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  1. Strange can't look into the future anymore because he no longer has the time stone.
  2. I've read very little of it, but what I've read has made me think it is pretty bad.
  3. The UK is always wonderful at coming up with boring cover art.
  4. There's nothing low-key about Master of None. Its Netflix's most critically acclaimed comedy and if Anzari decides he wants to do more then Netflix will happily let him. Regardless he's not out there doing press for the show which is the thing you said was utterly preposterous. I judged whether or not a movie was mostly forgotten when people are nominating it for awards six months later. But really I just want to hear about what sort of conspiracy you're sure gamed Netflix's algorithm. I mean the Old Guard couldn't have been popular because you didn't see enough tweets about it. What cast members left aside from Emma Thompson? And how does the movie moving forward without her show Hollywood won't work with Lasseter? Lasseter has a writing credit on Toy Story 4 which came out a year and a half after the story of his serial harassment came out and I don't recall anyone caring. Literally from your link "Season 1 was undoubtedly a success for HBO, but the creators and network initially agreed on making it as a limited series. When season 2 was proposed, the network never anticipated expanding it beyond the current story arc. " Reading comprehension is your friend. When general guide lines loosen up business guide lines follow suit.
  5. So what? You said that doing a show in 2021 where the writer/director didn't do press was utterly preposterous and no company would do it. Yet Netflix is doing it right now. What are you talking about? Who do you think has "gamed" Netflix's algorithm? Why do you think the vagaries of Netflix's method of counting viewership matters when comparing Netflix films' performances relative to one another? If the Old Guard is so forgettable why is it nominated for a Hugo? None of which changes Lasseter publicly being MeToo'd and let go by Disney and then immediately landing a job as head of a different animation studio. It is a sign the season is months away from being complete. The Outsider was always a limited series. It wasn't cancelled. The U.K. literally began loosening up Covid protocols yesterday.
  6. Back in the day there used to be anti-monopoly rules that frowned on television networks airing shows made by their own studios so channels almost always aired shows made by rival studios. And no, TBS doesn't stream Friends.
  7. That's not for the reunion special. HBOMAX is supposedly spending 85 million a year to stream Friends.
  8. Master of None season 3 is dropping in four days. I haven't seen Aziz Ansari out doing any promotion for it besides a behind the scenes video. Lasseter got fired from the most powerful job in the animated world due to his behavior. The Old Guard was one of the most viewed movies on Netflix the year it came out. We don't know how the Nevers has been faring on HBOMAX but Nielsen HBO ratings are public. There is no reason HBO should be doing a season two renewal when the back half of season one hasn't been filmed yet. Glow season 4 being cancelled was far more complicated then Covid protocols. HBO would have had to cancel the Nevers before it aired if they wanted to blame it on Covid. Covid protocols are on the way out.
  9. We saw a hint of that in Monica's flashback during WandaVision . As she's trying to get her bearings the hospital staff is panicking because a bunch of old patients just materialized.
  10. It is as serious as post arguing about a fictional public's reaction to a fictional character should be.
  11. I would assume the Avengers actually have some sort of set list of who is in the Avengers and Lemar is someone who would have access to that list. Neither Sam or Bucky tell Lemar he's wrong for calling Bucky an Avenger. And we don't know what Bucky has been doing in the last six month. My favored is explanation is that the show is badly written and Marvel intentionally tries to keep everything as vague as possible. Only absurd in the sense that Bucky Barnes is far more important, famous, and interesting in the MCU than Osama Bin Laden ever was in our world. Was Osama bin Laden best friends with the most admired man in America? Did bin Laden kill JFK? Did Bin Laden murder faux Elon Musk's parents (one of whom was faux-Howard Hughes)?Did bin Laden engage in multiple prolonged battles in the streets of America with other famous people involving explosives and automatic weapons? Was bin Laden a key player in the destruction of faux-CIA (and I mean that literally, faux-Langley gets flattened by a faux-aircraft carrier)? Did bin Laden bomb the U.N. and kill the head of state of the most powerful nation in the world? Did we than have a bunch of video of bin Laden being involved in a high speed chase in the middle of a city? After being apprehended did bin Laden break out of prison and beat a dozen people to death and get in a fistfight with Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk, and Maria Sharapova? Did bin Laden then go to an international airport and cause a fight between the 1990s Chicago Bulls that resulted in large scale destruction and Dennis Rodman being crippled for life. Did we than find out that bin Laden actually didn't bomb the U.S.S. Cole (but was still totally involved in 9/11 and killing Kennedy). Did bin Laden than go on the run for two years with his allies Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Patty Hearst, and Maria Sharapova? Obviously it's a huge stretch that this person is famous. I don't know why random people in Latvia and Madripoor keep identifying him on sight. That's clearly just bad writing on Marvel's part. Bucky Barnes shouldn't be any more famous than Cliven Bundy.
  12. He's famous enough that random bystanders around the world keep identifying him on sight. Also, at the end of Civil War, Bucky is still a wanted fugitive. He's someone who was in the news for years. I certainly can. There is no granddaughter, just a waitress. The problem isn't that Yoki or Leah don't know who he is. The problem is that he's been going to the same crowded restaurant every Wednesday for weeks. When entering a crowded bar in Madripoor random people realize who he is within seconds. I would say it is bad writing, but if I was forced to reconcile the two statements I would go with Sam has no relationship with Zemo, and the Avengers are responsible for the destruction of Sokovia, so Zemo is less likely to spill the info if Sam is there. Zemo is more likely to talk to Bucky due to their personal relationship and because Bucky wasn't affiliated with the team when Sokovia was destroyed. No character ever says that Bucky isn't an Avenger. It is an implicit assumption based on what he says to Sam.
  13. Bucky: How'd you find us now? Battlestar: C'mon man, you really think two Avengers can walk around Latvia without drawing attention?
  14. Bucky is Osama Bin Laden not Cliven Bundy. And the series has multiple randos clock Bucky as being the Winter Soldier. Also, he's explicitly an Avenger.
  15. Bucky was framed for setting off a massive bomb at the U.N., murdering the King of Wakanda. He was the subject of an international man hunt that was broadcasting his picture far and wide. The manhunt ended with half the avengers becoming fugitives for years. His picture is hanging on the wall of the Smithsonian. It is save to say that the Bucky Barnes is very famous.
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