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  1. "Rolls eyes" 'Tis a silly place, Is it not? At least until more posters show up after "HoD" begins.
  2. I did ‘Mother’s Day’ a day early to beat the crowds. To begin, I took my mother to see the new Dr. Strange movie. Afterwards we met up with my baby sister (she is a mother as well) for a lunch of crab and shrimp. $220….. Why are shellfish so selfish with their pricing? Greedy murdered crustaceans. Finished with a trip to one of the casinos around here. I spotted us $80. We lost, but I think she had a fun time.
  3. Edit: Never mind. It seems the poster in question fixed/edited their mistake.
  4. Does anyone else think car horn beeps should be illegal for commercials that play on car radios? There is currently a commercial in the area that makes a horn noise, and I immediately go into adrenaline mode and look for the impending crash. It just seems unnecessarily dangerous.
  5. And I think I remember a trailer for the movie where an Alternate Strange turns to Main Strange and says something along the lines of “Sometimes, things just go wrong”. (I was assuming this would be the Dark Strange from “What If”) Did I miss that quote, or was it cut? Or am I just imagining that trailer in the first place?
  6. So you think whatever Wong grabbed Shang-Chi for will be a separate threat that happened before this one?
  7. And I’m going to assume Shang-Chi takes place after this movie timeline wise.
  8. I’m sad Strange didn’t make a “Green means go” joke when he suggested alternate Christine visit his universe.
  9. @mcbigski Sometimes, I feel like you google the phrase “wrong side of history“ and you just start copying and pasting whatever pops up.
  10. Well I was going to eat my leftover chicken fried steak. But the baby sister ate them during her lunch break (Damn the fates that let her new job be only a 8 minute drive from my refrigerator) Ramen noodles it is I suppose.
  11. Silly American women with your loose liquid brains. Why would you think you have the right to control what happens to your own body? Us menfolk believe otherwise, and that takes precedence. Why did we even let you all start voting anyway? It’s only been 100 years since women suffrage. Let us roll that back as well.
  12. Dang it Sylvie. You’ve messed everything up so hard. If any of you all see a Kang, tell him his existence was already erased by a superior Kang. A vengeful Loki just made everything always until even after the end time not matter.
  13. I bought the new Switch Sports during my lunch break. Think I’ll try the bowling game first.
  14. The reporting I’ve seen now states both have been imprisoned for years by the other country. And this has nothing to do with the current war. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-61156745 ”A former US marine held in a Russian jail since 2019 has been released in a prisoner swap. US and Russian officials confirmed on Wednesday that Trevor Reed is on his way back to the US. In exchange, Russia's foreign ministry secured the release of Konstantin Yaroshenko, a Russian national jailed on drug smuggling charges.”
  15. Is it Poland + Lithuanian or Poland + Bulgaria, or all three? Concerning gas exports from Russia being cut off.
  16. Hmmmmm. This hamster from Bojack Horseman has some pretty good advice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FOtyg7lnrE At some point you have to take responsibility for your own happiness. And you should never feel bad about it.
  17. Blah. Without any growth? I doubt it. You now know more than you knew last year. You can not tell me otherwise.
  18. You mean those people who are really good at catching fish? Edit: Oh crap. My mistake. I was thinking about Master Baiters.
  19. I agree with @RhaenysBee. Do something you enjoy on your birthday.
  20. Does France have an equivalent to the EC? If not, YAY!, Macron wins.
  21. @mormant Edit: the very lead I'm citing, since it might give such voters the impression that they have the option to stay home as a protest. That' s how Clinton lost.
  22. Trump won in 2015 in spite of all polls. Surely the same thing won't happen in France.
  23. Boooo. I dislike this. A broken clock is right twice a day. A fatalistic clock that is 5 minutes too fast or 5 minutes too slow will never be right. Edit: A broken fatalistic clock will be right twice a day.
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