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  1. Anywho. This is a thread for those who have been drinking alcohol, and those who want to discuss alcoholic beverages. Anecdotes welcome. And as always, have a plan. Do not drink and drive. Not only are you endangering yourself, you're putting others at risk. RIP - The Drunk Thread: Post Schnappening Rhetorically Drinking Drinking A Gin Again Riding the Negroni Pony Rocksniffing the New Year
  2. A census of forum members. If you would like to be included, just reply in-thread, or PM me where you are from. U.S.A. - 35.3 (42.3%) United Kingdom - 12.3 (15.1%) Canada - 4 (5.0%) Sweden - 4 (5.0%) Germany - 3.5 (4.4%) France - 2 (2.5%) Ireland - 2 (2.5%) Jamaica - 2 (2.5%) Serbia - 2 (2.5%) Spain - 2 (2.5%) India - 1.3 (1.6%) Andorra - 1 (1.2%) Australia - 1 (1.2%) Brazil - 1 (1.2%) Chile - 1 (1.2%) China - 1 (1.2%) Finland - 1 (1.2%) Italy - 1 (1.2%) Netherlands - 1 (1.2%) New Zealand - 1 (1.2%) Norway - 1 (1.2%) Poland - 1 (1.2%) Romania - 2 (2.5%) Slovenia - 1 (1.2%) Switzerland - 0.5 (0.6%)
  3. A True Kaniggit

    The Drunk Thread: Schnapps! Vodka! Whiskey! Shoot!

    See? This is what happens when you do the right thing. I self isolate, don't go to the store for unnecessary reasons. And what's my reward? I am completely out of whiskey.
  4. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    Why? It’s not like Batman actually kills the Joker. Just lets him escape so he can cause more mayhem.
  5. A thread for the discussion of all cat and cat adjacent things. I got a new kitty story to share. Baby Sister found an abandoned kitten at her work weekend before last. And she, knowing the soft hearted bastard that I am, brought him to me in order to get him a new home. He looked to be only 2-3 months old and was very friendly. Poor little guy had some nasty orange stains in his white fur, but a nice bath took care of those. I ended up having him for only five day before finding him a new owner (I would've liked to keep him myself, but I already have 2 cats and 1 dog). In that time he made friends with my dog Laci and my older cat Lucipurr (My younger cat Minerva never warmed up to him) Luckily one of my brother's coworkers was looking to adopt a cat, and she was willing to take him in (Yes, I told her if she finds herself unable/unwilling to take care of him, to return him to me) Cat photos! Thought it would be a good idea to consolidate the cat photos into the first post. Anyone that wants their cat photos included just let me know and I'll copy the link and put them here. A True Kaniggit's cats: https://imgur.com/a/HD09vnq?
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    This reminds me of that glorious day some 6 years ago. I was driving out of Abilene and went to fill up at an Exxon before the trip. I can only assume some attendant misplaced a decimal when programming prices that morning, because I only paid 19 cents a gallon. Filled up my tank for less than $3. 'Twas amazing.
  7. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Mad Max Beyond Corona Dome

    There is always room for a Holy Grail reference.
  8. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Mad Max Beyond Corona Dome

    The promise of free money to come? Seems like it could sway a lot of people.
  9. A True Kaniggit


    West Virginians, New Mexicans, Texans. Friggin Cannibals. I’ve seen Wrong Turn, the hills have eyes, and Texas chainsaw massacre.
  10. A True Kaniggit

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    While you were teaching dodgeball? And she didn’t dodge? She-it. That’s not you’re bad. You were just being a good teacher.
  11. A True Kaniggit

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    Nah. Your phrase worked for the meaning you were trying to get across. No worries.
  12. A True Kaniggit

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    Didn’t that guy stand by and let his only son get murdered? Who’d be afraid of him?
  13. A True Kaniggit

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    Something I hear a lot from people in the U.S. who complain about the actions being used to stop the spread of the disease is that "only 'X' amount of people have died! 'Y' amount die from car crashes every year. Why are we wrecking the economy over this when more people die from other things like car crashes?" 1) No shit there aren't that many deaths yet. It's a new disease. The whole point of this is to keep deaths as low as possible. That's why they're called, "preventive measures". You know. To prevent the worst from happening. and 2) How many deaths would these people like to reach before they think these measures should be started? 1,000, 10,000, 50,000? At what point do they go, "whoops, lots of people are dying. Better start some of that social distancing the rest of the world is doing"?
  14. A True Kaniggit

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Why not? It gives good advice. You should always wear a seatbelt.
  15. A True Kaniggit

    Words and Phrases that Bug You!

    Not awesome.
  16. A True Kaniggit

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    It's only a foolish purchase if the statue doesn't fulfill its purpose. Was its purpose to make me jealous as hell? Because damn it you succeeded at that.
  17. A True Kaniggit

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    The Gambler. By Kenny Rogers Though the song gives terrible advice. You should always know exactly how much money you have in front of you at the table.
  18. A True Kaniggit

    Muh muh muh means tuh testing - Covid #6

    Muh muh muh. Makes me think of “Poker Face” more than “come on Eileen”
  19. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Testing, Testing, T... Te.. Testing

    He just loves using that word. "Nasty". ......November is approaching, November is approaching, November is approaching.
  20. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Testing, Testing, T... Te.. Testing

    See, I'll have it easy in the apocalypse. Plenty of fish in the bayous, that I'll catch from my canoe. Yep, the easy life. Until the cannibals from West Virginia come eat me that is. Why are there West Virginian cannibals this far south? I guess they already ate everyone north of here.
  21. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Testing, Testing, T... Te.. Testing

    Meh. I'm going off of stereotypes. I assume that in the apocalypse you'll be spending all summer chopping wood so you won't freeze to death in the winter.
  22. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Testing, Testing, T... Te.. Testing

    You have a plan to escape from that desolate wasteland known as Alaska and get to a more temperate area?
  23. A True Kaniggit

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    Where is this other board? That’s the one I wanna join!
  24. A True Kaniggit

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    Pffft. You call that a drunken ramble?
  25. A True Kaniggit

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    It was more of a him always playing a cowboy joke. “Rough, Tough, and don’t take shit from no one” But why the hell not?