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  1. Annalee

    Do people actually believe Bolt-on?

    Roose being some kind of long living face changer is not likely to be true. The Boltons flayed their enemies. Yes they did this. The practice must have begun during their war with the Starks. The Starks were flayed because they warged animals. The hunter guts and skins his game.
  2. Annalee

    The House of the Undying

    The fires to light is an auto-da-fe for witches and warlocks. It is a callback to the burning of sorcerers and witches except they are for real here. This rules out Tyrion. He doesn't possess any kind of unusual abilities to earn the label of warlock. Mirri can clearly be labeled a witch. Skinchangers and wargs can be labeled witches and wizards. The trio who will earn a date with the flames are Mirri Maaz Dur, Moqorro, and Mellisandre. The mount is a gift from the husband. Drogo gave the silver mare. This is the gift of confidence. Drogo provided the wings to lift Daenerys to great heights. The wings to fly from her brother's nest and come into her own. Victarion is not giving a kraken. He's bringing an armada to the Dragon Queen. This is the second mount. A mount to ride the seas. The blue rose is the symbol of Bael the Bard. It does not necessarily mean Jon Snow. The blue rose on the Wall could easily point to Mance Rayder for stealing Jon Snow. He took the son of a Stark and turned him into a wildling. The blue rose is the symbol of Bael the Bard and not the Starks. Mance stole fArya from Winterfell. He was old enough to have stolen Lyanna from her bed. The husbands will come from savage cultures. Drogo for the Dothraki. Victarion for the Iron born. The third people may be the wildlings and if that is the case the husband might be Jon. There is also Mance Rayder to consider. The three husbands will die and Daenerys will inherit his people. The three lies are all related to false identities. False Azor Ahai, Targaryen, and dragon. The first fire slew the lie of the blue eyed king because we know now who Azor Ahai is. The lies are people standing in her way to the throne.
  3. Annalee

    What to do with Harrenhal?

  4. Annalee


    The fact that the Valyrians stopped at Dragonstone during their conquest should say something. I am also taking into consideration that there are no weirwoods and no direwolves in Essos. I am willing to bet that a peace pact was made a long time ago between man and white walker. Humans did not originally live in Westeros. I have had a theory for a long time about the conclusion to this story. The humans will have to honor the ancient peace pact and leave Westeros. Probably the Starks will stay because they have ice in their veins. Meaning they somehow have a kinship with the white walkers. And so does Craster. The Starks will become the "kings of winter" in the end. Kings over a frozen, dead land.
  5. Annalee

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on

    part II and the title has changed!!! Reply to James Fenimore Cooper, Texas Holdem, and Trees have eyes from the subject area "The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice" by Damsel in Distress. Janos Slynt at first resisted to his new assignment. Samwell too was resistant. I grant Samwell was not as vocal as Slynt. But both men finally agreed to go in the end. Both men needed convincing. There was no need to murder Slynt after he agreed to go. Robb didn't execute Edmure and it is very clear that Edmure's refusal to obey orders costed the Starks a lot more than Slynt's insubordination. Catelyn's did more harm to Robb's authority than anything Slynt could have done and Robb didn't execute her. We should get back to the main idea of the topic: the execution of Janos Slynt was not justice. The original poster (OP), Damsel in Distress, is right because it was not justice. Jon treated two men under his command differently. I am referring here to Slynt and Mance Rayder. It may be the right move politically but I am not convinced of that excuse. Slynt had a lot of fans among the night's watch brothers and Jon became the second most hated man at the wall that moment. Mance holds the number one place. My opinion, it was not a smart move even when seen through the eyes of politics. And an execution for political reasons does not make it justice.
  6. Annalee

    Skinchanging into a baby?

    A baby theoretically has less will power to resist. It's still a poor choice because it's helpless. But it would make for good drama if baby Jon is offered to the Others as a sacrifice. Ice to ice.
  7. Annalee

    Minor characters you wanna see win and why?

    Minor characters I want to win and why. By win, I mean a relatively good outcome for them in the end. Ser Barristan Selmy - Lord Commander of Queen Daenerys Targaryen's Queensguard. He finally found a monarch worthy of his service. Penny - married to a good man and free from slavery. Asha Greyjoy - Lady of the Iron Islands. The choice to lead the ironborn. Ser Jorah Mormont - Hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen. He has proven his loyalty and redeemed himself. Greyworm - Leader of The Unsullied, bodyguard to Her Majesty. So much has been taken from this man. At least he found a ruler worthy of his devotion in Daenerys.
  8. Why not? Mance Rayder challenged all of the laws of the Nightwatch and had the audacity to attack the wall with his wildlings. Jon let him go unchallenged. Why do you think he did this? Because he remembered the story of Bael the Bard and if anyone can get his sister it was Mance Rayder. Jon threw justice aside to serve his own needs. A commander be harsh or lenient as long as they apply the standards fairly across the board.
  9. Annalee

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Do you have proof of this rape? And it was Cersei and Jaime's idea to get him on the KG. Tywin himself didn't have problems. He had stupid kids. Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion were his problems.
  10. Annalee

    Danys the good guy?

    Don't let the show fool you. That's the work of Dan and Dave, not George Martin. They created their own fan fiction. The character of Daenerys in the book is a very smart young lady who used her wits to turn a bad marriage to her advantage. She defeated men like Kraznys (sp?) and the titan's bastard while losing only a few of her men.
  11. Annalee

    Danys the good guy?

  12. Evil and bad? We don't need to go there. But I know this. Jon was not cut out for and should never get another chance to lead. His inability to separate himself from the Starks will always compromise his judgment.
  13. This is the damning evidence against Jon Snow. He was looking for an excuse to murder Slynt. I might understand why a nobody like Arya can entertain thoughts of revenge but this is unacceptable from an officer of the NW who has a duty to unite the brotherhood. Bernie Mac. Thank you for quoting this passage.
  14. Annalee

    Do you think Robert's reasoning for keeping on Slynt?

    Robert was next to useless outside of battle. He didn't have management skills. Janos Slynt was already there keeping the peace. Change will require working through someone else who could end up worse.