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  1. Lord of Rhinos

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    Don't really agree. That being said I'm not familiar with the virtuous Latina trope so maybe if I was it would change my mind. It seems to me that the film is narrower than a lot of the readings. So just a couple points:
  2. Lord of Rhinos

    What % of YA authors are actually big ol’ a**holes?

    Mainly this: https://twitter.com/nkjemisin/status/1194659743828234241?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1194659743828234241 Jemisin telling twitter uses they are like Fox News Anchors for defending Nelson: https://twitter.com/RozalinaB/status/1195164056606433280 Apology: https://twitter.com/nkjemisin/status/1195745641768652800
  3. Lord of Rhinos

    What % of YA authors are actually big ol’ a**holes?

    And, of course you have some authors, like N.K. Jemisin, who refuse to apologize at all. NM: she did, although it is kinda mealy-mouthed.
  4. Patreon Mark Smylie published the Barrow back in 2014. Its a grimdark fantasy set in the world of Artesia that Smylie had previously created in a series of graphic novels. As I recall several members of the board were big fans of that book. At this point he's planning on self-publishing the second book. There was a lot of scuttlebutt back then that he wasn't able to publish the second book due to disputes between him and his comic book publisher. He doesn't make mention of it, so maybe those rumors were false.
  5. Lord of Rhinos

    International Thread 3

    That's brutal. From the news reports it sounds like the protests were fairly spontaneous. Do protesters have some generally agreed on demands or are exact ideas waiting to cohere?
  6. Lord of Rhinos

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    I had no idea Nigerian God-Punk was a thing but now I do and I'm interested!
  7. Lord of Rhinos

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    I'm planning on getting Marvel Unlimited. Anyone have any run recommendations?
  8. Lord of Rhinos

    U.S. Politics: Moscow Mitch

    Do people honestly not realize that Joe Biden is famous for his gaffes?
  9. Lord of Rhinos

    International Thread 3

    I don't know why we're talking about Iran all the sudden when we were talking about Russia invading South Korean airspace.
  10. Lord of Rhinos

    International Thread 3

    The Korean War was definitely a shooting war with China.
  11. Lord of Rhinos

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    Why would me responding to Zorral have anything to do with you? You are shockingly good at misreading things. No, you're reading comprehension is terrible. Jill Filipovic doesn't mention primary voters in that piece. Not once. Not ever. Never.
  12. Lord of Rhinos

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    I never said that. I said that there aren't that many of them. Black women make up 6-7% of the electorate and 6-7% of the population. This is just a deeply bad misreading of things. The arguments in the op-ed are about being electable in the general presidential election of 2020. She makes the case that Biden doesn't look like the party by citing voting percentages rather than overall numbers which is just dumb.
  13. Lord of Rhinos

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    You'll remember that my first comment was questioning whether the op-ed writer was stupid or just dishonest.
  14. Lord of Rhinos

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Because it was linked to in the op-ed that we were discussing.