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  1. Annalee

    Can Cat be happy?

    Catelyn would feel happiness. She would be proud of Arya for what she has become. Arya is Stoneheart Jr. In that case, yes. Stoneheart would feel pride because Arya has become an instrument of revenge.
  2. Annalee

    Is House Martell underestimated?

    I think so. War with the Lannisters mean the destruction of Dorne. That's why he was careful to keep his Targaryen Restoration plan a secret.
  3. Well Allysanne is not the princess who was promised. Her role at the time was to heal the realm after the war between her house and the faith. Allysanne was given her dragon and she didn't have to walk through fire to do it. It's fair to say she had it easy compared to Daenerys. Allysanne was a strong woman but Daenerys is on a different level of strength because her role require her to change the world. One of them being to put a stop to the slave trade. A challenge which Allysanne was not required to do.
  4. Annalee

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    The Kingsguard were loyal to King Aerys. They were not loyal to Rhaegar. Rhaegar was just a prince. He was not even the heir anymore. Aerys chose Viserys to succeed him. The Kingsguard were loyal to Aerys all the way to their bitter end. Their deaths, not his. They stayed loyal even after Aerys died. The White Bull made this clear. He would have done anything in his power to keep Aerys on the throne.
  5. Annalee

    The betrayal of Roose Bolton

    The Stark girls lost their claim. Robb Stark lost Winterfell because he rebelled. I don't have the quote but an attainder was prepared to take Winterfell from him and his family.
  6. Annalee

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    You mean with his head attached? I suppose when Balon Greyjoy dies. Theon goes back to take the Sea Stone chair.
  7. Annalee

    The Prequel

    I just don't know how much reliable information we can get out of a new material like that. If the latest work, F&B, is any indication. Vagueness and the lack of solid facts made it less helpful for those who want direct answers to some very good questions.
  8. Annalee

    What Needs to Be Accomplished

    Merging and trimming. Trimming is just as useful of a literary tool. So say Jon dies and never comes back. That is a very effective and deliciously dramatic way to trim his plot point. One that I can get on board with. Ancillary plot lines like the Brotherhood, Sansa & LF, Samwell Tarly, Euron Greyjoy, can also be trimmed very neatly with a few timely deaths. For example, the Brotherhood story includes Jaime and Brienne. It can be closed out in one chapter with the deaths of LSH, Jaime, Pod, and Brienne.
  9. Annalee

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    It's going to drop some hurt on the Others and those who enslave the weak.
  10. Annalee

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    What Should've Taken the Black said: It heralds the rebirth of the dragons. Or resurrection of the dragons if you prefer.
  11. Annalee

    Do arranged marriages make houses closer?

    It's an unbreakable bond between the families. It's like a mutual agreement to support the other in war. A mutual defense agreement sealed by what amounts to a public oath.
  12. Annalee

    What Needs to Be Accomplished

    I agree. This is what I concluded from what GRRM said in the following interview. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/nov/10/game-of-thrones-george-rr-martin-the-winds-of-winter-interview
  13. Annalee

    The aftermath of Others invasion

    I had the same idea for the land bridge and posted it here. I also wrote that Daenerys is the Moses of ASOIAF and she will lead the slaves out of bondage. Mereen is the analogue for Egypt. My theory is the slaves will go to the empty cities of the Red Waste. Vaes Toloro is one. GRRM might flip the plot though and have people come eastwards instead. Daenerys the Moses may stay put in Mereen and accept the refugees from Westeros. I'm totally fine with it. An extreme form of interregnum. All social order will fall apart when people's bellies start growling for food. The nobles themselves will have trouble convincing their peasants to share the fruits of their labor with them when they can't do anything to benefit their smallfolk. Westeros will time warp back to a tribal system. Surely we know which people live this style? The free folk. The nobility will fall on its face and the survivors will live in tribes with each having a chieftain. Civilization will be preserved somewhere in the east. Many with the means to do so will migrate to the East. Man did that.
  14. Annalee

    Mapping ASOIF characters by D&D alignment

    Some more Lawful Evil types = Kraznys Mo Naklos, Jaqen Hagar, and Xaro Xaon Daxos. More Chaotic Neutral = Arrianne Martell, Daemon the rogue prince, and Ygritte Additional Neutral Evil = Oberyn Martell Other Chaotic Evil = Ramsay Snow and Mance Rayder Last but not least, one more Lawful Good = Qhorin The Halfhand