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  1. Annalee

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    The hrakkar pelt is a gift from the Khal to Daenerys Targaryen. Khal Drogo is the Dothraki people. The Dothraki will deliver the Lannisters (lions) to Daenerys. It's a battle victory for Khaleesi and her khalasar. The short lion is obviously Tyrion. This vision immediately follows the vision of the man who tried to poison Daenerys. It looks like Tyrion's future is to die.
  2. Annalee

    POVs you wished for and that you were weary of?

    POVS which could have brought more drama to the story are: Walder Frey Galazza Galare/Green Grace Greyworm Benerro Ones to remove (and make more room for my list above) are: Samwell Arya Davos Sansa
  3. Annalee

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    He chose the brother because of blood. Robert was no longer his liege. Stannis is not the dutiful lord that many people think he is.
  4. Annalee

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    The two sides need to have a little trust from each other to have any chance of a new pact. Walder (understandably in this case) can no longer trust Robb Stark. Anything Walder wants from the Starks have to be received in advance. Future promises from the Starks are worthless as it is. Robb was only interested in striking a new deal because he was brought low by the Greyjoys. He would otherwise have no interest in begging forgiveness from Walder and only did it because he needed Frey support. It was harsh but what Walder chose to do was right for his family. He owed nothing to the Starks after the disrespect they did to him and his family. Walder gets a lot of hate for breaking guest rights. I can only hope these Frey haters are not the same fans who are so more than willing to look the other way when Jon and Robb broke their oaths. Breaking guest rights and breaking oaths are both evil. It's inconsistent to condemn one and forgive the other.
  5. Annalee

    Can Bloodraven/Bran warg Patchface...

    That would depend on Patchface. Hodor is lower mentally. Patchface is weird but he's not stupid.
  6. There is no proof that Maegor was actually mad. He was just a mean guy who was willing to be cruel to protect his family. Tywin, if he had dragons, would have terrorized any family who challenged his. And should the Faith speak out against the Lannisters? Tywin would have burned them all.
  7. The truce between the Others and the first men predate the starks. I mean sure there were starks back then but they were not ruling the north. The Starks cut their own deal much later. The Others think the land belongs to them. The Starks are the caretakers of the land and they wait for the arrival of the Others. The frozen corpses of the winter kings were kept because they think the Others will bring them back.
  8. Annalee

    How far south will the Others get?

    The main characters will die. The people listed on Martin's letter to his publishers will die at the end. Cersei, Sansa, and Jaime were not listed but they will die too. The only ones alive are the boring people like Brienne, Gilly, and Theon. Yes, Theon. Theon because nobody expects him to live. George wants to be different and he does that by killing somebody the reader loves. This won't apply just to people. Castles will crumble. The throne will rust. Casterly Rock will fall into the ocean with all its gold. Westeros will be covered in ice when the last book ends. The epilogue might see the ice starting to thaw and the survivors are now gray with age and thinking of home.
  9. Many of the Targaryens have superman levels of immunity to diseases. If it were not so then it would not have been noticed and noted. This blessing didn't get passed on to every Targaryen and that is to be expected. Some Targaryens were not blessed with the ability to bond with dragons either.
  10. Annalee

    Poll: Is Lemore Actually Ashara?

    Yes I believe this after reading "Fire And Blood". Quaithe is Lady Farman. Lemore is Ashara.
  11. Annalee

    George hates hero worship

    What Ramsay does is bad. But the realm survives and the chance for a better tomorrow is always there. This chance is only there if Jon does his job at the wall. One person cannot solve every problem. The best the person can do is to do their job the best they can. Stopping Ramsay doesn't do any good because he's taking away the wall's defenses. And it's quite arrogant to assume that the majority of readers agree with Jon. We don't know that. All I know for sure is I don't agree with Jon.
  12. Annalee

    George hates hero worship

    I don't know about oath breaking but Jon is at least guilty of deceiving the Nights Watch and the realm of Westeros. He tried to deceive them all. He had a duty to execute Mance Rayder for the crimes of desertion, killing his fellow sworn brothers, and attacking the realm. Jon is also guilty of attacking House Bolton with what amounts to a small force of highly skilled wildlings. Jon's mission to hide Arya from Ramsay is illegal and placed his order in danger. He was about to break this oath. Jon put together his army of wildlings. They were leaving their posts to attack the Boltons. In my opinion, this part of the oath was violated. He attacked the Boltons with Mance Rayder and the Spearwives.
  13. Humans love to screw. The consequences are quickly forgotten during sexual arousal.
  14. Annalee

    Valentine's Day special: Flowers or Heads?

    Jon was happy with Janos Slynt's head. Jon is a moody woman often times. Samwell wears the pants in this pair. Stoneheart. The head of Jaime. Daenerys. The head of the Harpy. Arya. The head of anybody who sided against the Starks. Lady Dustin. Ned's skull to feed to her dogs. Sansa. Illyn Payne's.
  15. Sansa kept her mouth shut and took Joffrey's side. Her wolf was killed and Arya had to send hers away. Micah died because of the lie. All for the love of Joffrey. Or what Joffrey represented.