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  1. Annalee

    Dany's three betrayals

    Gold could point to the Lannisters. It can also mean actual gold because the Lannisters have the most of it. Tyrion is the most likely perp. Jon will be the third but it will not be to keep the Starks in power. The north will be devastated by the Others and the Starks are not going to be in power. His treason will have something to do with saving Arya from death. Jon will be executed by fire, which is how Dany punishes traitors. Maybe Jon will just die and turn to ashes or he survives the flames and she forgives him.
  2. Annalee

    Dany's three betrayals

    This is a very good alternative theory. As good as any I've read.
  3. Annalee

    An Evil Name

    The Star Wars angle. I agree.
  4. Annalee

    Why did Jon Arryn raise his banners ?

    For personal gain and advancement.
  5. Annalee

    Bowen's next decision

    Bowen doesn't know fake Arya. He might send out riders to search for the girl and waste time. Bowen's men in a race through the snows with the wildlings to find the Stark bride who doesn't exist.
  6. Annalee

    Dany and child murder

    She is in a better position than Ned, Robb, Catelyn, and Jon because she's more intelligent than they were. The Starks betrayed the people who support them. The Starks betrayed the people whose very support they depended on. It's fine to cross the enemy but it is suicide to cross people you depended on. Just ask Robb Stark but be warned he may have to respond in sign language because he lost his tongue along with his head. Keep your troops happy and they will remain loyal. Robb, Catelyn, and Jon betrayed that important rule of leadership.
  7. Annalee

    Dany and child murder

    Dany has good reasons. Letting these guys live invite danger. They are old enough to take up arms and take up revenge. I would have had them executed too.
  8. Annalee

    Dany and child murder

    Robb marched south and didn't really care whether his father was guilty or not. Robb would not do any differently even if Ned had been guilty of treason. He was technically guilty. Robb did attempt to annex parts of Westeros and was willing to kill people in order to get it. He's as bad as Balon. Jon was chosen by his peers and he betrayed them over a sister. That makes the worst of the examples you listed. He sought to deal peacefully with the people he liked. He chose to attack the people he didn't. Daenerys can't stand the Ghis but she knew she had to win them over in order to rule over them. She gave peace a chance instead of giving lip service to peace like Jon did. It was a risky peace and one not likely to work because the masters are so committed to slavery but it was worthwhile to give peace a chance. Jon can't stand the Boltons and many of the men of the watch. So he basically stopped trying to reach them and threw his support to the free folk. Jon's is an example of the bad leadership.
  9. Annalee

    Dany and child murder

    The unsullied had a choice. 100% better than the choice their masters ever gave them which was 0%. Giving them that chance was not a stunt. It was an honest offer. They chose to follow the woman who gave them their freedom. I see nothing wrong with that. They are now men with a purpose. Meereen is in the middle of a social and economic reform. It is way too premature to judge the outcome. Millions of slaves are free because of Daenerys and her armies. The only problem are the masters are still alive and opposing progress. She is the best of the leaders we have come across within the time frame of the story.
  10. Annalee

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    The hrakkar pelt is a gift from the Khal to Daenerys Targaryen. Khal Drogo is the Dothraki people. The Dothraki will deliver the Lannisters (lions) to Daenerys. It's a battle victory for Khaleesi and her khalasar. The short lion is obviously Tyrion. This vision immediately follows the vision of the man who tried to poison Daenerys. It looks like Tyrion's future is to die.
  11. Annalee

    POVs you wished for and that you were weary of?

    POVS which could have brought more drama to the story are: Walder Frey Galazza Galare/Green Grace Greyworm Benerro Ones to remove (and make more room for my list above) are: Samwell Arya Davos Sansa
  12. Annalee

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    He chose the brother because of blood. Robert was no longer his liege. Stannis is not the dutiful lord that many people think he is.
  13. Annalee

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    The two sides need to have a little trust from each other to have any chance of a new pact. Walder (understandably in this case) can no longer trust Robb Stark. Anything Walder wants from the Starks have to be received in advance. Future promises from the Starks are worthless as it is. Robb was only interested in striking a new deal because he was brought low by the Greyjoys. He would otherwise have no interest in begging forgiveness from Walder and only did it because he needed Frey support. It was harsh but what Walder chose to do was right for his family. He owed nothing to the Starks after the disrespect they did to him and his family. Walder gets a lot of hate for breaking guest rights. I can only hope these Frey haters are not the same fans who are so more than willing to look the other way when Jon and Robb broke their oaths. Breaking guest rights and breaking oaths are both evil. It's inconsistent to condemn one and forgive the other.
  14. Annalee

    Can Bloodraven/Bran warg Patchface...

    That would depend on Patchface. Hodor is lower mentally. Patchface is weird but he's not stupid.
  15. There is no proof that Maegor was actually mad. He was just a mean guy who was willing to be cruel to protect his family. Tywin, if he had dragons, would have terrorized any family who challenged his. And should the Faith speak out against the Lannisters? Tywin would have burned them all.