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  1. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Did you do this yourself? There is surprisingly little. I'm just going to start a thread
  2. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Hey, Is there a thread on here about Kem from the Second Sons? It seems like there would be a whole bunch of theories and supposition about this guy, but I couldn't find any threads. I'd like to open a new thread, because I'm curious about some things. But if there are already 30 pages of discussion, I'm happy to just read that.
  3. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    When a male bastard takes a wife, what surname does she take? And what about the children? I'm pretty Walder Frey mentions having Grandbastards... It's totally plausible to imagine a man with a Bastard's name who can count several generations of parents, grandparents, etc.. All having sired offspring born of the marriage bed. It seems odd that that man would still carry the shame of his bastard surname.
  4. HOW I THINK IT'S GOING TO END: Dany takes her Dragon's North to fight the Others, they win the battle, but Drogon takes a grevous wound and is lost (presumed dead.) The other two dragons are killed as well and Dany loses the Throne. She is able to take dragonstone with what little forces remain to her. Dany is morose, and often spends her time in the chamber of the painted table, mourning for her Dragons and lost throne. She is fixated on the table.... with its dry seas, and flat mountains. One day she looks west, across the table; King's landing is burning and over the painted table it looks as though the sun were rising in the west. She hears the beating of heavy leather wings. Her love has returned. * So of course i have no REAL solid reason to think this. But I like the idea all the same. Maybe, at that point Daenerys has taken a lover, and she will feel the baby kick at the same time... I dunno..
  5. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I just wanted to add on to this, because I noticed that Bran reached out to Ghost and saw Jon from the Crypts under Winterfell...
  6. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Wow. I thought I was the first to notice that. Should have known better. Keeping the magic stuff mysterious seems the most likely. But, I dunno... I watched an interview with GRRM the other day and he actually talked about his style of POV, and it kinda reinforced my suspicions about that scene... I dunno.. I dunno... Undecided.
  7. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I thought I would try this out here before giving it it's own thread. It might just be me reading too far into the story. In A Dance With Dragons, when the Ironfleet finds Moqorro, something weird happens. When Moqorro goes into Victarion's cabin to heal him, the POV leaves Victarion. It goes to a general POV around the ship. Am I reading too far into this? Or do you think this means anything?
  8. BricksAndSparrows

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    I read a quote from GRRM somewhere about how people can be mistaken or recall instances without perfect accuracy. He talked about how he wanted that to happen in his books. For the sake of of realism. If you ask me, he was just insulating himself against continuity errors, but in the end it has a nice effect.
  9. Like I said, I know it's a stretch... I'm not married to the idea or anything; I'm mildly ashamed of it since it's so tinfoily. But I'll say this. I don't think he is there by coincidence. There are obviously a lot of people looking for Sansa, and Shadrich could be working for any of them, or simply for himself. But my theory on Lady Stoneheart says she is still looking for the Stark children. If she is proactively sending people after them (like she did with Brienne,) than Shadrich is the most likely candidate in the Vale. If you take "unCat" out of the loop though, I'd say he might be there as a result of Olenna Tyrell. Assuming she really did conspire with Baelish to murder Joff, the Queen of Thornes would have to be insanely stupid not to know where Sansa is, or at least be capable of picking up her trail.
  10. Could he be some sort of Agent of Lady Stoneheart? If Thoros can see anything in his fires, than Cat might know where Sansa is... I imagine LS would want to act on that knowledge. It's a stretch, I know...
  11. BricksAndSparrows

    A+J=T v.9

    I think that Tyrion is definitely Tywin's son. I think that is the great irony and why Tywin hated him so much. I think Jamie and Cersei are Aerys'. Which is foreshadowed when Tyrion calls Joff, Aerys III. That's Tywin's shame, because the one son her did make killed the woman he loved and was such a twisted, disgusting failure (in his eyes.)
  12. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I don't know though, with SO MANY kids..not a one thought to name themselves Targaryen?
  13. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Read the prologue to A dance with dragons. They describe it in detail. It's happens to Varrymyr (sp?) when Melisandre kills his hawk during the battle beneath the wall.
  14. BricksAndSparrows

    Small Questions v. 10105

    When they say Aegon the Unworthy "Legitimized" his bastards, I don't quite understand what that means. The bastards were never styled as Prince or Princess. They didn't take on the name Targaryen. So what is the difference?
  15. BricksAndSparrows

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    There are going to be AWESOME to look at when the GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire is done. Especially the really well thought out, beautifully crafted theories that turn out to be DEAD WRONG.   I'm sure a few of my own little theories are off base. Infact, when i finished the first book, I thought Robb Stark would end up chopping off jon's head for deserting the watch...