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  1. I must admit I'm getting thoroughly impatient with the analyzing of whether Putin is "rational" or not. This mass murderer is responsible for countless atrocities, and the Western world is dithering about while he commits more and more heinous acts. Yes, other countries, mine included, have also committed heinous acts, but this is happening NOW. The whole situation stinks of appeasement. What Zelensky needs is air support - NOW. However it can be arranged, through whatever means available. He is wiping a democratic country off the map and it must not be allowed to happen. Our leaders have been running scared from a tyrant who must be stopped.
  2. You probably feel strangely excited because the memory takes you back to your 20s when everything was new and exciting. That's potent stuff. Go, but just be sure to separate the woman from the girl.
  3. it was really stupid of me. slipped on ice while walking my dog at night. now i have 2 plates in my foreaem and cant even comb my hair. boo-hoo.
  4. currently i have a broken right arm (dominant) so can barely post except to "like" it's driving me crazy
  5. when i lived in California, i had a potted tomato plant on the patio and it grew and produced fruits for four years
  6. There's few things that come anywhere close to losing a much-loved companion. But . . . Tomorrow we're meeting a new dog - "Evie" It's not certain yet, as my husband reminds me, but I feel the stars are aligning. She's a rescue, of course. A mixed breed of Lab and various other doggy types. We CANNOT WAIT!
  7. I don't. I just thought they might approve an electric fence since having a physical fenced-in yard is an impossibility where we live. I'm assuming they want something to prevent the pet from wandering the neighborhood. My Benny was eventually trained to stay in the yard, but there were quite a few years where I spent hours driving up and down the neighborhood yelling his name, tempting him with various treats, etc., etc., until he got in the car and told me about his adventures.
  8. We've tried, but it's been tough picking the right one. I know it's unfair to compare any dog to Ben, but I loved him so much, I guess I'm trying to recreate the experience. He was a mixed mutt - a bit of Boxer and Rhodesian Ridgeback and maybe some Lab somewhere. I sure don't want to go that long without a furry companion. It's tough getting a rescue lately, though. The adoption folks all want fenced-in yards and ours is impossible to fence in. I'm not sure how they feel about an electric fence and am half afraid to ask.
  9. I STILL haven't been able to find another dog after Benny passed to the great beyond. He was a prince among dogs. My gentleman hound.
  10. I don't know about mint, because, frankly, I don't care whether it lives or dies!! But basil I know. If you cut carefully just above where two leaves are, nestled in on both sides of the area you just cut will spring new growth. Elder Sis's link probably explains this better than I could. I would LOVE to grow tulips, but the bunnies and deer have crossed that one off my list. I found two BIG deer munching on a hosta we had carefully covered with netting. They just took it off and had their way with it. Hydrangeas are one of the main things I'm jealous of the South about (among quite a few others!) You guys seem to be able to grow gorgeous ones down there despite the heat and sun. We can grow them here in the Midwest, but they never seem to be quite as happy as they are in the South.
  11. Try cutting off a good 3-4" stalk of basil, removing the bottom leaves and stick it in water. It usually takes root quite freely and replant it. You can discard your overgrown basil and start fresh with a young-un!
  12. Have you noticed any ants around your place? Ants will actually cultivate aphids by carrying them around and placing them on plants so they can then harvest the sticky sweet secretions the produce while they're decimating your plants. It's quite fascinating really, if it weren't so annoying. You can take a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol and then stick it on the aphids and watch them wither and die!! Ha-HAAAAA!!! Even if you can't save your artichokes, it will be very satisfying, I promise you.
  13. When we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, I had a strip of soil between the house and the sidewalk that was about 30' or so long, and every year I planted my dahlia bulbs there. They were GORGEOUS and I miss them! Digging them up was a small price to pay to have beautiful cut flowers all season long. They last wonderfully long and come in such spectacular colors. The only enemy was the beetles that would come to feast on them. Grrrr.... P.S. There's a "Mr. ES"??? Great news! I've been out of the news cycle lately. This is great planting time here in the Midwest for lettuce, spinach, cilantro - all the things that basically get blown out by the summer heat.
  14. When we lived in California, we were near a place named El Pollo Loco, which made some of the best chicken I've ever had, along with fresh tortillas, house made salsa, cilantro, etc. We often picked up an order on the way home from work if we were running late and wanted a quick dinner. Our beloved fur buddy, Dozer, ADORED this chicken. All I had to do was enter the door with a bag and wherever he was, he'd come at a run simply at the smell of it. The insistent meowing went on and on until he was offered his fair share, which of course he got ASAP. ETA: Tonight we had leftover stew, which is always the best. Especially when you use lots of port wine in the sauce. Mmmmmmmm . . .
  15. I've got a pretty good recipe for swordfish - simple, yet delicious. Involves a marinade of orange juice, lemon juice, minced garlic, tomato paste. Can only marinade it for two hours at the most, or else the marinade ends up cooking it. Then broil the swordfish until JUST DONE. Fer crissake don't overcook the damn thing!! It's pretty good. (If anyone wants to actually make this, let me know and I'll check the actual recipe. )
  16. I think that may be an oxymoron. Sorry! We had pork in mustard sauce with roasted potatoes and salad. Sounds boring, but was delish.
  17. Pancakes (or waffles) and chicken seems to be a thing over here lately.
  18. My husband favors ribeye, but won't say no to a nice porterhouse.
  19. Yep, did the garlic and rosemary. Not the oregano, though. I'll try it next time. It was roasted, not boiled. Can't imagine that.
  20. King crab is the bomb. A veritable orgy of succulence exploding in your mouth. or something like that.
  21. It was rack of lamb, mint jelly, red potatoes, and . . . eggplant. That last doesn't seem to fit, but our garden has been producing tons of it. As for the generational differences in male/female roles, I know what you mean. My daughter takes great pride in the fact that she doesn't cook, and my younger sister does too. I don't get it, really. Cooking is a satisfying, relaxing skill that everyone should try their hand at.
  22. A man who cooks AND serves you lobster? Okay, what's the catch?
  23. @Yet another Arya ! : Have you watched any of the TRILLIONS of funny cat videos that one can hardly avoid on YouTube? If that doesn't turn you into a cat lover, nothing will. (Disclaimer: There are a few videos of feral cats that animal control is trying to capture that I'd probably avoid if I were you. One that springs to mind concerns an AC officer whose balls will never be the same after a particularly grueling encounter.)
  24. That's heartbreaking. Here's a semi-bright spot, anyway. I learned SO MUCH from the Kitten Lady video, I went on and watched a lot more of them, particularly why she supports "kill shelters." It completely did a 180 on my head. I don't "share" many things on Facebook, but that one in particular I did.
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