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  1. I had a milkshake when I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed in 2009. I'll be getting one again after this surgery.
  2. I decided to have my top wisdom teeth removed late next month. I don't use them when chewing food and my they're both erupting.
  3. I was out and about today so I had a whopper meal from Burger King.
  4. Put the fucking brooms back. Put some respect on the bullpen. Put some respect on Leury Fucking Legend. I need a cigarette after that game and I don't smoke at all.
  5. The Red River Showdown and Arkansas vs Ole Miss have been fucking incredible.
  6. Lance Lynn should NOT have been the starter today.
  7. The green monster claims another victim.
  8. I'm glad I decided to watch this game after all.
  9. And this is why I don't mind living in Illinois where the air hurts my face during winter.
  10. My Uncle might be released from physical rehab this weekend. He will still need 24 hour supervision though, as he still has some upper body weakness.
  11. AL Central Champs. Time to shop for a new shirt.
  12. The Bears defense are making Joe Burrow look like Zach Wilson out there.
  13. Shoutout to DC Universe Online for eliminating escrow.
  14. The Matrix Rebooted. Now THAT should've been the title of this film.
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