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  1. But cersei has lost all her power. She is now reduced to nothing. She is planned to be sent back to casterly rock if she wins. And the sand snakes are not evil
  2. You don't know how many people I've met here. Some believe in the most ridiculous theories. I think he has added more pov than reducing them. I'm thinking about one of the two sand snakes in kings landing
  3. 4) The mother and the father have another son, the second brother. On the occasion of his birth, the proud Lord asks the hand of the eldest son for his haughty daughter. The proud Lord is firmly refused. The eldest son marries a kind and beautiful woman, she becomes as close as family to his mother and brother. The sister and the eldest brother have two children, the niece and the nephew. 5) The father starts sinking further into madness. He starts raping and beating the mother. The eldest son sees this and plans a tourney so that he can decide what to do with his father. However the Father's new advisor, the spider warns him of this and the father arrives for the tourney. 6) The eldest son wins the tourney and crowns a bannerman's daughter as queen of love and beauty. The sister is insulted, her husband who till then had been nothing but kind to her, had just publicly shamed her in front of everyone. The eldest son then runs away with the bannerman's daughter
  4. Dany and bran are the two most important characters. We need to have them. I highly doubt that is going to change.
  5. I also did a bit of research on china. In the 8th century. China had an army of 500000 and that was when the country was divided in civil war
  6. And when I told him to stop since I was uncomfortable he called me darling.
  7. First of all its not called theirs it's called hers. If any account posting something which you dont like is a troll then @Mourning Star is a troll. But is she a troll? Of course not.
  8. 1) A glorious girl, alone in a wide green sea, reflects on her past, her siblings, her parents and how her innocence was stolen. Years ago, her eldest brother had been born in an accident that had killed most of their family. Their parents, who were brother and sister, had survived the tragedy. The glorious girl's family had ruled a beautiful realm for centuries, having strong and magical creatures called dragons. 2) The dragons had died a century ago but their family had still ruled their realm. The father had a best friend, the proud lord. The proud Lord ruled the realm for many years. The father rarely concerned himself with the matters of governance, he was more concerned with his harlots. His children with the mother were many but they all died except for the eldest son. 3) The father and the mother had another son, he seemed healthy, but he also died a few months later. After some while the father was captured by a rebellious Lord. The rebellious Lord and his wife had the father insulted and imprisoned. The proud Lord was willing to abandon the father to death but the father was rescued by the white knight.
  9. Well it's over so what do you all think Next is the tragedy of the targaryens
  10. 20) The wonderful woman is forced to walk naked through the streets just for the crime of sleeping with other men. The people insult her, they tell her how her body has aged, they call her a who're. She sees their laughter their delight in seeing her humiliated. She sees other people as well, her father looking disappointed at her, the dwarf laughing at her fallen state, the stupid girl and the proud lord. Her dignity is lost, she feels dirty, violated, used. She breaks down before just she reaches the palace. 21) The uncle arranged the wonderful woman's humiliation to teach her a lesson. He is worried about a pretender who is currently raising an army. The uncle is then attacked by the spider. The spider reveals his plan to destroy their family. Then the spider's children arrive to kill the uncle. They are swif as shadows and in their hands, the daggers. The end
  11. I don't care Clearly we view the story with different lenses. Keep your opinion
  12. I think so given the characters if arya and Brienne, we are supposed to view this story with a modern lens.
  13. Robb stark made a mistake as well? Where was his walk of atonement? Any other female people on this forum do you agree with him?
  14. I'm not your love so don't call me love. If fornication is a crime then why wasn't jon snow punished for it?Where was his walk of atonement? Why didnt ned stark do a walk of shame for fathering a bastard? Why didn't the usurper do a walk of shame?
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