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  1. There will be a few people who will handle the role of hero-leader who will lead their people through the Long Night. Stannis Baratheon is but one of them. Yes, if he burns Shireen, then she is his Nissa Nissa. Should Jon Snow kills his beloved little sister Arya, then she becomes his Nissa Nissa. The pattern has been established when Daenerys Targaryen mercy killed Khal Drogo. Drogo was her NN. The darkest theme of this story is the need for everybody to sacrifice that which they loved the most in order to save the world of the living. So it has to be a big sacrifice for everybody. It's not a sacrifice if only one person gives up what they love. Everybody will be required to. This being a really bleak and dark story, you can count on one renegade refusing to sacrifice the person he loves the most. A lot of people will die because of that choice and hopefully the person who refused and his family will too.
  2. What do I think? I think you are right. Why do many people believe Aegon will be considered phony but Jon will be accepted as a Targ? Wishful thinking on the part of those fans. So in order of which has the best credibility, from most to least, for being a Targaryen: Daenerys Targaryen Aegon Blackfyre Targaryen Gerold Darkstar Dayne Jon Snow Stark
  3. Robert Strong and Arya Stark would be epic. A fatal conflict between the Mountain against Arya and Nymeria. Bowen Marsh, Theon, and Jon Snow on his death bed. At least Bowen can explain to Jon why he had to do it, Theon tells it's not Arya, and Jon can die in relative peace. Daenerys Targaryen, Marwyn, Quaithe, and a resurrected Maester Aemon.
  4. I love your predictions. They will obviously have to happen when Bran has reached a reasonable level of maturity. Right now, I do not think he is smart enough to weigh the consequences of those choices. He would do as Jon did and choose family instead of the greater good. He could open a passage through the wall in order to help Jon and his siblings. That passage could allow the Others to pass. Which means Westeros is truly screwed until somebody with better character comes along to the rescue.
  5. The pack is still in the river lands. A large pack will not pass Moat Cailin without drawing a lot of attention from the Freys and their people.
  6. Aerys was emotionally fragile. No problem if he had access to the wonderful medications we have today but could make him lose sleep without them. And he didn't have them. I would think it would drive a person to alcohol. He might refuse to sleep to avoid the dreams which he could not understand. Some of his ancestors had this emotional fragility and their dreams could have drove them to substance abuse. Agree here. Anybody communicating from the land of dreams would have had the same effect. The Children had their own greenseers and who is to say it wasn't one of them. Their language is not the common tongue and they could only reach Aerys through dreams.
  7. It increased the power of the Great Lords and decreased the power of the minor houses. It would depend upon who you ask. The Great Lords would say he helped bring on law and order. The minor houses might say he took away their right to voice.
  8. Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen Bran Stark George R. R. Martin prefers characters who are neither good nor bad. The middle of the road people are his kind. My idea of middle of the road are Jorah, Jaime, Sandor, and Tyrion. It is what Martin's idea which count. The listed three are his opinion of grey. I am more interested in their endings. I think they will end up alone and carrying the weight of humanity on their shoulders. Jon's dream of fighting the wights alone, atop the wall. Dany's visions of eternity alone in the dark. Bran's future in that cave. All are suggestive of a future burdened with responsibilities. Their character arcs also involve running away from a destiny. And Martin has made clear. Nobody can run away from their destiny. Prophecies are fulfilled one way or another. Jon has tried to run away from the wall. I do not think he will be able to get away. His place is on that wall. Dany ran away from the Dosh Khaleen, an unpleasant future beneath the darkness of the Mother of Mountains. Bran does not want to stay in the cave. All three of them will have to face this future at the end of the story. I believe Jon Snow will be successful in his battle with the Boltons. He will do this for his family but eventually will have to return to the wall, to the post he deserted. He will remain at that wall for the remainder of his days. Daenerys will be successful in stopping the slave trade. She might even go to Westeros to fight the White Walkers. Eventually though she will have to come back and take her place with the Dosh Khaleen and the mountain will forever be known as the Mountain of the Mother. Bran might get some time with Meera outside but he will have to accept the tree as the new greenseer. Martin will leave for us to imagine the future. Essos and Westeros will be largely depopulated and the great cities will all have been destroyed by the ice. Matters such as who sits on the throne and the succession will not be answered. Such things matter little when the world has been taken back to the Stone Age. We will never know what happened to many of the secondary characters but I believe most of them will be dead.
  9. Her story and her timeline can be completely different. She could choose to go to Westeros and settle matters there before returning to Meereen to help the slaves. There are other ways to find ships. She can go directly to Volantis from Vaes Dothrak, take their ships, and so on. The trip back to Meereen may be the last chapter we get in Dream. We may never learn the fate of the slaves. It may be one of the important issues left hanging.
  10. There is nothing inherently wrong with a monarch ruling over Westeros. The great houses ruled over the lesser houses. The nobility ruled over the commons. The monarch is the top of this system. All of them are part of this system. Robert's Rebellion opened a can of worms. The legitimate king after Aerys was Viserys. Might put Robert on the throne. He has might on his side but Viserys has legitimacy on his side because the law was not changed. Robert got around the law and got away with it. It does not mean the law no longer exists. Might does not make right. It just means you can force your will on the people. The succession got messy and it still is. Renly was able to challenge and he had something to stand on. Robert got around the law, so why should Renly not do the same. The question asks who is more legitimate. Aegon. The legitimate heirs are Viserys, then Daenerys, followed by Rhaego. Aegon would follow should that line break. Aegon is lacking the might needed right now but the question was not about that.
  11. Aerys, Elia, and the Targaryen children were dead as soon as they opened the gates. The Red Keep cannot stand on its own. Holding out would not change history because the heir to throne was already on Dragonstone. Aerys sent his heir to safety. Prince Viserys is not only the heir but now the Prince of Dragonstone. The value of Elia and her children went down as soon as the war turned the tide.
  12. 1. Daenerys 2. Tyrion 3. Barristan 4. Brienne 5. Quentyn 6. Victarion 7. Samwell In that order. Most people don't like the ironborn but Vic is on his way to Slaver's Bay. The meeting between he and Tyrion will be almost as dramatic as his meeting with Jorah. I started paying attention to Samwell as soon as he left the wall. Things got interesting for the suitors on their way to pay homage to the Dragon Queen. I wish we had points of views from Missandei, Marwyn, and Moqorro. The 3Ms.
  13. She is at least interested in justice. Ned was following the law, which is not necessarily just, but he needed to do it. Jon was really out there in his own world when it comes to lacking any sense of justice.
  14. How skilled of a witch was Mirri? Obviously not very good at her craft. It doesn't take witch craft to convince the gullible Dothraki girls into believing Rhaego had wings and scales. Would you all put it beyond Mirri to take lizard skin she found and bird feathers and attach them to the dead baby with sap? It's not as if the Dothraki girls did a careful examination. Mirri murdered the baby easily. A little dung on Drogo's packing would surely attract flies. The mud pack she used was already contaminated with larvae. She would not scream she said. Well, she did. Mirri was a witch wannabe who messed with the wrong person. I consider the decision to burn Mirri an act of justice.
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