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  1. We saw a hint of that in Monica's flashback during WandaVision . As she's trying to get her bearings the hospital staff is panicking because a bunch of old patients just materialized.
  2. It is as serious as post arguing about a fictional public's reaction to a fictional character should be.
  3. I would assume the Avengers actually have some sort of set list of who is in the Avengers and Lemar is someone who would have access to that list. Neither Sam or Bucky tell Lemar he's wrong for calling Bucky an Avenger. And we don't know what Bucky has been doing in the last six month. My favored is explanation is that the show is badly written and Marvel intentionally tries to keep everything as vague as possible. Only absurd in the sense that Bucky Barnes is far more important, famous, and interesting in the MCU than Osama Bin Laden ever was in our world. Was Osama bin Laden best friends with the most admired man in America? Did bin Laden kill JFK? Did Bin Laden murder faux Elon Musk's parents (one of whom was faux-Howard Hughes)?Did bin Laden engage in multiple prolonged battles in the streets of America with other famous people involving explosives and automatic weapons? Was bin Laden a key player in the destruction of faux-CIA (and I mean that literally, faux-Langley gets flattened by a faux-aircraft carrier)? Did bin Laden bomb the U.N. and kill the head of state of the most powerful nation in the world? Did we than have a bunch of video of bin Laden being involved in a high speed chase in the middle of a city? After being apprehended did bin Laden break out of prison and beat a dozen people to death and get in a fistfight with Vladimir Putin, Elon Musk, and Maria Sharapova? Did bin Laden then go to an international airport and cause a fight between the 1990s Chicago Bulls that resulted in large scale destruction and Dennis Rodman being crippled for life. Did we than find out that bin Laden actually didn't bomb the U.S.S. Cole (but was still totally involved in 9/11 and killing Kennedy). Did bin Laden than go on the run for two years with his allies Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Patty Hearst, and Maria Sharapova? Obviously it's a huge stretch that this person is famous. I don't know why random people in Latvia and Madripoor keep identifying him on sight. That's clearly just bad writing on Marvel's part. Bucky Barnes shouldn't be any more famous than Cliven Bundy.
  4. He's famous enough that random bystanders around the world keep identifying him on sight. Also, at the end of Civil War, Bucky is still a wanted fugitive. He's someone who was in the news for years. I certainly can. There is no granddaughter, just a waitress. The problem isn't that Yoki or Leah don't know who he is. The problem is that he's been going to the same crowded restaurant every Wednesday for weeks. When entering a crowded bar in Madripoor random people realize who he is within seconds. I would say it is bad writing, but if I was forced to reconcile the two statements I would go with Sam has no relationship with Zemo, and the Avengers are responsible for the destruction of Sokovia, so Zemo is less likely to spill the info if Sam is there. Zemo is more likely to talk to Bucky due to their personal relationship and because Bucky wasn't affiliated with the team when Sokovia was destroyed. No character ever says that Bucky isn't an Avenger. It is an implicit assumption based on what he says to Sam.
  5. Bucky: How'd you find us now? Battlestar: C'mon man, you really think two Avengers can walk around Latvia without drawing attention?
  6. Bucky is Osama Bin Laden not Cliven Bundy. And the series has multiple randos clock Bucky as being the Winter Soldier. Also, he's explicitly an Avenger.
  7. Bucky was framed for setting off a massive bomb at the U.N., murdering the King of Wakanda. He was the subject of an international man hunt that was broadcasting his picture far and wide. The manhunt ended with half the avengers becoming fugitives for years. His picture is hanging on the wall of the Smithsonian. It is save to say that the Bucky Barnes is very famous.
  8. The scene was exactly what I expected. Poorly written and unbelievable just like the rest of the show. I think it is pretty clear that Leah and Yoki have no idea who Bucky is, but the fact Yoki and Bucky seem to have a regular weekly meal at the same restaurant without people realizing who Bucky isn't believable. Individuals not recognizing a celebrity could happen but groups of people not recognizing one isn't believable. It doesn't seem like characters were underwritten because they were women but just because the show was rushing to hit arbitrary plot points. I haven't seen any evidence that Marvel is treating the shows any different than the movies as far as importance goes. Half the movies don't really have anything important happen either in the grand scheme of the MCU.
