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  1. Is there a U.S.A. health insurance thread? I do not recall. So I’ll complain about this here. My mom had a surgery a few months ago. She went to a hospital that accepted the health insurance from her employer. Smart right? But surprise. Unknown to her they didn’t have their own anesthesiologist. And the one they brought in was outside of network. Extra $1,400 bill.
  2. Dang it. You got me. You don’t believe in evil?, but something is evil? Explain.
  3. Topical. A snake recently got inside my office building. (It was only a little grass snake) Poor thing was murdered by someone before I was made aware of its presence. I could've taken it out to the field beyond the parking lot .
  4. Where in the non-flying FUCK are the penguins in that list?
  5. With recent events I'm rebooting Death: A Discussion Thread. Specifically to talk about a topic that was touched upon by a couple posters in the first two pages, but never discussed in depth. How would you handle the death of someone you REALLY cared about? A little while ago a coworker lost her daughter in a car accident. And for the last week she has been completely shut down. How well do you think you would handle such a sudden tragedy that resulted in the lost of a loved one? To be honest with myself, I have no idea. I'd like to think I'd stay rational. Between the extended family, two Emergency Department positions, a Bone Marrow Transplant clinic, and Afghanistan....... in my 30 years of life I have seen a lot of death. But none of that was ever really personal. I'd like to think I could hold it together if either my baby sister or her daughter died. I've done mental exercises to do so. But who could say how I'd actually react?
  6. Damn. You are a hero. When I saw what a mess my current place is, after a few months of working here, I decided “not my problem” (They really should have given me that raise I asked for.)
  7. And do the toilets really flush the opposite way down there?
  8. Nope. When I feel my hair is getting too long, I let the 5 year old niece cut it down to a 2. No need for a comb.
  9. You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Edit: Maybe not that exact scenario, but same end result. Trying to get the smell of cat urine out of your living room so you won’t be too embarrassed to have guests over again.
  10. Damn. A coworker's daughter died in a car accident while she was on the phone with her. The phone went silent, and after 30 minutes of no response she drove to the area and found the wreck.
  11. Others have already made their points, but I want to quote my favorite Harry Potter FanFic. Reversed stupidity is not intelligence; the world's stupidest person may say the sun is shining, but that doesn't make it dark out... Methods of Rationality.
  12. Actually, if Jezal and Glotka were really serious about taking down Bayaz, Jezal should’ve just mentioned to Glotka about the time Bayaz went comatose for a couple weeks after he over exerted himself using magic against few dozen brigands in the west. At any time they could’ve ordered a few hundred soldiers to kill Bayaz using wave attacks. But the story must go on.
  13. Don’t be then. Though for him this is just a little hiccup. He’s dealt with civil strife before. He may lose control for a decade or so, but he’s confident that with his wealth, knowledge, and longevity he’ll be back on top soon enough. He’s patiently starting his new weave.
  14. "The President is the head of the military, of course generals fall in line. They may argue along the way, but in the end the Commander in Chief rules the day." And to go back to the beginning. The bolded is the original thing I responded to with the Nuremburg reference. About how, "I was ordered to do so" is not an excuse. Anyone who has served in the military has been taught this. First in a class, and then in yearly CBTs as a reminder. War Crimes are War Crimes, and anyone in the U.S. military knows that saying "you were ordered to do so by a superior" isn't enough to protect you.
  15. Isn’t Germany still trying to prosecute people for war crimes from WWII? They must be insane. https://www.npr.org/2021/09/30/1041821397/nazi-concentration-camp-secretary-flees-trial-irmgard-furchner Or is that fake news? It’s sometimes hard to tell these days. Poor Secretary. Wasn’t even Secretary of State.
  16. I’ll have to take your word on this. The man was Secretary of State. But I don’t know whether he argued for or against the invasion before that final decision. Though it does appear that after the final decision was made he did go all in.
  17. Probably not, I am using an extreme example. I suppose it would depend on how much he was responsible for the war in Iraq actually happening, and how many of the resulting deaths are on him.
  18. 1) That is t I was thinking of. 2) Which is why I brought up Nuremburg. Powell could've said no, resigned and lived out the rest of his life. People who were hanged at Nuremburg could've said no...... and instead of being hanged could've been shot a few years earlier by the nazis for not following orders.
  19. Ha. But I own two cats. They are so pitted against each other, I remain Alpha. Edit: Except when I sit somewhere I’m not allowed to. Or when I want to stand up but they’re asleep on my lap. And pretty much every other instance now that I think about it.
  20. “I was only following orders” Isn’t a legitimate defense. Isn’t that was Nuremburg was all about?
  21. Ya’ll are making me miss Krispy Kreme. The donut places around here suck and I refuse to buy donuts from them. (Though I will purchase kolaches every now and then. )
  22. I don’t miss mine. I never noticed a difference. You should mostly recover in 3-4 days of removal. Edit: Also buy a milkshake afterwards. It’s tradition.
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