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  1. Why not? Mance Rayder challenged all of the laws of the Nightwatch and had the audacity to attack the wall with his wildlings. Jon let him go unchallenged. Why do you think he did this? Because he remembered the story of Bael the Bard and if anyone can get his sister it was Mance Rayder. Jon threw justice aside to serve his own needs. A commander be harsh or lenient as long as they apply the standards fairly across the board.
  2. Annalee

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Do you have proof of this rape? And it was Cersei and Jaime's idea to get him on the KG. Tywin himself didn't have problems. He had stupid kids. Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion were his problems.
  3. Annalee

    Danys the good guy?

    Don't let the show fool you. That's the work of Dan and Dave, not George Martin. They created their own fan fiction. The character of Daenerys in the book is a very smart young lady who used her wits to turn a bad marriage to her advantage. She defeated men like Kraznys (sp?) and the titan's bastard while losing only a few of her men.
  4. Annalee

    Danys the good guy?

  5. Evil and bad? We don't need to go there. But I know this. Jon was not cut out for and should never get another chance to lead. His inability to separate himself from the Starks will always compromise his judgment.
  6. This is the damning evidence against Jon Snow. He was looking for an excuse to murder Slynt. I might understand why a nobody like Arya can entertain thoughts of revenge but this is unacceptable from an officer of the NW who has a duty to unite the brotherhood. Bernie Mac. Thank you for quoting this passage.
  7. Annalee

    Do you think Robert's reasoning for keeping on Slynt?

    Robert was next to useless outside of battle. He didn't have management skills. Janos Slynt was already there keeping the peace. Change will require working through someone else who could end up worse.
  8. Annalee

    The Five Forts

    Dany will do the same thing Moses did and lead the slaves out of the bay. The signs are there. Pyramids, plagues. Slavery. Resistant masters who don't want to let the slaves go. Vaes Toloro is an empty city. Asshai has room to spare. The five forts are big enough to house thousands. There are many places where Mhysa can lead her people to. The only people who had the advanced knowledge to build something as large as the five forts are the Valyrians. They had outposts in the west, Dragonstone. The Five forts is the outpost on the northeastern end of the empire.
  9. Annalee

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    It's not a plot hole at all. Illyrio was acting as the Targaryen's adoptive father. He was basically Dany's guardian. He needed to give her gifts worthy of her status as the loveliest woman in the world and the only Targaryen princess.
  10. Annalee

    Fat Walda's Future

    It would be nice if Walda turns the tables on Ramsey and gets him first to save her child. Better if the child is a boy and inherits the north instead of Ramsey. I can think of no better scenario. Young Lord Walder Bolton named in honor of his g-grandfather becomes the Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell after the death of his father, Lord Roose Bolton.
  11. Annalee

    Fat Walda's Future

    I think so. I could be wrong on this but she was the communication link between the twins and harrenhal.
  12. Petyr can't take all of the credit. The hubris of the Starks, Lannisters, and Baratheons was the fuel for the fire. Petyr just struck the match. Arrogance, hate, and revenge fanned the flames and keeps it alive.
  13. Annalee

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    Walder may live for a few more years but he will not live through the Long Night. Most of the mid age to older adults will not live to see Spring. It's just the limitations of the human lifespan. The youth will take over from their elders. Big Walder Frey gets the twins.
  14. Annalee

    Which culture is the biggest?

    Are you asking which culture made the biggest and longest lasting impact on the world? That would be the Valyrians. What you consider valuable depends on where you come from. The Fate of the Seven would argue they brought chivalry and thus made the most valuable contribution. The Ghiscari built great pyramids and gave themselves a life free from labor. The practice of slavery that they perfected to a horrible culture lasted until the arrival of Mhysa. In my opinion, the Valyrians gave that world its most valuable legacy. Their roads still exists to this day and continues to serve their purpose. The only surviving family from the original Dragonlords united an untamed continent of Westeros and built the largest nation of their time. The last of the Valyrians is the divine wind of change that brought desperately needed reforms to Slaver's Bay and she hopes to put an end to the practice of slavery.