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  1. I love Zahn, but I hope I never read about a character's "lip twitching" again...
  2. https://www.techradar.com/news/wheel-of-time-author-dismayed-george-r-r-martin-worked-on-elden-ring Wow, didn't think I could possibly like Sanderson less.... Perhaps From Software thought your track record of extruded YA fic wasn't the best fit for their properties?
  3. Not a great name.... @Werthead I thought Cogman was involved with this at some point? Certainly had more faith in him than the two no-name showrunners...
  4. RIP. A minor note in his career, of course, but I think Sneakers is one of my ten favorite movies...
  5. Doesn't help that Perrin's actor is the biggest charisma black hole on the show, trading off with arguably the best (Mat's actor)...
  6. Interested in any takes on Wurts as well....love the Empire trilogy with Feist, but never read her otherwise....
  7. Man, that was a mess of a finale....the weakness of the main cast is starting to tell, I think. Not sure if book spoiler questions, be wary....
  8. "If Roman marries her, he'll invade France." This fucking show....
  9. Couple of questions for a non-book reader that doesn't mind spoilers: - Why are Siuan and Moiraine hiding their plans from the wider Aes Sedai? Isn't the whole point of the Aes Sedai to defeat the Dark One? Or is their role more to control and eliminate male channelers? - Are Black Ajah a surprise revealed later in the books? I assume these are Aes Sedai that go rogue and support the Big Bad? - Will the Forsaken come up again? (I think these were the idols the sad Warder was praying to?) They sound interesting...sort of like the Taken in the Black Company series? Sub-Dark One boss fights? - Are non-channeling supernatural powers like Perrin's a known thing in the world? Moiraine seemed to imply it might just be an unknown manifestation of Dragon Reborn powers? - Is the mystery of who the Dragon Reborn is a thing at all in the books?
  10. Rosamund Pike continues to do a ton of heavy lifting for the show. Getting her on board was the best decision the show runners made.
  11. Isn't the idea that the Real(tm) Dragon Reborn would not go mad? Just all these imposters?
  12. Alexandre Willaume....IMDB.. The Last Kingdom That's why I recognize him. Great actor.
  13. I know nothing about the books (other then, I guess, Rand is the real Dragon Reborn?). I imagine that aided in my enjoyment of it as an above-average big TV fantasy. Step below The Witcher but well above the usual Shannara / Legend of the Seeker garbage. Impressed most with how much I enjoyed the actors -- Rand and Mat especially -- in somewhat unforgiving roles. Mat and Tom (Thom?) were a highlight of the third episode, while I scanned a bit through the wanderings of Egwene and Perrin. Also, the scenery is mind-blowingly amazing...all NZ? Question: if the Dark One is this mythical shadowy figure just now coming to power, how is it that there is already a full-blown cult in place in shit-stain little towns, with Darkfriend adherents ready to capture people and take them...to where, their local Dark One bureau? Is there something else going on behind the scenes?
  14. Is there a convenient way to get the complete Black Heart right now?
  15. Looks pretty cool. And beats trying to read the books at this point...
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