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  1. Three schools heading to the Final Four for the first time, just like we all predicted.
  2. Hoody Hoooo!!!! First Final Four appearance for FAU!
  3. UCLA loses to Gonzaga on a game winning deep three again.
  4. Nowell gave the performance of a lifetime. What a game.
  5. Blake Peters is just Steph Curry in disguise.
  6. Literally David vs Goliath. I never thought I'd see a 16 seed beat 1 seed in my lifetime, let alone twice.
  7. Almost everyone's bracket is fucked after the Arizona choke job.
  8. I'm slightly surprised. I thought Illinois would get the 10 seed.
  9. Sigh, so Illinois goes 0 for 3 against a mediocre Penn State team. They're too inconsistent to be built for march.
  10. I watched House Party (2023) earlier tonight, and all I have to say is some movies don't need to be remade.
  11. I loved the grit that the Illini showed in the Northwestern game. Terrence Shannon coming back from injury was huge. It gives them another solid Quad 1 win. Oh, and March Madness has arrived early:
  12. Pepperoni, sausage, onions, and mushrooms. With extra cheese and light sauce.
  13. Pizza from Dominoes with a big glass of red cream soda for the Super Bowl.
  14. Congrats Chiefs. Bears, you're on the clock.
  15. One legged Patty Cool Ice kicking some ass in clutch time.
  16. Rihanna is HER. I loved how the stages looked like something out of a platforming video game.
  17. Hurts is doing his best to try to make up for that fumble.
  18. Pizza and Brownies are ready. I think the Eagles win a close one.
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