions Will cersei be allowed to rule again after her walk? No one in the small council seems to think so. Can she have any power left Kevan seems to think Jaime is dead? How much time has passed since the last Jaime chapter. In the chapter before this the moon was crescent and now it's full. Why are nymeria and tyene taking so much time to arrive? They left a book ago. Winter is finally here, does it mean that the blackwater is frozen now? If aegon is fake why did varys lie? If aegon is real why varys bother with telling the truth? @EggBlue, @WhatAnArtist!, @Lord Varys, @Jaenara Belarys, @Odej, @Phylum of Alexandria, @BlackLightning I just want some these to these questions(preferably 4 or 5).I will be back September at my next re read.
  3. So I just finished the dragontamer chapter though the chronology was confusing. So was the dog. I've been wondering how many people can a dragon kill, per minute. Rhaegal kills quentyn after he fails to tame him and viserion. Or does he just randomly kill him. Viserion has a dug a cave for himself. How much power does it require. What does everyone think?
  4. I heavily disagree If Jaime dies sansa will definitely be killed by cersei. If a man can't protect his own sister how can he protect his kingdom.
  5. I agree with all of your suggestions.the starks should be max 1100 years old
  6. Aegon had three grown dragons. Daenerys has baby ones. Daenerys couldn't have outright burned all of harrenhall but she certainly could have killed black harren. Rest all she could do
  7. True and add the fact that some of the Lords will want to attack the reach as well and you get a very interesting story. As for @William Stark I will not sink down to your level. I would please request you to maintain a civil tone.You are consistently attacking me in every post. I don't like it. And @WhatAnArtist!This thread is not about me it's about other things. First of all I never played the gender it's you who thinks I did. And what's my personal preferences to you?
  8. Who will be our pov for battle of winterfell. I'm not seeing stannis allowing theon and asha to fight.
  9. I simply don’t agree with it.His storyline is not important than any others.The others related storyline is centered around bran.His in charge job ends with his death.All of his decisions can be told within 3 pages.His interference in northern politics can also be told from mel’s pov even more efficiently since she has a more personal position with Stannis. Her 1 chapter had more magic than Jon’s entire arc. And stop playing the gender card. Their personal journeys can be read without the battle.The last two books are extremely character driven.The battle is just a background thing for Asha and theon not their main purpose.The battle of Meereen can be argued as the ending but the author realised this and gave the characters endings of their arcs. Barristan arc ends with his deposing hizdahr and becoming hand mand Quentyn arc ends with his death.If the arcs didn’t had an ending the book wouldn’t have been approved . I was talking about her remaining ASOS chapters as well as the rest.The reason is that it creates a sense of mystery and people would appreciate brienne’s pov more.Also makes the books smaller,
  10. I want few things clarified. What sort of vassal is house cerwyn. Is it like the umbers or the Hightowers having lower Lords under them Or is it like house baelish, zero vassals under them
  11. He broke guest right and sacked kings landing and killed rhaenys and aegon . He deserves nothing less than what he gave them.
  12. I didn't change anything. Just switched some chapters. Replaced some with some. But the story is the same one Mr Martin wrote. I made zero changes to the plot. I agree though I did it with jon instead of these two. The reason are his storyline not setting up any battle. Mel's importance as a character. I don't agree about the climax thing though. I'm on my re read. I read the sacrifice chapters and it seems like a really good ending to their arcs. Reek becomes theon and leaves his prison. Asha finds her brother. An climax doesn't necessarily require a big bad battle. I agree I removed her chapters after the red wedding.
  13. Yes she was Daeron was a deserter. In her eyes he is the worst of the worst. And he didn't just break his vows once or twice he was still shamelessly breaking them. Even though by now he must know that the others are coming. As for the insurance man if she didn't kill him she would have been thrown out of the house of black and white. And he must have some wrong for people to wish him dead.
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