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  1. Really? I always pictured Robert as a brute force fighter and Rhaegar as the one who was all technique. We know who won there.
  2. She seems likely for a heroic sacrifice sadly. She's in a bad spot caught between Jaime and Stoneheart right now. She would be the most literal and fitting Nissa Nissa connection if you spun the prophecy to say Jaime was AAR, not that I'm sure about that even with all the golden hand references. So if she survives her encounter with Stoneheart, if she survives the (presumed)downfall of the Lannisters with her connections to them now, where she goes is largely a question mark. She could just declare she's the sworn sword of whoever sits the Iron Throne, I guess. For someone who really seems to mean everything they say about honor and loyalty she has jumped from camp to camp quite readily in all of this. Not a stretch to say she just bends the knee to (f)Aegon or Dany before it's said and done.
  3. As quickly as possible so the book can move on to more interesting things.
  4. His fingers, his kids, his freedom, his sanity... Davos can't get a break. Out of all the characters in these books, I feel Davos deserves something of a happy ending more than most before it's done.
  5. I mean, Jar Jar did propose the legislation that voted Palpatine emergency authoritarian powers. Hmmm....
  6. Hanging, especially when it was haphazardly done on the spot, often didn't instantly kill people. So it would make sense for Pod and Hunt to be kept hostage to Brienne's good behavior. Assuming of course Stoneheart has the capacity for that train of logic still.
  7. Perhaps Jon's undead member is the true horn of winter. When you blow it the ensuing blast will be powerful enough to bring the Wall down.
  8. And wait! There's more! The OP forgot to post the very obvious companion thread of what will happen when the Others animate the other half of Tormund's member!
  9. I tend to treat a thread about Jon's undead junk with the appropriate level of seriousness. I mean, it's hard not to.
  10. You have more faith in HR than I do. Most companies HR I've worked for definitely was there to protect the company, and not the employees. Reporting an illegal situation to them would just alert them they need to cover up the issue before they're investigated then get you fired for something completely unrelated down the road.
  11. But I'm not sure it did, so much. He was already sleeping around before his "one true love" Lyanna. Fighting and fucking seemed his priorities even then. I could easily see him being the same drunken whoremonger even if he married Lyanna(that perfect woman illusion wouldn't have survived, even Ned said that) and stayed ruling the Stormlands.
  12. Yeah, sometimes I wish accounts, especially the newer ones, had some limits on how many threads they can start. It's the same handful of accounts starting the majority of threads.
  13. I mean if you want to get down to it, "legal" is determined by who wins. So right now he's alright "legally" but what will be legal during the next regime?
  14. Sometimes it isn't what you do, but how you did it. If Walder Frey had closed the Twins and declared for the Lannisters, most might agree Robb had that coming. But the Red Wedding took an orgy of revenge too far. If the Boltons declared for House Lannister, Roose joined his army to Tywin's and Ramsay takes over the North by force, he'd be more respectable than undermining the Starks while he was still "serving" them. So it's less betraying the Starks and more their methods.
  15. I would disagree with the premise that Robert Baratheon was morally superior. He was utterly apathetic towards basically everything beyond satisfying his immediate desires, be it food, alcohol, women, battle or being loved.
  16. I guess "haters gonna hate" may as well be ancient wisdom at this point.
  17. Pft. People confess to the most horrible things after a few days of that! Tbh, I kinda checked out of the franchise after Last Jedi. Haven't even watched anything since that. Maybe it's just different from what I grew up with, maybe I just outgrew it, maybe Luke drinking alien breast milk fresh from the teat ruined everything for me, but the magic just wasn't there for me anymore. It just seems more about putting as many flashy movies and spinoffs out there as they can to put butts in the seats and make a buck than about telling a compelling story.
  18. I hear modern advanced interrogation techniques involve putting videos of his clips on repeat to those poor, poor prisoners.
  19. I guess it's all about you and your opinions. Maybe a discussion forum, where other people's opinions matter, isn't the place for you.
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