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  1. Varys. You can't tell if he's lying or being sincere. He could be telling the truth as he believes but rescued the wrong baby. That Varys is lying is the simplest explanation.
  2. Would harassing behavior and attempts to intimidate be considered breaking the rules? I see a lot of those lately. How do we report such behavior? Is there a direct email to the site administrator? Thanks
  3. He will come back. He will learn who his mother is but will not be able to do anything with that knowledge. Jon will come back in the form of a wight and start searching for Arya.
  4. Arya and Euron could do something like that.
  5. I love Barristan Selmy. It's never too late for an old man to realize his mistake and this one did. He travels halfway across the world to find a ruler who is worthy of serving and found her. I don't have an opinion on Arthur Dayne.
  6. I don't know what became of the four. We never learned of the maester who delivered Dany. He could be Marwyn. I would like for it to be so. What an awesome connection. His witch of a trainee witnessed the rebirth of Azor Ahai and the dragons. While Marwyn was there for Dany's birth.
  7. The only reason for Daenerys Targaryen to burn her city, the city her ancestors built, will be to stop the Others and their ice wights from further spreading. She will have no choice should the city fall to the Others and becomes overrun with wights. This is possible. The Pale Mare is the training for how to stop the spread of wightification. The Others and their ice wights will be treated as an infectious disease. The person who might burn the city out of spite is Arya Stark. She has knelt in the altar of the god of death and she will snap emotionally. The ghost of HH was disturbed by Arya and foresaw the many people that little one will kill. The old lady would not have been disturbed if Arya's victims are all bad people.
  8. Sansa has the best chances of survival among the Starks because so many of us do not like her. Many will be greatly annoyed by her survival. The book fans are indifferent to Rickon and so his chances of survival are quite good. Mr. Martin wants to cause strong emotions in his readers. Jon and Arya are very divisive characters among the readers and that could mean they will die. George may use the warging trump card to keep them alive as direwolves in the latter stages of the story. Those who do not like them will be happy about their deaths while those who like them will be okay because they get to live as direwolves. I have the same opinion of Bran. He will become the dark one. An evil force. Unfortunately he is not easily killed. I also believe he will have what the fans desired, a "fatal" fight between Bran and Jaime. Jaime will lose that fight. Bran is too powerful. His body can be ruined and still his mind can escape to the trees. He will live for a long time as Brynden did. Connected to that strange weir wood tree.
  9. She is Daenerys, of House Targaryen. The daughter of Aerys and Rhaella. Heir to the Kingdom of Westeros. Khaleesi and all of the titles she earned. But there is much more. All those are already known. Why take the trouble to tell her what she already knows. So why is Quaithe so determined to make her remember who she is? It has to do with her past lives. Those memories of hers are not all from this life time. The girl was what, 14 when she came to see the warlocks. She doesn't have a lot of history at that early of an age because she was barely a teenager. Quaithe is talking about something else. She went in seeking advice on where to find an army. They told her nothing useful about that. But she found a way on her own to acquire a formidable army. I don't think the riddle is about finding an army because she is very capable to do that on her own. It's about Azor Ahai. She is most likely this Azor Ahai mentioned in the prophecies.
  10. Mr. Martin is being sentimental. The cat is Balerion. He was there when his princess was murdered. Ravens are easy targets for an aging cat.
  11. There will be a few people who will handle the role of hero-leader who will lead their people through the Long Night. Stannis Baratheon is but one of them. Yes, if he burns Shireen, then she is his Nissa Nissa. Should Jon Snow kills his beloved little sister Arya, then she becomes his Nissa Nissa. The pattern has been established when Daenerys Targaryen mercy killed Khal Drogo. Drogo was her NN. The darkest theme of this story is the need for everybody to sacrifice that which they loved the most in order to save the world of the living. So it has to be a big sacrifice for everybody. It's not a sacrifice if only one person gives up what they love. Everybody will be required to. This being a really bleak and dark story, you can count on one renegade refusing to sacrifice the person he loves the most. A lot of people will die because of that choice and hopefully the person who refused and his family will too.
  12. What do I think? I think you are right. Why do many people believe Aegon will be considered phony but Jon will be accepted as a Targ? Wishful thinking on the part of those fans. So in order of which has the best credibility, from most to least, for being a Targaryen: Daenerys Targaryen Aegon Blackfyre Targaryen Gerold Darkstar Dayne Jon Snow Stark
  13. Robert Strong and Arya Stark would be epic. A fatal conflict between the Mountain against Arya and Nymeria. Bowen Marsh, Theon, and Jon Snow on his death bed. At least Bowen can explain to Jon why he had to do it, Theon tells it's not Arya, and Jon can die in relative peace. Daenerys Targaryen, Marwyn, Quaithe, and a resurrected Maester Aemon.
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