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  1. Why is this even a question? Huge difference between burning them all out of spite and using wildfire as a military weapon.
  2. Because of how much we torture ourselves thinking Winds will come out?
  3. And not impossible he wins this lawsuit knowing our justice system.
  4. Renly could've done all kinds of things differently. But that would've required him to be another person better than grabbing for the throne for shits and giggles.
  5. If the definition of honor is "just follow orders" while atrocities happen, then yeah I completely get why Jaime is so jaded.
  6. It's a guess at this point. Their gold shrouds could be their Lannister hair. Or perhaps they all die with a golden crown on their head.
  7. By the nature of things citing wikis as reliable sources of information can be sketchy. When it's as something as subjective as categorizing types of evil well, your cited evidence may as well just be "other people agree with me." It's great you have your opinion, but I"m sure everyone else can come up with their own.
  8. The only way I could see Cersei willingly killing herself is if she has nothing left to lose AND she'd be able to take a lot of people she hates with her. So if burning herself(and everyone else) with wildfire counts as suicide, then yes she'd be willing to kill herself.
  9. Give Jon and Dany's ages, George seems to like the idea of child prodigies rising to the top.
  10. Well in my opinion the least interesting part of the book is the pending conflict with the Others. For his criticism of Tolkien's generic evil bad guys, Martin seems to have made his big baddies the very same. But we don't really know very much about them yet. I suppose there could be a tragic story behind them that gives them something to identify with.
  11. To be honest, I'm hoping the trope that Jon being the hidden prince, savior and so on is subverted. For a book that's defying the modern fantasy conventions it seems to center around that hidden prince trope.
  12. Yeah, the same people railing against how murderous and immoral Arya is will be declaring how all must bow to the dragon goddess or die a fiery death. It's less about applying morals consistently and attacking characters who are perceived as a rival to their favorites.
  13. Please don't give George the idea for another side project to distract him from Winds!
  14. I'm sure the guy who demonstrates the advanced kind of thinking of stabbing his Lord Commander in plain sight of the entire castle will definitely demonstrated the planning necessary to tie up loose ends like Ghost.
  15. Another professional psychological diagnosis courtesy of the University of Reddit.
  16. To reconcile there would've had to be some warm feelings in the past. There weren't. You'd have to go back to Renly's childhood. Make him enamored of Stannis as they stalwart defender of Storm's End as he witnessed.
  17. To be fair, I might prefer being skinned alive to listening to Roose Bolton rapping.
  18. You can split hairs over the label of army vs barbarian horde, but that's how the people in the Seven Kingdoms would view the Dothraki. When they start pillaging and raping villages(and cities if they can get in), that will only serve to reinforce that label. Beyond that it feels like you're presenting subjective desires as a fan as fact in the case of the Seven Kingdoms wanting to unite under Targaryen rule and the North uniting behind the Boltons. Feels like it's up there with Viserys' believe in secret Targaryen loyalists drinking secret toasts to him.
  19. The short answer is we don't know. The only "facts" are second hand reports and rumors. It's my belief those will turn out to be people talking out of their asses.
  20. No, he had the only army before the Rebellion started. That very brutality behind the mindset of might makes right as @Moiraine Sedai described was what touched it off.
  21. Ironically a foreign barbarian horde conquering King's Landing could be the one thing that unites the Seven Kingdoms in resisting them. At least for awhile.
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