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  1. Infidel

    September '18 Reading - A Labor of Love

    Those inclined should definitely check out the film adaptation of Mother Night as well.
  2. He didn't ask for good books (though my impression is you're waaay out on a limb re: Dunnett? I've only read the first Lymond...). He asked for books "Martin himself explicitly said he was inspired by", for which, if I recall, Dunnett fits quite perfectly.
  3. How has Dorothy Dunnett not yet been mentioned?
  4. Infidel

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    Excited for this. How far out from pub date?
  5. Infidel

    May - Reading 2018 - Have another?

    Exactly the opposite for me.
  6. Infidel

    May - Reading 2018 - Have another?

    Ah...only 209,000 words, I see. Looks like MoI is where they starting getting big. The Eight Deadly Words : I don't care what happens to these people. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothy_J._Heydt
  7. Infidel

    May - Reading 2018 - Have another?

    So, years and years ago, I quit on Malazan after Memories of Ice, running into a serious case of the Eight Deadly Words. Recently, I picked up and finished Dancer's Lament, on the strength of Werthead's recommendation, and found that I really enjoyed it. I don't know if it is a story that in smaller in scope, a tighter focus on a few enjoyable characters, or that I've just mentally adjusted to the superhero fantasy (TO THE EXTREME!!!11one1) milieu of the setting. But for whatever reason, I'm looking forward to finishing Deadhouse Landing and the concluding volume. My eye also begins to wander back over the the doorstop that is Gardens of the Moon....
  8. Infidel

    Bakker LIII - Sranc and File

    I have only been following post-TUC discussions spottily, but if the last few pages are anything to go by....good GOD that book broke a lot of brains.
  9. Infidel

    Paste Magazine's Top 50 Fantasy Books of 21st Century

    List is hot garbage....
  10. Infidel

    November 2017: What was good this year?

    Oh, I just so enjoy the Courtier's Reply... Would you feel the need to immerse yourself in decades of astrological study to meaningfully engage in that subject? In any event, Hitchens just does it better, with the appropriate mix of wit and scorn.