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  1. Overturning Roe V Wade won't decrease abortions, it'll make them much more dangerous for women who don't have the means to travel several hours out of state, especially Black Women. Also it's ironic that the same people celebrating this decision have no problems with weapons of war being sold to civilians.
  2. Kadri scores the game winning goal in overtime after returning from hand surgery. That's quite the comeback.
  3. Vassy can only do so much.
  4. This could've been a legacy game for Jayson Tatum, but he failed to rise to the occasion.
  5. This Warriors team is battle tested. One minute they're down 12, now they're up by 10.
  6. The Avs speed and mobility is no joke.
  7. I'm leaning toward Tampa completing the three peat.
  8. I finished season 1 of The Wire today. I can see why it's received so much praise. It accurately depicts urban life and institutional dysfunction in America.
  9. That was the first good half Draymond has had in these finals.
  10. That was an incredible scoop and score play by Jaylen Brown.
  11. I know one of the stories in this series is Klay struggling, but Draymond stinking it up on both ends needs to be talked about as well.
  12. I can hear the NRA bought GOP now: "Arm the manufacturers!"
  13. Meanwhile Faux News is replaying the Benghazi Hearings.
  14. I knew the Celtics weren't gonna shoot like they did in game 1 again.
  15. I had Khafeh for the first time today. It was so sweet and delicious.
  16. Celtics role players have stepped up while Tatum has disappeared.
  17. Warriors in 6. The Celtics vaunted defense is being seriously tested early.
  18. It's simply optics. They're still bought and paid for by the NRA's blood money.
  19. I'm guessing he ran off to Cancun again after this.
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