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  1. Wrong. There were two “Small Things” threads active at the same time.
  2. The spider in question was quite formidable. Luckily for humanity I stopped it before it could become an existential threat to the species.
  3. I usually let spiders live as well, but this one has decided to make it’s web across my back door for two weeks now, making it unusable. With any luck the events of last night will have convinced it to move on. We shall see this evening.
  4. Honestly, this may be the best case scenario. The spider gets to live, and I get the back door back. As long as the spider is not a fool.
  5. The spider destroys it’s own web every morning, and makes a new one every night.
  6. I can destroy the web at any time, like what just happened. The builder needs to die.
  7. I missed. I yelled “what we do in this life echoes an eternity!” And tried to squish the spider, and missed. It fell out of the web and got between the boards of the porch before I could stomp it. Maybe it won’t come back after this hassle?
  8. The spider is on the move. Currently making it’s nightly web outside the back door. Tactics say to be wait until they finish the web, and sit still in the middle. Then I attack.
  9. Lazy Europeans. You have to earn holidays off. If you are too stupid to work at a place that does not give paid holidays, then you do not deserve a paid holiday.
  10. Huzzah for Ukraine! (We should 100% steal huzzah from Russia) HUZZAH!
  11. You get paid holidays? I’m Jelly. They take 8 hours of PTO for holidays.
  12. OK. It is now 1 pm. If I can keep this level of drunk until sunset, then I shall do battle with that terrifying murderous spider. (liquid courage)
  13. Edit: Woops. Misread that post. Sorry.
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