  9. The note says "I finished the book" and all the names have been crossed out.
  10. There's no ticking clock. Sara's been thinking of selling the boat for seven years. And it is actually wildly incredible. The banker can't figure out who Falcon is? When being in the Falcon's home town, working at the bank he knows has been the Falcon's family bank for "generations", and having an appointment with Sam Wilson? C'mon! I mean the whole being framed for the murder of a head of state, the resulting international manhunt, and it ended with half of the Avengers becoming fugitives, would indicate that the world is pretty familiar with Bucky Barnes. The only amends we see Bucky make is evil senator, Zemo, and Yoki. Obviously, the Yoki model is not really reproducible geographically or time wise. Again, perfectly fine with Bucky as a character feeling he needs to make amends. Not fine with the show agreeing with him. Tony being an emotional, egotistical jerk is a fine character beat. If Civil War had agreed with Tony I would have had a problem with it. Except Bucky finished the book and gave it to Dr. Ranier.
  11. Again, Bucky being wrecked with guilt for the things the Winter Soldier did is fine for a character beat, but isn't a position the show should take. I think the only logical way to view things is that Bucky is not responsible for what he did as the Winter Soldier. Yet, the show is using a sobriety program model for his therapy and has his therapist worried he might relapse. It has Sam telling him he needs to make amends. The show has three different characters expressing that Bucky needs to make amends and zero characters expressing that he doesn't.
  12. But that's not really a breakthrough. The entire final act of Civil War hinges on Iron Man being mad about his parents being murdered. Bucky is hanging out with Sam, a dude the Winter Soldier tried to murder. His entire time in Wakanda is spent with people who, briefly, thought he murdered their king. Bucky was the subject of an international manhunt and avengers adjacent. His picture is literally on the wall at the Captain American exhibit. The whole world is aware of his story. The world and Bucky Barnes are both hugely aware of what the Winter Soldier did.
  13. I don't think it is clear at all. I agree that Bucky unfairly blaming himself for things that happened while under mind control makes sense for the character, but the show never makes that point and it could have: "I helped her get into office when I was the Winter Soldier", "after Hydra disbanded she continued to abuse the power I gave her","I went from one fight to another for ninety years". Dr. Ranier could have pushed back on any of these lines and emphasized that Bucky is not the Winter Soldier but she doesn't. Later in the series Sam gets in on the action telling Bucky he's "avenging not amending". Bucky's last line in the series is "he was murdered by the Winter Soldier, and that was me". Which could be a real break through if his arch was that he's an addict who can't acknowledge the harm he caused while under the influence, but that isn't who Bucky is. He's a character that had his entire life stolen from him by others and he bears no responsibility for that. If the show actually wanted to show that Bucky wasn't responsible for his actions as the Winter Soldier and he needed to have a psychological breakthrough to move past his misplaced guilt than the line should have been "he was murdered by the Winter Soldier, and that wasn't me". But what they know matters. If the MCU public don't know what happened to Steve Rogers then every interview Wilson or Walker gives would inevitably lead to the question "where is Steve Rogers?" Forget getting the public to accept a new Captain America because if a large group of the public believes Rogers is off with the Guardians of the Galaxy (although let's be honest, him being on the moon is probably a Watchmen shout out), they're not going to accept anyone else as Cap. You're missing my point. Sam shouldn't need a loan in the first place.
  14. When this series works it is because it has good production values, talented actors, moves quick, and raises interesting questions. When it doesn't work it is because the writing isn't interested in exploring those ideas and it is so interested in moving fast that those ideas are never given proper characterization or motivation. Major problems: Why does Bucky need to make amends? He wasn't responsible for what he did as the Winter Soldier. The show seems to want to exist in a Schrodinger's box of Bucky being both innocent and guilty of what the Winter Soldier did. The show tackling issues it isn't equipped to handle. The bank loan is the obvious example. Sam Wilson is one of the most famous people on the planet. He could make hundreds of thousands showing up for night club openings or sponsored twitter posts. If someone like Hilary Clinton can get a book advance worth millions of dollars Sam Wilson can get the same. The show's weird take on Captain America. The show wants to be about what it means to the public to be Captain America but at the same time never actually wants to establish what the public thinks of Captain America. I mean what did the public think about Captain American becoming a fugitive for years? What did the public think about Steve Rogers being pardoned (way the heck did Cap and the other fugitives get pardoned but Sharon never was)? During the 5 years of the blip did Rogers function as Captain America or did he just lead support groups? What does the world thinks happened to Rogers after Avengers Endgame? Every thing to do with Sharon Carter. Nothing about her story arc tracks with what happened in earlier films. Nothing about her story arc in this series makes sense. If she's the powerbroker why is she murdering night club managers and putting out hits on herself. Why is she leading Sam and Bucky to her employee that makes super soldier serum (i.e. the single employee that is making the most valuable product on the planet).
  15. Huh, From the article it sounds like the original creators are only tangentially involved in the project and it doesn't have any connection to HIMYM except for the same framing device. Unless it gets good reviews I don't really have any interest.
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